Catholic Social Teaching

Major Documents of Catholic Social Teaching
Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
A New Catholic Social Manifesto? The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church Bruce Duncan CSsR
Ten Building Blocks of Catholic Social Teaching Father William J. Byron
Key Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
Catholic Social Teaching: Not-So-Secret Anymore? Anna Rowlands
Notes on the Development of Catholic Social Teaching William Ryan SJ
Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions U.S. Catholic Bishops
The Social Agenda Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Pope Leo XIII

Rerum Novarum
Pope Pius X
Pope Benedict XV
Pope Pius XI

Quadragesimo Anno
Pope Pius XII
Pope John XIII
Mater et Magistra
Pacem in Terris
Vatican II
Gaudium et Spes
Pope Paul VI
Populorum Progressio
Octogesima Adveniens
1971 Synod
Justitia in Mundo
Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul II
Laborem Exercens
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis
Centesimus Annus
Pope Benedict XVI
Caritas in Veritate
Pope Francis
Laudato Si
Fratelli tutti

Items from Gerald Darring
Critical Comments on Catholic Social Teaching, 1939-1993 Gerald Darring
Bibliography of Catholic Social Teaching, 1936-1994 Gerald Darring
A Handbook of Catholic Social Teaching Gerald Darring. Originally published in 1987
Social Justice----- Economic Justice ----- Political Justice ----- Discrimination ----- War and Peace ----- Criminal Justice

Articles by Fred Kammer, SJ, Loyola University, New Orleans
What is Catholic Social Teaching (CST)? | Catholic Social Thought and Courageous Leadership | Catholic Social Thought and Economic Security | Catholic Social Thought and Democracy | Catholic Social Thought and Hope | Catholic Social Thought and Prudential Judgement | Catholic Social Thought and Empowermentr | Catholic Social Thought and Education | Catholic Social Thought and Workers | Catholic Social Thought and Integral Human Development | Catholic Social Thought and Corruption | Catholic Social Thought and Aslyum | Catholic Social Thought and Property | Catholic Social Thought and Voting | Catholic Social Thought and Policy Applications | Catholic Social Thought and Racial Solidarity | Catholic Social Thought and War | Catholic Social Thought and Advocacy | Catholic Social Thought and Civil Discourse | Catholic Social Thought and Gun Violence | Catholic Social Thought and Politics | Catholic Social Thought and Human Dignity | Catholic Social Thought and Government | Catholic Social Thought and the Environment | Catholic Social Thought and Unions | Catholic Social Thought and Housing | Catholic Social Thought and Freedom | Catholic Social Thought and Wages | Catholic Social Thought and Conversion | Catholic Social Thought and Health Care | Catholic Social Thought and Hunger | Catholic Social Thought and Solidarity | Catholic Social Thought and Subsidiarity | Catholic Social Thought and Global Financial Systems | Catholic Social Thought and the Common Good | Catholic Social Thought and Distributive Justice | Catholic Social Thought and "the Law" | Catholic Social Thought and Unemployment | Catholic Social Teaching and Taxes | Catholic Social Teaching and Criminal Justice | Catholic Social Teaching and Social Analysis | Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and Social Structures | Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and Poverty | Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and Racism | Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and Migration

Articles by Alex Mikulich, Ph.D., Loyola University, New Orleans
Catholic Social Thought and Restorative Justice | Catholic Social Thought and the Death Penalty | Catholic Social Teaching on Race: A Select Bibliography

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
United in Diversity: Catholic Social Teaching and Europe Anthony Carroll
Rebuild the Foundations: Social Care Policy and Catholic Social Teaching Angela Kitching
Our Political Responsibility for the Common Good Marion Smith
Catholic Social Conscience: Reflections and Action on Catholic Social Teaching Keith Chappell and Francis Davis
The Big Society and Catholic Social Teaching James Hanvey SJ
Liberal Democrats and the Common Good Sarah Teather
Conservatives and the Common Good David Grant
Labour and the Common Good John Battle
A Ministry of Welcome Bishop Pat Lynch

Articles in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture
John Courtney Murray, Religious Liberty, and Modernity: Part I: Inalienable Natural Rights' Timothy W. Burns
John Courtney Murray, Religious Liberty, and Modernity: Part II: Modern Constitutional Democracy Timothy W. Burns
Blessed John Paul II on Social Mortgage: Origins, Questions, and Norms Edward J. O'Boyle
Thomas Aquinas, Josef Seifert, and the Metaphysics of Respecting Persons Paul Kucharski
Edith Stein: A Proponent of Human Community and a Voice for Social Change Marian Maskulak
Social Justice: Addressing the Ambiguity Edward J. O'Boyle
The Doctrinal Issue between the Church and Democracy Yves R. Simon
Catholic Social Thought and Modern Liberal Democracy Thomas W. Smith
Christianity and Contemporary Political Life Marc D. Guerra
The Concept of "Gift" as Hermeneutical Key to the Dignity of the Human Person Damian P. Fedoryka

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
A Schizophrenic Process in the Church? The Conservative Retreat from the Social Dimension of the Gospel Bruce Duncan CSsR
Refugees and Catholic Social Teaching Sandie Cornish
Welcome the Stranger Carlo Maria Martini SJ
Catholic Social Teaching and Strategies for the Future in Australia Mark Raper SJ

Articles from the US Catholic
A Taxing Problem: In a System That Increasingly Favors the Wealthy, Catholic Teaching Calls upon the Government to Step in and Level the Playing Field Scott Alessi
Social Justice: Why Are Some Faithful Tarnishing the Good Name of This Essential Catholic Value? Kristen Hannum
Not Our Cup Of Tea: Catholics Fed on the Church's Social Teaching Won't Like the Taste of What the Tea Party Is Serving John Gehring

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Can Catholic social teaching bring peace to the "liturgy wars"? Peter Jeffery
Episcopal conferences worldwide and Catholic social thought, in theory and praxis: an update Terence A. McGoldrick
Catholic social thought and work justice Christine Firer Hinze
Globalizing Solidarity: Christian Anthropology and the Challenge of Human Liberation Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C.
Globalization with a Human Face: Catholic Social Teaching and Globalization Kenneth R. Himes, O.F.M.
Neoliberal Globalization: Critiques and Alternatives John Sniegocki
Migrant, Tourist, Pilgrim, Monk: Mobility and Identity in a Global Age William T. Cavanaugh
Between Identity and Security: Theological Implications of Migration in the Context of Globalization Gemma Tulud Cruz
Where Is the Church? Globalization and Catholicity Vincent J. Miller
Subsidiarity and Sphere-Sovereignty: A Match Made in . . . ? Kent A. Van Til
Social Ethics in Western Europe Linda Hogan and John D'arcy May
Charity, Not Justice, As Constitutive of the Church's Mission Charles M. Murphy
The Politics of Radical Orthodoxy: A Catholic Critique Mary Doak
Fostering a Catholic Commitment to the Common Good: An Approach Rooted in Virtue Ethics Christopher P. Vogt
Catholicism and Liberalism: Two Ideologies In Confrontation Bernard Laurent
Freedom of the Press and Catholic Social Thought: Reflections on the Sexual Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church in the United States David E. Decosse
U.S. Catholic Social Thought, Gender, and Economic Livelihood Christine Firer Hinze
Bridging the Divide in Contemporary U.S. Catholic Social Ethics Kristin E. Heyer
The Ethics of Trade Policy in Catholic Political Economy Stephen C. Rowntree
Episcopal Conferences Worldwide on Catholic Social Teaching Terence McGoldrick
Complementarity and Equality in the Political Thought of Thomas Aquinas Paul J. Weithman
What Ever Happened to 'Octogesima Adveniens?' Mary Elsbernd
Christian Social Ethics after the Cold War David Hollenbach
Sociology and Salvation: Do We Need a Catholic Sociology? Gregory Baum
The Mission of the Church in the Theology of the Social Gospel Roger Haight
On Relative Equality: Catholic Egalitarianism after Vatican II Drew Christiansen
Class Struggle and the Magisterium: A New Note Gregory Baum
Action for Justice as Constitutive of the Preaching of the Gospel: What Did the 1971 Synod Mean? Charles M. Murphy
The Church's Religious Identity and Its Social and Political Mission Francis Schussler Fiorenza
Liberation Theology and the Social Gospel: Variations on a Theme T. Howland Sanks
Public Theology in America: Some Questrions for Catholicism after John Courtney Murray David Hollenbach
The Church and the Population Year: Notes on a Strategy J. Bryan Hehir
Moral Claims, Human Rights, and Population Policies The Yale Task Force on Population Ethics
Leo XIII: Two Concepts of Government John Courtney Murray
Leo XIII on Church and State: The General Structure of the Controversy John Courtney Murray
Leo XIII: Separation of Church and State John Courtney Murray
Leo XIII: Two Concepts of Government John Courtney Murray
The Church and Totalitarian Democracy John Courtney Murray
Contemporary Orientations of Catholic Thought on Church and State in the Light of History John Courtney Murray
St. Robert Bellarmine on the Indirect Power John Courtney Murray
The Church's Duty to Man's Earthly Happiness J. Bluett

Articles in SSRN, composed of a number of specialized research networks
West, MacIntyre and Wojtyla: Pope John Paul II's Contribution to the Development of a Dependency-Based Theory of Justice Elizabeth Rose Schiltz
Catholic Social Thought and the Ethical Formation of Lawyers: A Call for Community Robert K. Vischer
Catholic Social Thought and the Corporation Stephen M. Bainbridge
The Bishops and the Corporate Stakeholder Debate Stephen M. Bainbridge

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Catholic Social Thought Encounters Feminism Maria Riley
Solidarity: The Healing of Conflict Irene Brennan

Articles from Solidarity: The Journal of Catholic Social Thought and Secular Ethics, published by the Institute for Ethics and Society at the University of Notre Dame Australia
Universalism in Catholic Social Thought: 'Accompaniment' as Trinitarian Praxis Kathleen Glenister Roberts
Nature and Grace and the Appearance of Insincerity. Silencing the Catholic Voice Gerard A. O'Shea

Articles from the Fordham Urban Law Journal
Catholic Social Teaching and American Legal Perspective Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.
Response to Avery Cardinal Dulles John D. Feerick
Catholic Social Teaching and American Legal Practice: A Practical Response Jennifer M. Mone

Articles in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture
Catholic Social Teaching and Hayek's Critique of Social Justice Philip Booth & Matias Petersen
Tracing fraternity in the social sciences and Catholic social teaching Rodrigo Mardones & AlejandraMarinovic

Articles from the Berkeley Forum, an online platform for public scholarship and informed commentary at the intersection of religion and world affairs
Catholicism Faces the Illiberal World Order Drew Christiansen
Solidarity and Subsidiarity: Catholic Social Teaching Can Pave the Way to Helping Asylum Seekers Ashley Feasley
The Clash of Civilizations and Catholic Social Thought Thomas Banchoff
Human Behavior, Catholic Social Thought, and Global Development Thomas Banchoff
Women, Development, and Catholic Social Thought Thomas Banchoff
Violent Extremism, Integral Development, and Catholic Social Thought Thomas Banchoff
Mental Models, Development Debates and Catholic Social Thought Benjamin T. Tolosa
Redefining Mental Models Through Catholic Social Teaching Lauren DeVeau
Why Catholic Social Thought Matters for the Future of Global Development Thomas Banchoff

Articles from Oikonomia
The Importance of the Social Teaching of the Church for the Catholic Religious Education Sanja Bobaš – Pupić
The Position of the Social Encyclicals on State Dirigisme in the Economy, Before and After 1989/90 Roman Sokolov
Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a Path towards Integral Human Development Raffaella Petrini
Stretching the Common Good Ryan Service
Catholic Social Teaching in Romanian Catholic and Orthodox Faculties of Theology after 1990 Iuliu-Marius Morariu
An overview of Catholic Social Thougth at Catholic University of Croatia Lucija Stanojevi
Catholic Social Teaching in a Digital Age Helen Alford

Articles from Lumen et Vita
Millennium Development Goals and Catholic Social Teaching: Ongoing Responsibility and Response James O'Sullivan
The Faith that Does Prudence: Contemporary Catholic Social Ethics and the Appropriation of the Ethics of Aquinas Brian Michael Reedy, SJ
Power and Public Presence in Catholic Social Thought, the Church, and the CTSA Daniel Finn
Millennium Development Goals and Catholic Social Teaching: Ongoing Responsibility and Response James O'Sullivan

Articles from other sources
Catholic Social Doctrine Isn't a Surrogate for Capitalism Piotr Popiołek
Justice Not Benevolence: Catholic Social Thought, Migration Theory, and the Rights of Migrants Tisha Rajendra
Catholic Social Doctrine Could Save the Day Mark and Louise Zwick
Social Ideas in the Homilies of Saint Basil the Great Constantin Rus, page 61
Ethical Persuasiveness and Political Ineffectiveness of Catholic Social Teachings Franz Nuscheler
The Decreasing Ontological Density of the State in Catholic Social Doctrine Patrick McKinley Brennan
Catholic Social Thought and the Amorality of Large Corporations: Time to Abolish Corporate Personhood William Quigley
Migration and the Social Doctrine of the Church Rev. Fr. Michael A. Blume, S.V.D.
Catholic Social Teaching and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights Ted Keating, SM
Democracy in the Teaching of the Popes Michel Schooyans
Catholic Social Teaching and Gospel Nonviolence John Dear
The Common Good and the Socio-Economic Order Gerald Kelly

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