Quadragesimo Anno

Pope Pius XI Gerald Darring

Quadragesimo Anno On the webpage of Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Quadragesimo Anno On the Vatican website

Quadragesimo Anno: Summary Article Gerald Darring

Quadragesimo Anno: Critical Comments Gerald Darring

Quadragesimo Anno: Bibliography Gerald Darring

Program prepared for use in the English-speaking dioceses of Canada: 25th anniversary of "The Reconstruction of the Social Order", (Quadragesimo Anno) Clement Rousseau

Industry at the crossroads: a handbook on industrial relations based on the social encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI Gerald C Treacy

The Pope Talks about Labor Relations William J. Smith, S.J.

The Catholic Teaching on Our Industrial System John A. Ryan

Ideals of reconstruction Virgil George Michel

The Pope’s Plan for Social Reconstruction: A Commentary on the Social Encyclicals of Pius XI Charles P. Bruehl, Ph.D.

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