Pope Benedict XVI

Encyclical God Is Love, 2006

God Is Love Text of the encyclical

Deus Caritas Est and Catholic Social Thought Thomas D. Williams, L.C.

Charity, Not Justice, as Constitutive of the Church's Mission Charles M. Murphy

Proclaim the Truth through Love: A Comment on Deus Caritas Est Basil Meeking

Pope Benedict XVI's Matthew 25 Encyclical, God is Love: Charity and Justice Must Meet Mark and Louise Zwick

Encyclical The Truth in Love, 2009

The Truth in Charity Text of the encyclical

Caritas in Veritate US Catholic Bishops

Pope Benedictís Caritas in Varitate Todd Salzman

Caritas in Veritate: Economic Activity as Personal Encounter and the Economy of Gratuitousness James Franklin

Local Communities and Globalization in Caritas in Veritate Jeffery Nicholas

Caritas in Veritate, Hybrid Firms, and Institutional Arrangements Michael Troilo

Continuity and Res Novae in the Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate Manfred Spieker

Caritas in Veritate and the Market Economy Paul Oslington

Benedict XVI as Social Realist in Caritas in Veritate Barry Keating, Maryann O. Keating

Understanding Trade in Populorum Progressio and Caritas in Veritate Dan Fleming

The Encyclical Caritas in Veritate Through the Lens of Casa Juan Diego Joshua Johnson

Caritas in Veritate and Chiara Lubich: Human Development from the Vantage Point of Unity Amelia J. Uelmen

Metaphysics and Society: A Commentary on Caritas in Veritate Drew Christiansen

Pope Benedict's Greed-Free Capitalism Paul Oslington

Integral Subsidiarity and Economy of Communion: Two Challenges from Caritas in Veritate Gregorio Guitian

The Paradox of the Global and the Local in the Financial Crisis of 2008: Applying the Lessons of Caritas in Veritate to the Regulation of Consumer Credit in the United States and the European Union Elizabeth Rose Schiltz

Integral Human Development: The Challenge of Caritas in Veritate James Stormes, S.J.

Love Thoughtfully! Michael Czerny SJ

'To All People of Good Will' Frank Turner SJ

Exploring the Encyclical Frank Turner SJ

Pope's 'Seamless Garment' Bares Green Credentials Neil Ordmerod

Pope Confronts Economic Injustice Bruce Duncan

Caritas in Veritate Brendan MacPartlin SJ

Benedict XVI's New Social Encyclical Father Thomas Williams

"Charity in Truth.": Pope Benedict XVI on Economics Richard C. Cook

Caritas in veritate - Love in Truth Page Catholic Labor Network

Toward a Global Economic Order at the Service of People, Not Profits: Pope Benedict XVI's Caritas in Veritate Dr Alex Mikulich

Encyclical Caritas in Veritate: People-Centered Economic Ethics Must Embrace All the Stakeholders, Not Just the Stockholders Mark and Louise Zwick

Caritas in Veritate: "Its Principal Driving Force" Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

The Pope's Social Encyclical Richard McBrien

The Social Encyclical Caritas in Veritate Christian Beck

Pope Benedict XVI Cites Focolare's Economy of Communion as Economic Model Mark and Louise Zwick

Pope Benedict XVI's†Caritas in veritate Brian Benestad

Caritas In Veritate: Fr Rodney's Commentary on the Intoduction Fr Rodney Kissinger, S.J.

Caritas in Veritate: Love Shaping the Real World Through Rational Understanding Francis Woehrling

Caritas in Veritate and the Allocation of Scarce Resources Stephen Bullivant

Work, Labor, and Social Justice Joel Gibbons

Whose Love? Which Truth? A Postmodern Encyclical Thaddeus J. Kozinski

Caritas in Veritate: Learning Lessons about Truth, Religion, and Civil Society from the Economic Experiments of the Twentieth Century John Larrivee

The Metaphysics of Caritas in Veritate: Augustinian Theology and Social Thought as an Interpretive Key Michael J. Ruszala

New Challenges for Catholic-Inspired NGOs in light of Caritas in Veritate Jane Adolphe

After Caritas In Veritate? Rupert J. Ederer

Pope Benedict on Capitalism, Marxism, and Globalization Joseph Anthony Burke

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