Pope John Paul II

Laborem Exercens 1981 encyclical On Human Work
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis 1987 encyclical On Social Concern
Centesimus Annus 1991 encyclical The Hundredth Year

Pope John Paul II: Critical Comments and Bibliography Gerald Darring

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Everything You Know About John Paul II's Early Lectures on CST Is Wrong Pawel Rojek
John Paul II's Labor on Marx Angela Franks

Articles in the Catholic Social Science Review
Pope John Paul II on Confronting the Language of the Culture of Death William Brennan
Prophet of Justice and Hope: John Paul II and the Dignity of Rights of Workers Randall Jay Woodard
The Anthopological Foundations of John Paul II's Social Thought Francis Cardinal George
A Not Uncritical Harmony Kenneth L. Schmitz
John Paul II on Modernity, the Moral Structure of Freedom and The Future of the Free Society Kenneth L. Grasso
The "Feminist Pope"? Women and Family in the Social Thought of John Paul II Patricia Donohue-White
Pope John Paul II's Social Thought: Beyond Politics or Ideology Jean Bethke Elshtain
Papal Economics: John Paul II on Questions of Labor and Capital Eileen Kelly
The Anthropology of John Paul II and Social Scienc Mary Shivanandan
John Paul II in America: The Pontiff's Political Science Ryan J. Barilleaux

Articles from other sources
Pope John Paul II and the Christ-centered Anthropology of Gaudium et Spes Douglas Bushman
The Dignity of the Human Person as the Basis for Community: Pope John Paul II's Contemporary Catholic Anthropology James A. Loiacono, page 155
The Economic Personalism of John Paul II: Neither Right nor Left Daniel Rush Finn
John Paul II and the Moral Ecology Of Markets Daniel R. Finn
The Social Teaching of John Paul II Dr. John C. Caiazza, PHD

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