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By Gerald Darring
Populorum Progressio: Summary Article | Critical Comments | Bibliography

By David Cruz-Uribe
Reading Populorum Progessio, Part I | Part II | Part III

Articles in Journal of Moral Theology
Vulnerability and Development: Rereading Populorum Progressio in Light of Feminicide Marianne Tierney FitzGerald
The Soul of Development Clemens Sedmak
The Justice Legacy of Populorum Progressio: a Jesuit Case Study Kevin Ahern
The Enduring Signifincance of Populorum Progressio for the Church in Africa Stan Chu Ilo
Populorum Progressio's Vision in an Unequal World: A Theological Ethical Evaluation from the Global South Raymond Olusesan Aina, MSP
Pacis Progressio: How Francis' Four New Principles Develop Catholic Social Teaching into Catholic Social Praxis Barrett Turner
Development, Nations, and The Signs of the Times: the Historical Context of Populorum Progressio Mari Rapela Heidt

Other items
50 years of humble progress: on the anniversary of Populorum Progressio Emilio Travieso SJ
Understanding Trade in Populorum Progressio and Caritas in Veritate Dan Fleming
Re-living the Memories of Pope Paul VI and his encyclical Populorum Progressio Joseph Falkiner O.P.
Paul VI's Populorum Progressio The Editors of America & Mary McGrory
Living Out the Legacy of Populorum Progressio Today and Tomorrow Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle , D.D., S.Th.D.
The Populorum Progressio Roots of Present Day Catholic Social Teaching: Pope Paul VI as Precursor of Post-modern Catholic Thinking Stefano Zamagni, Ph.D.

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