Rerum Novarum

Rerum Novarum On the webpage of Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Rerum Novarum On the Vatican website

Rerum Novarum, The Condition of Labor

Rerum Novarum: Summary Article Gerald Darring

Rerum Novarum: Critical Comments Gerald Darring

Rerum Novarum: Bibliography Gerald Darring

Rerum Novarum On Youtube

Rerum Novarum and Seven Principles of Catholic Social Doctrine Barbara Lanari

The Pontificate of Leo XIII (1878-1903) and the Encyclical Rerum Novarum Joseph M. de Torre

120th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum: Church, Labor, and the New Things of the Modern World! Eight videos

Rerum Novarum and the Tenth Federalist: Roman Catholicism and American Liberalism on the Politics of Class Carson Holloway

“The Wages (and Hours) of Sin: Rerum Novarum, Lochner v. New York, and Natural Law Constitutionalism” Kimberly Shankman

“Social Catholics” and Rerum Novarum Marvin Krier Mich

"Sacred and Inviolable": Rerum Novarum and Natural Rights Ernest L. Fortin

The Condition of Labor: An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII Henry George

Rerum Novarum John Augustine Ryan, Catholic Encyclopedia

Rerum Novarum: how Leo XIII started a revolution Lyn Smith

The Pope and the Proletariat Rev. E. B. Brady

Socialism and Labor Right Rev. J. L. Spalding, D. D.

The Encyclical and American Iron-Workers and Coal-Miners Rev. Morgan M. Sheedy

Henry George and the late Encyclical Charles A. Ramm

The Catholic Teaching on Our Industrial System John A. Ryan

The Teaching of the Catholic Church John A. Ryan

Industry at the crossroads: a handbook on industrial relations based on the social encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI Gerald C Treacy

Leo XIII and Modern Civilization J. Bleecpcer Miller

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