Interreligious Dialogue
"I invite all religious people to view dialogue
not only as a means of enhancing mutual understanding,
but also as a way of serving society at large"

Pope Benedict XVI

Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue

Interfaith Dialogue: The teaching of the Catholic Church Compiled by Alfred Agius

Documents on Interreligious Dialogue

Meeting God in Friend and Stranger: Fostering Mutual Respect and Understanding between the Religions Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales

Jesuit Interreligious Dialogue and Relations

"Those Who Do Not Dialogue Disobey God" Pope Francis

Reaching Out to Interfaith Partners Julie Gunter

Dialogue and Justice: Leonard Swidler's Deep-Dialogue as an Essential Component of Justice Joseph Stoutzenberger

Dialogue and the Spirit of Vatican II: Reading Gaudium et spes Fifty Years Later Dugan McGinley

Leonard Swidler: Dialogue Pioneer and Peacemaker Harold Kasimow

On the Role of Interreligious Dialogue in Religious Studies Programs at Indonesian State Islamic Universities Florian Pohl

People of Place, Ethics of earth: Indigenous Nations, Interfaith Dialogue, and Environmental Sustainability Ann Marie B. Bahr

Cosmic Crucified or One Ultimate Reality? On Becoming a Committed Pluralist Carol Schersten LaHurd

The Unity of Salvation: Divine Missions, the Church, and World Religions Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer

A Buddhist Critique of, and Learning from, Christian Liberation Theology John Makransky

Dialogue Permeates the Cosmos and Humanity Leonard Swidler

Unique and Shared Names of God in Islam and Judaism Allen S. Maller

Heavens and Earth: A Jewish Creation Story as a Metaphor for Interreligious and Enterfaith Dialogue Cyndi Nienhaus

Sorting Out Meanings: "Religion," "Spiritual," "Interreligious," "Interfaith," etc. Leonard Swidler

Living Dialogically Eugene J. Fisher

My Ecumenical and Interfaith Journey Rosemary Radford Ruether

Life, Justice and Peace through Mission and Dialogue Graham Kings

Address to Brazilian Leaders Pope Francis

"Love One Another As I Have Loved You": The Place of Friendship in Interfaith Dialogue SimonMary Asese Aihiokhai

Jacques Dupuis: The Ongoing Debate Gerald O'Collins

Religious Experience, the Hermeneutics of Desire, and Interreligious Dialogue John R. Friday

"Things Are Not What They Seem": Dominus Iesus, Ecumenism, and Interreligious Dialogue Loe-Joo Tan

The Many Faces of Faith Eugene P. Trager

Beyond Jacques Derrida and George Lindbeck: Toward a Particularity-Based Approach to Interreligious Communication Tasi Perkins

Dialogue as Speech Act and Discourse: Methods to Understand What Interreligious Dialogue Does with Reference to a Common Word Between Us and You Vebjorn L. Horsfjord

From Plurality to Pluralism: A Philosophical Defense of Religious Relationship against Relativism Anil Mundra

Pathways for Dialogue in the 21st Century: What We Learned at Assisi 2012 Gerard Mannion

The Evolution of the Assisi Gathering: To Humanism and Beyond? Jason Welle

Religious Pluralism and the Catholic Church: Lonergan's Method and the Jacques Dupuis Controversy Andrea J. Stapleton Berger

On “Whose God Is God?” James V. Schall, SJ

Interreligious and Ecumenical Dialogue at Vatican II: Some Rethinking Required Peter Phan

The Intrareligios Dialogue - The Upper Limit of the Interreligious Dialogue in the Vision of Raimundo Panikkar. A Critical Analysis Caius Cuþaru, page 100

Letter to Jains on the Birth Anniversary of 'Tirthankara' (Pathfinder) Vardhaman Mahavir Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

Dwelling in the Heart of the Desert: On the Dialogue of Religious Experience and Monastic Interreligious Dialogue Gregory Perron OSB

The Other Sheep of the Good Shepherd William Skudlarek

Avenues for Jain-Christian Dialogue Vincent Sekhar SJ

Is Bi-Religiosity Possible Paul Yves Wery

Stepping Stones to Other Religions: A Christian Theology of Inter-Religious Dialogue Dermot Lane

Absolutism to Ultimacy: Rhetoric and Reality of Religious "Pluralism" George V. Karuvelil

Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism in Louis Massignon's Appropriation of Gandhi as a Modern Saint Christian S. Krokus

Rifts, Trust, and Openness: Pope John Paul II's Legacy in Catholic Intra- and Interreligious Dialogue Peter Admirand

Two Takes on Christianity: Furthering the Dialogue Steven Leonard Jacobs

Humankind from the Age of Monologue to the Age of Global Dialogue Leonard Swidler

Skepticism, Pluralism, and the Presence of God Thomas M. Dicken

Multifaith: New Directions David A. Kunin

Postliberalism, Religious Diversity, and Interreligious Dialogue: A Critical Analysis of George Lindbeck's Fiduciary Interests Marianne Moyaert

The Diversity of Contexts of Faith and the Gospel's Claim to Universality: Twenty Fife Years of "Intercultural Theology" Wolfgang Pauly

9/11 Ten Years On: Setting an Interreligious Agenda Michael Barnes SJ

Journey into Interfaith Dialogue - 1939-2011 Lucy Brydon OSB

An Autralian Interfaith Retreat John Dupuche

An Interfaith Ashram: A Description John Dupuche

The Role of Religion in Peace Building, Healing and Confidence Between People and Nations Hans Ucko

Abhishiktananda's Understanding of the Monk: Essentially Contemplative, Ideally Eremitic, Naturally Dialogic William Skudlarek OSB

The God Who Provokes Us All to Holiness Michael Ipgrave

An Exploratory Day on Scriptural Reasoning and Lectio Divina Lucy Brydon OSB

Assisi, October 27, 2011, "Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace" William Skudlarek OSB

Interfaith Spiritual Practice Sister Marie-Louise Flick

Faith Seeking Understanding: Theological Method in Thomas Merton's Interreligious Dialogue Ryan Scruggs

Reading Other Religious Texts: Intratextuality and the Logic of Scripture Michael Barnes

The Anglican Church of Canada, from Conversion to Dialogue: The Case of Roland de Corneille, 1961-1970 Haim Genizi

Alvin Plantinga on Religious Pluralism: A Catholic Appraisal Glenn B. Siniscalchi

Looking for Balance Between Identity and Encounter: Buber's Relations and Interreligious Dialogue Mauro Properzi

Christianity and the Religions: A Zero-Sum Game? Reclaiming "The Path Not Taken" and the Legacy of Krister Stendahl Paul F. Knitter

Toward an Apophatic Pluralism: Beyond Confessionalism, Epicyclism, and Inclusivism in Theology of Religions Kenneth Rose

Engaging the Media as Effective Tools for Inter-Religious Dialogue in Multi-Religious Societies: A Catholic Evaluation Marinus Iwuchukwu

Interreligious Dialogue as a Method of Understanding: the Case of Raimundo Panikkar Abraham Velez de Cea

"Methodological Presuppositions for Engaging the Other in the Post-Vatican II Context: Insights from Ignatius and Lonergan John D. Dadosky

The Pope of YouTube: Metaphor and Misunderstanding in Atheist-Christian YouTube Dialogue Stephen Pihlaja

As Iron Sharpens Iron, So Does One Religious Tradition Sharpen Another Benjamin B. DeVan

In the Hall of Mirrors of Truth: Dialogue of Religions as an Event of the Unconditional Michael Fuss

The Service of Faith in a Religiously Pluralistic World Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.

From Tolerance to Fraternity Archbishop Celestino Migliore

Network for Inter faith Concerns Country Perspectives: Aoteraoa, New Zealand and Polynesia; Australia; England; Korea; Malaysia; Tanzania; USA

Interreligious Dialogue: The Difficult Issue of Conversion Jay Moses

Attitudes to Children within the Australian Catholic Community: Identity and Sharing Responsibilities Abe W. Ata

Milestones and Signposts in Interfaith Relations Ýsmail Albayrak

The Virtues of Holy Living: The Pope and the Dialogue of Religions Michael Barnes SJ

'The Music Beneath the Noise' Christine Allen

Discussing the Divine Michael Barnes SJ

Crossing Religious Borders June O'Connor

Like Rosewater: Reflections on Interreligious Dialogue Ingeborg Gabriel

The Prophet and the Saint: Exploring Tensions and Possibilities for Dialogue Between Faiths David Emmanuel Singh

Interfaith Dialogue at Ground Zero Patrick Henry

Address to Organizations for Interreligious Dialogue Pope Benedict XVI

The Peace of Faith, Part 1 Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania
The Peace of Faith, Part 2

Our Ministry and Interreligious Dialogue Terence Farias, S.J.

Amen: Faith and the Possibility of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.

Revisiting Christian Soteriology in the Liberation Process for Korean Christianity: An Open Door for Inter-Religious Dialogue Junehee Yoon

Gideon and Baal: A Test Case for Interfaith Dialogue Richard D. Nelson

Curiosity Instead of Fear: Literature as Creative Inter-Religious Dialogue Ruth Illman

Church of England Inter-Faith Relations: a response to Melanie Phillips's article in The Spectator Guy Wilkinson

Communicative Action: A Way Forward for Inter-Religious Dialogue Brian Douglas

Conversation Our Only Hope: David Tracy's Response to the Question of Otherness David Ranson

Inter or Intra-Religious Dialogue? Gerard Hall, SM

The Parable of the Good Samaritan: The Love Commandment and the Convergence of Religions George Keerankeri, SJ

Post-Pluralism through the Lens of Post-Modernity Aimee Upjohn Light

Interfaith Dialogue: Lessons from the Ecumenical Movement Professor Anne Hunt

Interreligious Encounter as Spiritual Exercises: What Does the Method of Scriptural Reasoning Mean? Matthias Müller

Criteria of Interreligious Dialogue Cardinal Karl Lehmann

Conversing with Others: Interreligious Dialogue in Catholic Health and Aged Care Gerard Hall SM

The Parameters of Dialogue in a New Millennium: Some Comments Richard Rymarz

Interfaith Dialogue: Lessons from the Ecumenical Movement Anne Hunt

Looking for God, Looking for the Truth Gabriel Richi-Alberti

Trinity and Religious Pluralism Roger Haight

Faith, Justice, Dialogue: The Jesuit as an Ecumenist in GC 35 Edward G. Farrugia S.J.

The Search for Interreligious Convivance, Ongoing Challenge and Charge Jerald D Gort

Overcoming Global Hatred: Nurturing Respect and Understanding Among Different Faiths Fr. Tom Ryan, CSP

A post-modern theological model for understanding the religious concept of ultimate reality and religious diversity Mark Craig

Identity and Universality in Religion: The Quest for Personal Identity in the Religious Tradition Dr. Vineeth Vadakkethala

Other Faiths: A New Testament Perspective William Loader

Does the Cross mean "No"? Further Reflection on Christians and Other Faiths William Loader

Dialogue and Social Cohesion Michael Barnes SJ

Dialogue and the Church – Part One Paul D. Murray

Dialogue and the Church – Part Two Paul D. Murray

Dialogue and the Church – Part Three Paul D. Murray

Interreligious Dialogue: A Risk or an Opportunity? Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran

Speaking of God: Easter and Vaisakhi Michael Barnes SJ

Witnesses of Hope in an Ecumenical and Inter-religious SurroundinG Msgr. Felix A. Machado

Poor Mark for Dialogue? Comments on the New Evangelization Document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Hermann Schalück

To Be a Christian in the midst of World Religions: A Biblical-Christian View on the Religions of Others Christoph Gellner

The Rationale Behind Interreligious Dialogue Gideon Goosen

Religious Pluralism in an Era of Globalization: The Making of Modern Religious Identity Jeannine Hill Fletcher

Merton and the Opening to the East Thomas P. Rausch, SJ

Interreligious Understanding and the Battle of Ideas Madeleine Albright

Eternally Committed to the Other! Mohammed Khallouk

Prophetic Dialogue With Cultures and Religions in Fiji: A Pastoral Imperative Fr. Timoci Kolodisi

Gender and Interreligious Dialogue Ursula King

A Wish for More Dialogue with Non-Catholic Religions Bridget Mulroy

Theology and Aboriginal Religion: Continuing “The Wider Ecumenism” Carl F. Starkloff, S.J.

As Long As We Wonder: Possibilities in the Impossibility of Interreligious Dialogue Jeannine Hill Fletcher

From Statements to Parables: Rethinking Pluralist Identities Garth L. Hallett, S.J.

Language as Expression of Unity and Diversity: From Babel to Pentecost and Beyond John Kinder

Peace-Building through Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue Felicita Carr

Judaism Open to the Religions of the Nations: A Polish Catholic Theologian Reads an American Jewish Pluralist Piotr Sikora

Country Perspectives: Kaduna 2007 Egypt, Ghana, Liberia, Pakistan, Sudan, Germany

Inter-Religious Dialogue: Urgent Challenge and Theological Land-Mine John A. Coleman S.J.

Hope In The Midst Of The Mess: Dom Bede Griffiths, Inter-religious Dialogue, Contemplative Prayer, and Implications for Practical Theology Bet Green

Prophetic Dialogue As a Practical Theological Category Gerard Hall SM

Ways of Knowing: Clearing the Ground for Conversation Michael Whelan SM

Inter-Religious Dialogue in Schools: A Pedagogical and Civic Unavoidability A. Abdool, J. L. van der Walt and C. Wolhuter

Interreligious Dialogue and Catholic Higher Education from a Migration Perspective Archbishop Agostino Marchetto

Interreligious Dialogue and World Peace Walter Cardinal Kasper

Dialogue Threatened with extinction James McEvoy

Dialogue between Individuals the Way to Inter-Faith Understanding Greg Soetomo

"River and Cross": China's Religions and Christianity - An Insurmountable Conflict? Georg Evers

New Perspectives of Interreligious Learning Stephan Leimgruber

Truth and Tolerance: Opposites in the Interreligious Dialogue? Christoph Bottigheimer

A Christian's Introduction To Religious Blending in Cambodia Gerard Ravasco, S.D.B.

What the Catholic Church Has Learnt from Interreligious Dialogue Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, M.Afr.

The Promise of Interreligious Dialogue for a World in Conflict Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, M.Afr., March 16, 2006

Humility: The Ethic of Faith Rabbi Howard S. Joseph

The Potential for Inter-religious Dialogue: Lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina Zoran Brajovic

African Ancestral Veneration and the Possibility of its Incorporation into Catholic Devotion Alex Jebadu, SVD

Culture or Faith? Origins of Conflict in our Society. A Catholic Perspective Raymond Canning

The Service of Faith in a Religiously Pluralistic World Rev. Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.

Inter-religious Dialogue Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik

A Travel Journal of Pastoral Involvement in a South African Multi-Faith Community Jan-Albert van den Berg, Arnold Smit

Exile and Virtual Space: The New Frontiers in Interreligious Dialogue Benoit Vermander

Monastic Life, Interreligious Dialogue and Openness to the Ultimate: A Reflection on the Tibhirine Monks' Experience Christian Salenson

The Roman Catholic Church and African Religions: A Problematic Encounter Ludovic Lado

The Thick and Thin of Inter-Religious Dialogue J.G. Donders

From Religious Pluralism to Dialogue: Inter-Religious Initiatives in Switzerland Christian M. Rutishauser SJ

Jesuits in Inter-Religious Dialogue in India Michael Amaladoss SJ

How Universal is God? The Many Religions - And We Johannes Roser

Embracing Difference across Cultures and Ecclesial Divides Janette Gray, R.S.M.

Improvements in the Meeting of Shamanism and Christianity among the Indigenous Peoples of East Asia and Oceania Oliver Lardinois, SJ

Theology of Liberation in The Dialogue of Religions: A New Development in Latin America Stefan Silber

Humility: The Ethic of Faith Rabbi Howard S. Joseph

Reconciling Evangelization and Dialogue through Love of Neighbor Amelia J. Uelman

Catholic Schools and Religious Pluralism Edmund Chia

Crucial Crossroads: Dialogue Between Faith and Culture in the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences Andrew Recepcion

Dialogue Between Religions in Asia Today Michael Amaladoss, S.J.

From the Margins to the Centers of Power: The Increasing Relevance of the Global Interfaith Movement Patrice Brodeur

Inclusiveness and Justice: The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Interfaith Work Eboo Patel

Rediscovering Vatican II: Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue Walter Cardinal Kasper

Rediscovering Vatican II: Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue Rabbi David Rosen

On Transforming Our World: Critical Pedagogy for Interfaith Education Tiffany Puett

Healing the World - Working Together: Religion in Global Society Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia

Healing The World - Working Together: Religion in Global Society Rabbi David Rosen

The Call to Interfaith Dialogue Dr. Gerard Hall

On Building Interfaith Harmony within the International Community ASEM Interfaith Dialogue in Bali, Indonesia

Catholic Universities and Interreligious Dialogue J. Michael Miller

Promotion of Inter-religious Dialogue: Report of the UN Secretary General

Nostra Aetate 40 Years On Most Reverend Kevin John Patrick, McDonald, B.A., S.T.L., S.T.D., Archbishop of Southwark

Nostra Aetate Encounter Story Sr. Roisin Hannaway

"Genuine Pluralism" and Reformed Christology Sarah J. Melcher

A Matter of Time: The Jew, Christian, and Muslim in Conversation Paul Golomb

All Nations before God's Throne: Evangelicals in the Interfaith World Nicholas M. Price

The Changing Face of Europe: Challenge/Opportunity for the Church J. M. Gaudeul

Zionism, the Qur'an, and the Hadith Khaleel Mohammed

Pagan Involvement in the Interfaith Movement: Exclusions, Dualities, and Contributions Grove Harris

Religious Strangers as Menaces Martin E. Marty

Inter-Religious Dialogue in the Migrants' World Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-Hsi, S.I.

Theology of Liberation in the Dialogue between Religions: A New Development in Latin America Stefan Silber

Confucianism: Sacred or Secular? Kathleen Nadeau

Some Thoughts on Cultural Orientation John Fullenbach, S.V.D.

The message launched by the laboratory of the Lebanon Mohammed Sammak

The human factor Sergio Belardinelli

Healing the World - Working Together: Religion in Global Society Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia

Chiara Lubich: A Life for Unity Amelia J. Uelman

The Mediating Role of Narrative in Interreligious Dialogue: Implications and Illustrations from the Philippine Context Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J.

Meeting God Outside the Camp Chris McVey, O.P.

Catholic Perspectives on Interreligious Relations Thomas Ryan, CSP

Diversity in a Multicultural and Polyethnic World: Challenges and Responses Cornel du Toit

Dialogue Today: A Certain Stubbornness James D. Redington, S.J.

The Role of Interreligious Dialogue in Peace-building in Israel Rabbi Ron Kronish

Proclamation and Dialogue: Partner Expressions of Evangelization Fr. Tom Ryan, CSP

What Makes for Genuine Dialogue Thomas Ryan, CSP

International Religious Communities in a Multicultural World Superior General Antonio M. Pernia, SVD

Patience, Carefulness and Hopefulness: Three Loving, Compassionate Tactics for Interreligious Dialoguing Anton Karl Kozlovic

Disarming Terror: A Role for Believers Walter Cardinal Kasper

The Interreligious Dialogue Florin Pãuleþ SJ

Jacques Dupuis's Contributions To Interreligious Dialogue Gerald O'Collins

The Catholic Church and the Other Religious Paths: Rejecting Nothing That is True and Holy James Fredericks

Seven Logical Consequences of Interreligious Dialoguing: A Taxonomy of Praxis Possibilities Anton Karl Kozlovic

Country Perspectives Anglican report on interfaith activity

Guidelines for Inter Faith Encounter in the Churches of the Porvoo Communion Porvoo Communion Consultation on Inter Faith Relations, Oslo

Christian Theological Rhetoric for a Pluralist Age Gerard Hall

Multi-Faith Dialogue in Conversation with Raimon Panikkar Gerard Hall, SM

Christianity and Culture - Authentic in Dialogue: Beyond Relativism and Ethnocentrism S.M. Michael, S.V.D.

Ten Steps to Peace Thomas Michel, S.J.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: A Model of Dialogue With the "Other" Fr. Thaddeus T. Tarhembe

Image of Christ for Japanese: Reflections on Shusaku Endo's Novels Emi Mase-Hasegawa

Endo Shusaku's Novels and Religoius Pluralism: A Reply to Prof. Emi Mase-Hasegawa J. P. Mukengeshayi Matata

Christian Communities' Response to Globalization Thomas Michel, S.J.

God's People Amidst All of God's People: Ecumenism and the Challenge of Religious and Cultural Plurality Thomas Michel, S.J.

Creating a Culture of Dialogue: Methodology of Interreligious Dialogue Thomas Michel, S.J.

Dialogue in The Context of Consecrated Life: Working With Others for Justice and Peace Thomas Michel, S.J.

Wittgenstein on Religious Points of View: Its Relevance for Interreligious Dialogue Kim-chinj Vu

Palestinian Christianity and Interreligious Relations, Part 1 Frans Bouwen, M. Afr.
Palestinian Christianity and Interreligious Relations, Part 2)

Christian Witness in a Marketplace of Cultured Altenatives A. H. Mathias Zahniser

Religious Pluralism: A Turn to the Holy Spirit Clark H. Pinnock

Double Religious Belonging and Liminality - An Antropho-Theological Reflection Michael Amaladoss, SJ

Mission in the Pluralistic Context: Spreading the Message of Abba Experience Jojo Joseph

Toward a Dialogue of Civilizations Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Prof. Leonard Swidler

Interreligious Relations in the Wake of September 11 Hans Ucko

The Asian Church in Dialogue With Dominus Iesus Edmund Chia, FSC

The Roman Catholic Church's Teaching about Non-Christians in General and Muslims in Particular with Special Reference to the Second Vatican Council Mahmut Aydin

Post Vatican II Developments in the Catholic Church's Teaching on Non-Christians in General and Muslims in Particular Mahmut Aydin

Christ Among the Religions Cardinal Avery Dulles

A Charism for Dialog: Advice from the Early Jesuit Missionaries in Our World of Religious Pluralism Francis X Clooney, S.J.

Intercultural and Interreligious Hermeneutics: Raimon Panikkar Gerard Hall

Proclamation and Dialogue with the African Traditional Religion (Part I) H. Exc. Mgr. Cyprien Mbuka, C.I.C.M. Auxiliar Bishop of Boma

Proclamation and Dialogue With the African Traditional Religion (Part II) H. Exc. Mgr. Cyprien Mbuka, C.I.C.M., Auxiliar Bishop of Boma

Threads of Faiths in a Texture of Life: Theological Issues in Inter-faith Praxis Diego Irarrazaval

Theology and the Clash of Civilizations Jack Miles

To Whom Shall We Give Access to Our Water Holes? Farid Esack

Three Tactics for Encouraging Newer Faiths to Participate in Interreligious Dialoguing Anton Karl Kozlovic

Recent Patriarchal Encyclicals on Religious Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence Rev. Dr. George C. Papademetriou

God Is Like a Large Baobab Tree Father Joseph Healey, M.M.

Two-Eyed Dialogue: Reflections after Fifty Years George Gispert-Suach

Christological Affirmations of “Dominus Iesus” and Inter-Religious Dialogue: Dialogue with Confucian Classics from a Christian Perspective Savio Hon Tai-Fai

Religious Pluralism: A Turn to the Holy Spirit Clark H. Pinnock

The Mediating Role Of Narrative In Inter-Religious Dialogue: Implications and Illustrations from the Philippine Context Jose Maria C. Francisco, SJ

Fides et Ratio and Asian Philosophies: Sharing the Banquet of Truth Peter C. Phan

The Encounter Between the Gospel and the Values of Indigenous Peoples in Asia: Challenges of the Future Francisco Claver, S.J.

Double Religious Belonging and Liminality: An Anthropological Reflection Michael Amaladoss, S.J.

Dialogue and Culture: Reflections by a Temporary Sojourner John M. Prior, S.V.D.

The Sharia in Nigeria: Challenge to Christians John Onayekan, Archbishop of Abuja

The Pilgrimage in the Different Religious Traditions Swami Amaranandaji

The Bishop: Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World Rev. Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.

Who Should Be Allowed to Participate in Official Interreligious Dialogues? A Review of Issues Anton Karl Kozlovic

Building the Kingdom of God on Earth with Special Reference to Pakistan through the Work of the Christian Study Centre Dominic Moghal

The study of Religions and the Dialogue of Religions (Shukyogaku to Shukyotaiwa) Michael Pye

Spirituality in Interreligious Dialogue: Challenge and Promise Giuseppe Scattolin, MCCJ

Exercising Tolerance: A Protection from Our Deepest Fears? Elizabeth Kaeton

The Challenge of Other Faiths Henry Wansbrough OSB

Is It Possible to Get Along with Fundamentalists? Martin E. Marty

'The Multi-Colored Wisdom of God': A Pentecost Paradigm Christopher Duraisingh

Pilgrimage, Sovereignty and Mutuality: Images for Interfaith Dialogue James Crampsey

Thomas Merton and Confucian Rites: The Fig Leaf for the Paradise Condition? John Wu, Jr.

The Roman Catholic Perception of other Churches and other Religions after the Vatican's Dominus Jesus Aloysius Pieris, S.J.

Religion and Civil Society: The Quest For Peace in Mindanao Through Inter-faith Dialogue Hamid Aminoddin Barra

FABC's “Response” to Dominus Iesus Edmund Chia, F.S.C.

The Contribution of Interfaith Dialogue Towards a Culture of Peace Jørgen S. Nielsen

Interreligious Dialogue Wim Holderbeke, CICM

Ecclesial Repentance and the Demands of Dialogue Bradford E. Hinze

Interreligious Dialogue in Pursuit of Fullness of Life in Asia FABC Seventh Plenary Assembly

Mission in the Context of Other Religions Jacob Kavunkal, SVD

The Contribution of Interfaith Dialogue Towards a Culture of Peace Jørgen S. Nielsen

Is Christianity the Only Path to God? Robert Louis Wilken. Scroll down to find the article

Ethical Creativity in a Culture of Uneasy Religious Pluralism, Incomplete Democratization and Economic Injustice Martin Prozesky

The Challenge of Fundamentalism for Interreligious Dialogue Peter A. Huff

An Orthodox Christian View of Non-Christian Religions Rev. Dr. George C. Papademetriou

Inter Faith Pilgrimage: Journeys Across Boundaries Sarah Thorley

Church's Dialogue with Cultures and Religions Jacob Parappally

"Dominus Iesus" - Or: A Plea for Bold Humility John Prior, SVD

Declaration Dominius Iesus Msgr Bruno Forte

Thomas Merton and the Confucian Rites: The Fig Leaf for the Paradise Condition John Wu, Jr

Yang Huilin and His View of Christian Culture Leopold Leeb

Religion and Civil Society: The Quest for Peace in Mindanao Through Inter-Faith Dialogue Hamid Aminoddin Barra

Of Fork and Spoon or Fingers and Chopsticks: Interreligious Dialogue in Ecclesia in Asia Edmund Chia, F.S.C.

Exploring the Frontiers: Jacques Dupuis and the Movement “Towards a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism” Terrence Merrigan

Can Christianity Dialogue with African Traditional Religion? Peter K. Sarpong

Letter to Presidents of Bishops' Conferences on the Spirituality of Dialogue Francis Cardinal Arinze

"Christianity and the World Religions," A Recent Vatican Document Terrence W. Tilley

Eucharistic Presence: An Invitation To Dialogue John H. McKenna

Dialogue as a Way to Humanity Jolana Poláková

Interreligious Perspectives on Incarnation Dr. Gerard Hall

Religious Pluralism in Asia: An Indonesian Experience Agustine Nunuk Prasetyo Murniati

Towards The Third Millennium Kamal-Hanna Bathish

Turning 20, Embracing Dialogue:New Ways of Being Church Edmund Chia

Interfaith Dialogue Guidelines Lucien F. Cosijins

The Dialogue of Life. The question: "How do we live our lives together?", The answer: "By passing over and coming back" J. Mark Hensman

The Dialogue of Life as the Locus of Non-verbal Interreligious Dialogue J. Mark Hensman

Dialogue with Religions of Asia: Challenges from Without (Part I) Edmund Chia, FSC
Dialogue with Religions of Asia: Challenges from Within (Part II)

A Cusan Approach to Religious Unity David J. De Leonardis

Religions, Hard and Soft Johan Galtung

What Is the Human Spiritual Impulse? How Is This Reflected in Major World Religions, Both Eastern and Western? Dr. Gerard Hall

A Model for Dialogue: Cyprian of Carthage on Ecclesial Discernment Paul J. Fitzgerald

The Role of Dialogue in Mission Msgr. Michael Fitzgerald

Religious Knowledge in the Pluralist Theology of Religions Terrence Merrigan

Reflecting on the Plurality of Religions Michael Pye

Christ and the Other Religions Michael Fitzgerald

Presence and Action of the Holy Spirit in the World and in Other Religions Giovanni Cereti

Religious Prejudice, Dialogue and Respect Yossi Ives

Christian Faith and Other Faiths Roger Hooker

Interpreting Christian Symbols and Contemporary Events: The Hermeneutics of Traditional Tagalog Apocalyptic Groups Jose Maria C. Francisco

Catholicism and Other Religions Aidan Nichols, O.P.

Christianity: Time to Rethink Donald Reeves

Harmony Among Humans, Nature and God: A Comprehensive Vision of Optimal Harmony Vincent Shen

Response to "The Kingdom of God as the Christian Image of Harmony" Michio T. Shinozaki

Christianity Today: The Transition to Disestablishment James Heisig

The Kingdom of God as the Christian Image of Harmony Kim Sung-Hae

Suspending Our Beliefs Mathai Zachariah

Dialogue with African Traditional Religion(ATR): The Teaching of the Special Synod on Africa Emefie Ikenga-Metuh

Religious Pluralism and Christian Missions Ed Mathews

NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions in Kyoto: 35 Years of Interreligious Encounter in an Ecumenical Context Martin Repp

Religious Broadcasting and Interreligious Dialogue Dominic Emmanuel

Anonymous Christians: Karl Rahner's Pneuma-Christocentrism and an East-West Dialogue Joseph H. Wong

Dialogue in Action Ignatius T.F. Tchou, SJ

Pathways to Faith and Interreligious Dialogue Peter Lee

A Model of Evangelization for an Interreligious World Chen-huang Cheng

Pastoral Attention to Traditional Religions Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

The Nature of Faith in Inter-Religious Dialogue Ewert Cousins

Theological Issues in Meditative Technologies Thomas Keating

The Experience of Interfaith Prayer Christopher Lamb

The 'Inter' of Interfaith Spirituality Julius Lipner

A Revealing Dialogue Donald W. Mitchell

Interfaith and Women's Spirituality Pauline Webb

Tolerance, Intolerance and Inter-Religious Dialogue Dominic Emmanuel

World Scripture and Education for Peace Andrew Wilson

The Way of Interreligious Dialogue: The Hong Kong Experience Peter Lee

The Confucian Sage Kim Sung-Hae

Interreligious Dialogue Since Vatican II The Monastic Contemplative Dimension Wayne Teasdale

Christian Spirituality and the Scripture of Other Faiths Michael Barnes

When Cultures Meet: Inter-Faith Encounter in a Cold Climate Philip Lewis

Breaking New Ground in Confucian-Christian Dialogue? Peter Lee

A New Vision for China: The Case of Liu Xiao Feng Arnold Sprenger

Religious Plurality and the Christological Debate Jacques Dupuis, SJ

Theological and Ethical Responses to Religious Pluralism–1 Corinthians 8-10 Bruce W. Winter

Ecumenism, Archetypes, and Symbols Antonio Moreno, OP

Baha'i-Christian Dialogue: Some Key Issues Considered Francis J. Beckwith

The Four Little Dragons, the Great Dragon, and the Phoenixes Peter Lee

The Metanoetics of Interreligious Encounter James Fredericks

From Chuang-tzu's Way to Jesus Christ as the Way Kadowaki Kakichi

Re-Thinking the Faith with Indigenous Categories Jose M. de Mesa

The Prospective Eye of Interreligious Dialogue Richard E. Wentz

Answering Pilate: Truth and the Postliberal Church William Willimon

Religion and Popular Religiosity in the Philippines Brendan Lovett

Reflections on a Fascinating Journey Langdon Gilkey

Missiology III: The World Religions John Ball

Christology and the Pluralist Consciousness Charles A. Wilson

Labor Room or Morgue: The Power and Limits of Pluralism and Christology Patrick Keifert

Partners for Dialogue Joseph O'Leary

Religious Pluralism: The Japanese Case Notto Thelle

The Impact of Interreligious Encounter in Thailand Seri Phongphit

An Asian Perspective on Interreligious Encounter Michael Sastrapratedja

The Dialogue Decalogue: Ground Rules for Interreligious Dialogue Leonard Swidler

Christian Faith, Asian Wisdom Traditions, and the Newly Emerging Paradigm Shift Paul Clasper

Incarnation and Apocalyptic: Christology in the Context of Religious Pluralism George Rupp

A Shinto-Christian Dialogue. [3:2-10] Yuki Hideo

An Encounter with Mindanao and Sulu Cultures Peter Gowing

Facing Religious Pluralism in Asia James Heisig

Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief General Assembly resolution

Zen and the Spiritual Exercises: A Dialogue between Faiths Daniel J. O'Hanlon

Understanding As the First Step in an Evangelical Approach to World Religions: Some Methodological Considerations Robert N. Minor

The Risen Christ, Transcultural Consciousness, and the Encounter of the World Religions William M. Thompson

The Question of Pluralism Giuseppe Lazzati

Theological Relfections on the Problem of Pluralism Heinrich Fries

World Scripture: An Anthology of Sacred Texts

Interfaith Encounter Association

International Association for Religious Freedom

Religions Working Together for a Better World

Network for Inter Faith Concerns

Interreligious Relations Episcopal Church

Interfaith Relations United Church of Christ

General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns United Methodist Church

Interfaith Relations Office Presbyterian Church, USA

Interfaith Massachusetts Council of Churches

Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Muslim-Christian Dialogue
Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
Hindu-Christian Dialogue

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