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Shia Muslim Address to Synod on the Middle East Ayatollah Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Ahmadabadi

Sunni Muslim Address to Synod on the Middle East Muhammad Al-Sammak

Joint Declaration of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue (Vatican) and the Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organisation (Tehran, Iran)

Sharing Our Paradoxes: Steps for a Dialogue between Christians and Muslims Herman Roborgh

A Common Word Between Us and You Daniel Madigan SJ

Toward a Dialogue of Liberation with Muslims Thomas Michel, SJ

Christian-Muslim Relations after the Terrorist Attacks Thomas Michel, SJ

Christian-Muslim relations: are we missing the real story? Thomas Michel, SJ

Developments in Interreligious Dialogue with Muslims Thomas Michel, SJ

Islamic Revival and Its Implications for Christian-Muslim Dialogue Thomas Michel, SJ

Islam: Towards a Necessary Dialogue Luis Sols Lucia

Sign of Hope Between Two Advents: Christian-Muslim Dialogue Thomas Ryan, CSP

Pluralism in Muslim-Christian Relations John L. Esposito

Interreligious Learning Process: The Future of Christian-Muslim Dialogue Is Joint Action Volker Meissner

Dialogue with Muslims: Sensitive Topic 'Mission' Stefan Orth

Attempts to Build Bridges: Catholics and Muslims in the USA Ferdinand Oertel

Catholic-Muslim Relations: Questions and Appraisal Tom Ryan, 2006

Violence and Healing: Roman Catholic Relations with Jews and Muslims Leo D. Lefebure

Christianity and Islam: Beyond History to the Will of the One and Only God Joseph Ng Swee-Chun, S.J.

The Kaduna Peace Declaration of Religious Leaders

The Principle of Legality in the Seventh Century: A Parallel View in Byzantium and Islam Eirini Christinaki–Glarou. Scroll to page 27

“Even Among Turks” — Tirso González de Santalla (1624-1705) and Islam Emanuele Colombo

Jews, Christians and Muslims Form a Precedent: An Experiment of the Diocese of Osnabruck Oriented Towards Interreligious Dialogue Winfried Verburg

The Most Beautiful Names of God: Their Meaning for a Christian Michael Fitzgerald MAfr

Monastic-Muslim Dialogue: The Challenge and the Promise Abbot Timothy Wright OSB

Speaking about the Love of God to More Than 1000 Sufis Giuseppe Scattolin

Interreligious Dialogue at Tibhirine: Completing the Story of "Des hommes et des dieux" Ivo Dujardin OCSO

DIMMID in Dialogue with Iranian Shi'a Muslims William Skudlarek OSB

Quran-Gospel Convergence: The Quran's Message to Christians Jojo Joseph

Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Postcard from Pakistan Damian Howard SJ

Christian Responses to Muslim Questions Christian W. Troll, S.J.

A remarkable new beginning in the study of the Prophet Muhammad Christian W. Troll

Ecclesiastical Magisterium, Catholic Theology, Todays' Islam: Proposals for Solutions to Key Issues Felix Korner SJ

An Action Beyond Boundaries (Including those Established by States) Henri Teissier

In the Footsteps of the Charity of God that Receives Every Pain Marialaura Conte

Learning to Co-exist in a Smiling Islam Azyumardi Azra

Network for Inter faith Concerns: Perspectives, Kaduna 2007 Christian-Muslim relations in Ghana, Germany, Pakistan, Sudan

Paradoxes of Christianity and Islam Herman Roborgh

Secularisation: A Matter of Common Interest and Concern for Muslims and Christians Professor Neil Ormerod

Muslims, Catholics and the Common Purpose of Justice and Peace Kath Engebretson

Inspiring Thinking: Why Christian Theology should be Interested in Islam Klaus von Stosch

The Church in the Face of Islam Hans Waldenfels SJ

Muslim-Catholic Dialogue in Western Sydney: The People Speak Vivienne Keely CHF

Acting in the Public Space Malika Zeghal

Face to Face with the Secular State Azzedine Gaci

"The Arabs" in the Ecclesiastical Historians of the 4th/5th Centuries: Effects on Contemporary Christian-Muslim Relations David D. Grafton

Keeping the Lenten Fast: Thoughts from a Dialogue with Islam Michael Barnes SJ

Are Muslims Idolaters? About a Problematic Development of the Christian Image of Islam Michael Bongardt

Debating Dialogue: Where the Christian-Muslim Encounters Must Cut More Sharply Felix Korner SJ

Irenic Interpretations? An Analysis of the 'Letter of the 138 Muslims' Christian W. Troll

Concrete Dialogue: About What Muslims Talk with Christians in Germany Hansjorg Schmid

New Beginning with Dialogue: The First Conference of the Catholic-Muslim Forum Christian W. Troll

Common Prayer of Christians and Muslims? Christian W. Troll SJ

Difficult Coexistence: Christians and Muslims in Malaysia Georg Evers

Religious Peace by Abraham? Jurgen Springer

What Unites Us, What Separates "the Abrahamic Religions"- from the Jewish Perspective? Michael Wolffsohn

The Theology and Times of William of Tripoli, O.P.: A Different View of Islam Thomas F. O'meara, O.P.

"The Sum of All Heresies" -The Image of Islam in Western Thought Rev. Frederick Quinn

An Unprecedented Conflict Over Freedom of Conscience Henri Teissier

From Courtesy to Truth, the Signs of a New Season Maroun Lahham

Fundamentalism: A Christian Perspective Rev. Marcus Braybrooke
Fundamentalism: An Islamic Perspective Asaf Hussain

A Common Word between Us and You An open letter and call from Muslim religious leaders to religious leaders of the world

Christian Responses to Islam, Islamism and 'Islamic Terrorism' Colin Chapman

Dialogues of the Heart Jamal Rahman

Fethullah Gulen: Contributions to Global Peace and the Inter-religious Dialogue Professor Greg Barton

Institutionalizing of Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Nostra Aetate and Fethullah Gulen's Vision Salih Yucel

Why I Am Not a Muslim: About Identity, Difference and Respect Hans Zirker

Muhammad - Prophet also for Christians? Christian W. Troll

How Much Islam Does Pluralism Stand? A Relationship of Tension from Muslim View Ali Dere

Asking The Right Questions: Christians, Muslims, Citizens In Ireland Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

Contemporary Muslim Peace Movements: A Dynamic Alternative to Violence Thomas Michel, SJ

A Christian explains his faith to Muslims Thomas Michel, SJ

The Trinity as Radical Monotheism Thomas Michel, SJ

Towards a Pedagogy of Religious Encounter Thomas Michel, SJ

The Prophets: A Blessing for humankind: Convergence between the Christian Understanding and the Risale-i Nur Thomas Michel, SJ

Muslim-Christian Dialogue and Cooperation in the Thought of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Thomas Michel, SJ

Fethullah Gülen & Pope John Paul II: Two Frontrunners for Peace Thomas Michel, SJ

Christian Reflections on a Qur'anic Approach to Ecology Thomas Michel, SJ

Insensitive, Provocative, Courageous - or What? Some Reflections on Pope Benedict's Lecture Colin Chapman

Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI 38 Muslim clerics

Nostra Aetate and the Questions It Chose to Leave Open Daniel A. Madigan SJ

"To believe each other capable of questioning oneself critically": An interview with the Islam expert Christian W. Troll Stefan Orth

Fears: Allensbach Inquiry on the Germans' View on Islam Ulrich Ruh

Liberty and Faith: On Occasion of the Islamic Protest against Caricatures of Mohammed Magnus Striet

Demonising Australia's Christian and Muslim Arabs in Cartoons Abe Ata

A Comparative Analysis of the Concept of Revelation in Christianity and Islam Vincent Battaglia

How to Combat the Culture of Resentment Roger Scruton

When Islam Addresses Its Own Bewilderment Samir-Khalil Samir

Reciprocity Means That Everyone Should Try to Change Louis Sako

The Challenges for Christianity Which Is No Longer Central Maroun Lahham

A Glance at the Sky of the Wounded Empire Marco Bardazzi

In Realpolitik as Well Love Can Defeat Eveything Carl Anderson

Those Concentric Circles that Spread Out from Ground Zero Dino Boffo

And the West Discovered Another Terrorism Nikolaus Lobkowicz

Observations on the Upset Triangle Andrea Pacini

Contemporary Geopolitics and the Need for Philosophy Henri Hude

The Minority That Does Not Resign Itself to Inferiority Anthony Lobo

Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks

In the Name of God: Under Way to a Theology of Prayer in Islam and Christianity: Ten Theses Andreas Renz, Hansjorg Schmid and Jutta Sperber

Trialogue between Jews, Christians, and Muslims: Considerations from a Christian Viewpoint Hans Kessler

A Future 'Trinity' of Jews, Christians and Muslims ? Theses on a Matter of Life and Death not only for the Three Monotheist Religions Ernst Forster SJ

Dialogue at a Snail's Pace Peter Hunseler

Dialogue on Islamic Faith in the Jesuit Environment Seid M. Zekavat

The Journeyman -- The Making of a Muslim Quaker Brett Miller-White

Islamabad Declaration World Council of Religion

The Threat of Fundamentalism? Some Christian and Muslim Perspectives Trish Madigan OP

Toward Reconciliation in the Middle East: A Framework for Christian-Muslim Dialogue Using Natural Law Tradition Russell Powell

Chirstian - Muslim Relations: Are We Missing the Real Story? Thomas Michel, S.J.

Knowledge of Allah and the Islamic View of Other Religions Qamar-Ul Huda

Religious and Human Freedom Prof Abdullah Saeed

A Prolegomenon to the Relation of the Quran and the Bible Vernon K. Robbins and Gordon D. Newby

Religion and Politics: The (Not So) Great Divide Fr Dan Madigan SJ

Encountering the Other Frank Brennan SJ AO

Religion: Barrier or Bridge to Building Understanding Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO

Islamic Civilization and the West: Problems of Dialogue Nur Kirabaev, page 41

Modern Western Christian Theological Understandings of Muslims Since The Second Vatican Council Mahmut Aydin

Islam, the Orthodox Church and Oromo Nationalism (Ethiopia) Abbas Haji Gnamo

Christian Faith and Radical Monotheism

Encounter and the Risk of Change: Religious Experience and Christian-Muslim Dialogue Wilfred Dettling

Islam face-a-face Christianity Anthony O'Mahony

The Ethics of Pardon and Peace: A Dialogue of Ideas between the Thought of Pope John Paul II and the Risale-i-Nur Thomas Michel, S.J.

In the First Person: Dialogue on Islamic Faith in the Jesuit Environment Seid M. Zekavat

Christian-Muslim Relations Pauline Rae SMSM

A Theology Of Terror: The “Religious” Thought of Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and Hizb al Tahrir Al Islami Mark R. Woodward

An Agreement for Dialogue between the Anglican Communion and al-Azhar al-Sharif

Christian-Muslim relations and constitutional reform Cathy Majtenyi

When Muslims and Christians Marry Rita George Tvrtkovic

Political Islam and Democracy in Nigeria: Compatibility or Incompatibility? Olu Awofeso, PhD

Education For Dialogue: A Duty For Christians and Muslims Cardinal Francis Arinze

Islam as Seen from the Christian West George F. McLean, page 151

Islamic and Christian Cultures: Conflict or Dialogue Plamen Makariev et al

Islamic Fundamentalism John L. Esposito

Jesuits Discuss Islam in Istambul

Christians and Muslims: Believers in God faithful to Man Francis Cardinal Arinze

Christian-Muslim Relations: A Burdensome Past, A Challenging Future Willem A. Bijlefeld

Dialogue and Evangelism in Relation to Islam Paul Varo Martinson

Getting Real about Christian-Muslim Dialogue C. M. Naim

Religion and Politics in Islam: Challenge to Christian-Muslim Relations Charles Amjad-Ali

Islam and the Trialogue of Abrahamic Religions Leonard Swidler

The Challenges in Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Fr. Elias Mallon, SA

Christian-Muslim Relations: Assessing the Problems Christian W. Troll

The Relationship between the United Church of Christ and the Muslim Community

A Christian Scholar's Dialogue with Muslims Hans Küng

The Foundations of Islamic Religious Experience John Renard, SJ

Prayer in the Islamic Tradition I John Renard

Prayer in the Islamic Tradition II John Renard

Religious Experience in Islam Annemarie Schimmel

St. Thomas and the Arab Neo-Platonists W. H. Kent, O. S. C. Scroll to page 451

Christianity and Islam in Spain, A.D. 756-1031 C. R. Haines

Articles Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims

Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue

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