Message to Buddhists for the Feast of Vesakh, from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue:
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Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Zen and Christians Ama Samy
Jesus and Buddhists Elizabeth Harris
The Way of Accompaniment Tom McGuinness
A Buddhist View Jim Pym
The Buddhist-Christian Dialogue Michael Barnes
Experiencing Ultimate Reality: The Beginnings of a Christian-Buddhist Conversation Roland C. Walls
Devotion in Theravada Buddhism Michael A. Barnes
Religious Experience in Buddhism Michael Barnes

Articles from Nanzan Bulletin
Christianity and Buddhism: Thoughts on the Possibility of Dialogue Odagaki Masaya
Mutual Transformation of Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity Takeda Ryūsei
A Buddhist-Christian Symposium: Religious Experience and Language Jan Van Bragt
Historical Religion and Folk Religion: Shingon Buddhism and Christianity Jan Van Bragt
Nanzan Symposium VI: Theory and Practice in Religion: Tendai Buddhism and Christianity Jan Van Bragt
Salvation and Enlightenment: Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity Jan Van Bragt
Christian Theology Learning from Buddhism Jan Van Bragt
Contributions of Buddhism to Christianity Jan Van Bragt
Contemplation: Practice, Doctrine, and Wisdom in the Teachings of Zhiyi (538–597) Hans-Rudolf Kantor
Reading the Bible with a Touch of Zen Peter Lee
Apocalyptic Thought in Christianity and Buddhism Jan Van Bragt
The Buddhist Approach to Hung Fa Interview with Fok Tou-hui
Mission and Dialogue Kazuyoshi Tanaka
Buddhism, Christianity and the Saeculum Frank Livesey
Buddhist-Christian Interchange: An Attempt at a Definition Kirti Bunchua
Christian-Buddhist Dialogue Akizuki Ryômin
Journey Through the Gateless Gate Håkan Eilert

Articles from Monastic Interreligious Dialogue
Positioning of "Spirituality" and "Dialogue" in the East-West Spiritual Exchanges Akihi Muto
On the Tatami of Zen-Christian Monastic Fraternity Matteo Nicolini-Zani
Zen Monasticism as Seen through the Lens of the Rule of Benedict Helene L. Mercier, OSB
Day of Dialogue: Gbi and Amaravati Monastery Sister Lucy Brydon OSB
Interreligious Dialogue Beyond Translation, Beyond Religion Ama Samy SJ
What You See Is Not What You Get Sheryl Frances Chen OCSO
God Is Everywhere Herbert Kaden OSB
Reflections on the Rule of Saint Benedict: A Monk in Transition Richard E. Zeikowitz
Christian Compassion and Buddhist Compassion Paul Yves Wery
Interfaith Sisters Mary John Marshall OSB
Longing for an Experience of the Absolute Kevin Hunt OCSO
Gethsemani III, May 2008

Jesus and Mary as Portrayed by Buddhist Artists
  • Mary, Seat of Wisdom
  • The Boy Jesus Teaching in the Temple
  • Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well
  • Jesus Washing the Feet of His Disciples
  • Pietà Lanka

    Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
    Buddhist Perspectives on Truth in Other Religions: Past and Present John Makransky
    Japanese Buddhist Perspectives and Comparative Theology: Supreme Ways in Intersection Ruben L.F. Habito
    The Incomprehensibility of God: A Buddhist Reading of Aquinas James L. Fredericks
    Defining Mysticism: Suggestions from the Christian Encounter with Zen William Johnston

    Articles in SEDOS Bulletin, a forum open to all the Roman Catholic institutes of Consecrated life
    Dialogue and Proclamation With Buddhism Fr J. López-Gáy, SJ
    Buddhist - Catholic Dialogue: an Early Journey Los Angeles Interreligious Group
    The Proclamation of the Christian Message in a Buddhist Environment Marcello Zago, OMI
    Evangelization to the Buddhists - Has the Gospel re-echoed in Asia? Marcello Zago, OMI
    A General Introduction to dialogue with Buddhists To-day? Marcello Zago, OMI
    An Analysis of Dialogue with Buddhists in South East Asian Theravada Countries and in the Far Marcello Zago, OMI
    Towards a Buddhist Christian Dialogue: some Bridges of Understanding Leopold Ratnasekera, OMI
    The Eight-Fold Path of Buddhist Liberation Seen in a Christian Perspective Leopold Ratnasekera, OMI
    Zen Buddhism and Christianity - Affinities and Experiences, A Spiritual Journey Son In Sook
    The Word of God in dialoque With Hinduism and Buddhism Archbishop Felix Anthony Machado
    Some Hindrance to Christian Mission from the Buddhists in Myanmar John Lian Cin Pau
    Dialogue as a Path for Mutual Understanding and Peace between Christianity and Buddhism Lucas Tha Ling Sum

    Articles from Urban Dharma
    Monks in the West Conference held at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talmage, Mendocino County, California
    Nuns in the West A gathering of 30 nuns, hosted by Ven. Yifa at Hsi lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, CA
    Gethsemani Buddhist-Christian Meeting July 22-27, 1996
    Gethsemani Buddhist-Christian Meeting July 22-27, 1996
    Los Angeles Buddhist- Roman Catholic Dialogue

    Anglican items
    The Significance of Buddhism for the West: A Special Case for Interfaith Concerns in the Anglican Communion The Revd Dr Ruwan Palapathwala
    A Buddhist Monk as a Member of a Christian Mission College Dr. Andrew Wingate

    Articles by Thomas Ryan, CSP
    Buddhist - Catholic Dialogue
    Buddhist and Christian Monastics Reflect on Rule of St. Benedict

    Articles in Spirituality Today, a journal of the Chicago Dominican province
    East-West Dialogue: Sunyata and Kenosis, Part 1 James Heisig, SVD
    East-West Dialogue: Sunyata and Kenosis, Part 2 James Heisig, SVD

    Articles from other sources
    Common Ground in Eco-Christianity and Eco-Buddhism Stephen Hastings
    Christians and Buddhists: Communities of Forgiveness and Compassion Francis Cardinal Arinze
    Buddhist-Christian Dialogue as Theological Exchange Ernest M . Valea
    God and Buddhism John B. Cobb
    St. Francis and Buddha Leo L. Dubois, S. M., page 193
    Tibetan Buddhism and Catholicity Darley Dale, page 167
    Buddha and His Doctrine J. S. Geisler, page 857
    Buddhism and Christianity Compared Rev. R. Parsons, page 462

    European Network of Buddhist Christian Studies

    Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies At Rice University

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