Message to Hindus for the Feast of Deepavali, from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue:
  • Christians and Hindus: Together to foster a culture of "inclusion" October 2014
  • Christians and Hindus: fostering human relationships through friendship and solidarity October 2013
  • Christians and Hindus: Forming the Young Generation into Peace-Makers November 2012
  • Christians and Hindus: Together in Promoting Religious Freedom October 2011
  • Christians and Hindus: Towards Enhancing of Mutual Respect, Trust and Cooperation October 2010
  • Christians and Hindus: Committed to Integral Human Development October 2009

    Message to Hindus for the Feast of Diwali, from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue:
  • Christians and Hindus: Together in favour of Non-violence October 2008
  • Christians and Hindus : Determined to Walk the Path of Dialogue November 2007
  • Overcoming Hatred with Love October 16, 2006
  • Hindus and Christians in Solidarity October 2005
  • Collaboration between Hindus and Christians with special regard to Children November 2004
  • Hindus and Christians: In Promotion of Human Dignity October 2003
  • October 2002
  • October 2000

    Swami Abhishiktananda's Period of Tempering at the Mauna Mandir Edward Ulrich

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    When Shiva Has Blue Eyes Ishpriya Mataji

    On the Wisdom of Reticence at the Crossing of Spiritual Borders Francis X. Clooney

    Hindutva and Marginalized Christians Response L. Stanislaus, SVD

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    Educational Activism: A post 9/11 reflection Vasudha Narayanan

    Grounds for Mutual Growth C. Murray Rogers

    Hindu-Christian Dialogue: A Hindu Perspective K. L. Seshagiri Rao

    Heirarchies in the Nature of God? Questioning The "Saguna-Nirguna" Distinction in Advaita Vedanta Anantanand Rambachan

    Retrospective: the Birthing of a Discipline William Cenkner

    Hindu Bioethics for the Twenty-First Century S. Cromwell Crawford

    The Sage of Pure Experience: The Appeal of Ramana Maharsi in the West Thomas A. Forsthoefel

    Dialogue: A Call to Friendship Kenneth Cracknell

    The Spiritual and Theological Perspectives of Ashrams: A Tribute to Santivanam, 50 Years Sebastian Painadath, SJ

    Guest Editor's Introduction: Hindu and Christian Mutual Misperceptions M. Thomas Thangaraj

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    Conversion and the Courts Ronald Neufeldt

    Is Jesus a Hindu? S.C. Vasu and Multiple Madhva Misrepresentations Deepak Sarma

    Hindu Occidentalism Tinu Ruparell

    Christian-Hindu Prayer in Interreligoius Dialogue Anand Nayak

    "Deo, Non Fortuna": Christian, Time, and Technology David J. Hawkin

    Christianity and Time Robert Cummings Neville

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    Time in Hinduism Harold Coward

    The Love of God in the New Testament and in the Tulsikrt Ramcaritmanas L. Thompson Wolcott

    Conversions in India: An Interim Report on the Discussion on the Hindu-Christian Studies List January-March 1999 Francis X. Clooney

    Hinduism in the Indian Diaspora in Trinidad Marion O'Callaghan

    Speaking of the Hindu Diaspora in Australia Purushottama Bilimoria

    Immigrants from India in North America and Hindu-Christian Study and Dialogue Raymond B. Williams

    The Hindu Presence in Europe and Implications of Interfaith Dialogue Martin B. Baumann

    Abishiktananda: Hindu Advaitic Experience and Christian Beliefs J. Glenn Friesen

    Infinity and the Logic of Non-Dualism Joseph A. Bracken

    On Being Hindu-Christian Tinu Ruparell

    The Hindu-Christian-Science Trialogue Klaus K. Klostermaier

    Vendanta and Modern Science: Some Demarcation Criteria and Commonalities Varadaraja V. Raman

    From Vedic Science to Vedanta Subhash C. Kak

    How Should Religion and Science be Creatively Related? A Christian Perspective Robert John Russell

    Science and Christianity: The Positive Attitude C. Gordon Winder

    Hindu-Christian Dialogue Today Anand Amaladass

    Hindu-Christian Dialogue During the Past Decade S. Wesley Ariarajah

    Scripture as a Source of Knowledge in Hinduism Anantanand Rambachan

    Texts are Always with You: Christians and their Bibles R. S. Sugirtharajah

    The Role of Hindu Scripture in Salvation William C. Allen and Bibhuti S. Yadav

    Saved by the Word: The Christian Understanding of the Relationship Between Scripture and Salvation Michael DeRoche

    A Response to the Symposium on Sri Dharampal's "Bharatiya Chitta Manas and Kala" Jitendra Bajaj and Mandyam Doddamane Srivivas

    Reginald Heber and Hindu-Christian Dialogue Geoffrey Cook

    Forest and Village: Popular Hindu-Christian Encounter David C. Scott

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    A New Millennium - Nearly! C. Murray Rogers

    Two Nationalist Poets on Jesus Christ Prema Nandakumar

    Reflections on Religious Pluralism in the Indian Context Margaret Chatterjee

    The Dalits, Religions and Interfaith Dialogue A.M. Abraham Ayrookuzhiel

    The Dilemma of Diversity and the Boon of Understanding John B. Carman

    Encountering God Diana Eck

    Hindu-Christian Dialogue in the Making in Australia Purushottama Bilimoria

    Hindu-Christian Studies as a Necessary Luxury in the Context of Today's Pluralism Francis Clooney

    Religious Fundamentalism and Pluralism in India David C. Scott

    Reflections on Swami Vivekananda's Speeches At the World Parliament of Religions, 1893 Ronald Neufeldt

    The New Master-Paradigm: Ecology Klaus Klostermaier

    Ecology and Religion: Christian and Hindu Paradigms Klaus Klostermaier

    Human Responsibility and the Environment: A Christian Perspective Roger Hutchinson

    Human Responsibility and the Environment: A Hindu Perspective O. P. Dwivedi

    Environmental Ethics: Ancient Traditions and Contemporary Dilemmas: A Hindu Perspective Sehdev Kumar and Aaloka Mehndiratta

    The Human, the Environment: Sundry Questions Murray Rogers

    Environment, Spirituality and Women J. Josephine

    Environmental Awareness: The Hindu Perspective R. Vijayalakshmi

    On "Hindutva" and a "Hindu-Catholic," with a Moral for our Times Julius Lipner

    Christianity and 'Other Religions': Contributions from the Work of F. Max Ronald Neufeldt

    The Communion of Saints: Christian and Tamil Saiva Perspectives S. Gangadaran and Israel Selvanayagam

    Response to S. Gangadaran and Israel Selvanayagam V.A. Devasenapathi

    Mahatma Gandhi: A Living Embodiment of Hindu-Christian Dialogue Devadatta Dabhokar

    Response to Devadatta Dabholkar David C. Scott

    Hindu-Christian Dialogue in Austria/Vienna as a Typical Example for Interreligious Dialogue Birgit Langer

    R. de Nobili a Forerunner of Hindu-Christian Dialogue Richard DeSmet

    Protestant Bible Translations in India: An Unrecognized Dialogue? John B. Carman

    Translating, Teaching, Conversing: A Reflection in Response to the Essays of Richard DeSmet and John Carman Francis X. Clooney

    Response to John Carman Dennis Hudson

    The Poetic Vision of "Walden" and the Idea of Human Freedom in the "Bhagavadgita" Inder Nath Kher

    Art and Architecture as Locus for Dialogue: Inter-Religious Dialogue Through Art Caroline MacKenzie

    Art and Architecture as Locus for Dialogue: The Holy Place as a Common Ground for Dialogue Jyoti Sahi

    The Transformation of the Scholar as a Factor in Hindu-Christian Studies Francis X. Clooney

    Academic Study and the Phenomena of Dialogue Robert D. Baird

    The Mystical Path of Total Abandonment to God in Jean-Pierre de Caussade and the "Bhagavad-Gita" Robert L. Fastiggi

    Levels of Dialogue Bettina Bäumer

    In Dialogue with Hindus? My Experience and Reflections Sr. Vandana

    The Prospect for Hindu-Christian Interaction Margaret Chatterjee

    The Scope of Dialogue Anand Amaladass

    Jacques-Albert Buttat, a Pioneer of Hindu-Christian Dialogue Klaus Klostermaier

    The Value of Inter-Faith Dialogue L. Sundaram

    Why Dialogue With Hindus? Gladys Ambat

    The Ongoing Dialogue Raimundo Panikkar

    Hindu-Christian Dialogue: A Review Harold Coward

    Viewpoints: Dialogue in India Anand Amaladass

    Viewpoints: Dialogue in the Modern West Klaus Klostermaier

    Hindiusm in Japan Cyril Veliath, SJ

    The Hindu-Christian Dialogue and the Interior Dialogue James D. Redington

    The First World Hindu Conference Thomas Immoos

    Hindu Religious Experience Sara Grant

    The Bhagavad Gita as Way-Shower to the Transcendental John Moffitt

    Christianity Confronts Hinduism John Moffitt

    A Christian Approach to Hindu Beliefs John Moffitt

    Catholicity and the Dabistan Darley Dale, page 97

    Society for Hindu-Christian Studies

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