The Sacraments


Dogmatic Constitution on the Liturgy Vatican II. See Chapter 3: The Other Sacraments and the Sacramentals
The sacramental economy Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 2, Section 1
The seven sacraments of the Church Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 2, Section 2
The Sacraments Code of Canon Law
The Seven Sacraments Pope John Paul II
General Catechetical Directory (1971) See articles 55-59
Decree on the Sacraments Council of Trent

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Sacraments: Celebrations of the Journey of Conversion Kathleen Hughes
The Sacraments--Disappearing Wells? A Sketch Towards a Theology of the Sacraments John O'Donohue
Hindu Rites of Passage and the Christian Sacraments Sebastian Painadath
Sacramental Abundance: An Economy of Gift David N. Power
The Sacramentality of Human Relationships Joan H. Timmerman
A Sacramental Spirituality for Methodism? Michael J. Townsend
Growth, Tension and the Sacramental Life Monika K. Hellwig

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
The Sacramental World in the Sentences of Peter Lombard Thomas M. Finn
Ghislain Lafont and Contemporary Sacramental Theology Joy Harrell Blaylock
The Typological Approach of Syriac Sacramental Theology Seely Joseph Beggiani
Sacramental Theology: A Review of Literature Regis A. Duffy, Kevin W. Irwin, and David N. Power
Sacraments as Liturgy of the Church Edward J. Kilmartin
On Validity and Invalidity of the Sacraments Robert E. Rodes Jr.
Sacraments, Church Order, and Secular Responsibility Frans Jozef van Beeck
On the Causality of the Sacraments Philip McShane
How Fifth-Century Rome Adminsitered Sacraments Gerald Ellard
"Christus secundum quod homo instituit sacramenta" J. P. Haran

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
Sacramental Sights Through Women's Eyes: Spying in a Promised Land Teresa Berger
"Queering The Pitch:" Sacramental Challenges to Catholic Feminist Theology Susan Abraham
Creation, Contingency, and Sacramentality John E. Thiel
God's Action Immanent in the world of the Sacraments James J. Mulligan
The Church and the Sacraments William A. Van Roo
The Sacraments as the Continuing Acts of Christ Bernard J. Cooke
A review of dissident sacramental theology Clement C. Englert
The Theology of the Res and Sacramentum Paul F. Palmer
A survey of the theology of sacramental grace George W. Shea
Scientific teaching of sacramental theology Joseph M. O'Leary

Articles in American Catholic Press
Benedict XVI and the Sequence of the Sacraments of Initiation Father Paul Turner
Christian Initiation: A Pastoral Perspective on Restored Order Stella Marie Jeffrey
Theology of Sacraments Edward Kilmartin, S.J.

Articles in Spirituality Today, a journal of the Chicago Dominican province
Toward a Sacrament of the World David J. Leigh, SJ
Can We Be a Sacramental Church? Clare Wagner, OP

Articles from other sources
Sacraments: Channels of Divine Grace John Hardon, S.J.
Study Guide on Word and Sacrament Ministry Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
The Semantics of Sacramental Language R. A. Ward
Sacraments Catholic Encyclopedia, 1912
The Summa Theologica on the Sacraments St. Thomas Aquinas
The Sacraments Catholic Online

Anointing of the Sick
Holy Orders

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