Love in the Family Pope Francis

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Marital Spirituality: A Spiritual Paradigm Shift Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi
Bonding or Bondage? Commitment and Spiritual Growth in Marriage Rina Howard
Image of Redemptive Love Joseph Laishley
Second Marriage: An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth? Timothy J. Buckley
Second Marriage: Complications in the Cathoilic Church Timothy J. Buckley
The Journey Through Divorce Paula Ripple
Marriage and Divorce in the Gospel according to Mark (Chapter 10:1-12) Eugene LaVerdiere
Marriage: Canon Law and Pastoral Practice Theodore Davey
A Developing Theology of Marriage Tad Guzie

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
Practical Implications of Trinitarian Life for Us: Part One: Towards a Better Understanding of the Doctrine of the Trinity Denis Toohey
Practical Implications of Trinitarian Life for Us: Part Two: Marital Relationship as an Image of the Trinity Denis Toohey
Practical Implications of Trinitarian Life for Us: Part Three: Living Marriage as Vocation in the Life of the Trinity Denis Toohey
Marriage: Growing in Love Andrew and Liz Chatelier
The Movement for Same-Sex Marriage Brian Lewis
Marriage in the Life of the Parish: He sent them out two by two ... Luke 10:1 Helen McCabe

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
The Sacrament of Marriage and the Healing of Desire Timothy P. O'Malley
A Tale of Two Synods: What's Become of Catholic Marriage and What Can We Do About It? Kent J. Lasnoski

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
The Indissolubility of Marriage: Reasons to Reconsider Kenneth R. Himes and A. James Coriden
The Magisterium's Arguments Against "Same-Sex Marriage": An Ethical Analysis and Critique Stephen J. Pope
Faith, Contract, and Sacrament in Christian Marriage: A Theological Approach Michael G. Lawler
Reconciliation of Body and Soul: Gregory of Nyssa's Deeper Theology of Marriage Mark D. Hart
The Marriage of Baptized Nonbelievers: Faith, Contract, and Sacrament Susan Wood
Resistance to the Virginal Ideal in Late-Fourth-Century Rome: The Case of Jovinian David G. Hunter
Sexual Ethics, Marriage, and Divorce Lisa Sowle Cahill
When Is Marriage a Sacrament? Edward J. Kilmartin
1 Cor 7:10-15: A Basis for Future Catholic Discipline on Marriage and Divorce? Brian Byron
Christian Marriage: Contract or Covenant? Paul F. Palmer
Christ and Divorce Thomas V. Fleming
The Predicition of Success or Failure in Forced Marriages John L. Thomas
Finality, Love, Marriage Bernard J. F. Lonergan
Marriage: Its Meaning and Purposes John C. Ford
The Indissolubility of Christian Marriage J. P. Haran
Faith, Sacrament, Contract, and Christian Marriage: Disputed Questions Ladislas Orsy
What Male-Female Complementarity Makes Possible: Marriage As a Two-In-One-Flesh Union Patrick Lee and Robert P. George

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
Marriage and Celibacy in the Service of the Church James J. Mulligan
The Biblical Theology of Divorce Bruce Vawter
Divorce and Psychosocial Change Joseph Deuel Sullivan
The History of the Indissolubility of Marriage Anthony J. Bevilacqua
The sacramental grace of matrimony James M. Egan
The Catholic doctrine on the ends of marriage Francis J. Connell

Articles in Spirituality Today, a journal of the Chicago Dominican province
Christian Marriage and Christian Ministry Michael G. Lawler
The Liturgy of Christian Marriage: Introduction to Marital Spirituality Christopher Kiesling, OP

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
Biblical Teaching on Marriage: A Brief Survey Francis Martin
Marriage as Sacred Mystery: Some Theological Reflections on the Purposes of Marriage Douglas Anderson
Can Marriage Be Defined? Don Browning
Marriage as a Christian Calling Robert Benne

Articles in University of St. Thomas Law Journal
Making Marriages Stronger: A Multi-Tiered Approach Based on Traditional Jewish Understandings of Marriage Elliot N. Dorff
More Than A Mere Contract: Marriage as Contract and Covenant in Law and Theology John Witte Jr.
Pope John Paul II's Teaching on Sexuality and Marriage: An Appraisal Charles E. Curran

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
1 Corinthians 7 in the light of the Graeco-Roman Marriage and Divorce Papyri David Instone-Brewer
1 Corinthians 7 in the light of the Jewish Greek and Aramaic Marriage and Divorce Papyri David Instone-Brewer

Articles in Communio: International Catholic Review
'Husbands, love your wives as your own bodies': Is Nuptial Love a Case of Love or Its Paradigm? Margaret H. McCarthy
Evangelical Counsels in Marriage? Jorg Splett
Of Spouses, the Real World, and the "Where" of Christian Marriage David S. Crawford

Articles in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Interchurch Marriage--Conjugal and Ecclesial Communion in the Domestic Church Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi
Ecumenical Marriage as Leaven for Christian Unity Jason E. King

Articles in Spirituality for Today
June, 1997 Articles include: Annulment; Did the Second Vatican Council Change The Church's Understanding of Marriage?; Is Marraige Still Permanent?; The Annulment Procedure
July, 1997 Articles include: Marriage; No Heroes? The Catholic Wedding; The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

Articles in SIDIC Periodical, a journal of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
The Jewish Liturgy of Marriage Asher Finkel
The Contribution of Judaism to the Christian Liturgy of Marriage: Similarities and Differences Adrien Nocent, O.S.B.

St. Thomas Aquinas: The Summa Theologica on Matrimony
  • The sacrament of Matrimony as directed to an office of nature
  • Matrimony as a sacrament
  • Matrimony with regard to the betrothal
  • The definition of Matrimony
  • The marriage consent considered in itself
  • The consent to which an oath or carnal intercourse is appended
  • Compulsory and conditional consent
  • The object of the consent
  • The marriage goods
  • The impediments of marriage, in general
  • The impediment of error
  • The impediment of the condition of slavery
  • The impediment of vows and orders
  • The impediment of consanguinity
  • The impediment of affinity
  • The impediment of spiritual relationship
  • Legal relationship, which is by adoption
  • The impediments of impotence, spell, frenzy or madness, incest and defective age
  • Disparity of worship as an impediment to marriage
  • Wife-murder
  • The impediment to marriage, arising from a solemn vow
  • The impediment that supervenes to marriage after its consummation, namely fornication
  • Second marriages
  • Things annexed to marriage, and first the payment of the marriage debt
  • Plurality of wives
  • Bigamy and of the irregularity contracted thereby
  • The bill of divorce
  • Illegitimate children

    Articles from other sources
    The Call to Holiness in Christian Marriage Kathleen Fischer Hart and Thomas N. Hart
    The Sacrament of Matrimony Catechism of the Catholic Church
    On the Sacrament of Matrimony Council of Trent
    Marriage Preparation Pontifical Council for the Family
    Provisions of the Constitution of 1866, 1923 and 1938 on the religious ceremony of marriage Constantin Rus. Scroll to page 75
    The Relationship between God's Covenant with His People and Marriage in the Old Testament Calin Sechelea
    "De-centre-ing" Sexual Difference in Public and Ecclesial Discourses on Marriage Yolanda Dreyer
    Tradition and Development in the Catholic Church's Teaching on Marriage: A Response to Cardinal Trujillo John J. Coughlin, O.F.M.
    Preserving Marriage: A Radical Proposal Marian Crowe
    Preserving Marriage: A Radical Proposal Marian Crowe
    A Contemporary Assessment of St. Augustine's On the Good of Widowhood Floy Andrews Doull
    Marriage & Divorce Papyri of the Ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish World Rev Dr David Instone-Brewer
    Covenant or contract? Marriage as Theology: Women in Jewish Marriages Laura Levitt

    Marriage Preparation Resources
    Worldwide Marriage Encounter
    Catholic Engaged Encounter
    The Sacrament of Matrimony Catholic Online
    The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony Coptic Orthodox Church
    Matrimony Greek Orthodox Church
    Marriage: "They Shall Be One Flesh" Ronald L. Ecker
    Marriage and Divorce Papyri of the Ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish World

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