Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
The Notion of 'Hierarchy of Truths': An Ecumenical Interpretation Joint Working Group between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches

Theology Glossary Rev. Kenneth W. Collins, B.A., M.Div.
Glossary for the Study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
The Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology
Bibliographies for Theology William Harmless, S.J.


Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
An Ignatian Way of Doing Theology: Theology Discerning 'The True Life' Christophe Theobald
Theology in Europe Today Peter Hunermann
The Place and Value of Theology Dermot Mansfield
Theology After the Demise of Foundationalism Paul D. Murray
Jewish Holocaust Theology Norman Solomon
Christian Theology After the Holocaust Kenneth Cracknell
Postmodernism and Theology Max Charlesworth
Freedom, Theology and Deliverance Marie-Henry Keane
Convergences in Theology and Spirituality Regina Bechtle
A Future for Theology? Robert Butterworth
Doctrine, Theology and Education Robert Butterworth
On Theological Language Robert Butterworth
The Theology of Renewal: Conversion and Theology Richard Roach

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
A Theologian Among Scientists: 'Wisdom' as Interdisciplinary Space for Science and Theology Peter Stork
Asian Christianity: The Post-Colonial Challenge of Identity and Theology Edmund Chia
Theology and God Jean Richard MSC
Catholic Practical Theology: Reflections on an Emerging Field Terry A. Veling
Theology as Nursing Care for Cultures and Souls Bishop Anthony Fisher OP
Theology and Contemporary Science. Riding The Boundaries Barry Brundell MSC
Sixty Years after Auschwitz: What Does It Mean for Christian Theology? Joseph Grayland
Unearthing Ancient Colossae in Southern Turkey: Theology and archeology in dialogue Michael Trainor

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
Science and Theology: An Introduction Michael Fuller
Science and Theology: Flashpoints Dr Michael Fuller
Science and Theology: Consonances Rev Dr Michael Fuller
Ignatius of Loyola: Theology as a way of living James Hanvey SJ

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Pope Francis and the theology of the people Juan Carlos Scannone
To whom am I speaking? Communication, culture, and fundamental theology George Karuvelil
Theology today: comparative theology as a catholic theological approach Marianne Moyaert
The aesthetics of tradition and the styles of theology John E. Thiel
Creating space for catholic theology? A critical-empathetic reading of Theology Today Lieven Boeve
Theology, Metaphysics, and the Centrality of Christ Ilia Delio, O.S.F.
Homo Theologicus: Toward A Reflexive Theology (With the Help of Pierre Bourdieu) T. Howland Sanks, SJ
The Starting Point of Systematic Theology Robert M. Doran
Theological Attitudes toward the Scriptural Text: Lessons from the Qumran and Syriac Exegetical Tradition Angela Kim Harkins
Theology's Responsibility and Tasks in Today's Church and World Archbishop Joseph Dore
The Vocation of the Theologian Mary Ann Donovan
The Influence of Information Technologies on Theology Paul A. Soukup, Francis J. Buckley, David C. Robinson
Fides et Ratio: Theology and Contemporary Pluralism Thomas G. Guarino
System and History: The Challenge to Catholic Systematic Theology Robert M. Doran
The Logic of Genre: Theological Method in East and West A. N. Williams
Bernard Lonergan and the Functions of Systematic Theology Robert M. Doran
Syllogism or Paradox: Aquinas and Luther on Theological Method Denis R. Janz
The Voice of Theologians in General Councils from Pisa to Trent Nelson H. Minnich
Theology at the Service of Mysticism: Method in Pseudo-Dionysius Seely J. Beggiani
Eberhard Jungel on the Structure of Theology Paul DeHart
The Nature of Women and the Method of Theology Mary Aquin O'Neill
History, Dogma, and Nature: Further Reflections on Postmodernism and Theology Jack A. Bonsor
Christian Faith and Theology in Encounter with Non-Christians: Profession? Protestation? Self-maintenance? Abandon? Frans Jozef Van Beeck
Between Foundationalism and Nihilism: Is Phronesis the Via Media for Theology? Thomas Guarino
The Theologian's Ecclesial Vocation and the 1990 CDF Instruction Francis A. Sullivan
Theology and Science: A New Commitment to Dialogue Christopher F. Mooney
Theology as Rhetoric David S. Cunningham
Jesuits and Theology: Yesterday and Today Avery Dulles
Theology, Philosophy, and the Natural Sciences John H. Wright
Vedanta, Theology, and Modernity: Theology's New Conversation with the World's Religions Francis X. Clooney
Theology and Culture at Mid-Century: The Example of Henri de Lubac Joseph Komonchak
The Recovery of Theology as a Practical Discipline Randy L. Maddox
The Uneasy Alliance Reconceived: Catholic Theological Method, Modernity, and Postmodernity David Tracy
On Doing the Truth: Orthopraxis and the Theologian Bernard J. Verkamp
Philosophical Theology in the Perspective of Religious Diversity J.A. DiNoia
Doing Theology by Heart: John S. Dunne's Theological Method Jon Nilson
Catholic Theology and the Study of Religion in South Asia: Widening the Context for Theological Reflection Francis X. Clooney, Paul J. Griffiths, Charles Hallisey, and James Laine
Process Theology and the Catholic Theological Community J.J. Mueller
Theology and Anthropology: Time for Dialogue Gerald A. Arbuckle
Theological Responsibilty: Beyond the Classical Paradigm John E. Thiel
The Mandate to Teach Theological Disciplines: On Canon 812 of the New Code Ladislas Orsy
Orthodox Ecumenism and Theology: 1978-1983 Michael A. Fahey
The Bible and Hermeneutical Horizon: The Use of Scripture in Theology John H. Wright
Of Art and Theology: Hans Urs von Balthasar's Systems Thomas F. O'Meara
Some Implications of Parapsychology for Theology John J. Heaney
Theology and Philosophy in Public: A Symposium on John Courtney Murray's Unfinished Agenda John A. Coleman, J. Bryan Hehir, David Hollenbach, and Robin W. Lovin
Integrative Theology: A Polanyian Proposal for Theological Foundations John V. Apczynski
Theology and the Darkness of Death Bartholomew J. Collopy
Theological Method: The Southern Exposure Alfred T. Hennelly
Method in Fundamental Theology: Reflections on David Tracy's "Blessed Rage for Order" Avery Dulles
Sterilization and Theological Method Richard A. McCormick
Sexist Language in Theology? George H. Tavard
The Population Explosion: A Theologian's Concern? Arthur McCormack
American Liturgy: A Theological Locus John Gallen
Progress and Pluralism in Theology Raymond J. Devettere
What Is Logocentric Theology? John F. Haught
Theology and the Manifestation of the Sacred Charles E. Winquist
Theology and Religious Experience Edward George Bozzo
Natural Law, Theology, and the Church John J. Reed
Heidegger and Theology William J. Richardson
On the Method of Theology Frederick E. Crowe
Two contemporary Approaches to Theology John S. Dunne
Ascetical and Mystical Theology Elmer O'Brien
Some Recent Developments in Dogmatic Theology John F. Sweeney
Relfections on the Relation between Philosophy and Theology Gerald Van Ackeren
"Humani Generis" and the Limits of Theology Cyril Vollert
Physics, Philosophy, Transubstantiation, Theology Joseph T. Clark
Theology in South America Gustave Weigel
Theological Opinion on the Development of Dogma Philip J. Donnelly
Matthias Joseph Scheeben and the Revival of Theology Cyril Vollert
Towards a Theology for the Layman: The Pedagogical Problem John Courtney Murray
Towards a Theology for the Layman: The Problem of Its Finality John Courtney Murray

Articles in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture
The Vocation of the Theologian James L Heft
Aquinas on Poetry and Theology Paul Murray
Heraclitean Nature and the Comfort of the Resurrection: Theology in an Open Space Brian D. Robinette
Christopher Dawson on Theology and the Social Sciences Robert Jared Staudt

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
Theology Renewing Life: Prophetic Interventions and Enduring Commitments Maria-Pilar Aquino
Toward a Grammar of the Possible: Theological Imagination in Times of Crisis Kevin F. Burke, S.J.
Crisis and Engagement: The Role of the Servant Theologian Paul Lakeland
How are Theologians Challeneged and Informed by Their Engagement with the Sense of the Faithful in the Local/Global Church? Maria Clara Luchetti Bingemer, Gemma Tulud Cruz, Anne Arabome, S.S.S.
Theological Disagreement: What It Is and How To Do It Paul J. Griffiths
Dangers and Promise in the Encounter of Theology and the Secular Intellectual World Stanley Hauerwas
How are Theologians Challeneged and Informed by Their Engagement with the Sense of the Faithful in the Local/Global Church? Maria Clara Luchetti Bingemer
How are Theologians Challeneged and Informed by Their Engagement with the Sense of the Faithful in the Local/Global Church? Gemma Tulud Cruz
How are Theologians Challeneged and Informed by Their Engagement with the Sense of the Faithful in the Local/Global Church? Anne Arabome, S.S.S.
Sensus Fidelium, Sociology, and Global Catholic Theology Paul Lakeland
Theological Disagreement: What It Is and How To Do It Paul J. Griffiths
Response to Paul J. Griffiths "Theological Disagreement" Michele Saracino
Meaning and characteristics of an American theology John H. Wright
Response to "Meaning and characteristics of an American theology" David W. Tracy
American history and the theological enterprise James Hennesey
American culture and theology Anthony Padovano
Theological Method and the Nature of Ministry Peter Chirico
The Teaching of the Magisterium and Theologians Richard A. McCormick
The Magisterium and Theology John R. Quinn
Towards an American Theology Walter J. Burghardt
Theistic Evidences in Contemporary Protestant Theology Edward H. Schroeder
Panel Discussion: Academic Freedom and the Theologian Augustine Rock and Robert E. Hunt
The Status of Scholastic Philosophy in Theology Today Gerard A. Vanderhaar
Biblical and systematic theology: the basic issues David A. Dillon
Theology and natural law Paul E. McKeever
Crises in contemporary theology Gerald Van Ackeren
A Theology Relevant for Today Richard T. Doherty
The Task of the Theologian Today E. Ferrer Smith
The Unity of Theology Augustine Rock
How Should De Ecclesia Be Treated In Scientific Theology? Richard X. Redmond
The Professional Theologian--An Instrumental Cause in the Ecclesia Docens Aloysius McDonough
Theology in the New Catholic Encyclopedia Edmond D. Benard
the task ahead for the theologian in a new decade Lawrence J. Riley
The Use of Sacred Scripture as a Locus Theologicus Eugene M. Burke
A Course in the Positive Theology of the Incarnation Celestine Luke Salm
The Challenge to Theology John F.X. Sweeney
Theology and the Magisterium George W. Shea
The Treatment of Miracles in Fundamental Theology Gerard Owens
The thesis form as an instrument of theological instruction Edmond D. Benard, John Courtney Murray, Eugene M. Burke
Eastern Orthodox theology Clement Englert
On the hardships and consolations of theology Gerard Yelle
A survey of Protestant theology in our day Gustave Weigel
The Catholic Concept of Tradition in the Light of Modern Theological Thought Walter J. Burghardt
The scientific teaching of theology in the seminary Eugene M. Burke
Scientific teaching of dogmatic theology Hubert P. Coughlin
Scientific teaching of fundamental theology A. C. Cotter
The wisdom of theology William R. O'Connor
The concept of biblical theology Roderick A.F. MacKenzie

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
Understnading Scholarly Presuppositions: A Crucial Tool For Research? Paul Helm
Barth - A Truly Biblical Theologian? Christina A Baxter
The Filioque Clause in History and Theology Gerald Bray

Articles from Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Learning from African theologians and their hermeneutics: Some reflections from a German Evangelical theologian Hans-Georg Wünch
Some thoughts on the relationship between Old Testament studies and systematic theology S.D. (Fanie) Snyman
The formation of Christian theology in Alexandria Willem H. Oliver, Mokhele J.S. Madise
Public Theology in pluralistic societies? Lessons from the theology of Etienne de Villiers Nico Koopman
Theology amongst the sciences: A personal view from the University of Oxford Susan E. Gillingham
The Beauty of Theology Jacobus P. Labuschagne
Theological Trends in Our Postsecular Age Andries van Aarde
Shaping Eschatology within Science and Theology M Pretorius

Articles in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Doing Theology for the Church Robert L. Saucy
The Future of Theology and the Theology of the Future Vernon Grounds, Ph.D.
Eschatology: The Controlling Thematic in Theology Charles M. Horne, Th.D.

Articles in HTS Theological Studies
Living in a digital culture: The need for theological reflection Anita L. Cloete
Theology in the flesh -- a model for theological anthropology as embodied sensing Jacob Meiring
What is Children's Theology? Children's Theology as theological competence: Development, differentiation, methods Mirjam Zimmermann
Becoming transdisciplinary theologians: Wentzel van Huyssteen, Paul Cilliers and Constantine Stanislavski Gys Loubser
Teaching as an act of stewardship: Theology in practice Carolina S. Botha
Jesus in the Dumping Sites: Doing theology in the overlaps of human and material waste Stephan de Beer
What Is "Theology" in "Public Theology" and What Is "Public" about "Public Theology"? Andries van Aarde
Mythology, Poetry and Theology Alphonso Groenewald
Postfoundationalism, Deconstruction and the Hope That Motivates Research in Practical Theology Johann-Albrecht Meylahn
The Human Genome Project as a Case Study in the Debate about the Relationship between Theology and Natural Science Johan Buitendag
Religion, Theology and the Social Sciences in a Society in Transition Etienne de Villiers
The Importance of Life and Faith Histories in the Methodology of Practical Theology Riet Bons-Storm
Karl Barth and the Future of Dogmatic Theology Alasdair I.C. Heron

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Even Doctors of the Church Make Theological Mistakes Now and Again Cory Hayes
Tracing Ghosts in the Theological Tradition Andrew Kuiper
There's No Relation Between Preaching and Theology John Cavadini
Kneeling Theology: Believing in Order to See Scripture Jordan A. Haddad
Where Do Theology and Cognitive Psychology Intersect? Rev. Kevin Grove, CSC
The Theologian's Freedom: Ludovico Muratori and the Limits of Theological Speech Ulrich L. Lehner
Mystical Theology Is a Fundamental Theology Stephen M. Metzger
Servus Servorum: Theology's Queenship and Modern Science Jonathan Heaps
A Massive Sea Change in Recent Theology Philip Gonzales
Exploring the Porous Boundaries Between Theology and Philosophy Pawel Rojek

Articles in Lumen et Vita
On Neurotheology? Why Engage Empirical Studies on Theological Concepts Michael Mookie C. Manalili
Theology as a Sacrament of Hope Margaret Blume
From Divine Action to Divine Presence: The Next Step in an Integrated Cosmology of Science and Theology Robert Brodrick
Theology as a Sacrament of Hope Margaret Blume

Articles in Currents in Theology and Mission
Diversity in Theological Education and the Life of the Church Daniel O. Aleshire
For the Sake of Liberating Wisdom: The Near-Future of Theological Education Jonathan P. Strandjord
Sing to The Lord a New Song: Theology as Doxology Inagrace T. Dietterich

Articles in Cross Currents
Theology and the Clash of Civilizations Jack Miles
Doing Theology in the City Paul Fitzgerald
Theology and the City: Learning to Cry, Struggling to See Jim Perkinson

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
Faithful and Effective God-Talk: Trinitarian Theology for the People of God Jonathan P. Case
Theology in the Contemporary Chinese Context Baoping Kan
Is Science Scientific? Affinities between Theologians and Scientists as Interpreters in the Search for Truth Beverly J. Stratton
Experience in the Church and the Work of Theology Claus Westermann

Articles from Loyola University Chicago
Searching for a Self-Reflexive Theology: We Theology: Ways Forward for Systematic Theology in Relation to (Non) Religious Thought in Contemporary Western Culture Colby Dickinson
Motherhood and Love: Beyond the Gendered Stereotypes of Theology Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar

Articles from Teologia
Theology and Science: Theological Impulses for the Dialogue Michael Welker, page 29
Revival of theological traditions in the XX century Petr Mikhaylov, page 58

Articles from the Australian eJournal of Theology
Doing Theology Inter-religiously? Anita C. Ray, John D'Arcy May, John R. Dupuche
Blessed Negativities: The Contribution of Deconstruction to Theology Anthony Kelly, CSsR

Articles from Marquette University
We Need a Theology that Afflcits the Comfortable Jesse Sullivan
Theology Forum
Talking Back: Lay Theologians Create a Whole New Climate Joseph F. Kelly

Articles from the Common Ground Journal
Doing Theology in a Multicultural Theological Community Peter T. Cha
How Theology Should Be Done Edmund Chan

Articles in Fulcrum, a journal of Evangelical Anglicans
A Positive Model for Responding to Unorthodox Theology Stephen Kuhrt
Future Directions in Systematic Theology Dr Douglas Knight

Articles in America
A Life in Theology Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ
Reason, Faith, and Theology: An Interview with Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J. James Martin, S.J.

Articles in the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory
The Weakness of God And of Theological Thought for That Matter: Acta Est Fabula Plaudite Carl Raschke
Desire and Mourning: Theology and the Literary Imagination Victor E. Taylor

Articles from Duquesne University
A Place for Reflection, a Chance to be Honest in our Location: Popular Culture, Media Literacy and Theological Reflection in the Years to Come Mary E. Hess, Ph.D., page 12
Theology That Is Practical: The Model for the Next Millennium Maureen R. O'Brien, page 46

Articles in SEDOS Bulletin, a forum open to all the Roman Catholic institutes of Consecrated life
The Theological Language in Africa Francis Anekwe Oborji
Decolonization of Theology Samuel Rayan, SJ

Articles in Myriobiblos
From Theology to Philosophy in the Latin West Philip Sherrard
Theology in the Thirteenth Century: Methodological Contrasts John Meyendorff

Articles from the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
Liberation and Inculturation: Two Streams of Doing Theology with Asian Resources Kim Sung-Hae
Program for Theology and Cultures in Asia John C. England

Articles in the Religion Online website
The Use of the Bible in Theology John Howard Yoder
Defending the Public Character of Theology David Tracy
The Ethicist as Theologian Stanley Hauerwas

Articles from various sources
The Cosmos and Theological Reflection: The Priority of Self-Transcendence Paul Allen
Why Teach Theology? Susan Ross
Independent Science, Integrated Theology: How Process Theology Can Inform Christian Orthodox Theodicy Matthew P Cavedon
Theology Coloured by Clergy Sex Abuse Peter Kirkwood
Theology as Improvisation: Using the Musical Metaphor of Attunement to Think Theologically Nathan Crawford
The Role of the Theologian in Post-Modernity Thomas Tynan, SJ
Christian Theology and Morality James Arraj
What Theology Is Aidan Nichols OP
Method in Theology: Past Challenges and New Opportunities Dr. Saban Ali Duzgun
Theology: A Question of Discipleship Steven M. Studebaker
James Doull on Theology and Public Life Gary D. Badcock
Lex orandi lex credendi: Liturgy as Locus Theologicus in the Fifth Century? Daniel G. Van Slyke
Theology Between Yesterday and Tomorrow Milan Opocensky
The Impassible Reef: Pope John Paul II and Bishop Hierotheos Vlachos on Philosophy and Theology Corina Delkeskamp-Hayes
Why Theology? A Catholic Reflection on Twenty Years of Literature on Theological Education William Cahoy
The Reconstruction of Africa by Theologians David Kuria
Question of Truth Lies at Centre of Theology Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
A Theology that Comes from the Flesh Ivone Gebara
Epistemological Aspects of the Relationship Between Science and Theology Jozef M. Yciski
Values in Theology and Religious Education Joseph L. Roche, S.J.
African Hyphenated Christians: An Alternate Model of Theologizing in Africa C.B. Peter
Theology: Liberation of Christians Daniel Liderbach
Human Rights, Justice and Theology Brian Johnstone
Authentic Theology in Service of the Church Anne Carr
Theology as an Empirical Science Douglas Clyde Macintosh
The Hand of God: A Theology for the People Martin J. Scott, SJ
The Augustinian Revolution in Theology Thomas Allin
Theology Jewish Encyclopedia
Who Are the Real Theologians? Henry Woods, S. J., page 357
The Method of Theology Eudoxe Irenee Edouard Mignot, Archbishop of Albi

Catholic Theological Society of America
Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States
Black Catholic Theological Symposium
European Society of Women in Theological Research
International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology

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