Feminist Theology

Feminist Theologians and Pneumatology: An Enrichment of Vatican II Helen Bergin

Suffering and the Search for Wholeness: Beauty and the Cross in Hans Urs Von Balthasar and Contemporary Feminist Theologies Elisabeth T. Vasko

Feminist Commentary upon Feminist Commentary: A Report from the Feminist Biblical Trenches Susanne Scholz, ed.

Matthew's Decolonial Desire (Matthew 12:42; 27:19): A Postcolonial Feminist Reading of the Two Royal Women Jean K. Moore

Feminist Exegesis as Liberation Project, Cultural Critique and Cultural Memory Work Jorunn Økland

Where Have All the Feminists Gone? Reflections on the Impact of Feminist Biblical Exegesis on the Scholarly Community and Women’s Lives J. Cheryl Exum

The New Ecofeminism: Fulfilling our sacred responsibilities to future generations Kaitlin Butler and Carolyn Raffensperger [Scroll down]

Sacramental Sights Through Women's Eyes: Spying in a Promised Land Teresa Berger

“Queering The Pitch:” Sacramental Challenges to Catholic Feminist Theology Susan Abraham

The Challenges of Opening a Dialogue Between Catholic and Secular Feminist Legal Theorists Susan J. Stabile

The Work of Daphne Hampson: The God Talk of One Feminist Theologian Maretha M. Jacobs

Searching for an Overlapping Consensus: A Secular Care Ethics Feminist Responds to Religious Feminists Eva Feder Kittay

Feminist Theology and Educating People for Others Tim Wadkins

A Challenge to Change: Developments in Feminist Theology and Feminist Christology Riet Bons-Storm

Life, and More Life: An Introduction to African Women's Theology Susan Hall

Feminist Mariologies: Heteronomy/Subordination and the Scandal of Christology Kilian McDonnell

In Fear and Great Joy: Forty Years of Feminist Biblical Scholarship Elaine Wainwright RSM

Hans urs von Balthasar and Contemporary Feminist Theology Michelle Gonzalez

Toward a Cosmology of Continual Creation: From Ecofeminism to Feminine Ecology and Umbilical Ties Irene Diamond

Challenges to the Role of Theological Anthropology in Feminist Theologies Donna Teevan

The Problem of Anti-Judaism in Christian Feminist Biblical Interpretation: Some Pragmatic Suggestions Sarah J. Meicher

Teaching Feminist Theology to College Students: The Influence of Rosemary Radford Ruether Susan A. Ross

Female Visibility through Korean Literature: Feminist Theological Critique Eun Ok Jeong & Yolanda Dreyer

Gender and Theology in Africa Today Mercy Amba Oduyoye

An Interview with Jane D. Schaberg, Feminist Biblical Scholar Stephanie Y. Mitchem

A Legacy of Inclusion: An Interview with Rosemary Radford Ruether Rosalind Hinton

Feminist Torah Exegesis Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer

Feminist Theological Methodology: Toward a Kaleidoscopic Model Gloria L. Schaab, SSJ

What Becomes of the Colored Girl? Black Women, Autobiography and Womanist Theology Audrey Kerr

Feminist Theology in Conversation Kathleen Coyle, S.S.C.

Spiritual Geography: Perspectives of Feminist Theologians Susan M. Simonaitis, Liora Gubkin, Jennifer Betlinda Thompson, Ellen T. Armour, Phyllis H. Kaminski, Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Liz Nutting and Rachel Adler

Reclaiming Women's Experience: A Reading of Selected Christian Feminist Theologies Marian Ronan

The Risks of Repeating Ourselves: Reading Feminist/Womanist Figures of Jesus Karen Trimble Alliaume

Womanist Theology, Epistemology, and a New Anthropological Paradigm Linda E. Thomas

Feminist Theology and Jewish-Christian Dialogue Marianne Grohmann

Feminist Theology: Rosemary Radford Ruether/Sallie McFague Rolf Bouma

The Missing Voice: African Women Doing Theology Nyambura J. Njoroge

Forward from the Margins: Feminist Theology for Life Denise M. Ackermann

Feminist Theology: A Review of Literature Mary Catherine Hilkert

Feminst Theology: A Review of the Literature Susan A. Ross

God Doesn't Need Transcendence, We Do Rosemary Radford Ruether

The Bible and Liberation: Friend or Foe? Some Issues in Feminist and Liberation Theology Catherine Ogle

Catholic Social Thought Encounters Feminism Maria Riley

Reclaiming Mary: A Task for Feminist Theology Mary Grey

Turning Points in Feminist Theology Lyman T. Lundeen

Feminism in Different Voices: Resources for the Church Marcia Bunge

Given Feminism, Does Theology Need a New Starting Point? Karen L. Bloomquist

Feminist Liberation Theology Denise Ackermann

Feminist Critique and Re-visioning of God-Language Rosemary Radford-Ruether

Feminist Approaches to Theology I Regina Bechtle

Feminist Interpretation of the Bible. Letty M. Russell, ed. Contains:
  • Feminist Consciousness in Historical Perspective Barbara Brown Zikmund
  • The Emergence of Black Feminist Consciousness Katie Geneva Cannon
  • Feminist Consciousness and the Interpretation of Scripture Margaret A. Farley
  • Feminist Interpretation: A Method of Correlation Rosemary Radford Reuther
  • The Will to Choose or to Reject : Continuing Our Critical Work Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
  • Authority and the Challenge of Feminist Interpretation Letty M. Russell

    Is a Christian Feminist Theology Possible? Anne Carr

    Feminist Theology as a critical Theology of Liberation Francis Schussler Fiorenza

    Toward a Renewed Anthroplogy Mary Aquin O'Neill

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