Liberation Theology

A Buddhist Critique of, and Learning from, Christian Liberation Theology John Makransky

I Am Black and Beautiful: An Examiniaton of the Black Coptic Church as the Manifestation of Liberation Theology Leonard McKinnis

Feminist Exegesis as Liberation Project, Cultural Critique and Cultural Memory Work Jorunn Økland

Liberation: Challenges to Modern Orthodox Theology from the Contextual Theologies Peter C. Bouteneff

The Relevance of Liberation Theology Martin Maier SJ

Liberated Church - Liberated Culture Stephan U. Neumann

Forty Years of Liberation Theology: Revisiting Praxis Katarzyna Kasiarz and Edmund Chia

Re-Visiting Liberation Theology in a Neo-Liberal World Antony Kalliath
Re-Visiting Liberation Theology in a Neo-Liberal World Part 2
Re-Visiting Liberation Theology in a Neo-Liberal World Part 3

Comment on the Reprimand of the Salvadorian Liberation Theologian Jon Sobrino SJ Christoph Albrecht SJ

Jon Sobrino and the Theology of Liberation Aloysius Pieris, SJ

Boff, Speaking to the Nonbeliever and Nonperson Catherine M. Punsalan-Manlimos

A Return to the Foundations of the Critically Oriented Theologies of Liberation Manuel Mejido Costoya

A Reconstruction of the Theologies of Liberation: The Lacanian Corrective to the Ellacurian Synthesis Manuel Mejido Costoya

Complex and Alive: Recent Developments of the Theology of Liberation Stefan Silber

Theology of Liberation in The Dialogue of Religions: A New Development in Latin America Stefan Silber

Theology of Liberation in the Dialogue between Religions: A New Development in Latin America Stefan Silber

An Overview of Liberation Theology in Orthodox Russia Alexander I. Negrov

Is There a Paradigm Shift in Liberation Theology? Jose Maria Vigil, C.M.F.

Karl Rahner and Liberation Theology Jon Sobrino

Liberation Theology in a Postmarxist Era: The Philippine Context Kathleen Nadeau

After the End of History: Latin American Liberation Theology in the Wake of Capitalism's Triumph Daniel M. Bell, Jr

Teaching and Practice: Experiential Education and the Transformation of Liberation Theology Charles R. Strain

Liberation for Communion in the Soteriology of Gustavo Gutierrez Joyce Murray

Liberation Theology: Practice of a People Hungering for Human Dignity Ana Maria Pineda

Liberation Theology and Economics: Like Oil and Water? Michael S. Johnson

Is There a Change of Paradigm in Liberation Theology? José María Vigil

What Remains To Be Done in Liberation Theology Francisco Chamberlain, SJ

The Future of Liberation Theology Daniel H. Levine

Ethics and Liberation Theology Thomas L. Schubeck

Future of Liberation Theology is Down Road to Ecumenism Rosemary Radford Ruether

New Voices, Visions Opening Up Liberation Theology Rosemary Radford Ruther

Church of the Poor: The Ecclesiology of Gustavo Gutierrez James B. Nickoloff

From Wasteland to Promised Land: Liberation Theology for a Post-Marxist World Robert V. Andelson and James M. Dawsey

The Problem of Socialism in Liberation Theology Peter Burns

The Bible and Liberation: Friend or Foe? Some Issues in Feminist and Liberation Theology Catherine Ogle

Liberative Elements in Pure Land Buddhism Jan Van Bragt

Liberative Elements in Thervada Buddhism in Thailand Today Seri Phongphit

Liberative Elements in Christian Salvation Shim Sang-tae

Zen and Minjung Liberation Keel Hee-Sung

Three Central American Writers of Liberation Mario A. Rojas

Liberation Philosophy and Theology and Peace in Latin America Eulalio Baltazar

A Concise History of Liberation Theology Leonardo and Clodovis Boff

The Basic Question: How to Be Christians in a World of Destitution Leonardo Boff and Clodovis Boff

Religious Themes in Liberation Theology Roger Haight

Liberation and Inculturation: Two Streams of Doing Theology with Asian Resources Kim Sung-Hae

Political and Liberation Theology I Paul Lakeland
Political and Liberation Theology II Paul Lakeland

Liberation Theology and Social Justice Matthew L. Lamb

The Spirituality of Liberation Segundo Galilea

Missiology II: Liberation Theology John Ball

Prophetic-Critical and Practical-Strategic Tasks of Theology: Habermas and Liberation Theology Joseph Kroger

Liberation Theology and the Social Gospel: Variations on a Theme T. Howland Sanks

Liberation Theology III Joseph Laishley

Liberation Ecclesiology: Praxis, Theory, Praxis T. Howland Sanks and Brian H. Smith

The Challenge of Juan Luis Segundo Alfred T. Hennelly

Liberation Theology I Joseph Laishley

Liberation Theology II Joseph Laishley

The Man of War and the Suffering Servant, the Old Testament and the Theology of Liberation J. E. Goldingay, B.A.

Latin American Liberation Theology Phillip E. Berryman

Notes For a Liberation Theology Gustavo Gutiérrez

Liberation Theology and Land Reform

The John Yu Liberation Theology Document Collection

Gustavo Gutierrez & Liberation Theology Bibliography compiled by William Harmless, S.J.

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