Moral Theology

"Only in freedom can we direct ourselves toward goodness"

Vatican II:
Constitution on the Church in the Modern World

The Splendor of Truth 1993 encyclical by Pope John Paul II

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Moral Theology Philip Malone MSC
The Bible and Morality Terence Kennedy, C.Ss.R.
Tradition as a Source of Moral Theology Terence Kennedy CSsR
Freedom of Conscience Brian Lewis
The Role of the Church in the Formation of Christian Conscience Brian Lewis
The Cultivation of Conscience Liz Hepburn IBVM
Christian Ethics: Moral Dilemmas or Something More? Tom Ryan SM
Morality and Ethics for a New World Laurence McNamara CM
By Way of Moral Beauty Tom Ryan SM
Genetic Science and the Christian Understanding of Free Will Diana Carrigan
Conscience and the Ecological Crisis Neil Brown
Public Policy and Morality Cormac Nagle OFM
In God's Image: Towards a Theology of Our Emotions Tom Ryan SM
Jung and the Moral Self Neil Pembroke

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Catholic Morality and Process Morality Robert E. Doud
The Moral Journey Vincent Macnamara
Faith and Morals Peter Harris
The Fire Within: Discovering Adult Freedom Before God Elizabeth E. M.Carr
Towards an Adult Conscience Kevin Kelly
The Guilty Conscience Jack Dominian
Covenant and Conscience Joseph Mulrooney
The Formation of Conscience William Yeomans
Sin and Conversion Peter McVerry
Sin and Experience Edward Yarnold
Unacknowledged Conflicts: Prayer and Morality Janet K. Ruffing
Virtue Ethics and its Significance for Spirituality Jean Porter
Scripture, Ethics and Spirituality Dorothy A. Lee
Gender and Ethics in Spirituality Linda Hogan
Sermons and Ethics Leslie Griffiths
Ethics and Genetics Bernard Hoose
Christian Ethics: The Last Ten Years James F. Keenan
Evil and Guilt William Yeomans
Virtue Ethics and its Significance for Spirituality Jean Porter
Scripture, Ethics and Spirituality Dorothy A. Lee
Gender and Ethics in Spirituality Linda Hogan
Sermons and Ethics Leslie Griffiths
Ethics and Genetics Bernard Hoose
Christian Ethics: The Last Ten Years James F. Keenan
Sin and the Glory of God Jean-Marie Le Blond
The Sense of Sin in the Modern World Robert O'Connell
Missing the Mark Bruce Vawter
Unacknowledged Conflicts: Prayer and Morality Janet K. Ruffing

Articles in Eureka Street, a publication of the Australian Jesuits
Bishop Misses Mark in Assault on Understanding of Conscience Max Charlesworth
Bonhoeffer's Ethics Not for Show Andrew Hamilton
Church Statements Could Be Overrated Andrew Hamilton
'Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner' More Sentimental Than Moral? Andrew Hamilton
Truth, Conscience and Conversations Andrew Hamilton
Condoms Discussion Returns to Traditional Moral Norms Bill Uren

Articles in SSRN, composed of a number of specialized research networks
Professionalizing Moral Engagement Robert K. Vischer
Moral Engagement Without the 'Moral Law': A Post-Canons View of Attorneys' Moral Accountability Robert K. Vischer
Conscience in Context: Pharmacist Rights and the Eroding Moral Marketplace Robert K. Vischer
Legal Advice as Moral Perspective Robert K. Vischer

Articles in Jewish-Christian Relations
Conscience Perspectives: The Roman Catholic View Fr Frank Brennan SJ
Conscience: A Jewish Perspective Rabbi Fred Morgan
Conscience: A Survey of Writers' Perceptions Jack Opie

Articles in University of St. Thomas Law Journal
Private Conscience, Public Duties: The Unavoidable Conflicts Facing a Catholic Justice Scott C. Idleman
Juridical Prudence and the Toleration of Evil: Acquinas and John Paul II R. Mary Hayden Lemmons
Development of Catholic Moral Doctrine: Probing the Subtext Cathleen M. Kaveny
Development of Doctrine in Moral Theology: Can What Was Once Wrong Now Be Right? Robert G. Kennedy
Interrogating Thomas More: The Conundrums of Conscience Steven D. Smith
John Noonan on Marriage and the Family: Continuity and Change in Doctrine William Joseph Wagner

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
Ethics and the Perfect Moral Law Harry Bunting
The Use of the Old Testament for Christian Ethics in I Peter Gene L. Green
Accommodation Ethics Peter Richardson, B.Arch., B.D., Ph.D.
Towards an Interpretation of Biblical Ethics O. M. T. O'Donovan, M.A., D.Phil.
The Idea of Sin in Twentieth-Century Theology Bruce A. Milne, B.D., Ph.D.

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
All Ethics is Social Ethics: From Liberationist, Feminist, and Global Perspectives Christina Astorga
The Role and Function of the Scriptures in Moral Theology Charles E. Curran
The Relationship of Empirical Science to Moral Thought James M. Gustafson
Does Morality Call for the Church? Gregory Baum
Moral aspects of problems of inner city Henry J. Browne
Freedom and Obedience Richard J. Murphy
Freedom and Obedience Donald Caul
Christian Morality as a Mirror Image of the Mystery of the Church Bernard Haring
A Moral Evaluation of the State's Guarantee of Religious and Ethical Liberty William F. Cahill
The Function of Merit in Christian Morality Ferrer Smith
Morality and the Problems of Overpopulation Anthony F. Zimmerman
Guilt Feelings and the Conscience of the Individual Charles J.D. Corcoran, Gregory Zilboorg, Callistus Smith
The Morality of Situation Ethics Aidan M. Carr
Theological and psychiatric aspects of habitual sin: theological aspects Joseph A. Duhamel
Theological and psychiatric aspects of habitual sin: psychiatric aspectsJoseph Hayden
The theology of venial sin Jordan Aumann
Problems of professional secrecy Robert Regan
The nature of the infused moral virtues John F. Harvey
The problem of penal law Lawrence Riley, Michael Noonan, Matthew Herron
Morality and contemporary psychology Noel Mailloux
Moral principles for discerning the obscene Harold C. Gardiner
Detraction in public life John E. Murphy
The Morality of Gambling Francis F. Reh
Summary of the moral seminar Thomas Smiddy
The scientific teaching of moral theology James W. O'Brien

Articles from Issues in Ethics, a publication of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
What Is Ethics?
Thinking Ethically
A Framework for Ethical Decision Making
Conscience and Authority
Ethics and Virtue
Ethical Relativism
Calculating Consequences: The Utilitarian Approach to Ethics
The Horizon of Faith
Cheating Themselves
Everyday Ethics: On the Day-to-Day Decisions That Confront Us.

Articles in Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Do Christian and secular moralities exclude one another? D. Etienne de Villiers
Prejudice as Moral Action in Christian Ethical Decision-Making Stephanus J. Myburgh
An Ethics of Forgiveness J.M. Vorster
Wisdom and Ethics: The Contribution of Sapiential Ethics for Old Testament Ethics G. Baumann
Ethics and Christology: Rediscovering Jesus in Evolutionary History J W van Huyssteen
Prospects of a Christian Ethics of Responsibility (Part 2): An Assessment of Three German Versions DE de Villiers
Prospects of a Christian Ethics of Responsibility (Part 1): An Assessment of an American Version DE de Villiers
The Role of Worship and Ethics on the Road towards Reconciliation BA Müller
Called into the Freedom of Christ in a Postmodern Age and the Moral Debate Johann-Albrecht Meylahn

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Biblical ethics: 3D Lucas Chan
Method and catholic theological ethics in the twenty-first century Todd A. Salzman, Michael G. Lawler
Raising expectations on sin James F. Keenan
Moral Notes: Crises and Other Developments James F. Keenan, S.J.
An African Moral Theology of Inculturation: Methodological Considerations Paulinus Ikechukwu Odozor, C.S.Sp.

Jesus' Prohibition of Anger (Mt 5:22): The Person/Sin Distinction from Augustine to Aquinas William C. Mattison III
Intuition and Moral Theology Bernard Hoose
Fundamental Moral Theology at the Beginning of the 21st Century James F. Keenan
Culture, Religion, and Moral Vision: A Theological Discourse on the Filipino People Power Revolution of 1986 Ma. Christina A. Astorga
Gender and the Process of Moral Development in the Thought of Paul Evdokimov Christopher P. Klofft

Ethics and the Crisis in the Church James F. Keenan
Fundamental Moral Theology at the Beginning of the New Millennium: Looking Back, Looking Forward James F. Keenan
Loisy's "Mystical Faith": Loisy, Leo XIII, and Sabatier on Moral Education and the Church Harvey Hill
Loisy's "Mystical Faith": Loisy, Leo XIII, and Sabatier on Moral Education and the Church Harvey Hill
Christian Doctrines, Ethical Issues, and Human Genetics Jack Mahoney

Martha Nussbaum and Thomas Aquinas on the Emotions Carlo Leget
Rethinking Morality's Relationship to Salvation: Josef Fuchs, SJ, on Moral GoodnessMark E. Graham
The Broken Wings of Eros: Christian Ethics and the Denial of Desire Peter Black
Heritage and Discovery: A Framework for Moral Theology Cynthia S.W. Crysdale
Recovering the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Moral Theology Charles E. Bouchard

Toward Global Ethics Lisa Sowle Cahill
Appropriation of Evil: Cooperation's Mirror Image M. Cathleen Kaveny
Ethical, Theological, and Legal Issues In Genetics Thomas A. Shannon, James J. Walter, and M. Cathleen Kaveny
Double-Effect Reasoning from Jean Pierre Gury to Peter Knauer Christopher Kaczor
Moral Theology Out of Western Europe James F. Keenan and Thomas R. Kopfensteiner

The Tarnished Golden Rule : The Inescapable Radicalness of Christian Ethics John Topel
Virtues in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas Thomas F. O'Meara
"Direct" and "indirect" in Grisez's Moral Theory Jean Porter
Divine-Command, Natural-Law, and Mutual-Love Ethics Edward Collins Vacek
Ordinary and Extraordinary Means and the Quality of Life Kevin W. Wildes

Theological Sources of John Courtney Murray's Ethics J. Leon Hooper
The Return of Casuistry James F. Keenan
Proposing Cardinal Virtues James F. Keenan
The Freedom to Say "No"? Karl Rahner's Doctrine of Sin Ron Highfield
Ethical Issues in Health-Care Restructuring M. Cathleen Kaveny

Jesus and Christian Ethics William C. Spohn
Ethics and Liberation Theology Thomas L. Schubeck
Some Early Reactions to 'Veritatis Splendor' Richard Arthur McCormick
Scotus's Method in Ethics: Not to Play God - A Reply to Thomas Shannon Ansgar Santogrossi
The Magisterium and Morality William C. Spohn

Method in Ethics: A Scotistic Contribution Thomas A. Shannon
The Function of the Principle of Double Effect James F. Keenan
Moral Methodology and Pastoral Responsiveness: The Case of Abortion and the Care of Children Todd David Whitmore
Globalization and the Autonomy of Moral Reasoning: An Essay in Fundamental Moral Theology Thomas R. Kopfensteiner
Development in Moral Doctrine John T. Noonan, Jr

The Return of Virtue Ethics William C. Spohn
Moral Imagination in Theological Method and Church Tradition: John Henry Newman Gerard Magill
Final Causality: A Response Edward T. Oakes
The Challenge of Moral Distinctions John Mahoney
Proportionalism and a Text of the Young Aquinas: Quodlibetum IX Q.7,A.2 Mark Johnson

Moral Knowledge and the Structure of Cooperative Living Kenneth R. Melchin
Passions and Principles William C. Spohn
The Order of Love and Recent Catholic Ethics: A Constructive Proposal Stephen J. Pope
Reflections on the Moral Status of the Pre-Embryo Thomas A. Shannon and Allan Wolter
"Only Something Good Can Be Evil": The Genesis of Augustine's Secular AmbivalenceFrederick H. Russell

Feminist Ethics Lisa Sowle Cahill
Parable and Narrative in Christian Ethics William C. Spohn
Augustine, Evil and Donatism: Sin and Sanctity before the Pelagian Controversy Peter Iver Kaufman
Cybernation, Responsibility, and Providential Design Christopher F. Mooney
Revisionists, Deontologists, and the Structure of Moral Understanding Kenneth R. Melchin

Catholic Moral Rationalism and the Philosophical Bases of Moral Theology John P. Langan
Roman Catholic and Protestant Interaction in Ethics: An Interpretation James M. Gustafson
The Common Good Revisited David Hollenbach
Moral Theology and Canon Law: The Quest for a Sound Relationship Ladislas Orsy
The Moral Dimension of AIDS William C. Spohn

The Christian Difference in Ethics John P. Langan
Christian Ethics and the Holocaust: A Dialogue with Post-Auschwitz Judaism John T. Pawlikowski
Virtue and American Culture William C. Spohn
The "Parable" of the Sheep and the Goats: A Challenge to Christian Ethics John R. Donahue
Desire for God: Ground of the Moral Life in Aquinas Jean Porter

The Use of Scripture in Moral Theology William C. Spohn
The "Seamless Garment": Life in Its Beginnings Lisa Sowle Cahill
The Disvalue of Ontic Evil Paul Quay
Proportionalism: One View of the Debate Edward V. Vacek
Christian Faith and the Disposing of Human Life Josef Fuchs

The Tradition of Probabilism and the Moral Status of the Early Embryo Carol A. Tauer
The Autonomous Self and the Commanding Community Eugene B. Borowitz
Medicaid and Abortion Richard A. McCormick
The Teleology of Proportionate Reason John R. Connery
The Objective Moral Order: Reflections on Recent Research Philip S. Keane

The Christian Ethicist in the Community of Faith Edward A. Malloy
Moral Theology 1940-1989: An Overview Richard A. McCormick
Catholic Ethics: Has the Norm for Rule-Making Changed? John R. Connery
Sovereign of Beauty: Jonathan Edwards and the Nature of True Virtue William C. Spohn
Permanence of the Ten Commandments: St. Thomas and His Modern Commentators Patrick Lee

Teleology, Utilitarianism, and Christian Ethics Lisa Sowle Cahill
The Preservation of Life and Self-Determination Richard A. McCormick and Robert Veatch
Recent Philosophical Work in Moral Theory John P. Langan
The Moral Philosophy of Pope John Paul II Ronald Modras
The Ontogenetic Ground of Value Walter E. Conn

Human Reproduction: Three Issues for the Moral Theologian Thomas W. Hilgers
Moral Absolutes in the Predecessors of St. Thomas John F. Dedek
Sterilization and Theological Method Richard A. McCormick
Transplantation of Organs: A Comment on Paul Ramsey Richard A. McCormick
The Limits upon Adiaphoristic Freedom: Luther and Melancthon Bernard J. Verkamp

New Patterns of Relationship: Beginnings of a Moral Revolution Margaret A. Farley
Population Control and the Catholic Conscience: Responsibility of the Magisterium Denis E. Hurley
The State of Moral Theology: A Critical Appraisal Thomas Dubay
Infallibility in Morals: A Response Brian Tierney
Morality of Consequences: A Critical Appraisal John R. Connery

Infallibility in Morals Gerald J. Hughes
Moral Theology: The Present State of the Discipline Charles E. Curran
Genetic Medicine: Notes on the Moral Literature Richard A. McCormick
Moral Obligations and the Fallacies of "Genetic Control" Marc Lappé
We Can-We Must: Reflections on the Technological Imperatives Robert T. Francoeur

The Technological Imperative: Reflection on Reflections Nicholas Crotty
Reflections of a Biologist Andrew L. Szebenyi
Freedom and the Future John J. McNeill
Technology Assessment and Genetics LeRoy Walters
Toward an Ethics of Character Stanley Hauerwas

Conscience and Superego: A Key Distinction John W. Glaser
Continued Dissent: Is It Responsible Loyalty? John F. Kippley
Conscience and Conflict Nicholas Crotty
Objective Moral Evaluation of Consequences John Giles Milhaven
Commands-Counsels: A Pauline Teaching? John W. Glaser

Moral Obligation in the Sermon on the Mount David Greenwood
Erikson's Truth: The Search for Ethical Identity W.W. Meissner
Toward a Grammar of Dissent Joseph A. Bracken
Bultmann's Moral Theology: Analysis and Appraisal Christopher Kiesling
Man Without Christ: An Approach to Hereditary Sin Patrick Burke

Original Sin: Contemporary Approaches James L. Connor
The Reality of Sin: A Theological and Pastoral Critique Kevin F. O'Shea
Transition between Grace and Sin: Fresh Perspectives John W. Glaser
In Defense of the Principle of Overriding Right Denis E. Hurley
The Neglected Dimension: Grace in Interpersonal Context Edward George Bozzo

Introduction ot the Theological Background of the New Morality John Giles Milhaven
Situation Ethics and Objective Morality Louis Dupré
Tension, Morality, and Birth Control Peter Chirico
Heidegger and the Quest of Freedom William J. Richardson
Towards an Epistemology of Ethics John Giles Milhaven

The Right to Silence: Magisterial Development Patrick Granfield
The Right to Silence Patrick Granfield
Biblical Perspectives in Moral Theology Nicholas Crotty
Complacency and Concern in the Thought of St. Thomas Frederick E. Crowe, SJ
Complacency and Concern in the Thought of St. Thomas Frederick E. Crowe, SJ

Complacency and Concern in the Thought of St. Thomas Frederick E. Crowe, SJ
The "Truth Drug" in Criminal Investigation Charles E. Sheedy, C.S.C.
In Defense of the Penal Law Edward T. Dunn
The Legion of Decency John C. Ford and Gerald Kelly
Prudence and Morality John R. Connery, SJ

Moral Reflections on Psychiatric Abreaction Andre Snoeck
Prudence and Morality John R. Connery
The Morality of Boxing Eugene Hillman, C.S.Sp.
The Morality of Boxing Eugene Hillman
The Duty of Using Artificial Means of Preserving Life Gerald Kelly, SJ

An Historical Analysis of the Principle of Double Effect Joseph T. Mangan
St. Thomas on Perfect Contrition and Venial Sin William M. Davish
St. Thomas on Perfect Contrition and Venial Sin P. De Letter
Recent Trends with regard to Fasting Francis V. Courneen
The Morality of Obliteration Bombing John C. Ford, SJ

The Cessation of Invalidation in Grave Difficulty Hilary R. Werts
Current Moral Theology and Canon Law John C. Ford, SJ
On Cheating in Examinations: A Letter To a High School Principal John C. Ford
Current Moral Theology and Canon Law John C. Ford
Recent Canon Law and Moral Theology: Some Important ItemsEditors of Theological Studies

Notes on Moral Theology from Theological Studies
1987, David Hollenbach, S.J -- 1986, Richard A. McCormick -- 1985, Richard A. McCormick -- 1984: Moral Norms: An Update, Richard A. McCormick -- 1983, Richard A. McCormick -- 1982, Richard A. McCormick -- 1981, Richard A. McCormick -- 1980, Richard A. McCormick -- 1979, Richard A. McCormick -- 1978, Richard A. McCormick -- 1977: The Church in Dispute, Richard A. McCormick -- 1976, Richard A. McCormick -- April--September 1975, Richard A. McCormick -- The Abortion Dossier, Richard A. McCormick -- April-September 1974, Richard A. McCormick -- April-September, 1972, Richard A. McCormick -- April-September, 1971, Richard A. McCormick -- September, 1970-March, 1971, Robert H. Springer -- April-September, 1970, Richard A. McCormick -- July, 1969-March, 1970, Robert H. Springer -- January-June, 1969, Richard A. McCormick -- July-December, 1968, Robert H. Springer -- January-June, 1968, Richard A. McCormick -- July-December, 1967, Robert H. Springer -- January-June, 1967, Richard A. McCormick -- July-December, 1966, Robert H. Springer -- 1966, Richard A. McCormick -- 1965, Richard A. McCormick -- 1965, John J. Lynch -- 1964, John J. Lynch -- 1963, John J. Lynch -- 1963, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1963, Joseph J. Farraher -- 1962, John J. Lynch -- 1961, Joseph J. Farraher -- 1961, John J. Lynch -- 1960, Joseph J. Farraher -- 1960, John J. Lynch -- 1959, John R. Connery -- 1959, John J. Lynch -- 1958, John R. Connery -- 1958, John J. Lynch -- 1957, John R. Connery -- 1957, John J. Lynch -- 1956, John R. Connery -- 1956, John J. Lynch -- 1955, John R. Connery -- 1955, Joseph J. Farraher -- 1954, John R. Connery -- 1953, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1952, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1951, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1950, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1949, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1948, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1947, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1946, Gerald Kelly, SJ -- 1945, John C. Ford, SJ -- 1944, John C. Ford, SJ -- 1943, John C. Ford, SJ -- 1942, John C. Ford, SJ

Articles from the Australian eJournal of Theology
Conscience and the Teaching of the Magisterium on Morality Brian Lewis
Vatican II, Humanae Vitae and the Renewal of Moral Theology Gerald Gleeson
The Resurrection And Moral Theology: Does It Make Any Difference? Anthony J. Kelly, CSsR

Articles in Communio
Conscience and Truth Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Experience of Nature, Moral Experience: Interpreting Veritatis splendor's "Perspective of the Acting Person David S. Crawford

Articles in the Scientific Electronic Library Online, South Africa's premier open-access searchable full-text journal database
Beyond Divine Command Theory: Moral Realism in the Hebrew Bible Jaco W. Gericke
Imitating Jesus, Yes - But Which Jesus? A Critical Engagement with the Ethics of Richard Burridge in Imitating Jesus: An Inclusive Approach to New Testament Ethics Jonathan A. Draper

Podcasts from Creighton University
Moral Education beyond the Secular and Sacred Dichotomy Kimlyn J. Bender
The Ethics of Reputation Dr. Julia Fleming

Articles in the Saint Anselm Journal
Anselm, God, and the Act of Sin: Interpretive Difficulties W. Matthews Grant
Augustine and Anselm on the Essence of Moral Responsibility Montague Brown

Articles from various Vatican sources
Moral Convictions and Evangelical Ethics Jean-Louis Brugues, pp. 136-144
Saint Thomas and the Enculturation of the Natural Law: Doing Moral Theology on Earth Romanus Cessario, pp. 41-53
Ethics and Virtue Ethics Ralph M. McInerny, pp. 177-186

Articles from the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame
Value, Emotions, and Edith Stein Sarah Borden
Returning to Moral 'First Things': The Natural-Law Tradition and Its Contemporary Application J. Daryl Charles
Ethical Subjectivism and the Question of the Good Marty Gallagher
Culture War and Moral Renewal Terence J. Pell
Love and Double Effect Alexander Pruss
Accepting Side-Effects, Proportionalism and Personal Vocation Robert Matava
Fear and Loving in Ethics: Toward a Philosophical Conception of Self-Donative Human Flourishing Kalynne Pudner

Articles in SIDIC Periodical, a journal of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
God -- The Foundational Ethical Question after the Holocaust John T. Pawlikowski
Spirit and Flesh: Toward a Post-Shoah, Post-Modern Incarnational Ethic James Bernauer
Auschwitz from a Nuremberg Perspective: Ethical Implications for Medicine Etienne Lepicar

Articles in the McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry
Why Be Good? Kenneth A. Strike
Secularization and Moral Hope Eamonn Callan

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
The Decalogue: Commandments or Challenges? Leonard Felder
Following Paul: Some Notes on Ethics Then and Now Sally B. Purvis

Articles in the Religion Online website
AIDS in South Africa: Why the Churches Matter Sarah Ruden
The Ethicist as Theologian Stanley Hauerwas

Articles in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Luther's Ethic in Present Day Crisis Gotthold Muller
Crime, Individual Culpability and Punishment G. Roy Sumpter

Articles in the Wesleyan Theological Journal
Biblical Concepts of Sin Kenneth Kinghorn
Sin in Believers Leo G. Cox

Articles in the 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia
Moral Theology -- Sin -- Morality -- Ethics

Articles in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture
Beauty, Order, and the Moral Imagination Jared Zimmerer
Creation as a Norm for Moral Action Cessario, Romanus

Articles in the Homiletic & Pastoral Review
Conscience: Christ's Whisper in Our Moral Life Eric Manuel Torres
Newman's Concept of Conscience in His Quest for Moral Truth Fr. Piotr Olszanowski

Articles from Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
Christian Morality Challenged by Cohabitation in Africa Solange Ngah
Doing Ethics in Eastern Churches Geevarghese Kaithavana

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Neither Virtuous Nor Vicious: A Critique of Contemporary Virtue Ethics Brendan Case
How to Do Moral Theology Today Alessandro Rovati
The Crisis of Catholic Moral Theology Charles C. Camosy
The Personalist Awakening in 20th Century Catholic Moral Thought Jay Martin

Articles from other sources
Roman Catholic Teaching On International Debt: Toward a New Methodology for Catholic Social Ethics and Moral Theology M. Therese Lysaught
Two Views of Conscience for the Australian People Matthew Beard
A Guide to Moral Decision Making Chris MacDonald, Ph.D.
Roman Catholic Ethics: Three Approaches Brian Berry
Living with Integrity! Sr. Brenda Walsh, OP

Called to Be Holy: The Reconvergence of Christian Morality and Spirituality Michael K. Duffey
A Clouded View: How Language Shapes Moral Perception Kathryn Lilla Cox
The Global Significance of Natural Law: Opportunities, Quandaries and Directions Anthony J. Kelly C.Ss.R
Healthy Shame? An Interchange between Elspeth Probyn and Thomas Aquinas Tom Ryan SM
Prophesy and Progress in Ethics John Moffatt SJ

Practice and Improvise: A Christian Response to the Politics of Morality Kathleen Roberts Skerrett
Consequentialism William Haines
The Indispensability of Theological Meta-ethical Foundations for Morality William L. Craig
Skeptical Theism and Moral Skepticism Nick Trakakis & Yujin Nagasawa
Triune Ethics Theory: The Neurobiological Roots of Our Multiple Moralities Darcia Narvaez

Semper Reformanda in a Changing World: Calvin, Usury and Evangelical Moral Theology The Revd Dr Andrew Goddard
A Trinitarian Moral Theology Anthony Kelly, CssR
Russia on the Threshold: Orthodox Tradition and Protestant Ethics Leons Gabriel Taivans
Dei Verbum and Christian Morals Fr. Benedict Ashley, O.P.
'God is Love': A Theological Moral Reading of 1 John Anthony Kelly, CssR

Agent-centered Morality: An Aristotelian Alternative to Kantian iInternalism George W. Harris
St. Augustine's Free Will Theodicy and Natural Evil Robert Francis Allen
Feminist Ethics at Thirty: A Retrospective Michael E. Allsopp
The Ecumenical Dialogue on Moral Issues: Potential Sources of Common Witness or of Division Study Document of the Joint Working Group Between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches
John Paul II & the Truth about Freedom Avery Dulles, SJ

Pirkei Avot: Ethics of the Fathers Jewish insights into the ethics of the Torah
Moral Theology A Complete Course Based on St. Thomas Aquinas and the Best Modern Authorities Charles Jerome Callan


Ethics Updates
The Seven Deadly Sins
Sin Mennonite Confesion of Faith; Article 7
Baltimore Catechism on the Commandments of God
World Scripture: Morality
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science
Christian Theology and Morality


Issues in Care for the Beginning of Life United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, page 23
Issues in Care for the Seriously Ill and Dying United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, page 29
Death and Dying Issues Bishop James T. McHugh of Camden
Aid in Dying: Physician-Assisted Suicide Confronts High Court and Public With Moral Questions Michael J. Meyer
Assisted Nutrition and Hydration and the Catholic Tradition Thomas A. Shannon and James J. Walter
Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, and the Law M. Cathleen Kaveny
End of Life Vol 14 No 1 of Issues in Ethics
Returning the Gift of Life Robert Halliday
The Signs of Death Proceedings of the Working Group, The Pontifical Academy of Sciences
The Mystery of Death: A Recent Contribution Matthew J. O'Connell

Alphonsian Academy
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Resources for Catholic Educators: Moral Issues

Social Ethics
Sexual Ethics
Medical Ethics
Business Ethics

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