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Social Justice
"Beneath an outward appearance of indifference, in the heart of every person there is a will to live in community and a thirst for justice and peace"

Pope Paul VI, Octogesima Adveniens

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Everyday Christianity: To Hunger and Thirst for Justice American bishops

Latin American Bishops: Justice

Justice and Peace Scotland

Our Political Responsibility for the Common Good Dr Marion Smith

A Brief Note on the State and Society's Moral Ecology Samuel Gregg

Equality and Differences John Finnis

Global Justice: An Anti-Collectivist and Pro-Causal Ethic James Franklin

Social Reconciliation Dr. Jay Carney

Social Justice in the Bible Dominik Markl SJ

Taming the Beast: The Long and Hard Road to the Christian Social Conference of 1952 Rolf van der Woude

The Two Kingdoms and the Social Order: Political and Legal Theory in Light of God's Covenant with Noah David VanDrunen

The Puzzle of Intolerant Tolerance M. A. Casey

Almsgiving Dr. Julia Fleming

Spirituality and Social Justice Joseph Nangle, OFM

Global Justice in Distribution of Land: The Missing Dimension in Two Global Summits Tissa Balasuriya, OMI

A Medieval Approach to Social Sciences: The Philosophy of Ibn Khaldun Giovanni Patriarca

The Place of Developmental Self-Ordering in Judaism: Kahal as Spontaneous Order Joseph Isaac Lifshitz

Distributive Justice and Subsidiarity: The Firm and the State in the Social Order Joseph Burke

Justice in the Biblical Tradition: A Challenge to the Christian Mission Shirley Lal Wijesinghe

Responsibility, God and Society: The Cry of the Other in the Sacred Texts as a Challenge towards Responsible Global Citizenship Johann-Albrecht Meylahn

Judaic Models of Social Transformation Dr Jonathan Gorsky

Participating in Godliness: A Study of the Laws Concerning the Socially Marginalized in the Torah Jamie Hussain

Being Thought from Beyond Our Borders: Towards Ethical Global Citizenship Johann-Albrecht Meylahn

Deus Economicus Professor Paul Oslington

Conversation on Paul Oslington's Deus Economicus Paul Oslington

Persistent Postmodern Numino-Political Analysis Matthew John-Paul Tan

Three Principles for Christian Citizens Julian Rivers

Building Civil Society Austen Ivereigh

Water - Earth - Theology Frank Kürschner-Pelkmann

Justice and Peace: "Salt of the Earth … Light of the World”: Challenges of the African Synod for Religious Communities in Africa Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ

Reason Employed Against Every Form of Prejudice Pierangelo Sequeri

The Responsibility of a New Universalism Lorenzo Ornaghi

What Does “Subsidiarity” Mean? The Relational Perspective Peirpaolo Donati

Social Justice, Indigenous Australians and Catholicism Kathleen Butler-McIlwraith

Justice in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Towards a Theology of Restitution T S Maluleke

Faith Doing Justice in the Context of Postmodernism Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator SJ

Faith and Justice in an Individualized World Fernando Polanco SJ

Judaic Models of Social Transformation Jonathan Gorsky

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Kelly Orbik

How to Create a Relational Society: Foundations for a New Social Order Michael Schluter

In Defence of Partisan Justice: An Ethical Reflection on “the Preferential Option for the Poor” P J Naude

Exploring Issues around Biblical, Western and African Social Values J. Eugene Botha

Passover and Social Justice: An Introduction Ron Hoenig

Rethinking Natural Law: Is It Our Best Strategy for Engaging the Public Square? Daniel Heimbach

On Social Justice: Comparing Paul with Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics Johan Strijdom

How Much Equality is Needed for Justice? Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

Spiritual Experience and Social Commitment: Crises and Transformations Alain Thomasset SJ

The Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ, page 9

Passover and Social Justice: An Introduction

Yves De Montcheuil: Action, Justice, and the Kingdom in Spiritual Resistance to Nazism David Grumett

Can Social Justice Be Achieved? Arnaud Pellissier Tanon

John Paul II and the Law: Some Preliminary Reflections George Weigel

John Paul II--A Man of God and a Servant of Man: The Pope at the United Nations Robert John Araujo, SJ

Justice and Peace Spirituality Prakash Anthony Lohale

What Charter for Humanity? Defining the Destination of Development Michael Schluter

Transformation in South Africa and the Kingdom of God Nico Vorster

John Rawls: The Basis of Social Justice and Intercultural Dialogue in a Globalized World Russell Hittinger

Theological Foundations for Our Commitment to Justice Jacques Haers SJ, page 24

Our Faith and Our Quest for Justice Paul Caspersz

A Faith That Does Justice Ando Isamu

Passion for God and Commitment to Humanity Rigobert Minani

The Christian Roots of Human Dignity Anton Rauscher

A Passion for Justice: The Natural Law Foundations of Lord Denning's Thought and Work (Part Two) Andrew Phang

Eucharistic Justice David N. Power

The Importance of the Penultimate: Reformed Social Thought and the Contemporary Critiques of the Liberal Society David VanDrunen

From Prophecy to Policy: Bishops, Prudence, and Immigration Politics Andrew Yuengert

Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano

Dignity and Respect for Human Persons: A Trinitarian, Christological and Dialectical Approach Michael Foley

Reconciliation: A Way of Life for the World M Masango

A Tradition of Hopeful Intelligence: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition Anthony J. Kelly, CSsR

The African Concept of Caring for Life Maake Masango

Cultural Criticism as an Imperative for Christians Andries G. van Aarde

The Church's Responsibility towards the Social Order: An Old Testament Hermeneutic Problem A.P.B. Breytenbach

The Political Responsibility of the Church: On the Necessity and Boundaries of the Theory of the Two Kingdoms I.W.C. van Wyk

Present Religious and Ideological Tendencies That Are an Obstacle to the Commitment to Justice José María Mardones

Current Religious and Ideological Trends As Obstacles to the Faith-Justice Mission Patxi Alvarez

John Paul II - Global Player of Justice Victor Conzemius

Welcome the Stranger Francis Mansour LCM

Social Ethics Mary Elsbernd

Faith in Deaf Culture Marcel Broesterhuizen

Faith and Values in the Public Arena: An American Catholic in Public Life James L. Oberstar M.C.

Mercy Not Sacrifice: Mosaic Law in Christian Social Ethics Jason Fletcher

Towards a Narrative Theological Orientation in a Global Village from a Postmodern Urban South African Perspective Johann-Albrecht Meylahn

Freedom, Equality, Dignity of the Human Person W. Norris Clarke, SJ

Beyond Scrutiny? Minorities, Majorities and Post-Modern Tyranny Michael Ovey

The Tilted Balance: Early Rabbinic Perceptions of God's Justice Elaine A. Phillips

Messiahs of Every Age: A Theological Basis of Nineteenth-century Social Reform Priscilla Elaine Eppinger

Communion and Stewardship: Human Persons Created in the Image of God International Theological Commission

Social Justice Walter Block

The Prophet in the Face of Social Injustice: A Model of Faith Which Does Justice Stefano Bittasi

A Faith That Does Justice Anthony Carroll

A Faith that does Justice: What Happened? David Eley

The Integrity of the Faith-Justice Vision George Keerankeri

Faith That Does Justice João Batista Libânio

Social Commitment and the Experience of Faith: How to Express Them and Link Them Together? Alain Thomasset

Probing the Decline in the Commitment to Social Justice Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J.

Promotion of Justice or Struggle for Justice? Juan Hernandez Pico, S.J.

Justice: The Most Terrible of the Virtues James V. Schall

The Spirituality of Communion: A Resource for Dialogue with Catholics in Public Life Amelia J. Uelman

The Significance of Subsidiarity and Solidarity on Justice to the "Poor": Challenging Structural Adjustment Policies and Strategies in Tanzania Linus Mbajo, C.S.S.p.

The Convergence of Forgiveness and Justice: Lessons from El Salvador Stephen J. Pope

Adam and Eve: The Origin of Community and the Possibility of Reform James E. Faulconer

Arguing for Human Equality Patrick McKinley Brennan

The Role of Social Justice in Judging Cases Hon. Stephen Reinhardt

Does Living a Spiritually Engaged Life Mandate Us to Be Actively Engaged in Issues of Social Justice John A. Powell

Lessons From Suffering: How Social Justice Informs Spirituality John A. Powell

Globalisation and Human Solidarity Mark Raper SJ

Social Justice and Christian Faith Seamus Murphy SJ

On Displacing Words: The Lord's Prayer and the New Definition of Justice Vítor Westhelle

Restorative Justice Approaches Arlene Groh, RN, B.A.

Raising Awareness of Abuse of Older Persons Elizabeth Podneiks, C.M.

The Contradiction of Justice Brian Lennon, SJ

The Importance of the Lord's Day for the Culture of Life Stephen M. Matuszak, S.T.L.

From "Having" to "Being": A Proposal for Reform Sarah A. Smith

Application of Johannine Themes to Social Justice Issues John Traxler

Preaching Social Justice in Homilies Robert F. Drinan, S.J.

Unmasking the Inevitable Walter Brueggemann

Ethics, Compassion And Self-Deceit Peter McVerry, SJ

An Ethic For The Third Millennium

Newman's Letter to the Duke of Norfolk: Citizenship, Church, and Conscience John T. Ford

Nature and Grace: The Theological Foundations of Jacques Maritain's Public Philosophy Eduardo J. Echeverria

Mammon's Deadly Grin: The New Gospel of Wealth and the Old Gospel of Life Eugene McCarraher

University and Christian Humanism: The Basis for a Culture of Life Juan Amézquita

Material Persons, Immaterial Souls and an Ethic of Life Kevin Corcoran

A Culture of Life in a Post-Christian Age H. Tristram Engelhardt

New Social Movements: Christian and Buddhist Movements --Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka Kathleen Nadea

Liberation theology essays by Lindy Davies
Ownership----- Value----- Capitalism----- Land----- The Sermon on the Mount

Salt of the Earth

The Jewish Concept of Justice Edward Kessler

Genetically Modified Food as a Justice Issue John Perry, S.J.

American Methodist Social Gospel: The Public/Private Split Revisited Christopher H. Evans, p. 159

Defining Social Justice Michael Novak

Social Justice: A Meaningless Term? Normand J. Paulhus, Ph.D.

From the Salt of the Earth archives

Letters to My Brothers and Sisters Donald J. Goergen, OP

Globalization and the Church's Social Mission T. Howland Sanks

The Virtue of Justice Father Paul A. Duffner, scroll down a bit

The Nature of the State Donald X. Burt, OSA

Complementarity and Equality in the Political Thought of Thomas Aquinas Paul J. Weithman

Toward a Buddhist Social Ethics: The Case of Thailand Tavivat Puntarigvivat

The Great Commissions Ranald Macaulay

Perspectives on Justice Dr. Joyce E. Bellous

Relationism: Pursuing a Biblical Vision for Society Michael Schluter

The Vocation of Christianity in a Conflictual World Charles C. West

A Consistent Ethic of Life — Te Kahu-o-te-Ora New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference

Our mission and Justice 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus

The Option for the Poor is an Option for Justice and not Preferential José M. Vigil

Discrimination and Affirmative Action M. Cathleen Kaveny

The Causes of Forced Displacement: The Breakdown of Sustainable Global Community Mark Raper, S.J.

Judeo-Christian and Buddhist Justice Winston L. King

What Do We Mean by Justice?

Declaration of a Global Ethic Hans Kung

Public Religious Dialogue: The Economic Pastoral and the Hermeneutics of Democracy Gerard Magill

The Common Good Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez

Abundant Life for All: Reflections on the Ecumenical Debate about Economic Issues Emilio Castro

Christian Social Ethics after the Cold War David Hollenbach

The Prayer of the Just One Edward J. van Merrienboer

Catherine of Siena and Our Call to the Work of Justice and Peace Mary Ann Fatula

The Just World Theory Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez

Liturgy and Social Action Bede Smith

Social Justice and Creation Spirituality Jane Blewett

The Limits of Hope and the Logic of Love on the Basis of Christian Social Responsibility Stephen N. Williams

Three Approaches to Justice and Peace in Korea Keel Hee-Sung

Reading the Bible in the Struggle for Justice and Peace Christopher Rowland

Sexuality and Social Justice: The State of the Question Joan Timmerman

New Forms of Colonization in the World Today Thomas Michel, S.J.

The Political Theology of John Donne David Nicholls

Sanctity of Life, Quality of Life, and Social Justice Lisa Sowle Cahill

The Biblical Roots of Justice José Míguez Bonino

The Unprejudiced Jesus and the Prejudiced Church George Soares-Prabhu

Faith and Politics Paul Boateng

Facing Our Fears in the Call to Act Justly Max Oliva

Social Justice: The Broader Perspective Stanley F. Parmisano

From Berakhah to Daily Bread: In View of an Anthropology of Justice Carmine Di Sante

Learning Justice Andrew Hamilton

Civil Disobedience: A Moral Critique Gerald D. Coleman

Class Struggle and the Magisterium: A New Note Gregory Baum

Social Justice in the Israelite Law Codes Bruce V. Malchow

Theological Foundations for Social Ethics Randolph A. Nelson

The Role of Scripture in Public Theology Bruce C. Birch

The Social Dimensions of Christian Spirituality Kenneth Leech

The Cost of Justice John Dalrymple

A Kingdom of Justice? Thomas E. Clarke

Evangelical Views of the Poor and Social Ethics Today Chris Wigglesworth

The Experience of Alienation Guy Jarrosson

On Seeing Ourselves: Anthropology and Social Ethics James M. Childs

Jesus' Resurrection and the Search for Peace and Justice Ronald J. Sider

Man and Society: Hermeneutical Aspects of a Social Theology according to Jewish Sources Uriel Tal

Rawls, Nozick, and the Search for Social Justice John P. Langan

The Church and Social Transformation: An Ethics of the Spirit Leon O. Hynson

Global Population in Perspective: Implications for U.S. Policy Response Peter J. Henriot

Justice in Industry Rodger Charles

Holiness and Justice in Tension Thomas E. Clarke

Justice in a Capitalist Society Hugh Kay

Justice and Justification John L. McKenzie

Hebrew Scripture and Social Action Manfred Vogel

Distributive justice and aid to education Thomas O. Martin

New and Old in Catholic Charity Rev. Wm. J. Kerby, PH.D, page 8

The Cooperative Movement Editorial, page 67

Social Reconstruction Administrative Committee of the National Catholic War Council, page 72

Professional and Volunteer Charity J. Elliot Ross, C.S.P., PH.D, page 105

International Charity Editorial, page 131

The Field of Charitable and Social Work and Its Vocational Opportunities Rev. Michael J. Scanlan, page 298

Reform and Reformers William J. Kerby, page 227

Social Reform William J. Kerby, page 521

The Clergy and the Social Problem George Tyrrell, S.J, page 151

Modern Theories of Society. The End of Society John J. Ming, S.J., page 26

The True and the False Philosophy of Social Reform Alfred Young, CS.R., page 193

The Relative Influence of Paganism and Christianity on Human Slavery Cardinal Gibbons, page 577

A Lord's Prayer for Justice

Systemic Change: Seeds of Change

Human Rights and Justice in Islam

A Declaration of Interdependence Christian Smith

Cosmic Justice

The Ideal Society

Charity and Justice

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 1

Social Justice in the Catechism of the Catholic Church Gerald Darring

Characteristics of Franciscan work for Justice, Peace and integrity of Creation

Instruments of Peace

Augustinian Justice and Peace

Social-justice news and events

Stat House


Advocate for Justice United Church of Christ

The Social Community United Methodist Church

Justice in Islam

Catholic Worker Homepage

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace

Vincentian Chair of Social Justice

Peace Connections

A Brief Background and History of Social Action in the Diocese of Cleveland from 1969-2014

4Justice and Peace

Ten Myths About Affirmative Action

8th Day Center For Justice

Peace and Social Justice Ministry Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois

Good Shepherd Social Justice Network

Those On the Margins of A Society

Landless Peasants´ Movement in Brazil

Liberation Theology and Land Reform

Blueprint for Social Justice

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

Institute on the Common Good

Social Justice US Jesuit Conference

The Sunflower Project

Human Dignity: Values and Justice

Uniya - Jesuit Social Justice Centre

Development and Peace Canada's Catholic Bishops

Sojourners Online

The Center of Concern

Christian Aid

Bend the Arc

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad

The Roundtable Association of Diocesan Social Action Directors

Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Peace & Justice Wall

Access to Catholic Social Justice Teaching

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