Vatican II: Dogmatic Constitution on the Church See Chapter V: The call of the whole Church to holiness

Bibliographies by Rev. William Harmless, SJ, of Creighton University
----- Surveys and Introductory Works
----- Spirituality of the Early Church
----- Spirituality of the Middle Ages
----- Reformation and Early Modern Spirituality
----- Spirituality in the Modern World
----- Spirituality & the World Religions

Reflecting on Practice in L'Arche Encountering the Grieving Other Catherine Anderson

Beholding Beauty In Nicetas Stethatos' Contemplation of Paradise Matthew J. Pereira

Positioning of “Spirituality” and “Dialogue” in the East-West Spiritual Exchanges Akihi Muto

The Salesian Pentecost John O'Keefe and Wendy M. Wright

Augustinians Rev. Joseph Arsenault

The Spirituality of Thomas Merton Richard Hauser, S.J.

Seeking God's Will Richard Hauser, S.J.

Our Great Love Story: Spirituality of the Heart Phil Fitzgerald

The Virtue of Asceticism Nicholas Austin SJ

A Jubilee of Romanian Culture and Spirituality: 440 Years Since Printing Coresi's Liturgical Book - Liturgikon Braºov, 1570 Lucian Pietroaia, page 66

Interfaith Spiritual Practice Sister Marie-Louise Flick

Family Spirituality Wendy M. Wright

Discernment of Spirits Richard Hauser, S.J.

Spirituality and Social Justice Joseph Nangle, OFM

The Times of Our Lives Donald X. Burt, OSA

Spirituality Essays The Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Loyola Marymount University

Holiness and Wholeness Brendan Callaghan SJ

Planetary Spirituality: Exploring a Christian Ecological Approach Denis Edwards

Practical Implications of Trinitarian Life for Us Denis Toohey

The Parochial Sermons and the Spirituality of John Henry Newman Daniel Ang

Mysticism and the Kingdom of God Reg Naulty

Twelve Spiritual Types Michael Galligan-Stierle

Can We Learn Spiritual Lessons from One of the Most Irreligious Nations on Earth? Dr Andrew Thomas Kania

Yoga or Bhoga: Absorption in the Spirit or Absorption in the Senses Bet Green

The Search for a Universal Philosophy or Sprituality Dr Andrew Thomas Kania

Living Chastity, Psychosexual Well-Being in Jesuit Life Gerdenio Sonny Manuel, S.J.

Formations and Movements of Christian Spirituality in Urban African Contexts Johan Cilliers

Call and response in St Ignatius and St Francis Brian Purfield

Thoughts on the particular piety of the poor in Latin America Nathan Stone SJ

Living Kindness: Everyday Virtue James H. Kroeger, MM

Eastern Meditation Techniques and Christian Spirituality: The Example of Vipassana Kevin Duffy SM

"I Have Come to Love the Darkness": A Practical Guide for Teaching the Spirituality of Mother Teresa Daniel J. Stollenwerk

Spirituality and Money The Fall 2008 issue of A Matter of Spirit

Speaking In Tongues: An Orthodox Perspective Fr. George Nicozisin

Spiritual Disorientation and God's Guidance John Ackerman, page 100

The Spirituality of Bede Griffiths Hans Gustafson

Ignatian Service, Gratitude and Love in Action Wilkie Au

Silence and Hebrew Meditation Ken A. Bryson

The Natural Mysticism of Indigenous Australian Traditions Joan Hendriks & Gerard Hall SM

A Spirituality of Summer Gemma Simmonds CJ

Celtic Spirituality: Just what does it mean? Liam Tracey OSM

The New Jesuit General Part Two: Has spirituality been replaced by ideology? Adolfo Nicolas SJ

Spiritual Apathy: The Forgotten Deadly Sin Abbot Christopher Jamison

How to Fail Successfully Bill MacCurtain SJ

Into the Great Silence of Beethoven Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ

Towards a Parish Spirituality of the Word of God Michael Trainor

The Spiritual and Theological Perspectives of Ashrams: A Tribute to Santivanam, 50 Years Sebastian Painadath, SJ

Detachment and Poverty of Spirit in the German Dominican Mystics of XIII-XIVth centuries Leonard Tony Farauanu

Celtic Spirituality: Just what does it mean? Liam Tracey OSM

The Meaningfulness of Yoga to Christian Discipleship John N. Sheveland

Firestone of Divine Love Antonio Ruiz de Montoya

Spiritual Accompaniment and Discernment Dermot Mansfield

Prophetic Mysticism: The Call to Live Prophetically Kathleen Coyle, SSC

Supervising Spiritual Director Training Sr. Kathleen McGalpin

Annotation 19 retreat in a parish setting Damian Zynda

Nurturing Our Spiritual Life Sr. Brenda Walsh, OP

Opening up the Concept of Spirituality Daniel Izuzquiza SJ

Towards a Common Spirituality in the Social Apostolate Maria del Mar Magallón

Spirituality and Citizenship: Sacramentality in a Parable Eric Stoddart

The Believer as Citizen Mystic John Sullivan

The Practice of Contemplation as Witness and Resistance Christine Valters Paintner

The Search for an Attractive Form of Faith Jos Moons

Spirituality, Globalisation and Resistance Notes from South Africa Anthony Egan

The Retreat: Coming Soon to your Television Screen Beth Crisp

Spirituality in the Market Place Terry Biddington

The Ascetics and their Bodies Ian Bell

The Treatise on Abandonment to Divine Providence Dominique Salin

The Sacrament of Now Andrew Ryder

The Experience of God in Suffering and Dying Monika Renz

The Second Journey of John Henry Newman Gerald O'Collins

The 'Terrible Sonnets' of Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Spirituality of Depression Hilary Pearson

Gwen John: Her Art and Spirituality Tessa Frank

Mysticism William Harmless, SJ

Vocation for All Dr. Kristina Deneve

Apocalyptic Spirituality: Soul of the Mission Jose Cristo Rey García Paredes

Hospice: Reflections on a Dying Life Donald X. Burt, OSA

Loving A Hidden God Donald X. Burt, OSA

Humanism, Education and Spirituality: Approaching Psychosis with Levinas Glenn Morrison

African Spirituality That Shapes the Concept of Ubuntu MJS Masango

What is Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism? April D. DeConick

Secular Spirituality Versus Secular Dualism: Towards Postsecular Holism as Model for a Natural Theology Cornel W. du Toit

Afrikaner Spirituality: A Complex Mixture Erna Olivier

"A House of Prayer in the Heart": How Homiletics Nurtures the Church's Spirituality Thomas H. Troeger

Why the Devil Fell: A Lesson in Spiritual Theology From Aquinas's Summa Theologiae Jeffrey McCurry

Justice and Peace Spirituality Prakash Anthony Lohale

The Spirituality of Francis Libermann: A Man Beyond His Time David L. Smith, C.S.Sp. Go to page 11

Spiritan Spirituality: A Latin-American Perspective Padraig Leonard, C.S.Sp. Go to page 85

Draw Them with the Bonds of Love: The Practice of Heart Spirituality Barry Brundell MSC

The New Age of Holiness: Vatican II: Today and Tomorrow David Ranson

The Ministry of the Skilled Stranger: Religion and Spirituality in Public Hospital Ministry Roy J O'Neill MSC

Discipleship and the Shape of Belonging James Alison

Cities and Human Community: Spirituality and the Urban Philip Sheldrake

Retreats on the Streets Christian Herwartz

Godtalk in Latin America: The View from the Margins Gustavo Gutierrez

Turning to God in Troubled Times Kathleen Fischer

Servants of the Lord Nathan Stone

Receiving and Rejecting: On Finding a Way in Spiritual Direction Robert R Marsh

Birthing and the Spiritual Journey Anne Dooley

Factfinding as a Spiritual Discipline Hon. Joan B. Gottschall

Spiritual Direction Sr. Liz Sweeney

What is a Retreat Richard Hauser, SJ

The Spiritual Exercises Sr. Marie Schwan, CSJ

The "Examen" Dennis Hamm, SJ

Holy, or Saintly? Charles Hill

Scientific Research as Adoration: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) Thomas M. King

Oscar Romero, Religion and Spirituality J. Matthew Ashley

Embracing Life, Embracing the Cross: Edward Schillebeeckx and Suffering Kathleen McManus

A Spirituality Of Obedience: Equal in God's Eyes Only? Robert Henman

Spirituality and Health: A Narrative-Pastoral Approach C.J. Truter, D.J. Kotze

The Spirituality of the Heart Frank Fletcher MSC

Merton: A Modern Perspective Danny Kinnane

Contemplative Missionary Spirituality: The Way of the Heart Anthony Arthur MSC

Disciples of Jesus: Bearers of Compassion, Peace and Hope in Our World Hermann Schaluck, OFM

Heart of Flesh: A Feminist Spirituality For Women and Men Joan Chittister, OSB

Reflections on Spirituality and the Church Tony Kelly, CSsR

Spirituality and the Culture's Understanding of Self in the Diverse Contexts of Mission Judette Gallares, RC

Conversion and Spirituality: Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984) Raymond Moloney

Moving Mysticism to the Centre: Karl Rahner (1904-1984) Patricia Carroll

The Link between Spirituality and Health: Holistic Outcomes and Religious Practice in Clinical Health Care Allan Savage

Becoming a Living Witness: The Oxford Group Way of Life David Patton

Towards a Phenomenologically Grounded Understanding of Christian Spirituality in Theology George Drazenovich

Mestiza Spirituality: Community, Ritual, and Justice Jeanette Rodriguez

Heart Spirituality and the Lay Vocation Frank Fletcher MSC

Introducing Heart Spirituality Frank Fletcher MSC

The Heart of Jesus Spirituality and the Prophetic Mission to the Poor: A Scriptural Meditation Aloysius Pieris, S.J.

Beyond Psychology: Spirituality in Henri Nouwen's Pastoral Care Yolanda Dreyer

The Old Testament in Christian Spirituality: Perspectives on the Undervaluation of the Old Testament in Christian Spirituality Christo Lombaard

"For You Alone": A reading of Transcendence and Relationship in Emmanuel Levinas Terry A. Veling

Ritual and Religious Experience: William James and the Study of 'Alternative Spiritualities' Jo Pearson

Attaining the Contemplative Outlook Louise Mitchell

Spiritual Formation, Renewal and Reform: How to Secure the Spirit's Support Corinna Delkeskamp-Hayes

Lessons From Suffering: How Social Justice Informs Spirituality John A. Powell

God of My Daily Routine: Toward a Spirituality of the World Emilie Griffin

Missionary Spirituality Working Group for CICM Spirituality

"Fahrenheit 452": Augustine as a Companion on the Journey William C. Zehringer

Mysticism in the Australian environment: Calls to a new consciousness Eugene Stockton

Living in the Presence of God Kerrie Hide

Holiness: Source of a Culture of Life Sister Mary Jeremiah

Sports and Spirituality in Jesuit Higher Education Mark Bandsuch, S.J.

Good Teaching, Spirituality and the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas Glenn Morrison

Towards a Christian Spirituality of Work Edith H. Raidt

Political Spirituality: Oxymoron or Redundancy? Owen C. Thomas

The Gift of Presence: The Elusive Core of the Spiritual Direction Relationship (Part I) Patricia Byrne, SSC

The Gift of Presence: The Elusive Core of the Spiritual Direction Relationship (Part II) Patricia Byrne, SSC

Pilgrimages, Apparitions and Popular Piety Kathleen Coyle, S.S.C.

Christian Spirituality in Light of the U.S. Hispanic Experience Alberto L. Garcia

Perspectives in Spirituality Fall 2000 issue of Common Ground Journal

Democracy and Spirituality Dumitru Popescu

How to Develop A Spiritual Journal Dan Phillips

Lay Spirituality in a Post-Modern World Ian Linden

Management and Spirituality Louis Xavier S.J.

Contextualizing Spirituality and Work in Africa A.T. Dalfovo

Can We Conceive a Management Spirituality without Faith? Robert G Kennedy, PhD

Thomas Merton's Contemplative Struggle: Bridging the Abyss to Freedom George A. Kilcourse, Jr

Spirituality for Executive Leadership: Reporting on a Pilot Course For MBAs and CEOs Andre' L. Delbecq, J. Thomas and Kathleen L. McCarthy

Universal Mysticism and the Christian Theistic Paradigm Scott David Foutz

A Testimony to Christianity as Transfiguration: The Macarian Homilies and Orthodox Spirituality Alexander Golitzin

Liturgy and Mysticism: The Experience of God in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Part I Alexander Golitzin
Liturgy and Mysticism: The Experience of God in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Part II Alexander Golitzin

Spirituality in Offering a Peace Offering N. Kiuchi

Imitatio Christi or Imitatio Mariae? Clare of Assisi and her Interpreters  Catherine M. Mooney

Spiritual Life and the Survival of Christianity Louis Dupre

The River: Reflections on the Times of Our Lives Donald X. Burt, OSA

Spirituality in Lutheran Perspective: Much to Offer, Much to Learn Lisa E. Dahill

Spirituality as the Art of Real Presence John O'Donohue

The Holy Spirit as Communio: Concerning the Relationship of Pneumatology and Spirituality in Augustine Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Discernment in Catherine of Siena Diana L. Villegas

Spirit and Experience in Bernard of Clairvaux Kilian McDonnell

Spirituality and Ethics: Exploring the Connections William C. Spohn

Under God's Eyes: Reverence, Ethics and Jewish Holiness Edward K. Kaplan

Icons, Rebels, Stars and Saints: Holiness in the Catholic Tradition Joan Chittister, OSB

The idea of holiness in light of Vatican II Herbert Alphonso, SJ

Holiness according to Jewish Tradition Louis Jacobs

African Spirituality in the Context of Modernity Sipho Mtetwa

Balthasar and Rahner on the Spiritual Senses Stephen Fields

In Deed: A Conversation on Faculty Spirituality John C. Haughey, S.J.

Ecclesial Mysticism in the 'Spiritual Exercises' of Ignatius Michael J. Buckley

Writing Anxiety in Teresa's 'Interior Castle' Terrance G. Walsh

Inculturation of Catechesis and Spirituality in the Documents of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines Ladislav Nemet, S.V.D.

Devotion to Santo Niño of Calumpang, Revisited Ferdinand Dagmang

What Is a Psychologically Healthy Spirituality Paschal Baute

What Is Spirituality? Paschal Baute

The Transformations of Sophia  Barbara Newman

The Alchemical Harp of Mechthild of Hackeborn  Therese Schroeder-Sheker

My Journey to Catholicism Marilyn Lim, F.D.C.C.

Amma Syncletica: A Spirituality of Experience Mary Forman, OSB

But When You Are Older: Reflections on Coming to Age Donald X. Burt, OSA

The Spiritual Classics as Spiritual Guides Wendy M. Wright

Spirituality and Secularity Peter H. Van Ness

Landscape and Spirituality: A Tension Between Place and Placelessness in Christian Thought Belden C. Lane

Spirituality, Society and Culture Ursula King

Spirituality: An Australian Accent Tony Kelly

Cultural and Spiritual Formation Vicky Cosstick

Liberationist Spirituality Mark Corner

Harmonic Convergences and All That: New Age Spirituality David S. Toolan

Pluralism in Christian Spirituality Walter Principe

Feminism and Spirituality: The Role of the Bible in Women's Spirituality Dorothy A. Lee-Pollard

Spiritual Growth and the Scientific Quest John Polkinghorne

Towards a Theology of Spiritual Direction David Lonsdale

Spirituality and the Secular Kevin-Sin Kelly

Liberating Compassion: Spirituality for the New Millennium Francine Cardman

Mystique and Politique: Spirituality Left and Right Simon Barrow

Devotional Psalters and the Study of Beguine Spirituality Judith Oliver

Christine of Saint-Trond's Preaching Apostolate: Thomas of Cantimpré's Hagiographical Method Revisited  Robert Sweetman

Choice and Discernment John Costello

Information Technology: Is There a Spirit in the Machine David Eley

Spirituality and the Hymns of Charles Wesley Leslie Griffiths

What if the Soul Yearns to Laugh? Tom Hamill

Friedrich von Hugel as Spiritual Guide Ellen Leonard

A Serious Playfulness Joseph C. McLelland

The Book of Common Prayer Gordon Mursell

The Greening of Asceticism Columba Stewart

Christian Spirituality and the Scripture of Other Faiths Michael Barnes

The Biblical Prophets and Global Spirituality Patricia G. Kirkpatrick

Spirituality and Scripture--A Jewish View Jonathan Magonet

In the Jaws of the Bear: Journeys of Transformation by Women Mystics Ritamary Bradley

The Desert Fathers on Radical Self-Honesty  Columba Stewart, OSB

"To Be God with God": The Autotheistic Sayings of the Mystics James A. Wiseman

Union With Christ: The Existential Nerve of Puritan Piety R. Tudur Jones

Spirituality in the Academy Sandra M. Schneiders

The Spirituality of Mediaeval Holy Women Elizabeth Petroff

Spirituality Speaks; Theology Listens: New Beginnings for Respectful Dialog Joan H. Timmerman

Reflections on the Devotional Life Alvin N. Rogness

Emmanuel: Reflections on the God Who is with Us Donald X. Burt, OSA

Intentional Community and Spiritual Development John Schramm

Steps Toward a Modern Piety Henry E. Horn

Jacques de Vitry and The Spirituality of the Mulieres Sanctae Monica Sandor

Catherine of Siena and the Eschatology of Suffering Starr M. Costello

Rethinking the Mystical: An Evangelical Perspective Michael W. Foss

Rethinking the Mystical: Thoughts from the Spiritual Sub-Basement – A Roman Catholic Perspective Hugh Feiss, O.S.B.

The Mystical Journey of Angela of Foligno  Paul Lachance O.F.M.

The Harlot Bride: From Biblical Code to Mystical Topos  Judith S. Neaman

A Sixteenth Century Devotional Manual for Catholic Laywomen

A Philosophical Basis for Abandonment Msgr. James P. Grace

The Imitation of Christ John B. Webster

Margery Kempe and the Rhetoric of Laughter  Karma Lochrie

Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition Jordan Aumann, O. P.

Christian Mysticism

Appreciative Awareness: The Feeling-Dimension in Religious Experience J.J. Mueller

The Inn of the Samaritan Donald X. Burt, OSA

Spirituality and Discipline Joseph A. Sittler

The Reasoning Heart: An American Approach to Christian Discernment William C. Spohn

Angels Black and White: Loyola's Spiritual Discernment in Historical Perspective Marjorie O'Rourke Boyle

My Suffering Is God": Meister Eckhart's Book of Divine Consolation Donald F. Duclow

The Church and Powerlessness: An Exploration in Spirituality Austin Smith

The Word for the World John Sullivan

Christ 'my onely musick': The Spirituality of George Herbert Keith L. Yates

Spiritual Theology Jordan Aumann, O. P.

Biblical Themes in St. Francis' Song of Brother Sun Lawrence Frizzell

The Hasidic Movement and Franciscan Spirituality - Similarities and Differences Kurt Hruby

Conversion: The Challenge of Contemporary Charismatic Piety Donald L. Gelpi

The Search for the Self Donald X. Burt, OSA

The Search for Spiritual Perfection and Freedom  Suzanne Fonay Wemple

The Color of My Days Donald X. Burt, OSA

On "Discernment of Spirits" in the Early Church Joseph T. Lienhard

Saint Catherine and Contemporary Spirituality Benedict M. Ashley O.P.

Organization of the Spiritual Life: American Catholic Devotional Works, 1791-1866 Joseph P. Chinnici

The Seasons of Jesus Donald X. Burt, OSA

Christian Apophatic and Kataphatic Mysticism Harvey Egan

Letters and the Spiritual Life James V. Schall

Spirituality Joint Commission Between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Methodist Council

The Decline of Ecstatic Prophecy in the Early Church James L. Ash, Jr.

The Western Spiritual Tradition Lucia of the Incarnation

Three Types of Jewish Piety Gershom Scholem

Spirituality and the Process of Liberation Joan Toohig

Spiritual and Esoteric Movements in Judaism Kurt Hruby

Knowledge of God and Love of Man: An Aspect of Christian Mysticism Francis Martin

New Forms of Contemplation and of the Contemplative Life Jean Leclercq

Toward a Theology of "Speaking in Tongues" J. Massingberd Ford

Contemplation of the Gospels, Ignatius Loyola, and the Contemporary Christian David M. Stanley

Ecumenism and Spirituality: A Protestant Perspective Egon W. Gerdes

The Spiritual Life as History Christopher F. Mooney

Counseling and Spiritual Direction Eugene C. Kennedy

Spiritual Direction and Non-Directive Counseling George Hagmaier

Spiritual Martyrdom in St. Gregory the Great Alfred C. Rush

Maturity and Spirituality Augustine P. Hennessy

The Role of Creatures in the Spiritual Life Ernest L. Larkin

Modern Spirituality Martin D'Arcy

Spiritual Stamina James Walsh

The spiritual theology of the separated Eastern churches Paul Mailleux

The Virtue of Obedience William H. Kane

The Nature and Purpose of the Charismata Wilbert G. Putman

Occult Phenomena in the Light of Theology Alois Wiesinger, O.C.S.O.

Life in Abundance: Meister Eckhart & the German Dominican Mystics of the 14th Century Gundolf M. Gieraths, O.P.

Motives for mortification Thomas W. Coyle

St. Ignatius' Prison-Cage and the Existentialist Situation Walter J. Ong

Infused contemplation as the normal development of the life of grace and the virtues Aelred Graham, J. R. Gillis, Michael Griffin, Elmer O'Brien

"Unitas sacerdotalis": The Priesthood and Its Spirituality Walter Bedard

A Chapter in the History of Spiritual Exegesis: De Lubac's "Histoire et esprit" John L. McKenzie

Ascetical implications of the Mediator Dei Godfrey Diekmann

Spiritual direction in the confessional Thomas J. Riley

Psychological Reactions Before Newman's Conversion Daniel J. Saunders

The Creator and the Creature, or, The Wonders of Divine Love Frederick William Faber

The Values Everlasting: Some Aids to Lift Our Hearts on High Edward F. Garesche, SJ

Abandonment to Divine Providence Jean Pierre de Caussade, SJ

The Paths of Goodness: Some Helpful Thoughts on Spiritual Progress Edward F. Garesche, SJ

Your Own Heart: Some Helps to Understand It Edward F. Garesche, SJ

Your Interests Eternal: Our Service to Our Heavenly Father Edward F. Garesche, SJ

A Spiritual Aeneid Ronald Arbuthnott Knox

The Catholic's Work in the World: A Practical Solution of Religious and Social Problems of To-day Joseph Husslein, SJ

Inward Gospel: Familiar Discourses Originally Addressed to Some Who Follow the Rules of St. Ignatiuis Walter Diver Strappini, SJ

The Narrow Way Peter Geiermann, C.SS.R.

From the Sepulchre to the throne Madame Cecilia

The Child of God: What Comes of Our Baptism Mother Mary Loyola

Your Neighbor and You: Our Dealings with Those about Us Edward F. Garesche, SJ

With Christ, my friend Fr. Patrick J. Sloan

Spiritual Considerations H. Reginald Buckler, OP

A Mediaeval Mystic Life and Writings of Blessed John Rysbroeck

Mementoes of the English martyrs and confessors: For every day in the year Oratorian Fr. Henry Sebastian Bowden

At home with God: Priedieu Papers on Spiritual Subjects Matthew Russell, SJ

Heavenwards Mother Mary Loyola

Ye are Christ's Joseph Rickaby, SJ

Meditations on the Sacred Passion of our Lord Cardinal Wiseman

A Spiritual Retreat H. Reginald Buckler, OP

Health & Holiness: A Study of the Relations between Brother Ass, the Body, and His Rider, the Soul George Tyrrell, SJ

The Nature of Catholic Mysticism J. J. Conway, S. J., page 685

Sermons preached in St. Edmund's College Chapel on various occasions

Vetera et Nova = Old and New N. Walsh, SJ

Conferences on the Life of Grace Raphael M. Moss. OP

A Month's Meditations Cardinal Wiseman

The Light of Life Sermons by Bishop John Cuthbert Hedley, OSB

Rosary Societies—The " Ubi Primum" M. P. 0'Sullivan, O. P., page 107

Striving after Perfection: A Treatise Addressed Especially to Religious Joseph Bayma, SJ

Sermons on Penance Francis Hunolt, SJ

Sermons on the Four Last Things; Death, Judgment, Hell, and Heaven Francis Hunolt, SJ

Sermons on Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, and on the Saints Francis Hunolt, SJ

Catholic Practice at Church and at Home Fr. Alexander L. A. Klauder

Lectures for boys Francis Cuthbert Doyle

Father Dignam's Retreats Augustus Dignam, SJ

Journals Kept During Times of Retreat John Morris, SJ

The Perfection of Man by Charity: A Spiritual Treatise H. Reginald Buckler, OP

The Good Christian Sermons on the Chief Christian Virtues. Francis Hunolt, SJ

Spiritual Retreats: Notes of Meditations and Considerations Given in the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Roehampton Archbishop George Porter, SJ

The Penitent Christian Francis Hunolt, SJ

The Bad Christian Sermons on the Seven Deadly Sins, by Francis Hunolt, SJ

The Teaching of St. Benedict Francis Cuthbert Doyle, OSB

A Thought from Saint Ignatius for Each Day of the Year

The Christian state of life Francis Hunolt, SJ

Christian Patience, the Strenght & Discipline of the Soul Archbishop Ullathorne

The Groundwork of the Christian Virtues Archbishop Ullathorne

Sodality Director's Manual: A Collection of Instructions for Sodalities of the Blessed Virgin F.X. Schouppe, SJ

The Precious Pearl of Hope in the Mercy of God: Answers to Certain Difficulties Which Are a Hindrance to Hope Anonymous Italian author

Growth in Holiness: or, The Progress of the Spiritual Life Oratorian Fr. Frederick William Faber

Spiritual Conferences Oratorian Fr. Frederick William Faber

The Creator and the Creature: or, The Wonders of Divine Love Oratorian Fr. Frederick William Faber

All for Jesus: or, The Easy Ways of Divine Love Oratorian Fr. Frederick William Faber

Considerations upon Christian truths and Christian duties: digested into meditations for every day in the year Bishop Richard Challoner

The Three Ways of the Spiritual Life Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

Pilgrim's Progress Danny Thomas of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton in England

Ignatian Spirituality

Carmelite Spirituality

The Spirituality of the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance

Augustinian Spirituality

Lasallian Spirituality

Compassionate Love and Salesian Spirituality Alexander T. Pocetto, O.S.F.S., PH.D.

Assumptionist Spirituality

Franciscan Spirituality

Franciscan spirituality Valentin Breton, O.F.M.

Dominican Spirituality Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P. Scroll down to page 11

The Contemplative Dimension of Dominican Spirituality Jordan Aumann, O.P.

Vincentian Spirituality Pat Collins, C.M.

Marist Spirituality

Precious Blood Spirituality

A Primer on Monastic Spirituality

The Meaning of the Contemplative Life According to Thomas Merton Fr. James Conner, OCSO

Spiritual Directors International

An Introduction to the Life and Spirituality of Dorothy Day James Allaire and Rosemary Broughton

A Spirituality of Mission in an Asian Context Samuel Rayan, S.J.

Local Cultures: Instruments of Incarnated Christian Spirituality Samuel Rayan, S.J.

Believe As Jesus Did: The Spirituality of the Kingdom Jose Maria Vigil

Virginia Cyr

An Online Retreat

Retreats Online

Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

Spirituality Jewish thoughts, perspectives, and activities

Christian Spirituality Mennonite Confesion of Faith

Insights into Lutheran Spirituality David Grulke

The Spirithome Web Site

A Daily Spiritual Seed

Islamic Spirituality: The Forgotten Revolution Abdal Hakim Murad

New Spiritualities

Asceticism and the Christian Life Jordan Aumann, O.P.

Generative Love Healing and Wholeness Bet Green

Resisting the False Self Jeff Dietrich


Prayer Tertullian [140-230 AD] on The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer Cyprian [140-230 AD]

Confessions Augustine

On Perfection Gregory of Nyssa

Rule of St. Benedict

Rule of St. Augustine

Rule of St. Columba

Rule of St. Francis of Assisi

The Mind's Road to God Saint Bonaventure

Revelations of Divine Love Julian of Norwich

Ascent of Mont Carmel John of the Cross

Dark Night of the Soul John of the Cross

A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ John of the Cross

The Complete Works of Saint John of the Cross, of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, volume 1

The Complete Works of Saint John of the Cross, of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, volume 2

On Loving God Bernard of Clairvaux

On Cleaving to God St. Albert the Great

A New Treatise on the Duties of a Christian towards God: Being an Improved Version of the Original Treatise Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle

The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi

The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage; The Sparkling Stone; The Book of Supreme Truth Jan van Ruusbroec (1293-1381)

The Dialogue of the Seraphic Virgin Catherine of Siena

Spiritual Exercises Ignatius of Loyola

The Way of Perfection Teresa of Avila

Interior Castle Teresa of Avila

The Imitation of Christ Thomas Kempis

Uniformity with God's Will St. Alphonsus de Ligouri

Introduction to the Devout Life St. Francis de Sales

The Infinite Knowledge of God Cardinal Newman

God is All in All Cardinal Newman

A Short Road to Perfection Cardinal Newman

Edith Stein: Volume IV of the Collected Works

Popular Devotions

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