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The Media: Modern Forum for Promoting the Role of Women in Society Pope John Paul II
Woman's Moral Nobility Pope John Paul II
On the Dignity and Vocation of Women Pope John Paul II
Papal Directives For the Woman of Today Pope Pius XII
Strengthening the Bonds of Peace US bishops
The Specific Contribution That Women Make to Theology Pope Benedict XVI
The Genius of Women for the Work of the Church Pope Benedict XVI
Women at the Service of the Gospel Pope Benedict XVI

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Women and Discipleship in the New Testament Janet Gaden
Woman and Power Mary Daniel Turner
Women Making Church Benedicte du Chaffaut
Mary Ward: Women and Leadership Joan Chittister
Women and Theology Margaret Brennan
Women in Ministries Veronica Brady
Woman, Wife, Mother, Catholic and Feminist: A Contemporary American View Wendy M. Wright
Women Ministering: Change Amongst the Churches Jean Mayland
Women in the Church Rosemary Haughton
The Ministry of Women in the Church Jean Beyer
The Sacramental Body: Symbols of a Gendered Church Tina Beattie
Women's Martyrdom: Death, Gender and Witness in Rome and El Salvador Beverley McFarlane
Liturgical Preaching by Women: A New Sign Language of Salvation Sarah Ann Fairbanks
Women in the New Code Rose McDermott
Consecration and Ministry of Women in the Church: Personal Reflections Begona De Isusi

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
'A Matter of Justice and Necessity': Women's Participation in the Catholic Church Mary Coloe PBVM
Voices of the Women Sophie McGrath RSM
To Speak a Word of Hope: Facing the divides in our country and in our Church Sonia Wagner SGS

Articles in the Monastic Matrix
Margaret Prestwich and the Priory of Seaton S. M. Bradbrooke and W. G. Wiseman
Body of a Saint, Story of a Goddess: Origins of the Brigidine Tradition Lisa Bitel
Women under Monasticism Lina Eckenstein
St. Brigit of Ireland: From Virgin Saint to Fertility Goddess Lisa M. Bitel
Open Monasteries for Women in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy: Two Roman Examples Katherine Gill
Scholarship in Women's Communities Suzanne Fonay Wemple
Towards a Prosopography of Nuns in Medieval Ireland Dianne Hall
What the Nuns Read: Literary Evidence from the English Bridgettine House, Syon Abbey Ann Hutchison
Three Fifteenth-century Vowesses Mary C. Erler
Gender and the Authority of Friars: the Significance of Holy Women for Thirteenth -Century Franciscans and Dominicans John Coakley
The Image of St. Brigit in the Early Irish Church Dorothy Ann Bray

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
The Question of Governance and Ministry for Women Phyllis Zagano
The Liturgical Functions of Consecrated Women in the Byzantine Church Valerie A. Karras
Feminism and the Vatican Edward Collins Vacek
John Paul II's Ut Unum Sint and Conversation with Women Sally M. Vance-Trembath
The Nature of Women and the Method of Theology Mary Aquin O'Neill
Women in Religious Congregations and Politics Leslie Griffin
Women and Ministry Elizabeth Carroll

Articles in the US Catholic
Reconstructing Theology: How Can a Church with All-Male Leadership Develop the "Deep Theology of Women" Pope Francis Called for? Step One: Ask Women Emily Reimer-Barry
Don't Bring Back the Boys Club: When Girls Are Barred from Serving at the Altar, They Miss Out on an Important Part of Faith Formation--and the Church Does, Too Mary Kathleen Cahill
The Places They'll Go: The Tough and Tender Mercies of Women Religious Transform the Most Remote and Desolate Corners of Poverty, Misery, and Heartache Catherine O'Connell
Mixed Messages Emily Reimer-Barry
In Their Footsteps: Catholics Can Thank Women Theologians for 70 Years of Building up the Church Heather Grennan Gary
Get the Facts in Order: Catholic Women May Be Limited in the Roles They Can Take on Today, But History Tells a Different Story about Women in Church Leadership Gary Macy
A Woman at the Altar: The Issue of Women Priests May Be a Settled Matter, But That Doesn't Mean a Woman Can't Serve the Church as a Deacon Phyllis Zagano
Femme Fidele: How Women Who Work for the Church Keep the Faith Heidi Schlumpf
Staying Power: Though Many Catholic Women Give a Host of Reasons for Leaving the Church, These Guest Bloggers at USCatholic.org Explain What Keeps Them in the Pews Every Week Molly Jo Rose
In her footsteps: Women of faith provide inspiring role models for us all Raspante, Bernadette
Let us speak: The church should expand homily norms for women Jessie Bazon

Articles in the National Catholic Reporter
Study Shows Church Is Still a Men's Club: Women's Leadership Roles Show Little Increase in Five Years Robin T. Edwards
Strange Omission of Key Women in the Lectionary Ruth Fox
CTU Women 'Quietly Push Forth a Vision' Tim Unsworth
Women Bring New Dimension to Several Aspects of Ministry Debra Nussbaum Cohen
Scholar Unearths History of Celtic Women: Women Played Roles That Today Belong to Male Priesthood Dawn Gibeau
Women-Church: 'Adrift' from Catholicism? - Women-Church Convergence Conference Demetria Martinez
Celebrating Diversity of Catholic Women: Women-Church Convergence Conference Demetria Martinez
Women-Church: A Way to Stay While Patriarchy Wears Away Rosemary Radford Ruether

Articles in Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education
Women in Jesuit Higher Education Alice B. Hayes
The Other Half of the Equation: Women Leaders in Jesuit Colleges and Universities Mary E. Beadle
Is There a Gender Gap? Yes. Mary Ann Rowan and Jennifer Grant Haworth
Gender Equity in Higher Education: The Marquette Initiative Cheryl L. Maranto
Just Listen: Jesuit Higher Education and the Situation of Women Barbara J. Busse
Women in Campus Ministry: What Future Role? Mary Romer Cline
How Women Came to Fordham: The Life and Death of Thomas More College Raymond A. Schroth, S.J.
Marquette's First Women Students Thomas Jablonsky
We Have Come a Long Way Since Women Were First Admitted to Fordham College Mary E. Procidano
Dusting Off a Document Garvin Mary, SNJM
We Were Pioneers Patrick Howell, S.J.
A Tale of Two Stories Arthur Madigan, S.J.
Cautious Optimism in Chicago Susan A. Ross
A Woman's Place Alice Bourke Hayes, PhD

Articles from the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research
The Church as Liberation Community from Patriarchy: The Praxis of Ministry as Discipleship of Equals Rosemary Radford Ruether
We are Church - A Kingdom of Priests Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
Different Voices/Different Choices: Feminist Perspectives on Ministry Mary E. Hunt
Gender and the 'Sensus Fidelium Veronica Brady
Patriarchal and Hierarchical Nature of the Church Seen as the Fundamental Barrier to Women's Participation From the Report on the Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia
Dominant Common Characteristics of Perceptions Concerning the Participation of Women in the Church From the Report on the Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia
Two contrasting Perceptions of Women in the Catholic Church of Australia From the Report on the Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia
The Female Body and the Sacramental Priesthood in neo-orthodox Catholic Theology Tina Beattie
Male Discourse about God in the Liturgy and Its Effects on Women Ida Raming
Human Rights in the Church: A Non-right for Women in the Church? Marie-Therese Van Lunen Chenu
A Discipleship of Love: Mary of Bethany and the Ministry of Women Tina Beattie
Women Disciples Ann Mary Clement
Ignored Opportunities for Women in Canon Law Ida Raming
Is Silence Golden? Paul and Women's Speech in Corinth Caroline Vander Stichele
New Roles for Women in the Institutional Church Jeanne Pieper
Women in the Church: Interpreting the Past, Envisaging the Future Megan Walker
Celibatarian Repression of Women Uta Ranke-Heinemann
Woman Seen as a 'Problem' and as 'Solution' in the Theological Anthropoloqy of the Early Fathers: Considering the Consequences Dr. Marie-Henry Keane O.P.
The Passion of Perpetua, Everywoman of Late Antiquity Mary Ann Rossi
Women and the Church Elaine Storkey, SPCK
Polarization: Christianity against Feminism Elaine Storkey, SPCK
The Role of Women According to Jesus and the Early Church Robert J. Karris, O.F.M.
The Status of Women in the Code of Canon Law and in the United Nations Convention Marie-Therese van Lunen Chenu and Louise Wentholt
The Role of Women in Early Christianity Jean LaPorte
Women and Ministry in the New Testament Elisabeth M Tetlow
Woman in the Church Louis Bouyer
Women in the Life of the Church Elizabeth Carroll
Women in Vatican Documents 1960 to the Present Nadine Foley, O.P.
Full Participation of Women in the Life of the Catholic Church Edward J Kilmartin, S.J.
Women in the Early Church: A Problem of Perspective Lloyd G. Patterson
Male Clericalism and the Dread of Women Rosemary Radford Ruether
Women in Ministry: A Sisters' View National Assembly of Women Religious
Woman in a Man's Church Arlene Swidler
Is There Room for Women in the Functions of the Church? Jan Peters, O.C.D.
Women Ministers in the Catholic Church? Rene van Eyden
Woman and the Council: Hopes and Expectations Dr. Gertrud Heinzelmann
Women and the Church Mary F. Daly, S.T.L.
Catholic Women and the Modern Era Mary F. Daly, S.T.L.
Resolutions passed at its conventions in Freiburg 1963 and Antwerp 1964 St. Joan's International Alliance
Women and the Church Rosemary Lauer, Ph. D.

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
A "Fluttering Flock" of Messengers? Women in the New Testament Sarah S. Henrich
Leadership from a Feminist Perspective Lynn N. Rhodes
Partners in Ministry: Men and Women Stephanie K. Frey and Lawrence R. Wohlrabe
Missionaries, Apostles, Coworkers: Romans 16 and the Reconstruction of Women's Early Christian History Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Historiographic Sophistications: The Eclipse of Medieval Women Mystics Cyril O'Regan
Hildegard of Bingen's Vital Contribution to the Concept of Woman Abigail Favale
An Invitation to Lead: Women in Lay Ministry Elizabeth Reardon
Catholic Feminism Robert G. Christian III

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
The Church of England and Women Bishops: Questions of authority Rev Dr Emma Percy
A Future Full of Hope? Gemma Simmonds CJ

Articles in Eureka Street, a publication of the Australian Jesuits
Historical tensions visit women and the Church Andrew Hamilton
Ecumenical Sensitivity Meets Church Law on Women Bishops Charles Sherlock

Articles in HTS Theological Studies
Women and Leadership from a Pastoral Perspective of Friendship Yolande Dreyer
Diakonos and Prostatis: Women's Patronage in Early Christianity Carolyn Osiek

Articles in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Hermeneutics and Women in the Church Grant R. Osborne
Women Ministers in the New Testament Church? C. E. Cerling, Jr.

Articles in Cross Currents
No Joke! Resisting the "Culture of Disbelief" That Keeps Clergy Women Pushing Uphill Eileen R. Campbell-Reed
Queer Nuns And Genderbending Saints: Genderf*cking Notions of Normativity Jessi Knippel
Conspicuous in Their Absence: Women in Early Christianity Lisa Bellan-Boyer

Articles from other sources
Countering Colonization: Native American Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630–1900 Carol Devens
Words to Remember - Women and the Origin of the "Words of Institution" Angela Standhartinger
St. Therese of Lisieux, Feminism, and Eternity: In Conversation with Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ Albert Marie Surmanski, Sr.
Ecumenical Foremothers: Commemorating, Celebrating, and Continuing Their Legacy Lorelei F. Fuchs
Women and Worship in Paul's Churches: Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers Lucy Peppiatt
The Blogosphere as Mission Field: Catholic Women on the Web Transform What Women's Leadership Means Lisa M. Hendey
Adding Context to Women, Sexuality, and the Church Helen Alvare
The Woman's Bible: Once Failed, Now Scripture Michael Fording
Suffering Our Way to Salvation: Ivone Gebara, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, and the Adequacy of the Cross as a Symbol for Women Amy Chapman
Women, Church, and Sustainable Development in Africa Pamela Munyekenye
Sacramental Sights Through Women's Eyes: Spying in a Promised Land Teresa Berger
The First Pattern Repeated "The Trouble Is with the Women" Carol Devens. Chapter 5 of the book "Native American Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900"
Women's Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis Dr N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham
Paul and Gender: Three Jewish Perspectives Daniel R. Langton
"On the Same Basis as the Men": The Campaign to Reinstate Women as Messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, 1885-1918 J. Michael Raley, Ph.D.
Women in the Syriac Tradition
Women in Christian Leadership Dr. M. Eleanor Irwin
The Jesuits and Women: Reflections on the 34th General Congregation's Statement on Women in Church and Civil Society Susan A. Ross
Jesuits and the Situation of Women in Church and Civil Society From the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus
Christology, African Women And Ministry Laurenti Magesa
Message to the Fourth U.N. Women's Conference Mother Teresa
The Thanksgiving of Women after Childbirth, commonly called The Churching of Women Natalie Knodel
Women and Men Working Together in Jesuit Institutions of Higher Learning Lisa Sowle Cahill, PhD
Women in the Church: Scriptural Principles and Ecclesial Practice Commission on Theology and Church Relations of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
The Role of Women in the Church: The Pauline Perspective John E. Toews
The Ministry of Woman in the Church Agnes Cunningham
Two Sermons on Wives and Widows St. Bernardino of Siena
The Production of the Woman Saint Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologica

Statements on Women Church Fathers, Doctors, and Saints

Sisters Between: Gender and the Medieval Beguines Abby Stoner
Epistolae: Medieval Women's Letters
Women And The Australian Church
Female Ministry; or, Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel Catherine Mumford Booth
Women-Church Convergence
Catholic Network for Women's Equality

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Religious and Theological Perspectives on Women
The Ordination of Women

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