Song of Songs

Introduction to Song of Songs New American Bible
Intro to Songs NIV Bible
Shir Hashirim - Chapter 1 Text with the commentary by the 11th century rabbi Rashi
The Aramaic Targum to Song of Songs English Translation by Jay C. Treat

Articles in SIDIC Periodical, a journal of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
The Canticle of Solomon: An Introduction Andre Chouraqui
The Song of Songs in Christian Tradition Barry Ulanov
Interpretation of the Song of Solomon According to its Targum ant Other Sources Editors of SIDIC Periodical
The Song of Solomon: An Afterword for Teachers Mary Travers
The Song of Solomon in Jewish and Christian Liturgy Carmine Di Sante

Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Solomon, God, and Sharon Rose Walk into a Song: Dialoguing Polysemy in the Song of Songs David M. Dalwood
Keeping it Literal: The Economy of the Song of Songs Roland Boer

Articles from other sources
The Exotic Garden in the Song of Songs Elaine T. James
Saint Bernard's Preaching with the Milk of Love Brian Patrick McGuire
Healing Words: The Song of Songs and the Path of Love Vol. 3, No. 2 (August 2003) issue of Journal of Scriptural Reasoning
The History of Interpretation of the Song of Songs J. Paul Tanner
What Should I Read on the Song of Solomon? James T. Dennison, Jr.
Singing the Song of Songs Blaise Armnijon, S.J.
A Short Paraphrase of the Canticle of Canticles S. Louismet, O. S. B., page 600
Song of Songs, The The Jewish Encyclopedia
Canticle of Canticles The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908
Difficult Passages in the Song of Songs Paul Haupt
Song of Songs Rabbi Louis Jacobs
Sights and Sounds of the Song of Songs
Hippolytus: On the Song of Songs

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