The Books of Samuel

Introduction th the Books of Samuel from the New American Bible
The Book of Samuel: Its Composition, Structure and Significance as a Historiographical Source Moshe Garsiel
First and Second Books of Kings The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1910
Books of Samuel The Jewish Encyclopedia
Samuel The Jewish Encyclopedia
A Literary Study of Judges and the Books of Samuel Greger Andersson
David's Elite Warriors and Their Exploits in the Books of Samuel and Chronicles Moshe Garsiel


Introduction from the NIV Study Bible
Shmuel I - Chapter 1 Text and commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi
1 Samuel Early Jewish Writings

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
Play It Again Sam: The Poetics of Narrative Repetition in 1 Samuel 1-7 David G. Firth
David's Rise and Saul's Demise: Narrative Analogy in 1 Samuel 24-26 Robert P. Gordon

Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Something Old, Something Older: Reconsidering 1 Sam. 2:27-36 Mark Leuchter
The Conquest of Power: Analysis of David and Solomon's Accession Histories Caetano Minette de Tillesse
Suspense and Anticipation in 1 Samuel 9:1-14 Rachelle Gilmour
Could Saul Rule Forever? A New Look at 1 Samuel 13:13-14 Michael Avioz
Textual Analogies and Their Ramifications for a Diachronic Analysis of 1 Samuel 13:1-14:46 and Judges 6:1-8:35 Hava Shalom-Guy

Articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia
David | Eli | Saul | Jonathan, Jehonathan | Goliath | The Witch of Endor

Articles from My Jewish Learning
The Book of Samuel tells of the rise of the Davidic monarchy Shawn Aster
Jonathan David Mandel
The Witch of Endor Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Articles from other sources
King David The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908
Interpreting the Hannah narrative (1 Sm 1:1-20) in light of the attitude of the church in Nigeria towards childlessness Solomon O. Ademiluka
1 Samuel 2:1-10 Pope John Paul II
Women and Priests: Encounters and dangers as reflected in I Sam 2:22 Dalia Marx
The Sanctuary at Shiloh, and Samuel's Sleeping Therein Loring W. Batten
Saul The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1912
Saul and the Mayor of Casterbridge: A Study in Shared Human Experience Kent L. Johnson
David and Abigail: A Non-Traditional View Sandra S. Williams
Israelite Sheepshearing and David's Rise to Power Jeffrey C. Geoghegan


Introduction from the NIV Study Bible
Shmuel II - Chapter 1 Text and commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi
2 Samuel Early Jewish Writings

Articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia
Abner | Nathan | Absalom | Uzzah | Tamar | Rizpah | Zadok | Joab | Benaiah | Uriah | Bath-sheba | Amnon | Abiathar | Shimei | Hushai | Gad

David and Manipulation, Deception and Murder (2 Samuel 2:1-11) Robert Van Kooten

Ledabber basseli (2 Sam. 3:27) "to Talk Peace" Meir Malul

A King and a Cripple (2 Samuel 4:4; 9:1-11; 16:14; 19:16, 17, 24-30) James T. Dennison Jr.

Shining the Lamp: The Rhetoric of 2 Samuel 5-24 David G. Firth

Uzzah's Rebellion Ingrid M. Haase

The Dynastic Oracle: II Samuel 7 John L. McKenzie
Society and the Promise to David: Reading 2 Samuel 7 William M. Schniedewind

2 Samuel 8 Robert M. Good

Nathan David Mandel
David's Abuse of Power Larry W. Spielman
The Design of the 'Dual Causality' Principle in the Narrative of Absalom's Rebellion J. Grossman

2 Samuel 12 as Retold by Josephus CT Begg
Double Meaning in the Parable of the Poor Man's Ewe (2 Sam 12:1-4) Joshua Berman

The Rape of Tamar (2 Samuel 13) James T. Dennison Jr.
The Bible Story That Became a Campaign: The Tamar Campaign in South Africa (and Beyond) George O. West and P. Zondi-Mabizela
Rape in the house of David: the biblical story of Tamar as a resource for transformation George O. West, P. Zondi-Mabizela, M. Maluleke, H. Khumalo, P. S. Matsepe, and M. Naidoo
Gender, Class, and Androcentric Compliance in the Rapes of Enslaved Women in the Hebrew Bible Susanne Scholz

Structure, Context and Meaning in the Samuel Conclusion (2 Sa. 21-24) Herbert H. Klement
Rizpah J. Cheryl Exum
Reading on the Boundaries: Reading 2 Samuel 21:1-14 with Rizpah Gerald West

Cherchez la femme. Women in the Background of Psalm 18//2 Samuel 22 Petra Verebics

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