Introduction to Ruth New American Bible

Ruth: Introduction from the NIV Study Bible

The Trauma of Otherness and Hunger: Ruth and Lot's Daughters Ruth Tsoffar

A Woman Praised by Women is Better Than a Woman Praised by Seven Men James A. Loader

Enemies of Israel: Ruth and the Canaanite Woman Glenna S. Jackson

To King or Not to King: A Canonical-Historical Approach to Ruth Michael S. Moore

Structure and Intention of the Book of Ruth Claus Westermann

The Bible Becomes Literature: An Encounter with Ruth John C. Holbert

A Short Commentary on the Book of Ruth: In the Light of Jewish Tradition Benoît Standaert, OSV

Ruth in the Church Fathers Elena Giannarelli

Greater than Charity Moshe Kohn

Theological Reflections on Naomi's Shrewdness Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.

Book of Ruth The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1912

Book of Ruth The Jewish Encyclopedia

Rut - Chapter 1 Text and commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi

Ruth and Lovingkindness Dr. Leila L. Bronner

Why Do We Read The Book of Ruth on Shavuot? Rabbi Ronald H. Isaacs

The Story of the Book of Ruth

Why Ruth? Rabbi Rifat Sonsino

Ruth and the Holocaust Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Ruth: study notes Dr Tim Bulkeley

Ruth Early Jewish Writings

The Chiastic Structure of Ruth 2 A. Boyd Luter and Richard O. Rigsby

The Redeemer of Ruth (Ruth 4:1-22) Stuart Jones

Ruth Quoque—A Coquette? (Ruth 4:5) Murray D. Gow

The Goel in Ruth 4:14, 15 Julius A. Bewes

The Go'el in Ancient Israel: Theological Reflections on an Israelite Institution Robert L. Hubbard, Jnr.

Ruth and Boaz Love Duets as Examples of Musical Midrash Helen Leneman

Boaz Jewish Encyclopedia

Gleaning of the Fields Jewish Encyclopedia

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