The Letter to the Romans

Introduction to the Letter to the Romans New American Bible
Introduction from the NIV Study Bible
"Justification by Faith" in Galatians & Romans Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
After the New Perspective: Works, Justification and Boasting in Early Judaism and Romans 1-5 Simon Gathercole
Natural Revelation and the Purpose of the Law in Romans Mark A. Seifrid
Binding Obligations in Romans 13:7: A Semantic Field and Social Context Thomas M. Coleman

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
A New Vision of Righteousness: Paul's Exhortations in Romans 12-15 Peter L. Samuelson
Major Shifts in the Interpretation of Romans James Arne Nestingen
Romans 5-8 as Pastoral Theology Stanley N. Olson
Sacrifice in Romans 12-15 Calvin J. Roetzel
The Root, the Remnant, and the Branches Donald Sneen
Following the Argument of Romans Robert Jewett
Romans 9-14 in Context Vitor Westhelle
The Continuing Importance of Romans Mark A. Granquist
Hope and the Logic of Impossible Things David E. Fredrickson
Invigorating Our Confessions of Faith (Creeds) with the Assistance of Romans Justin Lind-Ayres
Karl Barth's R Romans Commentary 1919: A Document to the Living God, One Hundred Years Later Amy Marga
Martin Luther's Lectures on Romans (1515-1516): Their Rediscovery and Legacy Hans Wiersma
Paul, Romans, and the Christians at Rome Arland J. Hultgren
Spirit and Sanctification: Sketching St. Paul's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Romans John W. Hoyum
We, They, and All in Paul's Letter to the Romans Beverly R. Gaventa
Paul's Use of Lament Psalms in Romans Mark Reasoner

Articles in Wesley Journal
The Wesleyan Interpretation of Romans 5-8 Jerry McCant, page 68
Entire Sanctification as Taught in the Book of Romans Wilber T. Dayton

Articles from other sources
Paul's Use of the Old Testament in Romans Daniel J. Harrington
To the Saints in Rome Peter Edmonds SJ
"First to the Jews and also to the Greeks:" A Clearing through the Letter to the Romans Klaus Wengst
The Theology of Paul's Letter to the Romans Klaus Haacker
Paul's Letter to the Romans Paul Varnell
Forensic Metaphors in Romans and Their Soteriological Significance A B du Toit
We and They in Romans Bruce J. Malina
Reading Romans Anew Reta Halteman Finger
Natural Knowledge of God in Romans: Patristic and Medieval Interpretation William VanderMarck
Epistle to the Romans The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1912
Address and Destination of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans William Benjamin Smith
Homilies on Romans St. John Chrysostom
Commentary on Romans St. Thomas Aquinas
Romans: Introduction, Argument, and Outline Daniel B. Wallace
Preface to the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans Martin Luther
The Status of the Torah in the Pre-Sinaitic Period: St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans Gary A. Anderson

The Narrative of Natural Law in Aquinas's Commentary on Romans 1 Eugene F. Rogers, Jr.
Romans 1:3f: An Early Confession of Faith in the Lordship of Jesus Paul Beasley-Murray
Romans 1:3 and the Celestial Jesus: A Rebuttal to Revisionist Interpretations of Jesus’s Descendance from David in Paul Christopher M. Hansen
Use of Hab. 2:4 in Rom. 1:17: Some Hermeneutical and Theological Considerations David S. Dockery, page 24
The Spousal Logic of Justification: St. Thomas and Luther on Paul's Key Topic Statement Romans, 1:17 Michael Waldstein, pp. 185-197
The Translation of Romans 1:17: A Basic Motif in Paulinism Wilber B. Wallis
Natural Knowledge of God: Reflections on Romans 1:18-32 David Coffey
The Theology of Wisdom in Romans 1 and 2 W. C. Bouzard, Jr
After the New Perspective: Works, Justification and Boasting in Early Judaism and Romans 1-5 Simon Gathercole

Echoes of Aristotle in Romans 2:14-15: Or, Maybe Abimelech Was Not So Bad After All C. John Collins

Romans 3:19-28 Stephen Hultgren
Jesus as the Mercy Seat: The Semantics and Theology of Paul's Use of Hilasterion in Romans 3:25 Daniel P. Bailey

In Hope He Believed Against Hope (Romans 4:18). Faith and Hope, Two Pauline Motifs as Interpreted by Aquinas: An Approach to the Encyclical Letter of Pope Benedict XVI, Spe salvi Reinhard Hutter, pp. 39-59

Christ Brings Freedom from Sin and Death: The Commentary of St. Thomas Aquinas on Romans 5: 12-21 Joseph Di Noia, O.P., pp. 60-75
Making Men -- Weakness, Justification, and Andreia in Romans 5:6 Peter-Ben Smit
The Good and the Just in Romans 5 Andrew D. Clarke

A Note on Romans 6:5: The Representation (homoioma) of His Death Sorin Sabou

Diagnosing Religious Experience in Romans 8 Mark Wreford
Pneumatology in Romans 8 Roger L. Hahn, page 74
The Function of 'Likewise' (hosautos) in Romans 8:26 Geoffrey Smith
An Oral Reading of Romans 8:31-34 BE Shields
Powers and Authorities: Preaching Romans 8:35-39 Kristofer Coffman
Light in August: Romans 8:18-39 Sheldon Tostengard
The Groans of "Brother Sau": An Exploratory Reading of Romans 8 for "Survival" Emerson B. Powery
Waiting for Adoption: Reflections on Romans 8:12-25 Elisabeth Ann Johnson

Tobit 4,19 and Romans 9,18: An Intertextual Study Alexander A. Di Lella
Corporate Election in Romans 9: A Reply to Thomas Schreiner Brian Abasciano
Corporate and Individual Election in Romans 9: A Response to Brian Abasciano Thomas R Schreiner
The Word of God Has Not Failed: God's Faithfulness and Israel's Salvation in Tobit 14:3-7 and Romans 9-11 John K. Goodrich

Worship and Ethics in Romans 12 David Peterson
The Influence of Romans 12 on Christian Political Thought: II Augustine to Hincmar Wilfrid Parsons

Theoretical Inquiry into Romans 13 Eric Voegelin
The Powers That Be Otis Q. Sellers
Faith: Africa grapples with Romans 13 Uwe Siemon-Netto
Romans 13:1-7--On the Abuse of Biblical Texts and Correlative Abuse Paul N. Anderson
The Influence of Romans XIII on Pre-Augustinian Christian Political Thought Wilfrid Parsons

Judgment and Life for the Lord: Occasion and Theology of Romans 14,1--15,13 Kevin B. McCruden

Eschatology and Ethics: The Future of Israel and the Nationsin Romans 15:1-13 Scott Hafemann

"Junia . . . Outstanding among the Apostles" (Romans 16:7) Bernadette Brooten
Missionaries, Apostles, Coworkers: Romans 16 and the Reconstruction of Women's Early Christian History Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

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