John M. Oesterreicher, "Challenge of the Holocaust," America 136 (11 June 1977) 525-527

Abstract by Jerry Darring

This article is a review of the book Auschwitz: Beginning of a New Era? Oesterreicher is unhappy with the book because it "has room only for reductionist theologians" (p. 525). He criticizes Christian theologians like Rosemary Ruether because they "see in the Holocaust, not a call to follow Christ more faithfully but an appeal to dwarf His greatness" (p. 525). But he saves his harshest criticism for rabbi Irving Greenberg, and he devotes most of the article to a harsh critique of Greenberg's views of God and the human race.

Oesterreicher closes his review with a spirited refutation of the view that "the Holocaust is the climax of Christian hostility through the centuries" (p. 527).