Jerzy Kloczkowski, "The Religious Orders and the Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland," Polin: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies, 3 (1988) 238-243

Abstract by Jerry Darring

Kloczkowski's article is partly a summary of what is known and partly a call for more gathering of evidence and publication of research results. He tells the stories of several congregations that helped Jews. For example, the Congregation of the Family of Mary saved the lives of at least 500 Jewish children and young people and of 250 adults. Kloczkowski says that "almost all the congregations participated, to some degree, in this heroic work of saving human life" (p. 242), but he admits that "the few thousand children and the few hundred adults saved by the direct help of the religious orders, amount to little compared with the mass murder of the whole of Jewish youth, of all the Polish Jewish people" (p. 243). As far as further research is concerned, Kloczkowski points out the many difficulties involved, including, for example, the covering of names in the process of hiding Jews. He lists a number of studies currently underway, and encourages a growth of thorough and balanced research.