"The Catholic Church and the Nazis," Christian Attitudes on Jews and Judaism, No. 64 (February 1979) 11-12

Abstract by Jerry Darring

This editorial contains extensive quotes from a 1978 article by Donald Nicholl in the London quarterly Christian. Nicholl analyzes the actions of the German bishops during the period of the Nazis and concludes that they were wrong in refraining from public denunciations of the murder of Jews. The bishops had adopted a protective attitude towards the Catholic faithful who were being threatened with suffering, and Nicholl writes that "Perhaps in the end this was the ultimate lack of discernment on the part of the German bishops, that they were not prepared to trust their people to withstand the evil spirits abroad in Germany... [They] had a greater number amongst the faithful who were prepared to stand by them than they calculated, if only they had been ready to trust them" [12].