Declaration on Religious Freedom Vatican II

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Is Religion Good for Your Mental Health? Roger Dawson
The Category 'Religion' Reconsidered James M. Byrne
What is Religious Freedom? Joseph Neuner
Popular Culture, Popular Religion: Framing the Question Allan Figueroa Deck
A Common Home--A Single Soul? Jan Kerkhofs
Philosophy of Religion: The Great Divide Peter Vardy
Jesus' Attitude to Religion John Ashton
God, Religion, Church Robert Murray
A Sociological Perspective on Religion Jacqueline Scherer

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
A Buddhist critique of, and learning from, Christian liberation theology John Makransky
Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Religion John Langan
Religion and Political Life David Hollenbach
Religion and Science: Paul Davies and John Paul II Michael J. Buckley
Religion, Morality, and Politics David Hollenbach
Whither Christianity? Charles Davis and the Future of Christian Religion Robert F. Scuka
Is Religion the Enemy of Faith? John Thornhill
Philosophy of Science and Religion: Three Approaches Terrence W. Tilley
Whitehead and "Catholicism" Norman Pittenger
Descriptive and Evaluative Formulae for Comparative Religion Antonio R. Gualtieri
Varieties of Unbelief in Nineteenth-century Russia Denis Dirscherl
The Problem of Religious Freedom John Courtney Murray
The Problem of State Religion John Courtney Murray
On Religious Freedom John Courtney Murray
Freedom of Religion John Courtney Murray
Freedom of Religion: I The Ethical Problem John Courtney Murray
Religion and the One God: Fifteen Years Ago and Now Editor of Theological Studies

Articles in SIDIC Periodical, a journal of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
Nationalism and Religious Fundamentalism in the Secularized Modern Society David Rosen
The Right to Religious Liberty Franco Biffi
Religious Liberty: A Jewish Perspective Robert Gordis
Human Rights and Religious Liberty in Jewish'Christian Dialogue Elio Toaff
Prejudice: The Enemy of Religious Liberty - Models and Mechanics of Transmitting Prejudice in Teaching Willem Zuidema
Secularization: Jewish and Christian Views SIDIC Periodical, No. 2, 1973

Articles from the Journal of Religion and Society
A Religious Hustle: T.I. and Jay-Z's Lyrical Narratives from “the Trap” to the Spiritual Sharon Lauricella and Samuel Kyereme
Relationships between Varieties of Religious Experience and Manifest Hate: A Sociological Analysis R. Georges Delamontagne
Hell, the Rights of the Child, Freedom of Religion, and Exit Costs Morgan Luck
Even Satan Gets Likes on Facebook: The Dynamic Interplay of Religion and Technology in Online Social Networks Alex Verschoor-Kirss
Investigating the Syncretism of Catholicism and Voodoo in New Orleans Anthony M. J. Maranise

Articles in University of St. Thomas Law Journal
Religious Freedom Implications of Sharia Implementation in Aceh, Indonesia Asma Uddin
Must a Faithful Judge Be a Faithless Judge? Hon. Diarmuid O'Scannlain
Catholicism and the Court: The Relevance of Faith Traditions in Jurisprudence Margaret O'Brien Steinfels
Why the Catholic Majority on the Surpeme Court May Be Unconstitutional Michael J. Gerhardt
The Politics of Appointing Catholics to the Federal Courts Sheldon Goldman
Catholic Judges and Cooperation in Sin Edward A. Hartnett
Good Casuistry and Bad Casuistry: Resolving the Dilemmas Faced by Catholic Judges Brian Z. Tamanaha
Is It Possible to Have a Serious Discussion About Religious Commitment and Judicial Responsibilities? Sanford Levinson
Catholic and Evangelical Surpeme Court Justcies: A Theological Analysis Robert F. Cochran Jr.
Law and Religion: The Challenges of Christian Jurisprudence John Witte Jr.
Reflections on the Light: Judge Noonan's Contributions to the Debate on Religion in the Public Square Kathleen A. Brady
What Might Have Been: Contraception and Religious Liberty Leslie Griffin

Articles from Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Beyond Reconciliation: Monistic Yahwism and the Problem of Evil in Philosophy of Religion J W Gericke
From Christianity to African Religion and Back Again A M Meiring
H R Trevor-Roper vs. Arnold Toynbee: A Post-Christian Religion and a New Messiah in an Age of Reconciliation? Frederick Hale

Articles from Ars Disputandi
A Pragmatic Realist Philosophy of Religion Eberhard Herrmann
Religion Without Speech? Lance Ashdown
Refuting the Evidentialist Challenge to Religion Dirk-Martin Grube
Many True Religions, And Each An Only Way S. Mark Heim
The Case for A Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Transforming Philosophy's Imagery and Myths Pamela Sue Anderson
A Challenge to Philosophy of Religion Arie L. Molendijk

Articles from Inter-Religio
Narrative in the Japanese New Religions Robert Kisala
Metaphor and Concept in Religious Narratives Vincent Shen
Some Reflections on Chinese Religion Joseph M. Kitagawa
Shamanism: The Dominant Folk Religion of Korea Ryu Tong-shik
Religion and Culture Jan Van Bragt

Articles from Anumus
Nietzsche and the Religion of the Future Steven Michels
Hegel on Secularity and Consummated Religion F. L Jackson
Editorial Preface to James Doull's "Secularity and Religion" James Alexander Doull

Articles from Markets and Morality
Smithian Perspective on the Markets of Beliefs: Public Policies and Religion José Atilano Pena López, José Manuel Sánchez Santos
Religious Freedom and Pluralism Avery Cardinal Dulles
Calvinism, Catholicism, and the American Experiment: What is the Question? John Bolt
After Civil Religion Sander Griffioen
Differentiated Responsibility and the Challenge of Religious Diversity David T. Koyzis

Articles from the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
Values and Risks of International Collaborations on the Study of Religion Lawrence E. Sullivan
The Universal and the Particular in Religion Jan Swyngedouw

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
The End of Religion: New Explorations in Spiritual Practice with Aelred Graham Richard Boileau
Is religion good for your mental health? Roger Dawson SJ

Articles from Catholica
Faith-Based Diplomacy Part 1 Dr Andrew Kania
Faith-Based Diplomacy Part 2 Dr Andrew Kania

Articles from Mirror of Justice, a blog dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory, affiliated with the Program on Church, State & Society at Notre Dame Law School
Evolution vs. Religion Amelia J. Uelman
State Attempts to Define Religion: The Ramifications of Applying Mandatory Prescription Contraceptive Coverage Statutes to Religious Employers Susan J. Stabile
Faith, Pluralism, and the Practice of Law Robert K. Vischer
Religious Lawyering in a Liberal Democracy: A Challenge and an Invitation Russell G. Pearce and Amelia J. Uelman

Articles from the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy
The Concept of Religious Language Chapter 3. Carlo Huber S.J.
Religion and Social Harmony Chapter 16. Margaret Chatterjee
Religion and the Relation between Civilizations: Lectures on Cooperation between Islamic and Christian Cultures in a Global Horizon Book edited by George F. McLean
Religion in Civil Society: Surveying the South African Case Chapter 1. James R. Cochrane
Making Religion Ethical: The Value Orientation of Religion in Contemporary Society Chapter 12. Huang Songjie
Philosophy of Religion: Its Meaning and Scope Chapter 8. M. Saeed Sheikh
Some Contemporary Reflections on Science and Religion Chapter 6. Arnold Sprenger
Religious Experience and Civil Society Chapter 14. Joseph G. Donders

Articles from other sources
Secondary Meaning and Religion: An Analysis of Religious Symbols in th Courts Eric D. Yordy and Elizabeth Brown
Geography and Religion Erica Ferg
Nietzsche's critique of religion: a liberationist perspective Ruben Rosario Rodriguez
The Philosophy of Religion in Nishida Kitarō : 1901-1914 Agustín Jacinto Zavala
The Cost of Free Religion: Religious and Economic Liberties in the Great Awakening Erik Nordbye
Religion as a Social Fact in the USA Today Alejandro Crosthwaite, OP
Two Cheers for Idolatry David Carlin
Religion without God (and without Turning East): A New Western Alternative to Traditional Theistic Faith J. L. Schellenberg
Artful Imagining: A Personal Insight into the Study of Religions after Vatican II Francis X. Clooney. SJ
A Truce between Science and Religion Ashleigh Green
John Courtney Murray, S.J.: A Citizen of Two Cities Robert John Araujo, S.J.
Science Versus Religion? The Insights and Oversights of the 'New Atheists' Brad S. Gregory
Rethinking the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment: Reflections on Recent Scholarship Richard S. Meyers
Ministers, Minimum Wages, and Church Autonomy Thomas C. Berg
"Trinitarian" Theology of Religions? An Augustinian Assessment of Several Recent Proposals Keith Edward Johnson
Peremptory Challenges and Religion: The Unanswered Prayer for a Supreme Court Opinion Courtney A. Waggoner
How Traditional and Minority Religions Fare in Court: Empirical Evidence From Religious Liberty Cases Gregory C. Sisk
Justin Martyr and Religious Exclusivism Graham Keith
A Moral Evaluation of the State's Guarantee of Religious and Ethical Liberty William F. Cahill
Science, Religion and the Need for a World-View Lars Haikola
Spiritual Information for Integral Transformation Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ
Religion and Development at the Crossroads: Convergence or Divergence? Bahai International Community
Religious Freedom: Innovation and Development Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ
Enjoying and Making Use of a Responsible Freedom Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ
Theorizing Religion at the Turn of the Millennium: From the Sacred to the Semiotic Carl Raschke
Reflecting on the Plurality of Religions Michael Pye
E. B. Tylor and the Anthropology of Religion Benson Saler
Religion and Civil Liberty Hilaire Belloc

Glossary of Religious Terms Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Places of Peace and Power
Teaching Native American Religions Ronald L. Grimes
Bridging Science and Religion: Why it Must be Done Scroll down. Robert John Russell
Psychology of Religion Pages Michael E. Nielsen
Religiously-motivated conflict, oppression, unjustified discrimination, etc. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Laws Relating to Religion and Morality Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
American Religious Experience
Religion Depot
Religion and Literature Philip Schaff
Association of Religion Data Archive
BBC Guide to the Religions of the World
American Academy of Religion
Marburg Journal of Religion
The Pluralism Project
Virtual Religion Index
Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity Jay C. Treat

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