Introduction to Ecclesiastes New American Bible

Ecclesiastes: Introduction from the NIV Study Bible

Kohelet - Chapter 1 Text and commentary by the 11th century rabbi Rashi

The Divine Violence in the Book of Qoheleth Luca Mazzinghi

-The Syntactic Encoding of the Collaborative Nature of Qohelet's Experiment Robert D. Holmstedt

"Word Play' in Qoheleth Scott B. Noegel

Rivalry and Resignation: Girard and Qoheleth on the Divine-Human Relationship Thomas Bolin

Evil, Evangelism and Ecclesiastes Melvin Tinker

Qoheleth in the Canon? Current Trends in the Interpretation of Ecclesiastes Craig Bartholomew

Ecclesiastes and the End of Wisdom M.A. Shields

The Use of Qoheleth in Bonhoeffer's Ethics Gail Nord Paulson

Reading Ecclesiastes 'Epilogically' Andrew G. Shead

The Faith of Qoheleth Roland E. Murphy, O. CARM.

Qoheleth and Job: Diverse Responses to the Enigma of Evil Rosemary Dewey, R.S.C.J.

Qoheleth's World and Life View as Seen in His Recurring Phrases H. Carl Shank

The Linguistic Evidence for the Date of "Ecclesiastes" G. L. Archer, Ph.D.

The Wisdom Literature of the Bible: The Book of Ecclesiastes F.F. Bruce

Book of Ecclesiastes The Jewish Encyclopedia

Ecclesiastes The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1909

A Metaphrase of the Book of Ecclesiastes Gregory Thaumaturgus

A Commentary on the Beginning of Ecclesiastes Dionysius the Great. Scroll down

Anthropomorphic Conception of the Sun in Qohelet 1:5 Aron Pinker

A Specific Application of the Proverb in Ecclesiastes 1:15 Bernon Lee

What Happens in Qohelet 4:13-16 Michael V. Fox

Intrusion of Ptolemaic Reality on Cultic Practices in Qoh 4:17 Aron Pinker

The Doctrine of the Golden Mean in Qoh 7,1518: A Universal Human Pursuit John H. Choi

A Note on Qoh 8,12b-13 Mark Sneed

The Doings of the Wicked in Qohelet 8:10 Aron Pinker

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