The Prophetic Books

The Prophetic Books New American Bible

What is Biblical Prophecy? Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

The Prophetic Tradition Dr. Nicolae Roddy

Deathly Silence and Apocalyptic Noise: Observations on the Soundscape of the Book of the Twelve Aaron Schart

Undoing the Sleights of Hand: Prophets and Scholars Two Mythic Discourses Gerhard van den Heever

'Return to the Lord your God, for He Is Gracious and Compassionate...' (Jl 2:13). A Prophetic Perspective on Reconciliation and Restoration W J Wessels

"Preaching Ironically: Thanks, Reinhold Niebuhr and the Prophets" Dr. Martin Marty

On the Nature of Rethinking Prophetic Literature: Stirring a Neglected Stew (A Response to David L. Petersen) James R. Linville

From Historical Criticism to Cultural Studies: A New Angle on the Biblical Prophets Gina Hens-Piazza

Where Have All the Prophets Gone? The "Disappearing" Israelite Prophet against the Background of Ancient Near Eastern Prophecy Robert P. Gordon

The 12 Minor Prophets Shawn Zelig Aster

The Biblical Prophets and Global Spirituality Patricia G. Kirkpatrick

Prophets, the Freedom of God, and Hermeneutics Willem A. Vangemeren

Prophecy: Crisis and Change at End of Second Temple Period Daniel Ben Rafael Stawsky

The Prophetic Role: Views and Counterviews Gleaned from Various Sources Editors of SIDIC Periodical

From Biblical Roots Robert Murray

The Old Testament Prophets' Self Understanding of Their Prophecy Douglas Stuart

The Origins of Prophetic Frenzy and Ecstatic Utterance in the Old Testament Charles D. Isbell

The Prophets Richard Kugelman

The Prophets and Sacrifice James E. Coleran

Remnant of Israel Jewish Encyclopedia

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