The Apostle Paul

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  • Pauline Chronology: His Life and Missionary Work
  • Social Aspects of the Pauline Churches
  • Major Pauline Themes
  • Paul's Associates and Co-Workers
  • "Justification by Faith" in Galatians & Romans
  • Paul & James on Faith & Works

    Bibliography: Paul and the New Testament Letters Fr. William Harmless, S.J.

    Year of Paul - Resources Villanova University

    Year of St Paul leaflets from the Liturgy Office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
    Romans -- 1 Corinthians -- Philippians -- 1 Thessalonians -- 2 Thessalonians -- Philemon -- 1 & 2 Timothy -- Titus

    Paul and Christian Disunity Nicholas King SJ

    The Conversion of St. Paul Marcel Uwineza SJ

    Is Paul's Turn to the Gentiles a Turn away from the Jews? The Eschatological Context of Paul's Encounter with the Jewish Community in Rome and Accusations of an Anti-Jewish Bias in Acts Rev. Msgr. Richard G. Henning, STD

    Paul the Apostle as Pastor Michael Chung

    The Myth of the 'Law-Free' Paul Standing between Christians and Jews Mark Nanos

    The Apostle Paul in the Popular Jewish Imagination: The Case Study of the British Jewish Chronicle Daniel R. Langton

    "To the Jews as a Jew" (1 Cor 9:20): Paul and Jewish Identity Pheme Perkins

    Paul's Missionary Theology from a Muslim perspective Suleyman Turan

    Anti-Imperial Subtexts in Paul: An Attempt at Building a Firmer Foundation Joel White

    Paul, the One Apostle of the One Gospel Paul Nadim Tarazi

    Vocation as the Meaning of Life in the Letters of St. Paul Fr. Rory Pitstick

    St Paul and Ecumenism Bishop John Arnold

    St. Paul and the Method of Witness Paolo Martinelli

    Challenges of St. Paul to the Mission of the Church in Asia-Pacific Rekha M. Chennattu, RA

    Politics and Perversion: Situating Zizek's Paul Adam Kotsko

    Paul, Origen and Melanchthon on Justification Joseph S. O'Leary

    Paul the Pastor Jerome Murphy-O'Connor OP

    Power in Paul David Harold-Barry SJ

    Paul, Trinity and Community Michael Mullins

    Getting to Know Saint Paul Today: A Change in Paradigm? David Neuhaus SJ

    The Vision of St Paul Nick King SJ

    The Long Road to Damascus Bishop John Arnold

    Who was Saint Paul? Peter Edmonds SJ

    Paul and Gender: Three Jewish Perspectives Daniel R. Langton

    Paul the Apostle: Personal Story, Mission, and Meaning for the Church Today Brendan Byrne, SJ

    Paul's Use of Maxims James D. Hester

    Jewish Philosophical and Psychological Approaches to the Apostle Paul Daniel R. Langton

    Jew, Greek and Christian: Some Reflections on the Pauline Revolution Rémi Brague

    The Theological Centre of Pauline Theology As It Relates to the Holy Spirit Mark Pretorius

    Christ in the Theologies of Paul and John: A Study in the Diverse Unity of New Testament Theology Frank J. Matera

    Paul and Caristanius at Pisidian Antioch Robert L. Mowery

    “Dead to the Law:” Paul's Antinomianism Jeremy Waldron

    The Relation between Church and World/Culture in View of the Pauline "As If Not" [foreign font omitted] G.M.M. Pelser

    Matthew's and Paul's Inclusive Tendencies: A Comparison In-Cheol Shin and Andries G. van Aarde

    Paul's Call to Be a Holy Man (Apostle): In His Own Words and in Other Words John J. Pilch

    Paul the Spiritual Guide: A Social Identity Perspective on Paul's Apostolic Self-Identity Robert Keay

    Renaming in Paul's Churches: The Case of Crispus-Sosthenes Revisited Richard Fellows

    The Roman Base of Paul's Mission E. A. Judge

    The Dead in Christ: Recovering Paul's Understanding of the After-Life Markus Cromhout

    Paul, Law and Grace, and 'Cheap Grace' Lebedevin

    Paul and Gamaliel Bruce D. Chilton and Jacob Neusner

    New Perspectives on Paul N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham

    En Cristw, the Heart of Paul's Moral Theology Henry Wansbrough, OSB

    The Early Life and Background of Paul, the Apostle Rev. Quency E. Wallace

    Paul in Arabia Martin Hengel

    Implications of Paul's "One Flesh" Concept for His Understanding of the Nature of Man S. Aaron Son

    Saint Paul and the Jews Krister Stendahl

    Paul, the Devil and 'Unbelief' in Israel M. Uddin

    Paul, Eschatology and the Augustan Age of Grace J.R. Harrison

    Re-reading Paul: A Fresh Look at His Attitude to Torah and to Judaism Council of Christians and Jews, Victoria, Australia

    Paul's Contradictions -- Can They Be Resolved? John G. Gager

    Paul's Gospel and Caesar's Empire N.T. Wright

    'Be Imitators of Me': Paul's Model of Leadership Andrew D. Clarke

    The Codex and the Early Collection of Paul's Letters E. Randolph Richards

    Mapping the Route of Paul's 'Second Missionary Journey' from Dorylaeum to Troas Robert Jewett

    Constructing The World: An Exegetical and Socio-Rhetorical Analysis of Paul's Uses of 'World' and 'Creation' Edward Adams

    What Has Aristotle to Do with Paul? Rhetorical Criticism and 1 Thessalonians Steve Walton

    Is Paul's Teaching on the Resurrection Compatible with the Gospels? Henry Wansbrough, OSB

    Paul and the Second Adam Henry Wansbrough, OSB

    Paul's Teaching on the Body of Christ Henry Wansbrough, OSB

    Pauline Letter Closings: Analysis and Hermeneutical Significance Jeffrey A. D. Weima

    A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity Daniel Boyarin

    Pauline Paradigms and Pauline Authenticity Darrell J. Doughty

    Blind Alleys in the Controversy over the Paul of History Mark A. Seifrid

    Paul the Jew Brendan Byrne, S.J.

    Giving and Receiving in Paul's Epistles Gerald W. Peterman

    Paul and Judaism--The Jewish Matrix of Early Christianity: Issues in the Current Debate Donald A. Hagner

    Free Speech in Pauline Political Theology David Fredrickson

    A Note on Paul's Use of Isaiah Douglas A. Oss

    Paul and John the Baptist: An Odd Couple? J. Ramsey Michaels

    A Hermeneutic of Shrew-Taming David S. Cunningham

    The Pauline Concept of Original Sin, in Light of Rabbinic Background Stanley E. Porter

    Torah and the Gentile Predicament Lloyd Gaston

    Paul and the Resurrection of the Dead Ben F. Meyer

    Margaret, Bottom, Paul and the Inexpressible Paul W. Gooch

    Some Recent Attempts at Explaining Paul's Theology Thomas Deidun

    Did Paul's View of the Resurrection of the Dead Undergo Development Ben F. Meyer

    The Name of Paul Colin J. Hemer

    Paul and Jerusalem Lloyd Gaston

    Cultural Conformity and Innovation in Paul: Some Clues from Contemporary Documents  E. A. Judge

    The Personology of Grace: A Study of Pauline Anthropology Robin Scroggs

    Idealism and Realism in Paul David Stanley

    Abraham and the Righteousness of God Lloyd Gaston

    Male Headship in Paul's Thought Fred D. Layman

    Image and Incarnation in Pauline Christology:  A Search for Origins Douglas R. de Lacey

    Paul and Providence Henry Wansbrough

    The Paul of History and the Apostle of Faith N. T. Wright, M.A.

    St. Paul's Attitude Toward Women John L. Mckenzie

    Women in the Pauline Assembly: To Prophesy, But Not To Speak? Robert J. Karris

    Would Paul not Raise His Eyebrows? John Wijngaards

    The Missionary Preaching of Paul: A Problem in New Testament Theology Donald H. Madvig

    Theological Diversity in the Letters of St Paul J. W. Drane, M.A., Ph.D.

    St. Paul's Posture on Speaking in Unknown Tongues Harvey J. S. Blaney

    Leviticus 18:5 and Paul: Do This and You Shall Live (Eternally) Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., M.A.

    Pauline Theology of the Temple L. Frizzell

    Pauline Church Discipline D. R. Hall, M.A.

    Paul and Jerusalem F. F. Bruce, M.A., D.D.

    The Mission of Paul Robert M. Grant

    The Style of St. Paul: Apropos of Brunot's "Le Genie Litteraire de Saint Paul" Herbert Musurillo

    Paul and His Epistles Richard Heard

    An Ephesian Imprisonment of Paul Benjamin Willard Robinson

    Saul of Tarsus Jewish Encyclopedia

    Was St. Paul In Spain? Louis O'Donovan, page 391

    Review of the Pauline Chronology A. J. Maas, S. J., July issue, p. 57

    Review of the Pauline Chronology. Part II A. J. Maas, S. J., October issue, p. 61

    Notes on St. Paul: Corinthians, Galatians, Romans Joseph Rickaby, SJ

    Was St. Paul, Married—Canon Fabbar's Answer Joseph V. Tracey, S.S., page 697

    Paul's Westward Mission in Acts and the Epistles: Incidental, Deliberate or Prophetic? Tony Costa, B.A., M.A., PhD

    The Message and Mission of Paul James Tabor

    Is Paul the Father of Misogyny and Antisemitism? Pamela Eisenbaum

    Paul the Chameleon? His Portrayals of Judaism for Different Audiences Steve Mason

    Footsteps of Paul Thomas Price and Allan Brockway

    Pisidian Antioch

    As Paul Tells It

    Who are those "Servants of Satan"? Jerry L. Sumney

    Examples of Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation in Paul David Charnon

    Paul William Barclay

    Some Observations about Paul and Intermediaries Alan Segal

    Paul's Christology of Divine Identity Richard Bauckham

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