Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests Vatican II

Decree on Priestly Formation Vatican II

On the Formation of Priests Pope John Paul II

Letters of the Holy Father to Priests for Holy Thursday by Pope John Paul II
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Letter of the Holy Father to Priests for Holy Thursday, 2006 Pope Benedict XVI

Congregation for the Clergy

Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests Congregation for the Clergy

Interesting Statistics Affecting the Priesthood and the Faith National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood

Ministerial Priesthood US Bishops

Towards Priesthood New Zealand Bishops

Pope Pius XI: Ad Catholici Sacerdotii (1935) On the Catholic Priesthood

Priests, Sex and the Media Andrew Hamilton

Fixing the Priesthood Michael Kelly

Priests and the Social Gospel William F. Murphy, STD, Bishop of Rockville Centre

Plea for the Voluntary Nature of the Celibacy of the Latin Catholic Priests Georg Kraus

What Sort of Priests Do We Want? Dr Andrew Thomas Kania

Jesus Our Priest Gerald O'Collins SJ

Priesthood in the Society of Jesus Bernard Sesboue SJ

Re-imaging Priesthood Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ

The Hiddenness of Priestly Life James Hanvey SJ

Priestly Celibacy: The Obligations of Continence and Celibacy for Priests Brendan Daly

'Priests' or Servant Leaders? Joseph Mattam, SJ

The Priest and the Art of Ancient Rhetoric James McTavish, FMVD

On Priesthood Michael Paul Gallagher, SJ

Priesthood: Inherently Missionary James H. Kroeger, MM

Priesthood in Two Forms: Priests and Elders? Bishop Fritz Lobinger

Priest as Intercessor Felipe Gomez, SJ

The Priest, the Liturgy, and the Church Aloysius Pieris, SJ

Priesthood: A Sacrament of the Father José Granados

Emerging Challenges for Priests Soroj Mullick, SDB

Ministry Appraisal: One Priest's Experience Terry Lyons

Priesthood in the Theology of John Paul II Tim Costelloe SDB

Ministry Supervision—One Priest's Experience Terry Lyons

The Priest a Diminishing Figure? John Ryan

The African Priesthood of the Future Laurenti Magesa

Viri Probati Can Be a Great Enrichment Bishop Fritz Lobinger

Community Priests: A Response to Bp. Lobinger's Idea of the Ordination of Community Leaders Bishop Francisco Claver, S.J.

Jack Wall on Being a Pastor with Imagination

The Priest as "Another Christ" in Liturgical Prayer Ralph A. Keifer

Priestly Ministry at the Service of Ecclesial Communion Marc Ouellet, SS

The Ordained Ministry in Different Traditions Colin Davey

An Experience of Priesthood in Two Continenets Rafael Esteban

Future Choices Peter E. Fink

The Priest and the Anima Eckhard Frick

Future Models of Ordained Ministry Paul Hypher

New Colours for New Cloth Penelope A. B. Jamieson

Ordained Ministry in the Public World Alan Nichols

The Priestliness of the Human Heart John O'Donohue

The Priest and the Anima Helmut Remmler

Extending Ordained Ministry Margaret Ulloa

Priest Anthony T. Padovano

Priest for 39 Years Writes to Pope about Celibacy

Bishops Ask Pope to Allow Married Priests John Thavis

The Nature of the Priesthood Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

In Front of the Mask: The Priest in Contemporary Dramas of Integrity Larry D. Bouchard

The Contemporary Priest: Experience and Identity Gerard Burke

The Priest and the Feminine Maria Boulding

Celibacy, Affectivity and Friendship Bernard Bush

The Married Priest Victor DeWaal

Spiritual Direction and the Priest Gerard W. Hughes

The Priest in the Community Kevin Kelly

The Personal Prayer of the Priest Michael Kyne

What is a Priest? Joseph Laishley

The Priest as Presence Hugh Lavery

How Can Evangelical Celibacy be Authentic? Louis Roy

A Ministerial Priesthood: A Methodist Account David Tripp

Expanding Horizons Michael Winter

The Apostolic Origins of Clerical Continence: A Critical Appraisal of a New Book Roger Balducelli

Clerical Continence in the Fourth Century: Three Papal Decretals Daniel Callam

The Theology of Eucharistic Consecration: Role of the Priest in Celtic Liturgy Joseph H. Crehan

The Decision for Celibacy Roger Balducelli

Ministerial Priesthood: A Survey of Work Since the Council Joseph H. Crehan

Theology of the Presbyterium Joseph J. O'Brien

The Seven Orders of Christ Joseph H. Crehan

The Intellectual Apostolate of the Priest Lyman A. Fenn

Christian maturity in clerical life Augustine P. Hennessy

"Minister Christi sacerdos" J. P. Haran

Rules of Life for the Pastor of Souls T. Slater, SJ, and A. Rauch, SJ

The Priest: His Character and Work Fr. James Keatinge

The Young Priest: Conferences on the Apostolic Life Herbert Cardinal Vaughan

The Parish Priest on Duty: A Practical Manual for Pastors, Curates, and Theological Students Preparing for the Mission H. J. Heuser

The ambassador of Christ Cardinal James Gibbons

Priest Jewish Encyclopedia

Catechism on the Priesthood Cure of Ars

National Federation of Priests Councils

National Association of Hispanic Priests of the USA

The Missionary Society of Saint James the Apostle

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

Companions of the Cross

The Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Married Priests Web Site

Priestly Identity Bishop Anthony T. Lobo

The National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood

Sexual Abuse by Clergy

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