The Old Testament

Articles in HTS Theological Studies
The Land: Primary Category of Faith G.J. Volschenk
The Rich, the Poor, and the Law Dieter H. Reinstorf
Tenach and Old Testament - the same Bible? James Alfred Loader
Old Testament Exegesis: Reflections on Methodology Alphonso Groenewald
Leadership in Africa and in the Old Testament: A Transcendental Perspective E. O. Usue
A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to the Emotion of Anger in the Old TestamentZacharias Kotze

Articles from Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Pentecostals' Reading of the Old Testament M Nel
Theology Chronicle: Images of God in the Old Testament: Yahweh -- Loving Father And Mother A Groenewald
What Is a God? Metatheistic Assumptions in Old Testament Yahwism(s) J W Gericke
Symbolic Inversion in Death: Some Examples from the Old Testament and the Ancient Near Eastern world Paul A Kruger
Recent Trends in the Study of the History of Pre-Monarchic Israelite Religion with Particular Emphasis on the Concept of the Covenant Silvia Linington

Articles in Biblica, the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
Tiglath-pileser III's Campaigns in 734-732 B.C.: Historical Background of Isa 7; 2 Kgs 15-16 and 2 Chr 27-28 Peter Dubovsky
Israelite Sheepshearing and David's Rise to Power Jeffrey C. Geoghegan
A New Look at the Inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser IIIGershom Galil
God's Steadfast Love: Towards a New Conception of Old Testament Theology Hermann Spieckermann

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
The Finger of God and the Forming of a Nation: The Origin and Purpose of the Decalogue David L. Baker
Ethnicity, Assimilation and the Israelite Settlement Pekka Pitkanen
The Human Need for Continuity: Some ANE and OT Perspectives Deryck Sheriffs
'I Am Against You': Yahweh's Judgement on the Nations and its Ancient Near Eastern Context Simon Sherwin
Figuring Out Figurines Philip Johnston

Yahweh's Suspension of Free Will in the Old Testament: Divine Immorality or Sign-Act? Brian P. Irwin
Popular Religion in Old Testament Research: Past, Present & Future Jules Gome
Where Was Ancient Zion? Peter J. Leithart
Innocent Suffering in Egypt Daniel P. Bricker
Terminological Patterns and the Divine Epithet ShaddaiW. Warning

The Relevance of Creation and Righteousness to Intervention for the Poor and Needy in the Old Testament Richard Neville
Mesopotamian Religious Syncretism Simon Sherwin
'Why Has Yahweh Defeated Us Today before the Philistines?' The Question of the Ark Narrative A. Stirrup
Innocent Suffering in Mesopotamia Daniel P. Bricker
Proclaiming the Future: History and Theology in Prophecies against Tyre Thomas Renz

Messianic Expectations in the Early Post-Exilic Period Wolter H. Rose
Reading The Old Testament in Postmodern Times Craig Bartholomew
Royal Expectations in Genesis to Kings: Their Importance for Biblical Theology T. Desmond Alexander
The Status and Functions of Jewish Scribes in the Second-Temple Period Christine Schams
An 'Extraordinary Fact': Torah and Temple and the Contours of the Hebrew Canon, Part 2 Stephen Dempster

An 'Extraordinary Fact': Torah and Temple and the Contours of the Hebrew Canon, Part 1 Stephen Dempster
David's Second Sparing of Saul According to Josephus Christopher Begg

Hesed As Obligation: A Re-Examination Robin Routledge
The Knowledge of Writing in Iron Age Palestine Alan Millard
The Wayyiqtol As 'Pluperfect': When and Why C. John Collins

Fallacies in the Study of Early Israel: An Onomastic Perspective Richard S. Hess
The Underworld and the Dead in the Old Testament Philip Johnston
'I Am' in Context David M. Ball
Understanding the Herem J.P.U. Lilley
The Ethical Authority of the Old Testament: A Survey of Approaches. Part I Christopher J.H. Wright

The Ethical Authority of the Old Testament: A Survey of Approaches. Part II Christopher J.H. Wright
The Central Sanctuary: Where and When? Jeffrey Niehaus
Israelite and Aramean History in the Light of Inscriptions A.R. Millard
The Fall and Rise of Covenant, Law and Treaty Kenneth A. Kitchen
The Kingdom of God in the Old TestamentMartin Selman

The Governors of Judah under the Persians Hugh G. M. Williamson
'Âdâm as 'Skin' and 'Earth': An Examination of Some Proposed Meanings in Biblical Hebrew Richard S. Hess
Sennacherib's Attack on Hezekiah A. R. Millard
Hope in the Old Testament David A. Hubbard
Ugarit, Canaan, and Israel Peter C. Craigie

King Solomon's Mines? A Re-Assessment of Finds in the Arabah John J. Bimson
Temples of the Levant and the Buildings of Solomon Christopher J. Davey
The Israelite Household and the Decalogue: The Social Background and Significance of Some Commandments Christopher J. H. Wright
'Bamoth' in the Old Testament J. T. Whitney
God's 'Name' and God's 'Glory' J. Gordon McConville

The Descent of Ishtar, the Fall of Sophia, and the Jewish Roots of Gnosticism Edwin V. Yamauchi, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
The Fear of the Lord as the 'Principle' of Wisdom Henri Blocher, B.D.
The Man of War and the Suffering Servant, the Old Testament and the Theology of Liberation J. E. Goldingay, B.A.
The Social Environment of the Patriarchs M. E. J. Selman, B.A., Ph.D.
From The Brickfields of Egypt K. A. Kitchen, B.A., Ph.D.

The Study of Old Testament Theology: Its Aims and Purpose John Goldingay, B.A.
A Recent Popularisation of Professor F.M. Cross' Theories on the Text of the Old Testament D.W. Gooding, M.A., Ph.D.
The Wilderness Itineraries G. I. Davies, M.S.
Old Testament Textual Criticism: Its Principles and Practice. Apropos of Recent English Versions D. F. Payne, B.A., M.A.
Ugaritic Spelling Errors M. E. J. Richardson, B.A.

'That You May Know That Yahweh Is God': A Study in the Relationship between Theology and Historical Truth in the Old Testament John Goldingay, B.A.
Flying Serpents? D. J. Wiseman, O.B.E., M.A., D.Lit., F.B.A., F.S.A.
The Wrath of God Seth Erlandsson, D.Phil.
The Poetry of Ugarit and Israel P. C. Caigie, M.A., M.Th., Ph.D.
Legal Forms in the Book of the Covenant G. J. Wenham, M.A., Ph.D.

Some Contributions of Hittitology to Old Testament Study H. A. Hoffner, Jr., M.A., Ph.D.
The Conquest and Early Hebrew PoetryP. C. Craigie, M.A.
Hebrew Toponyms M. E. J. Richardson, B.A.
Large Numbers in the Old Testament J. W. Wenham M.A., B.D.
The New Testament Interpretation of the Old Testament G. W. Grogan, B.D. M.Th.

The Wisdom Movement and Israel's Covenant Faith D. A. Hubbard
Historical Method and Early Hebrew TraditionK. A. Kitchen
'For He Is Good' A. R. Millard

Articles in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
When Did Jerusalem Fall? Rodger C Young
When Did Solomon Die? Rodger C Young
Israel, the People of God, and the Nations Eckard J Schnabel
A Theological Investigation of Motivation in Old Testament Law Greg Chirichigno
Tackling Old Testament Theology Elmer A. Martens
Lex Talionis and the Human Fetus Meredith G. Kline
A New Occurrence of the Divine Name "I AM" Ronald Youngblood
Jehovah's International Love Arthur H. Lewis, Ph.D.
Simeon, the Tenth Tribe of Israel Leon J. Wood, Ph.D.
Name Terms of the Old Testament Prophet of God Eugene H. Merrill, Ph.D.
The Covenant with Moses and Its Historical Setting Cleon L. Rogers, Jr., Th.D.
Tekoa: Historical and Cultural Profile Martin H. Heickson, M.A.

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
God and Violence in the Old Testament Terence E. Fretheim
A House for God and a House for David Tony W. Cartledge
And Then There Were the Women in His Life: David and His Women Diane Jacobson
David, God, and the Word Marti J. Steussy
The Significance of the David Tradition for the Emergence of Messianic Beliefs in the Old Testament Ernst-Joachim Waschke
Who Was King David? Steven L. McKenzie
Rachel's Lament Frederick A. Niedner, JR.
Innocent or Holy? Justification and Sanctification in Old Testament TheologyRodney Hutton
Death and Resurrection in the Old Testament Wendell W. Frerichs
Priest, Prophet, Wisdom Teacher: Old Testament Models of the MinisterDaniel Simundson
The Human in the Old Testament Claus Westermann
The Old Testament: A Heresy Continued? Hemchand Gossai
The Old Testament and the Christian Gospel Frederick J. Gaiser
The Color of God: Israel's God-Talk and Life Experience Terence E. Fretheim
Reading the Hebrew Scriptures in the First Century: Christian Interpretations in Their Jewish Context George W. E. Nickelsburg
The Old Testament in Christian Proclamation Terence E. Fretheim
The Old Testament in Christian Proclamation: A New Testament Perspective Donald H. Juel
The Childs Proposal: A Symposium Ralph W. Klein, Gary Stansell, and Walter Brueggemann

Articles from the The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
Towards a Theology of the Tabernacle and its Furniture Gary Anderson
Passover at Gilgal: From Joshua to Qumran and Jesus Etienne Nodet
A Messiah in Heaven? A Re-evaluation of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Traditions Cana Werman

Articles from the Bible and Interpretation
Reconstructing the Society of Ancient Israel Paula McNutt
Official Religion and Popular Religion in Pre-Exilic Ancient Israel Jacques Berlinerblau
Women and House Religion Elizabeth Willett
Old Testament, New Hatreds: The Hebrew Bible and Antisemitism in Nazi Germany Doris L. Bergen
The City Concept in the Hebrew Bible Karolien Vermeulen
The Earliest Israel: Territorial History in the Highlands of Canaan Israel Finkelstein
The Agrarian Priesthood of Second Temple Judaism Benjamin D. Gordon
Tanakh Epistemology? Douglas Yoder
Afterlife and Resurrection Beliefs in the Second Temple Period Jan A. Sigvartsen
Archaeology, Biblical Research and Ancient Israel Margreet Steiner
God in Conflict: Images of the Divine Warrior in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Texts Scott C. Ryan
Characters and Their Language in the Hebrew Bible: Suspicion and the Well-Dressed Man at the Door Maryann Amor
Election in the Hebrew Bible Joel S. Kaminsky
Myth as Story and Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible Paul K.-K. Cho
Hebrew Bible and the "Fear of God" Phillip Michael Lasater
Factors Complicating the Reconstruction of Women's Lives in Iron Age Israel (1200-587 B.C.E.) Beth Alpert Nakhai
Israel's Identity and Forces of Group Cohesion in the Postexilic Period Maria Häusl
Who Is David? Thomas L. Thompson
The World of Children in the Hebrew Bible Kristine Henriksen Garroway
Did the Fortified Jerusalem of the Middle Bronze Just Vanish, and What Does This Say About King David? Dr. David Gurevich
Why the Hebrew Bible is so Easy/Difficult to Interpret Kenneth Seeskin
Reading the Hebrew Bible through Marginal/ized Female Characters Wil Gafney
The Ancient Israelites through Archaeology, History and Text Paul V. M. Flesher
The Hebrew Bible, the Enlightenment, and Theocracy Mira Morgenstern
The Chief of Miners Mashe/Moshe, the Historical Moses Charles Krahmalkov
Incest in the Hebrew Bible Johanna Stiebert
The Role of Women in the Making of the Messianic Dynasty Rachel Adelman
Sin as Rhetoric in the Hebrew Bible: The Framing Power of Metaphor Joseph Lam
King David and the Illusory Judah Mahri Leonard-Fleckman
From Plato to Moses: Genesis-Kings as a Platonic Epic Philippe Wajdenbaum
The Hebrew Canon and Politics Philip R Davies
How Did Rabshakeh Know the Language of Judah? Yigal Levin

Articles from Biblical
The Rationale of the Laws of Clean and Unclean in the Old Testament Joe M. Sprinkle
Biblical Naming and Poetic Etymology Herbert Marks
The Case for Kingship in Deuteronomy and the Former Prophets David M. Howard, Jr.
Elijah Must Come First Dale C. Allison, Jr.
Coregencies and Overlapping Reigns among the Hebrew Kings Edwin R. Thiele
Evidence for an Autumnal New Year in Pre-Exilic Israel Reconsidered David J.A. Clines
Causation and the Ancient World View Robert McQueen Grant
Study of the Formula, "Until This Day" Brevard S. Childs
The Sabbath in the Old Testament: Its Origin and Development Theophile James Meek
Israel's Conquest of Canaan Lewis Bayles Paton
On the Archaeological Exploration of Palestine David Gordon Lyon
Antiochus IV, Epiphanes Phillips Barry
Abraham and Archaeology George A. Barton
Some Problems in Ancient Palestinian Topography George A. Barton
Azariah of Judah and Tiglath-pileser III Howell M. Haydn
Theodoret and the Law Book of Josiah James A. Kelso
West Semitic Deities with Compound Names George A. Barton
Dr. Torrey on the Edomites Thomas Kelly Cheyne
The Edomites in Southern Judah Charles Cutler Torrey
The Old Testament Reckoning of Regnal Years Edward Lewis Curtis
The Men of Judah' in the El-Amarna Tablets Morris Jastrow
The Date of the Downfall of Samaria Willis Judson Beecher
Ashtoreth and Her Influence in the Old Testament George A. Barton

Articles from the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research
Feminist Exegesis of the Old Testament, Some Critical Reflections Paul Joyce
"Mother in Israel": A Familiar Story Reconsidered J. Cheryl Exum
Culture, Leadership and Symbolism in the Old Testament Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P.
And Sarah Laughed: The Status of Woman in the Old Testament John H.Otwell

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
God, Male and Female in the Old Testament: Yahweh and His "Asherah" Mark S. Smith
Polycarp and Marcion: A Note Charles M. Nielsen
The Hebrew Scriptures and the Theology of Creation Richard J. Clifford
The Concept of Commandment in the Old Testament Matthew J. O'Connell
The Word of God in the Old Testament John L. McKenzie
Bulletin of the Old Testament Frederick L. Moriarty
Ugaritic "drkt" and Biblical "derek" Mitchell J. Dahood
Bulletin of the Old Testament Frederick L. Moriarty
Bulletin of the Old Testament Frederick L. Moriarty
The God of Egypt's Wise Men George C. Ring

Articles in Hiphil, an academic journal on Old Testament Hebrew Bible theology, interpretation, poetics, history, interactivity, and linguistics
Remember the Days of Old (Deut 32:79) - Oral and Written Transmission in the Hebrew Bible Jens Bruun Kofoed
The Identity of the Angel of the Lord Mart-Jan Paul

Articles in Teologia
The Anthropological Understanding of the "Heart" in the Old Testament Nicolae Razvan Stan, page 73
Agape in the Old Testament under the light of 1 Cor. 13 Eleni Hristinakis, page 10

Articles from
The Biblical Borders of the Land of Israel Menachem Leibtag
Brit Milah and the Number Eight Menachem Leibtag
The Biblical Significance of 'Matar' Menachem Leibtag

Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
On The Elusiveness and Malleability of "Israel" Silvio Sergio Scatolini Apostolo
Female Slave vs Female Slave: amati and siphatah Edward J Bridge
History in the Eye of the Beholder? Social Location and Allegations of Racial/Colonial Biases in Reconstructions of Sennacherib's Invasion of Judah Paul S Evans
Foreign Marriages and Citizenship in Persian Period Judah Wolfgang Oswald
"Oh that you were like a brother to me, one who had nursed at my mother's breasts." Breast Milk as a Kinship-Forging Substance Cynthia R Chapman
The Conflict between Adonijah and Solomon in Light of Succession Practices Near and Far Andrew Knapp
What are 'Elilim? Mark W. Hamilton
Covenant in the Persian Period Steven Schweitzer, ed
Remembering Three Nehemiahs in Late Second Temple Times: Patterns and Trajectories in Memory Shaping Ehud Ben Zvi, Sylvie Honigman
Was Khirbet Qeiyafa a Judahite City? The Case against It Nadav Na'aman
Sheol, the Tomb, and the Problem of Postmortem Existence Matthew Suriano
"The Lord Has Rejected You As King Over Israel": Saul's Deposal from the Throne Yisca Zimran
The Call Narratives of Gideon and Moses: Literary Convention or More? Hava Shalom-Guy
The Mound on the Mount: A Possible Solution to the Problem with Jerusalem Israel Finkelstein, Ido Koch, Oded Lipschits
Priestly Power that Empowers: Michel Foucault, Middle-tier Levites, and the Sociology of “Popular Religious Groups” in Israel Mark A. Christian
Loose Canons: Reflections on the Formation of the Hebrew Bible Philip R. Davies
"Great Among His Brothers," But Who Is He? Heterogeneity in the Composition of Judah Gary N. Knoppers
In Conversation with W. M. Schniedewind, How the Bible Became a Book: The Textualization of Ancient Israel (Cambridge, 2003) David M. Carr, Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, Christine Mitchell, William M. Schniedewind, Gary N. Knoppers, David M. Carr, Christine Mitchell, William M. Schniedewind
Death, Social Conflict, and the Barley Harvest in the Hebrew Bible Brian Britt
Tracing the Origin of the Sabbatical Calendar in the Priestly Narrative (Genesis 1 to Joshua 5) Philippe Guillaume
On the meaning of nehusah qeset Aron Pinker
Geminate Ballast and Clustering: An Unrecognized Literary Feature in Ancient Semitic Poetry Scott Noegel
Did Second Temple High Priests Possess the Urim and Thummim? Lisbeth S. Fried
Moses Outside the Torah and the Construction of a Diaspora Identity Thomas Romer
Saul as a Just Judge in Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews Michael Avioz
The Contribution of Archaeozoology to the Identification of the Ritually Clean Ungulates Mentioned in The Hebrew Bible Zohar Amar, Ram Bouchnick, Guy Bar-Oz
Why Does Eleazar Sprinkle The Red Cow Blood? Making Sense of a Biblical ritual William K. Gilders
"You Shall Not Abhor an Edomite, for He is Your Brother": The Tradition of Esau and the Edomite Genealogies from an Anthropological Perspective Juan Manuel Tebes
Found But Not Lost: A Skeptical Note on the Document Discovered in the Temple under Josiah David Henige
"The Tallest Man Cannot Reach Heaven; the Broadest Man Cannot Cover Earth" – Reconsidering the Proverb and its Biblical Parallels Nili Samet

Articles in lectio difficilior , a European electronic journal for feminist exegesis
Beyond the Textual Gaps of Courtly Intrigues: The Story of Queen Bathsheba Nikolett Moricz
Trees as Male and Female: A Biblical Metaphor and its Rabbinic Elaboration Cecilia Haendler
Gender, Class, and Androcentric Compliance in the Rapes of Enslaved Women in the Hebrew Bible Susanne Scholz

Articles from oher sources
Afflicting Our Souls: Fasting in the Old Testament Karen Eliasen
Biblical Prose Prayer: As a Window to the Popular Religion of Ancient Israel Moshe Greenberg
God Doesn't Break Bad in the Old Testament Gary A. Anderson
Where Did the Ancient Semites Come From? Dr. Igor P. Lipovsky
Ownership and Property in the Old Testament EconomyWalter Kaiser Jr.
Two Approaches to Life in the Second Temple Period: Deuteronomy and Qoholet Christo Lombaard
Evolution, God and Job's Ostrich Marie Turner
Geminate Ballast: An Unrecognized Literary Feature in Ancient Semitic Poetry Scott Noegel
Kol Akara: The Voice of the Barren Woman Sara Wiseman-Stein
The "Dog" (keleb) in Ancient Israel as a Symbol of Male Passivity and Perversion John Barclay Burns
On the Primary Tension of Old Testament Faith Walter Brueggemann
Exploring Empathy in the Old Testament Marion Taylor
Spirit Is Gradually Revealed in Scripture Pope John Paul II
Loose Canons: Reflections on the Formation of the Hebrew Bible Philip R. Davies
The Ten Commandments Rev. George Mastrantonis
The Samaritans in the Hasmonean Period Lester L. Grabbe
Astrology [in Judaism in Late Antiquity] Lester J. Ness
Biblical Prose Prayer: As a Window to the Popular Religion of Ancient Israel Moshe Greenberg
Special Calls in Old Testament Mary Paul Ewen
The Origins of Prophetic Frenzy and Ecstatic Utterance in the Old Testament World Charles D. Isbell

Articles from the Catholic Encyclopedia (1910-1914) and the Jewish Encyclopedia (1906). Uppercase titles are from the Catholic Encyclopedia, lowercase titles are from the Jewish Encyclopedia. Keep in mind that the research is a century old.
ABEL Abel | ABRAHAM Abraham | ABSALOM Absalom | ADAM Adam | AMOS Amos | NOAH'S ARK Ark of Noah | ARK OF THE COVENANT Ark of the Covenant | BAAL, BAALIM Ba'al and Ba'al-Worship | BALAAM Balaam | BENJAMIN Benjamin | CAIN Cain | CANON OF THE OLD TESTAMENT Bible Canon | BOOKS OF CHRONICLES (PARALIPOMENON) Books of Chronicles | CIRCUMCISION Circumcision | THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Decalogue | BOOK OF DANIEL Book of Daniel | KING DAVID David | BOOK OF ECCLESIASTES Ecclesiastes | ECCLESIASTICUS The Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach | ELIAS Elijah | ELISHA Elisha | ESDRAS Ezra the Scribe Book of Ezra | ESTHER Esther | EZEKIEL Ezekiel Book of Ezekiel | SAINT GABRIEL THE ARCHANGEL Gabriel | HABAKKUK Habakkuk Book of Habakkuk | HAGGAI Haggai Book of Haggai | HEZEKIAH Hezekiah | HOSEA Hosea, the Prophet Book of Hosea | ISAIAS Isaiah Book of Isaiah | JACOB Jacob | JEREMIAS THE PROPHET Jeremiah Book of Jeremiah | JOB Job Book of Job | JOEL Joel | JONAS Jonah Book of Jonah | JOSEPH Joseph | JOSHUA Joshua Book of Joshua | BOOK OF JUDGES Book of Judges | BOOK OF JUDITH Book of Judith | FIRST AND SECOND BOOKS OF KINGS Books of Samuel | THIRD AND FOURTH BOOKS OF KINGS Books of Kings | BOOKS OF MACHABEES Books of Maccabees | MALACHIAS Book of Malachi | MOSES Moses | NAHUM Nahum Book of Nahum | BOOK OF NEHEMIAH Nehemiah Book of Nehemiah | PENTATEUCH Pentateuch Torah | BOOK OF PROVERBS Book of Proverbs | PSALMS Psalms | SAINT RAPHAEL Raphael | BOOK OF RUTH Book of Ruth | SOLOMON Solomon | TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM Temple of Solomon Second Temple Plan of the Second Temple Temple of Herod Administration & Service of the Temple | TOBIAS Book of Tobit | TOWER OF BABEL Tower of Babel | BOOK OF WISDOM Book of the Wisdom of Solomon | ZACHARIAS Zechariah Book of Zechariah | SOPHONIAS Zephaniah


The Hebrew Scriptures Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Defending the Deuterocanonicals James Akin
The Old Testament Canon James Akin
The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Blessing-Psalter St. Arsenios of Cappadocia
The Division of the Ten Commandments James Akin
The Family of Abraham Prof. Felix Just, S.J.
Covenants, Pillars, Theologies and Festivals in Judaism Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

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