The New Testament

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Electronic New Testament Educational Resources
A Brief Overview of each Book and Letter in the New Testament
The New Testament Canon
A Glossary of Important Terms for Biblical Studies
An Overview of New Testament Geography
Rulers in Israel during the Roman Era
Jewish Groups at the Time of Jesus

Articles from Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Challenging Biblical Fundamentalism by Seeking the Influence of the Synagogue in the Formation of the Synoptic Gospels J.S. Spong
"We are Judean"! The Sayings Gospel Q's Redactional Approach to the LawM Cromhout
Intertextuality and Historical Approaches to the Use of Scripture in the New TestamentSteve Moyise
Reconciliation in the General Epistles? G J Steyn
The Obedience of the Church as a Prelude to the Parousia: Ecclesial and Temporal Factors in New Testament Eschatology Paul Hartwig
Assessing Representations of the Imperial Cult in New Testament Studies Pieter J J Botha
The Earliest Jesus Group in Jerusalem Andries van Aarde
Rehabilitating Judas Iscariot in French Literature F Hale

Articles in HTS Theological Studies
Were the Galileans "Religious Jews" or "Ethnic Judeans"? Markus Cromhout
A Clash of Symbolic Universes: Judeanism vs Hellenism Markus Cromhout
New Testament Textual Criticism is dead! Long live New Testament Textual Criticism!J. Eugene Botha
Religion and Covenantal Praxis in First Century Judeanism Dr. Markus Cromhout
The First Disciples of Jesus in Galilee Santiago Guijarro
A socio-cultural model of Judean ethnicity: A proposal Markus Cromhout and Andries G. Van Aarde
The Role Alternate States of Consciousness Played in the Baptism and Eucharist of the Earliest Jesus-Followers Jonanda Groenewald, Andries G. Van Aarde
Resistance and Nonresistance: New Testament Perspectives on Confronting the Powers Dorothy Jean Weaver
The Origin, Function and Disappearance of the "Twelve": Continuity from Jesus to the Post-Easter Community? Dietrich-Alex Koch
Pseudepigraphic Paulines in the New Testament Eduard Verhoef
The Foundation, Value and Meaning of Baptism in the New Testament Jonanda Groenewald
Virgin Mother or Bastard Child? John Dominic Crossan
"Son of Man" and Exegetical Myths Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole
A Social Scientific Study of the Significance of the Jubilee in the New Testament Gert Volschenk, Andries van Aarde
The meaning of the word gamo in Lk 14:20; 17:27; Mk 12:25 and in a number of early Jewish and Christian authors Sjef van Tilborg
The Social Class of the Baptist: Dissident Retainer or Peasant Millennialist? Johan Strijdom

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Paul would be proud: the New Testament and Jewish-Gentile respect Michael Peppard
The Life of Martha of Bethany by Pseudo-Marcilia Diane E. Peters
Crisis in Jerusalem? Narrative Criticism in New Testament Studies Pheme Perkins
The Changing Shape of New Testament Theology John R. Donahue
Mary Magdalene as Major Witness to Jesus' Resurrection Daniel Kendall and Gerald O'Collins
The Paschal Imagination: Objectivity and Subjectivity in New Testament InterpretationSandra M. Schneiders
New Testament Communities in Transition: A Study of Matthew and Luke Eugene A. LaVerdiere and William G. Thompson
The Virginal Conception of Jesus in the New Testament Joseph A. Fitzmyer
The New Testament Canon: Historical Process and Spirit's Witness Nicolaas Appel
Does the New Testament Call Jesus God? Raymond E. Brown
The New Testament Doctrine of Baptism: An Essay in Biblical Theology David M. Stanley
Peter According to the D-Text of Acts Joseph H. Crehan
The Problem of Itala Herbert Musurillo
Bulletin of the New Testament John J. Collins and David M. Stanley
Kingdom to Church: The Structural Development of Apostolic Christianity in the New Testament David M. Stanley
Bulletin of the New Testament John J. Collins
Bulletin of the New Testament John J. Collins
The Hatred of the House of Annas Paul Gaetcher
Tradition and the Roman Origin of the Captivity Letters John T. Curran
Our Daily Bread John Hennig

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
Problems with Perichoresis Oliver D. Crisp
Perceptions of Crucifixion among Jews and Christians in the Ancient World David W. Chapman
Presbuteroi Christianoi: Towards a Theory of Integrated Ministry Stephen Richard North
Some Recently Published NT Papyri from Oxyrhynchus: An Overview and Preliminary Assessment Peter M. Head
A Reconsideration of Pseudepigraphy in Early Christianity J. Duff
New Testament Pseudonymity and Deception T.L. Wilder
Women in Public Life in the Roman East R.A. Kearsley
The Language of the New Testament Lars Rydbeck
Healing by a Mere Touch As a Christian ConceptPieter J. Lalleman
Leadership and Lifestyle: Luke's Paul, Luke's Jesus and the Paul of 1 Thessalonians Steve Walton
Baptism, Catechism, and the Eclipse of Jesus' Teaching In Early Christianity Alan Kreider
'I Will Give You Rest': The Background and Significance of the Rest Motif in the New Testament John Laansma
Christology And The Synoptic Problem Peter M. Head
Exploring The Common Identification of Three New Testament Manuscripts: P 4, P 64 and P 67 Philip W. Comfort
Notes on P 4 = Bibliotheque Nationale Paris, Supplementum Graece 1120/5 Carsten Peter Thiede
Papyrus Magdalen Greek 17 (Gregory-Aland P64): A Reappraisal Carsten Peter Thiede
The Imagery of Birth Pangs in the New Testament Conrad Gempf
Did Jesus Ever Teach in Greek? Stanley E. Porter
Not So Idle Thoughts about Eidolothuton Ben Witherington III
The Elders: Seniority in Earliest Christianity R. Alastair Campbell
The Jews in Luke-Acts Jon A. Weatherly
Church and Temple in the New Testament  I. Howard Marshall
The Ascension in Luke-Acts John F. Maile
Legal Metaphors in the Epistles Francis Lyall
The Delay of the Parousia Richard J. Bauckham
'I Say, Not the Lord': Personal Opinion, Apostolic Authority and the Development of Early Christian Halakah Peter Richardson
What Is Preaching According to the New Testament? Klaas Runia, T.D.
Alexandria Troas C.J. Hemer M.A., Ph.D.
Some Ideas of Resurrection in the New Testament Period J. W. Drane, M.A., Ph.D.
Prayer in Luke-Acts P. T. O'Brien, B.D.
Did Peter Go to Rome in AD 42? W. Wenham, M.A., B.D.
Can We Reproduce the Exegesis of the New Testament? R. N. Longenecker, M.A., Ph.D.
Christ in Our Place—The Contribution of the Prepositions R. E. Davies, B.D., M. Th.
The Servant of Lord in the Teaching of Jesus R. T. France, M.A., B. D., Ph.D.
The New Testament Interpretation of the Old Testament G. W. Grogan, B.D. M.Th.
In the Original Greek G. C. Neal
The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory R. E. Nixon
John the Baptist and the Kingdom of God Knox Chamblin
Gospel and Judgment in the preaching of John the Baptist Knox Chamblin
An Eternal Planting, A House of Holiness: The Self-Understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls Community Paul N.W. Swarup
Cilicia: The First Christian Churches in Anatolia Mark Wilson
D52 (P. Rylands Gk. 457) and the Nomina Sacra: Method and Probability L.W. Hurtado
Q Review Peter M. Head and P.J. Williams
The Herodians: A Case of Disputed Identity. A Review Article David J. Bryan
The New Testament Moses in the Context of Ancient Judaism John D. Lierman
The Reception of Luke and Acts in the Period before Irenaeus Andrew Gregory
What Shall We Call Each Other? Part Two: The Issue of Self-designation in the Johanine Letters and Revelation Paul Trebilco
What Shall We Call Each Other? Part One: The Issue of Self-designation in the Pastoral Epistles Paul Trebilco

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
David in the Gospels Margaret M. Daly-Denton
The Church as the Body of Christ: Engaging an Image in the New TestamentArland Hultgren
A "Fluttering Flock" of Messengers? Women in the New Testament Sarah S. Henrich
Hierarchy Transfigured: Perspectives on Leadership in the New Testament John Koenig
The Death of Jesus in Recent New Testament Study I. Howard Marshall

Articles in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
The "Faith of Abraham" Theme in Paul, James and Hebrews: A Study in the Circumstantial Nature of New Testament Teaching Richard N. Longenecker
The Canon of the New Testament Simon J. Kistemaker
Resurgent Semitisms in the Testament Theology Arthur H. Lewis
The Problem of New Testament Exegesis I. Howard Marshall
The Role of the Note-Taking Historian and His Emphasis on the Person and Work of Christ W. Harold Mare, Ph.D.
Church Functionaries: The Witness in the Literature and Archeology of the New Testament and Church Periods W. Harold Mare, Ph.D.
The New Testament Doctrine of the State Ronald B. Mayers, M.A.

Articles from the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research
Feminist Theological Interpretation of the New Testament Robert Morgan
The Ministry of Women according to the New Testament Elisabeth M. Tetlow
The Ministry of Women in the Apostolic Generation Adela Yarbro Collins
Women and the Apostolic Community Madeleine 1. Boucher
The Apostleship of Women in Early Christianity Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
Peter's Pentecost Sermon: A Limitation on Who May Minister? Pheme Perkins
Changing Forms of Ministry in the Early Church Hamilton Hess
Women in the Early Church: A Problem of Perspective Lloyd G.Patterson
Priesthood in the New Testament Louis Weil
Presbyters in the Early Church Massey H. Shepherd, Jr.

Articles from Biblical
Abused Aorist Frank Stagg
Formulas in New Testament Epistles Terence Y. Mullins
Greeting as a New Testament Form Terence Y. Mullins
Concerning Jesus of Nazareth Francis Wright Beare
Factors Promoting the Formation of the New Testament Canon Wilber T. Dayton
The Delay of the Parousia Stephen S. Smalley
Why Not Prophetic-Apocalyptic George E. Ladd
The Formulas Introducing Quotations of Scripture in the NT and the Mishnah Bruce M. Metzger
The Coming of the Kingdom Robert McQueen Grant
Christ's Treatment of the Old Testament John P. Peters
The Historical Element in the New Testament Joseph Henry Thayer
On the Use of psyche and pneuma and Connected Words in the Sacred Writings D.R. Goodwin

Articles by William Loader
Finding Faith in Fact and Fiction: Making Sense of the New Testament while Maintaining our Integrity and the Integrity of the Text William Loader
Approaching the New Testament as Source of Faith and Witness to Faith William Loader

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
The New Testament as Holy Ground Nicholas King
Failure: A New Testament Reflection Brendan Byrne
Special Calls in New Testament Paul Molinari

Articles in Biblica, the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
The Historical Jesus and the Historical Samaritans: What can be Said? John P. Meier
The Present State of the 'Third Quest' for the Historical Jesus: Loss and Gain John P. Meier

Articles in the Religion Online website
The New Testament and the Examined Life: Thoughts on Teaching Luke Timothy Johnson
The New Testament and the Comic Genre Dan O. Via, Jr.
What the New Testament consists of -- The Cannon Robert M. Grant
The Graeco-Roman World Robert M. Grant
Palestine In Graeco-Roman Times Robert M. Grant
The Church in the New Testament Robert M. Grant
How the Books of the New Testament were Selected Richard Heard
The Critical Study of the New Testament Richard Heard
The Growth of the Church Richard Heard

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
The Petrine Office in the New Testament Myles M. Bourke
Orthodoxy and heterodoxy in the New Testament Neil J. McEleney
Ministry as Stewardship of the Tradition in the New Testament Richard J. Dillon
Rudolf Bultmann's Demythologizing of the New Testament Myles M. Bourke

Articles in the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia
Sadducees -- The New Testament -- Canon of the New Testament

Articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia
Sadducees -- Samaritans -- Scribes -- Zealots -- New Testament -- Temple of Herod Jewish Encyclopedia

Articles in McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry
Altered States of Consciousness and New Testament Interpretation of Post-Resurrection Appearances Phillip Wiebe
Empathy and the New Testament L. Ann Jervis

Articles in Bible and Interpretation
New Testament Ethnomusicology in the Indian C`ontext Johnson Thomaskutty, PhD.
The Archaeology of Nazareth in the Early First Century Ken Dark
Middle Groups in Jewish Roman Galilee and Jesus and his Disciples’ Social Location: New Insights Ben-Zion Rosenfeld and Haim Perlmutter
New Evidence on the James Ossuary and its Probable Connection to the Talpiot Jesus Tomb James D. Tabor
Josephus on Samaritan Origins Stewart Penwell
God in Conflict: Images of the Divine Warrior in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Texts Scott C. Ryan
Harmonization and Synoptic Similarity Cambry G. Pardee
The Temple in Early Christianity: Experiencing the Sacred Eyal Regev
Widows in the New Testament Period Susan E. Hylen
Jesus and Early Synagogues Jordan J. Ryan
Outsider Designations in the New Testament Paul Trebilco
The Final Days of Jesus and the Realities of Roman Capital Punishment: What Happened to All Those Bodies? Mark D. Smith
New Perspectives on Christianity’s Beginning Gerd Lüdemann
Blessed Among Women? Moms, Bodies, and Theologies in the New Testament Alicia D. Myers, PhD
Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition in the New Testament Lucy Peppiatt
Women and Worship in Paul’s Churches: Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers István Czachesz
Cognitive Science and the New Testament Robert Crotty
How Early Roman Christianity Outlasted Its Competitors Hector Avalos
Jesus Was Not Against Imperialism: New Testament Ethics as an Imperialist Project Hector Avalos
The Bad Jesus, Love, and the Parochialism of New Testament Ethics Hector Avalos

Articles from other sources
Fasting in the New Testament Nicholas King SJ
Love Provides a Last Chance Hans Urs von Balthasar
Jesus' Labor Pain: Rereading Birth and Crisis in the Passion Narratives Tania Oldenhage
Magic in the New Testament: A Brief History of Research Adrian Murg, page 96
Christianity: The Bible Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Identity Formation in the New Testament Markus Cromhout
The Development of the Canon of the New Testament Glenn Davis
Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus Mahlon Smith
Acts of Impropriety: The Imbalance of History and Theology in Luke-Acts Gerd Ludemann
The Appearances of the Risen Lord Brian Purfield
The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism Rich Elliott and Robert B. Waltz
Papyrus Egerton 2
The Jewish Roman World of Jesus James Tabor
A Monopoly on Marcan Priority? Fallacies at the Heart of Q Mark S. Goodacre
Scripture Readings That Subordinate Women
Final Report on the James Ossuary Rochelle I. S. Altman
Peter and Paul: Confrontation at Antioch Arthur Wells
The Holy Spirit in the New Testament Pope John Paul II
The Canon of the New Testament Roger Nicole
Progymnastic Rhetorical Composition and Pre-Gospel Traditions: A New Approach Vernon K. Robbins
New Testament Genre Criticism for the 1990s Craig L. Blomberg
The Old Testament in the New: A Jewish Perspective David Daube

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
Holyland Model of Ancient Jerusalem (66 C.E.)
The Second Temple at the Time of Jesus Shelley Cohney
Corinth Computer Project


The House of Herod
Herod, His Progeny, and the Cutting Edge of Power Bruce Chilton

Articles in the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia
Pontius Pilate -- St. John the Baptist -- Salome -- St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles -- St. Bartholomew -- St. James the Greater -- St. James the Less -- St. Thomas the Apostle -- St. Matthew -- Judas Iscariot -- St. Matthias -- St. Mark -- St. Barnabas -- St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Encyclopedia, 1910

Articles by Karen Rae Keck in the St Pachomius Library
Salome -- John the Apostle (Theologian) -- Bartholomew/Nathaniel -- Philip -- Jude Thaddeus (Judas of James) -- James -- James, son of Alphæus -- Thomas -- Mark -- St. James, Brother of the Lord, Bishop of Jerusalem and Apostle of the Seventy -- Barnabas -- Apostle Timothy of the Seventy -- Titus

Articles by James Tabor in The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
John the Baptizer in the Gospel Traditions James Tabor
Post-Biblical Traditions on John the Baptizer James Tabor
Essays on John the Baptizer James Tabor

Articles in the Religion Online website
The Search for Mary Magdalene Pheme Perkins
The Red-Haired Saint: Is Mary Magdaline Key to the Easter Narratives? James T. Baker

Articles from other sources
Pontius Pilate Jewish Encyclopedia
The Ministry of St. John the Baptist Henry James Coleridge, SJ
Peter and Cephas: One and the Same Dale C. Allison, Jr
Was Judas Just Misunderstood? Kylie Crabbe
'I Am Writing This with My Own Hand…': Writing in New Testament Times Pieter J.J. Botha
Mary Magdalene the Apostle: A Re-interpretation of Literary Traditions? Judith Hartenstein
James, Jesus' Brother Bruce Chilton
Simon the Athlete Bill MacCurtain SJ
Women Leaders in the New Testament J. Massynberde Ford


In Search of a Pharisee D.R. de Lacey
Pharisees Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911
Pharisees Jewish Encyclopedia


Outline of Objects and Topics in Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls: Educational site West Semitic Research Project
Dead Sea Scrolls: Scholarly site West Semitic Research Project
Dead Sea Scrolls: Timetable of Discovery & Debate Mahlon H. Smith
Dead Sea Scrolls: Important Texts Mahlon H. Smith

Articles from the The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
Special People or Special Books? On Qumran and New Testament Notions of Canon Daniel Schwartz
Contrasting Uses of the Greek Bible: Hellenistic-Jewish Literature and the New Testament Tessa Rajak
Divorce, Reproof and Other Sayings in the Synoptic Gospels: Jesus Traditions in the Context of "Qumranic" and Other Texts Menahem Kister
The Gospel of John and the Dead Sea Scrolls Harold Attridge
Demonology in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament Hermann Lichtenberger
John and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Recent Perspectives on Johannine Dualism and its Background Jorg Frey
We, You, They; Boundary Language in 4QMMT and the New Testament Epistles Adele Reinhartz
Temple and Righteousness in Qumran and Early Christianity: Tracing the Social Difference between the Two Movements Eyal Regev
Passover at Gilgal: From Joshua to Qumran and Jesus Etienne Nodet
Instances of Exegetical Closeness between the DDS and the New Testament, and Their Implications Serge Ruzer
Qumran Commentaries in Graeco-Roman Context Markus Bockmuehl
A Messiah in Heaven? A Re-evaluation of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Traditions Cana Werman
Prophets and Prophecy in the Qumran Scrolls and the New Testament George Brooke
The Gospel of John and the Dead Sea Scrolls Harold Attridge
The Eschatologizing of Wisdom in the Dead Sea Scrolls John J. Collins
The Categories of Rich and Poor in the Qumran Sapiential Literature Benjamin G. Wright III

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Implications of the New Enoch Literature from Qumran Joseph A. Fitzmyer
An American Use of the Prone James Carmody
4Q Testimonia" and the New Testament Joseph A. Fitzmyer
The Qumran Scrolls, the Ebionites and their Literature Joseph A. Fitzmyer
The Habakkuk Scroll and a Controversy Frederick L. Moriarty
Sectarian Psalms from the Dead Sea George S. Glanzman

Articles in Bible and Interpretation
Claiming Israel’s Angels as their Own: The Angelic Realm and the Religious Identity of the Qumran Sect Matthew L. Walsh
The Last Supper, Paul and Qumran: The Tail that Wagged the Dog Ken Hanson
Deconstructing What We’ve Always Been Told About Qumran Gregory Doudna
Qumran and Vicinity: The Caves as a Key to the Enigma Claude Cohen-Matlofsky
The Last Battle of the Great Dead Sea Scrolls War Paul V.M. Flesher

Articles from other sources
Lost in Translation(s): Ascertaining the Impact and Influence of the Dead Sea Scrolls on Contemporary English Bible Translations through an Investigative Case Study on the Psalms Andrew B. Perrin
The Qumran Scrolls of the Book of Judges: Literary Formation, Textual Criticism, and Historical Linguistics Robert Rezetko
The Sacrifice of Isaac in Qumran Literature Joseph A. Fitzmyer
'She is the beginning of all the ways of perversity': Femininity and Metaphor in 4Q184 Melissa Aubin
Jerusalem's Essene Gateway: Where the Community Lived in Jesus' Time Pargil Pixner
The Sadducean Origins of the Dead Sea Sectarians Sandra S. Williams
Scroll Origins: An Exchange on the Qumran Hypothesis Joseph Fitzmyer
Vested with Adam's Glory: Moses as the Luminous Counterpart of Adam in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the Macarian Homilies Andrei Orlov
New Testament Fragments at Qumran? C. J. Hemer, M.A., Ph.D.
The Holy Spirit in the Dead Sea Scrolls Alex R. G. Deasley, page 45

The Dead Sea Habakkuk Scroll Professor F. F. Bruce, M.A., D.D.
The Pesher to Habakkuk
Late Biblical Hebrew And The Qumran Pesher Habakkuk Ian Young

Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew University, Jerusalem
The Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Hebrew MSS Project Oriental Institute, U of Chicago
Dead Sea Scroll Web Page Divinity School, University of St Andrews

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