Resources for the Study of
Native Americans
"All of us need to examine our own perceptions of Native Americans--how much they are shaped by stereotypes, distorted media portrayals or ignorance. We fear that prejudice and insensitivity toward Native peoples is deeply rooted in our culture and in our local churches."

US Bishops: A Time for Remembering

Statement of the U.S. Catholic Bishops on American Indians Summary and paraphrase by Gerald Darring
Religious Orders, The Indian, And The Conquest: Fifty Years of Dispute and Contradiction Maria Paz Haro
Catechist Nicholas Black Elk in the Aftermath of the European Invasion Jon Sweeney
The World Cathedral: Lessons from Standing Rock Michael Schuck
Theology and Indigenous Cultures of the Americas: Conditions of Dialogue MarĂ­a Pilar Aquino

An incomplete legacy: Native Catholic schools are wrestling with their history and charting a new path forward Damian Costello
New words, same Word: A new translation of the New Testament brings together scripture and the lived experiences of Native peoples Terry M. Wildman
Make peace: Native American Catholics are reclaiming their faith Judith Valente
Listening to Native Americans: Making Peace with the Past for the Future John Barry Ryan
American Indian Religious Freedom Act

American Indian Religious Freedom Act: Amendments of 1994
Rome and Her Indians Jenny Franchot
Native Americans and the Land: "The End of Living, and the Beginning of Survival" George E. Tinker
Relinquishing a Legacy of Hatred, Embracing Respect For All Life Dino Butler
Five Hundred Years of Injustice: The Legacy of Fifteenth Century Religious Practices Steven T. Newcomb
New Studies by Native American Scholar Document the Role of Christianity in Historic Oppression Fred Whitehead

President Clinton's Executive Order on Indian Sacred Sites
Wallace Black Elk Speaks
Native American Spirituality
"Why I Am a Pagan." Zitkala-Sa
The Soul of the Indian Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa)

Columbus: A Moral Retrospective Tim C. Mazur
First Nations Histories
The Covert War Against Native Americans Ward Churchill
A Natural Way of Life Bobby C. Billie
The Sacred Use of Tobacco

Articles on Indians in the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia
Indigenous Americans: Spirituality and Ecos Jack D. Forbes
Religion Encyclopedia of North American Indians
Spiritual Commodification and Misappropriation: What Native People Want You To Understand Compiled by Mariah Jones
A Brief History of the Native American Church Jay Fikes

Joseph Chihoatenhwa: The Forgotten Martyr
Brebeuf's Instructions to the Missionaries
1663-1702: The Missions - The Brandy Question Francis Parkman
Mission Method and the American Indian Carl F. Starkloff
Government Secularization of the Education of Catholic Indian Youth Richard R. Elliott, page 148

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