Vatican II: Constitution on the Liturgy See Chapter 6: Sacred Music

Instruction on Music in the Liturgy Sacred Congregation of Rites

On Sacred Music Pius XII

Papal Letter Regarding the Restoration of Sacred Music Pope Pius X. Scroll to page 222

Instruction on Sacred Music Pope Pius X. Scroll to page 226

Simone Weil on music: listening with tears of prayerful silence Angelo Caranfa

The Great Catholic Music Debate: “Post-Vatican Folk” vs. “Reformist Retro” Bill Kassel

Gregorian Chant Dr. Barron Breland

St. Celcilia, Patroness of Music Dr. Marie Rubis Bauer

What Has Mozart to Do with Coltrane?: The Dynamism and Built-in Flexibility of Music Cynthia R. Nielsen

Lyrics for Liturgy 1: Liturgical Song Frances Novillo

Lyrics for Liturgy 2: Gregorian Chant Ian Coleman

Olivier Messiaen: 'Plain Old Propaganda'? Peter Bannister

Worship Music: Maintaining Dynamic Tension Mary L. Conway

How to Deaden Acoustics and Seriously Damage Congregational Singing Evan Kreider

Toward a Full Fledged Action Theory from a Perspective of Musical Transcendence Lisa Maguire Hess

Music in the Time of Saint Anselm Donald R. Cox

Music, Worship and the Church Christopher Hayward

Hymnody: Fostering the Faith, Age after Age Father Michael Gilligan

Use of Yahweh in Church Songs Father Michael Gilligan

The Liturgical Music Catastrophe and its Consequences for Jews and Christians David Goldman

Music as Sound Spirituality Edward Foley

Church Music: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Archbishop Rembert Weakland, O.S.B.

Heart to Heart: Music on the Jesuit Campus Cynthia Caporella

Papal Patronage and the Music of St. Peter's, 1380-1513 Christopher A. Reynolds

Church Music Mark Sedio

Music and Spirituality: To the Tune of St. Thomas Aquinas Fr. Basil Cole, O.P.

Modes of Consciousness and Style in Music and Other Arts Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.

Rollicking Advice for Evil Days: A Biblical Rationale for Christian Singing Marc Kolden

The Distant Triumph Song: Music and the Book of Revelation Craig R. Koester

"O felix culpa..." Death and Resurrection in Church Music Robert D. Hawkins

A Modest Proposal to Composers of Liturgical Music Ray Repp

Carpeting and Singing Walter Holtcamp

Imaginative Use of the Arts: Music and Audio John Ylvisaker

Pange Lingua: breviary hymns of old uses with an English rendering Alan G. McDovgall

Charlemagne and Church Music Catholic Encyclopedia

The Relations of the Catholic Church to the Art of Music Rev. Edward F. Curran. Scroll to page 592

The Restoration of Gregorian Chant Rev. John M. Petter. Scroll to page 470

The Two Stabats. 1. The Speciosa H.T. Henry. Scroll to page 68

The Two Stabats. 2. The Dolorosa H.T. Henry. Scroll to page 291

The Medieval Chorus Music of the Catholic Church Edward Dickinson. Scroll to the April issue, p. 141

Music in the Early Christian Church, a.d. 50-600 Edward Dickinson. Scroll to page 110

Gregorian Music: An Outline of Musical Palæography Illustrated by Fac-Similes of Ancient Manuscripts Benedictines of Stanbrook

The Recent Decrees on Church Music Rev. Hugh T. Henry. Scroll to page 82

National Association of Pastoral Musicians

Prayer and Chant Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Gallery of Sounds: The Ultimate Catholic Midi Collection

Karl Kohlhase

CanticaNOVA Publications

Music: From Gregorian Chant to Opera's Origins

Gregorian Schola

Choral Archives

Pipe Organs and Related Topics

Meditative singing Taize

American Guild of Organists

Chant Links

Midi Melodieen

Sacred Music America

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