"The Mother of Jesus continues in this present world as the image and first flowering of the Church as she is to be perfected in the world to come."

Vatican II: Constitution on the Church


Vatican II: Dogmatic Constitution on the Church See Chapter 8
Catechism of the Catholic Church. Mary - Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church
On the Immaculate Conception Pope Pius IX
On the Immaculate Conception Pope Pius X
The Queenship of Mary Pope Pius XII
On Praying to Mary During May Pope Paul VI
On Prayers to Mary for Peace Pope Paul VI
On the Blessed Virgin Mary Pope Paul VI
For the Right Ordering and Development of Devotion To the Blessed Virgin Mary Pope Paul VI
On the Blessed Virgin Mary Pope John Paul II
Address to Women Religious, Turin, 1988 Pope John Paul II
"And the Mother of Jesus was there..." New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference

Pope John Paul II often ended his documents with a section on Mary. Here are some of those sections, taken from encyclicals and other letters
Centesimus Annus Dilecti Amici Dominum et Vivificantem
Evangelium Vitae Redemptor Hominis--- Redemptoris Missio
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis--- Union of Brest Veritatis Splendor


Mary, the First Disciple Raymond E. Brown, S.S.

Mary of Nazareth, Prophet of Nonviolence Father John Dear, SJ

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Did the Blessed Virgin Mary Die? Susan Waldstein
Marian Maximalism in Light of the Virgin's Fellowship in Christ's Suffering William Glass
The Riddle at Cana: Mary and the Biblical Mystery Julia Hejduk
Must Catholics Insist Upon Mary's Assumption? Matthew Levering
The Barbarian and the Virgin Mary Dwight A. Lindley III
The Virgin Mary as "Eternal Woman" Ann Astell
Advocata Nostra and the Devil's Due Stephen M. Metzger
Whence Comes the Arresting Sorrow of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa? John Sikorski
The Immaculate Conception: A Dogma of Consent Renee D. Roden
The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows Timothy P. O'Malley
Mary, Icon of Evangelization: Queen of Heaven and Earth, Hope of the Downtrodden Fr. Virgilio Elizondo
Ave Maria J.M. Hogue
Mary as Icon of Evangelization: Behold Your Mother Fr. Virgilio Elizondo
Mary, Mother of Mercy Danielle Peters
Mary's Role in the Spiritual Life Luke Donahue
Mary's Poverty, an Example of a Misogynistic Ecclesial Agenda? Angela Franks

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Mary: A New Perspective Marion Morgan
Mary and the New Testament David Lonsdale
The Holy Spirit and Mary Kevin McNamara
The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit Leon-Josef Suenens
Miriam, the Jewess Geza Vermes
Born of the Virgin Mary Alan C. Clark
The Relationship Between Christ and Mary Jack Dominian
Predestination and Mary Alasdair Heron
Mary in the Lucan Infancy Narrative Marie E. Isaacs
God and the Feminine John MacQuarrie
On True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin John McHugh
The Mariology of Three Popes Peter Hebblethwaite
The Cult of Mary as Development of Doctrine Richard Hanson
The Immaculate Conception in Ecumenical Perspective Donald Dawe
The Fruitful Virginity of Mary Desmond Connell
The Sanctity and Glory of the Mother of God: Orthodox Approaches Kallistos Ware
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Ecumenical Perspective Donald G. Dawe
The Theotokos in the Orthodox Tradition and Russian Thought Dmitry Grigorieff
The Concrete Meaning of Mary's Motherhood Frederick M. Jelly
Pluralism About Mary: Biblical and Contemporary Rene Laurentin
Honouring the Virgin Mary: A Reformed Perspective Ross Mackenzie
The Second Eve: Newman and Irenaeus John McHugh
The Lowliness of Mary Henry Wansbrough
The Theme of Eve and Mary in the Early Christian Church John A. Ross MacKenzie
The Grace of Christ in Mary Edward Yarnold
Behold Your Mother James Walsh
The Theotokos, Creation and the Modern World Mary Ann De Trana
Transforming Visions? Apparitions of Mary Chris Maunder
'Woman Full and Overflowing with Grace': The Virgin Mary and the Contemporary ChurchTina Beattie
On Mary: Constructive Ambivalence Ann Loades
Why the Need for Signs and Wonders? Angela Tilby
Reclaiming Mary: A Task for Feminist Theology Mary Grey
Mary of Nazareth for Today Judith Gray

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
Stations of the Cross: 4. Jesus meets his mother Frances Murphy
Between doctrine and discipleship: reflections on the Annunciation Gerard J. Hughes SJ
Mary, our Mother Harry Elias SJ
The Solemnity of the Mother of God Dorian Llywelyn SJ
Jesus: Who Do You Think You Are? 6. Mary and Joseph Anthony Towey
A Timeless Magnificat James Hanvey SJ
The Blessed Virgin Mary Untier of Knots Hedwig Lewis SJ
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sarah Jane Boss
Theology and Candles: Original Sin and Immaculate Conception Philip Endean SJ
The Risen Jesus and His Mother Jack Mahoney

Articles in Christianity and Literature
Artful dogma: the Immaculate Conception and Franz Werfel's Song of Bernadette Ann W. Astell
The Lady with the torn hair who looks on gladiators in grapple: G. K. Chesterton's Marian poems Ralph C. Wood

Articles in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Mary and Muhammad: bearers of the word--their roles in divine revelation Axel Takacs
What "Mary" means to Muslims Christopher Evan Longhurst
Marian dogmas and reunion: what Eastern Catholics can teach us about Catholic ecumenism Walter N. Sisto

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
The Assumption of Mary Marie T. Farrell RSM
Ecumenical Consensus on Mary Marie Farrell RSM

Articles in the Homiletic & Pastoral Review
The Biblical Mariology of Pope Benedict XVI, Part I Marcus Benedict Peter
The Biblical Mariology of Pope Benedict XVI, Part II Marcus Benedict Peter
Doing the Works of Mercy with Mary, Mother of Mercy Louise Merrie
Mary, Daughter of Zion Fr. James Swetnam, SJ
Guadalupe and God's Word Paulino Forte
A Silence about Mary Fr. Charles Kestermeier, SJ
Decoding Vatican II's Marian Paradigm Shift Fr. Timothy J. Sauppe, STL

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
The Soteriological Significance of the Feast of Mary's Birth Nicholas E. Denysenko
Feminist Mariologies: Heteronomy/Subordination and the Scandal of Christology Kilian McDonnell
Mary and the Female Face of God Elizabeth A. Johnson
Mary the Perfect Disciple: A Paradigm for Mariology Patrick J. Bearsley
Theology on the Virgin Mary: 1966--1975 Eamon R. Carroll
The Virgin-Birth Debate in Anthropological Literature: A Critical Assessment John A. Saliba
The Assumption and the Jerusalem Liturgy Joseph H. Crehan
A Prelude to Vatican I: American Bishops and the Definition of the Immaculate ConceptionJames Hennesey
Mary's Coredemption: A Different Approach to the Problem E. J. Cuskelly
Maria Paredros Joseph H. Crehan
The Immortality of the Blessed Virgin Mary Bertin Farrell
Our Lady as Intercessor for the Departed Alistair Guinan
Mary in Protestant Theology and Worship Paul F. Palmer
Cardinal Newman and Apocalypse XII Dominic J. Unger
The Assumption in the Early English Pulpit Noel J. Ryan
An Allusion to Mary in the Apocalypse Roland E. Murphy
Some Little-Known Early Witnesses to Mary's "Virginitas in partu" Joseph C. Plumpe
The Brethren of the Lord and Two Recently Published Papyri John J. Collins
Fundamental Principle in Mariology William J. McGarry
Guadalupe at Calvary: Patristic Theology in Miguel Sanchez's Imagen de la Virgen Maria Timothy Matovina

Articles in Fulcrum, a journal of Evangelical Anglicans
Mary Sarah Cawdell
There's Something about Mary Craig Uffman, Anglican pastor

Podcasts from Creighton University
The Assumption of Mary Eileen Burke Sullivan
Our Lady of Lourdes Teresa Monaghan
Our Lady of Guadalupe Rev. Ted Bohr

Articles in Ignatius Insight
The Past Her Prelude: Marian Imagery in the Old Testament Sandra Miesel
Mary in Byzantine Doctrine and Devotion Brother John M. Samaha, S.M.
The Mystery of the Annunciation is the Mystery of Grace Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
Truly Our Sister: A Conversation with Elizabeth Johnson on Mary Clint A. Schnekloth
A Place for Mary in Protestant Ministry? Beverly R. Gaventa
We Sing Mary's Song Bonnie Jensen

Articles in SIDIC Periodical, 1987, No. 2
The Mother of Jesus: Reflections of a Christian Living in Israel Marcel Dubois
Mary of Nazareth: Why the silence of Judaism Avital Wohimann
The Beauty of Eve Reflected on the People on Mt. Sinai, on the Church and on Mary Aristide Serra
Teaching the faith as Mary did - Learning from her life as a Jewish woman Anne-Catherine Avril
The Magnificat: Mary's Psalm Marie-Helene Fournier

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
The mother of Jesus in the communion of saints--challenge to the churches Eamon R. Carroll
Byzantine Mariology Polycarp Sherwood
Historical development of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception: obstacles inhibiting understanding and acceptance Gerard Owens
The theology of the doctrine of the immaculate heart of Mary Kilian J. Healy
Mary -- co-redemptrix and mediatrix of all grace Clement Fuerst
The definability of the Assumption Edward A. Wuenschel

Articles from the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research
The Priesthood of Mary John Wijngaards
Re-imagining Mary at Christmas Kim E. Power
A Discipleship of Love: Mary of Bethany and the Ministry of Women Tina Beattie
Mary, the Virgin Priest? Dr. Tina Beattie
The Virgin Mary and the Feminist Quest Ann Loades

Articles from the Vatican
Meditation on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Pope Benedict XVI
Mary, Mother of God Pope Benedict XVI
Mary, Our Mother Pope John Paul II
Mary is Our Model and Guide in Faith Pope John Paul II
Mary, an Icon of the Church that Baptizes in Jesus Christ Corrado Maggioni

Articles in US Catholic
Sorrowful mysteries: a single mother battling cancer finds a friend in Mary Michelle Weldon
Across the sea: The Polish Madonna found an unlikely second home as Haiti's national protector Damian Costello
What's up with Mary? Much of what we know about Mary is grounded not in scripture but in believers' ongoing love for her and the holy family Alice Camille
Here is our mother: Mary stands with all parents who mourn lost children Laurie Brink
Mary's many faces: One of Mary's greatest gifts is the variety of ways she reveals herself Christine Valters Paintner

Articles in the Catholic Encyclopedia
Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary | The Blessed Virgin Mary | Tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary | Immaculate Conception | Feast of the Assumption

Articles from other sources
The form and drama of the church; Hans Urs von Balthasar on Mary, Peter, and the Eucharist Robert C. Koerpel
Was Mary the Name of Jesus' Mother? A Source-Critical Perspective Gary Greenberg
Material and Theological Identities: A Historical Discourse of Constructions of the Virgin Mary James Bugslag
A Masterpiece on the Immaculate Conception Michael Pakaluk
The Virgin Mary: Bridging Muslims and Catholics Carl Chudy, SX
Our Lady of China: Marian Devotion and the Jesuits Jeremy Clarke, S.J.
The Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God Fr. John Hainsworth
Regina Patriarchum: True Devotion to Mary as the Touchstone of Christian Feminism David Carey
Tomb of the Virgin Mary
Virgin Mother or Bastard Child? John Dominic Crossan
Mary Jacques Gaillot, Bishop of Partenia
Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of a New Creation Fr. Virgilio Elizondo
Select Circle: What Do We Know about Those Closest to Jesus? Stephen M. MIller
Mary's Role in Salvation History Rev. Patrick Gaffney, SMM
Spirituality for Today, October 1997
Mary Through the Centuries: Her Place in the History of Culture Jaroslav Pelikan
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Joan Carroll Cruz
The Akathist Hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary
The Mother Romano Guardini
On the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary St. Jerome
Saint John Damascene on Mary
The Mirror of the Blessed Virgin Mary St. Bonaventure
A Homily on the Dormition of Our Supremely Pure Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary St. Gregory Palamas
Cardinal John Henry Newman on the Blessed Virgin Mary
Meditations and Devotions John Henry Cardinal Newman
Understanding Catholic Devotion to Mary Thomas Merton
Who Was Mary? Rev. Eamon R. Carroll, O.Carm


Popular Devotions
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Lourdes Official site of Lourdes
Thomas Merton's Marian Poetry
Irish Marian Poetry
Marian Poems by John Donne (1572- 1631)
International Marian Research Institute
Mary and Holy Orders
Mary as a Sacrificial Priest
Mary's Special Relationship to Priests

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