Introduction to Judges From the New American Bible
Shoftim - Chapter 1 Commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi

Articles in Bible and Interpretation
Political Texts of Terror in the Book of Judges Peter Feinman
A Literary Study of Judges and the Books of Samuel Greger Andersson
The Book of Judges: A Spiritual History? Robin Baker

Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
"Some Worthless and Reckless Fellows": Landlessness and Parasocial Leadership in Judges Brian R. Doak
Closure in Samson Marian Broida
The Qumran Scrolls of the Book of Judges: Literary Formation, Textual Criticism, and Historical Linguistics Robert Rezetko

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
'No King In Israel': Narrative Criticism and Judges 17-21 Philip E. Satterthwaite
A Literary Appreciation of the Book of Judges J. P. U. Lilley
The Altar in Joshua and Judges J. P. U. Lilley

Articles from other sources
The Gobsmacking Wisdom of the Book of Judges Chase Padusniak
Judging the Judges: Finding Value in These Problematic Characters L R Martin
Making a "Bad" Woman Wicked: The Devilish Construction of Delilah within Cecil B. DeMille's Samson and Delilah (1949) Anton Karl Kozlovic
Reconsideration of Shamgar Ben Anath (Judg 3:31 and 5:6) Peter C. Craigie
Tracking the World of Judges: The Use of Contextual Resources in Narration and Conversation Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
Judges Early Jewish Writings
Book of Judges The Jewish Encyclopedia
Judges The Catholic Encyclopedia

Judges 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"The Hand of a Woman": Deborah and Yael (Judges 4) Elie Assis
"The Hand of a Woman": Deborah and Yael (Judges 4) Elie Assis
"Blessed Be Jael Among Women": Judges 4:4-24, Luke 1:46-55 Rev. John L. Bell
Neith and the Two Biblical Deborahs: One and the Same Gary Greenberg
Deborah, The Song of The Jewish Encyclopedia

Judges 5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Song of Deborah as Polemic G. T. K. Wong
Analyzing ZEH Grammar and Reading ZEH Texts of Ps 68:9 and Judg 5:5 Robert D. Holmstedt
The Eclipse of God in the Song of Deborah (Judges 5): The Role of Yhwh in the Light of Heroic Poetry Charles L. Echols
Parallel Word Pairs in the Song of Deborah (Judges 5) Peter C. Craigie

Judges 6-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Textual Analogies and Their Ramifications for a Diachronic Analysis of 1 Samuel 13:1--14:46 and Judges 6:1--8:35 Hava Shalom-Guy
Gideon The Jewish Encyclopedia
Where Should One Look for Gideon's Ophra? L. Niesiolowski-Spanò

Judges 8-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Abimilech The Jewish Encyclopedia

Judges 11-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The political vow of Jephthah in Judges 11:30-31 Makmur Tore, Nelci N. Ndolu
Lament as Prophetic Ritual of Eschatological Hope: Reading Jephthah's Daughter in Scripture and Liturgy JoAnn Melina Lopez
Bargaining in Tov (Judges 11,4-11): The Many Directions of So-called Direct Speech Kenneth M. Craig, Jr.
Son of a Prostitute and Daughter of a Warrior: What Do You Think the Story in Judges 11 Means? Pamela J. Milne
Jephthah's Daughter: An Invitation to Non-Lectionary Preaching Walter Sundberg
Jephthah The Jewish Encyclopedia
Jephthah David Mandel
The Story of Jephthah's Daughter, Then and Now Bernard P. Robinson

Judges 13-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Samson--The Last Judge (Judges 13-16) Robert A. Starke
Samson The Jewish Encyclopedia
Samson the 'Holy One': A Suggestion Regarding the Reviser's Use of hagioi in Judg 13,7; 16,17 LXX Vaticanus Stuart D. Chepey
The Symbolism of the Lion and the Bees: Another Ironic Twist in the Samson Cycle Martin Emmrich
Closure in Samson Marian Broida

Judges 18-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A Metaphorical Etiology in Judges 18:12 Uwe F. W. Bauer

Judges 19-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Levite's Concubine: The Story That Never Was Heidi M. Szpek

Judges 21-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Judges 21 and Marriage by Capture Katherine Southwood

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