Introduction to Job From the New American Bible
Iyov - Chapter 1 Commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi

Articles in Biblica, the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
What Sort of Friends? A New Proposal Regarding (M)y)pr and (M)ylp+ in Job 13,4 Christopher Hays
The Literary and Theological Function of Job's Wife in the Book of Job Victor Sasson
The So-called Ostrich in the God Speeches of the Book of Job (Job 39,13-18) Arthur Walker-Jones
Job's Intercession: Antidote to Divine Folly P. Guillaume and M. Schunck

Articles in Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Bpotos A Favourite Word of Homer in the Septuagint Version of Job Evangelia G Dafni
The Social Context of the Book of Job Leon A Roper

Articles in the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning
"Suffering Job": Scriptural Reasoning and the Problem of Evil William Wesley Elkins
Job, Debate, and the Shaping of Lives Susannah Ticciati
Reasoning with Violent Scripture: With a Little Help From Job Edward Kessler
The Goodness of Job's Bad Arguments Nicholas Adams
Affliction, Patience and Prayer: Reading Job (P) in the Qur'an Isra Umeyye Yazicioglu

Articles in Spirituality Today, a journal of the Chicago Dominican province
Job Considered as a Conversion Account Jon Alexander
Reflections on Job's Question Santiago Sia
Qoheleth and Job: Diverse Responses to the Enigma of Evil Rosemary Dewey, R.S.C.J.

Articles from Biblical
The Wisdom Literature of the Bible: The Book of Job (Part 1) F. F. Bruce
The Wisdom Literature of the Bible: The Book of Job (Part 2) F. F. Bruce

Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
The Core Story in the Prologue-Epilogue of the Book of Job Aron Pinker
Job, Hopeful or Hopeless? The Significance of גם in Job 16:19 and Job's Changing Conceptions of Death David Kummerow
A New Interpretation of Job 19:26 Aron Pinker
God and the Sea in Job 38 Collin Robinson Cornell

Articles from other sources
Job's Colophon and Its Contradictions Thomas M. Bolin
Job's Suffering: A Hypostatic Cry Catherine Moon
Job and the Problem of Evil Versus the Tribunal of History Cyril O'Regan
The Book of Job Fr. William Most
The Faith of Job and the Recovery of Christian Atheism Frederiek Depoortere
The Book of Job and the Role of Uncertainty in Religion and Law Steven Goldberg
Emancipation from the Whirlwind: Piety and Rebellion among Jewish-American Post-Holocaust and Christian Liberation Readings of Job David C. Tollerton
Gift Theory and the Book of Job Wing-Chi Ki
Job and the Tsunami Charles Hill
Job and Jeremiah: Understanding the Divine Moral Order through Lament and Response Nicholas May
The Unreliable Narrator of Job James W. Watts, pp. 168-180
The Book of Job and the Fear of God Lindsay Wilson
A Fragment of an Unstudied Column of 11 QtgJob: A Preliminary Report Bruce Zuckerman
Beyond Chapter and Verse: Job: The Aids Victim Bernard Maruani
Mythology and the Book of Job Elmer B. Smick, Ph.D.
Who is the 'Hungry' in Job 5,5a? Aron Pinker
The Book of Job Jewish Encyclopedia
Job Jewish Encyclopedia
Job Catholic Encyclopedia, 1910

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