Jesus Christ,
Head of the Church

The Redeemer of Man (Redemptor Hominis) Pope John Paul II
Common Christological Declaration Between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East, 1994
On the Feast of Christ the King (Quas Primas) Pope Pius XI
The Beauty of Christ, Model and Prototype of Christian Holiness Pontifical Council for Culture

Pages courtesy of Prof. Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D., Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange, CA
Christological Titles in the New Testament
The Passion of Jesus
The Death of Jesus: Mark vs. John
The Resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
My Father and the Historical Authority of Jesus Ruth Agnes Evans
The Light of Consciousness and the Light of Christ Meredith Secomb
Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles: A Reflection on the Human Struggle of Jesus Ruth Evans
I Believe in Jesus Christ John H. Wright
Jesus in Current Theology I: After Chalcedon Gerald O'Collins
Jesus in Current Theology II: Salvation and Commitment Gerald O'Collins
Jesus in Current Theology III: Christ's Resurrection and Our Imagination Gerald O'Collins
The Experience of Jesus Christ Jacques Guillet
The Humanity of Christ I: Christ and Sexuality Bruno Brinkman
The Humanity of Christ II: Christ and Anxiety I Bruno Brinkman
The Humanity of Christ: Christ and Anxiety II Bruno Brinkman
The Consciousness of Christ I John Ashton
The Consciousness of Christ II John Ashton
The Consciousness of Christ III John Ashton
The Mind and Will of Christ Edward Yarnold
Jesus's Concept of his Own Death Gerald O'Collins
Jesus and Power James A. Crampsey
Jesus and Conflict George Soares-Prabhu
The Quest of the Son of Man David Stanley
Christ Today Gerard O'Collins
Image of the Invisible God David Lonsdale
Christ, the Perfect Work Robert Butterworth
Christ the Lord Leonard Johnston
Christ, the Amen of God John H. Wright
The Glory of Christ Piet Fransen
Christ the Priest Bernard Leeming
The Risen Christ Henri de Lavalette
Christ the Pattern of Our Joy William Yeomans
The Following of Christ in the Teaching of Vatican II Paul Molinari
The Crown of Thorns Karen Eifler
The Resurrection I Henry Wansbrough, OSB
The Resurrection II Henry Wansbrough, OSB
The Resurrection III Henry Wansbrough, OSB
The Resurrection IV Henry Wansbrough, OSB
A Fresh Look at the Cross George B. Wilson
A Consoling Companion, Faithful Beyond Any Doubt George Aschenbrenner
The Beauty of Christ Gerald O'Collins
Jesus as Scapegoat John P. Galvin
Sissy, Strong Man, Saviour? The Masculinity of Jesus Christ Mark Pryce
The Many Deaths of Jesus Lucien Richard
Christ, Priest and Poet John B. Foley
Prophets, Poets, Parables: A Study of Jesus as Prophet Douglas Martis
By What Authority? New testament Perspectives on the Authority and Leadership of Jesus Barbara A. Cullom

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
The Most Holy Name of Jesus Tim Byron SJ
Everlasting Father Teresa White FCJ
Christ the King Roger Dawson SJ
In the beginning John Moffatt SJ
A Reflection on Jesus's Leadership Thomas Shufflebotham SJ
Jesus Our Priest Gerald O'Collins SJ
The Letter to the Colossians: Jesus and the Universe Brian Purfield

Articles in Catholica
The Cosmic Mystery of Christ: Part I Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania
The Cosmic Mystery of Christ: Part II Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
Three Impasses in Christology Terrence W. Tilley
Christology and the contemporary American experience Christopher F. Mooney
The Descent into Hell Bertin Farrell
The Theology of the Resurrection of Christ Edwin G. Kaiser

Podcasts from Creighton University
Rutillio Grande and Latin American Christology Dr. Tom Kelly
Early Franciscan Christology Sr. Joan Mueller

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Post-Gulag Christology: contextual considerations from a Lithuanian perspective Ligita Ryliskyte
The sensus fidelium and the threefold office of Christ: a reinterpretation of Lumen gentium no. 12 Anthony Ekpo
Hugh of St. Victor on "Jesus Wept": Compassion As Ideal Humanitas Boyd Taylor Coolman
The Atonement Paradigm: Does It Still Have Explanatory Value? Lisa Sowle Cahill
Remembering the Historic Jesus: A New Research Program? Terrence W. Tilley
Oppositional Pairs and Christological Synthesis: Rereading Augustine's De Trinitate Khaled Anatolios
Theology, Metaphysics, and the Centrality of Christ Ilia Delio, O.S.F.
Christ in the Theologies of Paul and John: A Study in the Diverse Unity of New Testament Theology Frank J. Matera
Resurrection - Interruption -Transformation - Incarnation as Hermeneutical Strategy: a Symposium Anthony J. Godzieba, Lieven Boeve, and Michele Saracino
Feminist Mariologies: Heteronomy/Subordination and the Scandal of Christology Kilian McDonnell
Revisiting the Franciscan Doctrine of Christ Ilia Delio
Flannery O'Connor's Use of Symbol, Roger Haight's Christology, and the Religious Writer Lucretia B. Yaghjian
Descensus Christi Ad Inferos: Christ's Descent To The Dead Martin F. Connell
From The Humanity of Christ to the Historical Jesus William P. Loewe
The Theandric Nature Of Christ David Coffey
Irenaeus on the Baptism of Jesus Daniel A. Smith and Kilian McDonnell
Christ's Pre-existence in Pauline Soteriology Brendan T. Byrne
Jesus the Christ with an Asian Face Peter C. Phan
A Dubious Christological Formula: From Leontius of Byzantium to Karl Barth F. LeRon Shults
Encountering Jesus through the Earliest Witnesses Paula Dickey Young
Jesus' Baptism in the Jordan Kilian McDonnell
Hegel on the Incarnation: Unique or Universal? Daniel P. Jamros
Jesus and Christian Ethics William C. Spohn
Jesus and Salvation: An Essay in Interpretation Roger Haight
The Faith of Jesus Daniel Kendall and Gerald O'Collins
The Case for Spirit Christology Roger Haight
Roger Haight's Spirit Christology John H. Wright
Aboriginal Cultures and the Christ Carl F. Starkloff
Instrumentum Divinitatis in Thomas Aquinas: Recovering the Divinity of Christ Paul G. Crowley
Reviving Adamic Adoptionism: The Example of John Macquarrie Charles C. Hefling, Jr.
The Historical Jesus: Rethinking Some Concepts John P. Meier
Re-emergence of the Human, Critical, Public Jesus Monika Hellwig
The Lordship of Jesus Christ: Balthasar and Sobrino Paul E. Ritt
The Origin of Faith in the Resurrection of Jesus: Two Recent Perspectives John P. Galvin
African Christology Raymond Moloney
The Biblical Commission and Christology Joseph A. Fitzmyer
The Ascension of Christ and Pentecost Joseph A. Fitzmyer
The "Incarnation" of the Holy Spirit in Christ David Coffey
Jesus from the Other Side of History: Christology in Latin America Michael L. Cook
Experience and Interpretation: A Philosophical Reflection on Schillebeeckx's Jesus and Christ Louis Dupre
The Pasch of Christ: Our Courage in Time Leo J. O'Donovan
The Christology of the Mystics George H. Tavard
Glory Reflected on the Face of Christ (2 Cor 3:7-4:6) and a Palestinian Jewish Motif Joseph A. Fitzmyer
Roman Catholic Christology: Two Recurring Themes Brian O. McDermott
Jesus' Approach to Death: An Examination of Some Recent Studies John P. Galvin
Hans Kung's Christology: An Evaluation of Its Presuppositions Peter Chirico
New Testament Christology: A Critique of Bousset's Influence Larry W. Hurtado
The Call to Faith of the Historical Jesus Michael L. Cook
Jesus Christ, the "Kyriakos Anthropos" Alois Grillmeier
Spirit Christology: Ambiguity and Promise Philip J. Rosato
Resurrection as "Theologia crucis Jesu:" The Foundational Christology of Rudolf Pesch John P. Galvin
Christ and Church: A Spectrum of Views J. Peter Schineller
Leontius of Byzantium: A Cyrillian Christology John J. Lynch
Pannenberg's Resurrection Christology: A Critique Brian O. McDermott
Athanasius of Alexandria and the Foundation of Traditional Christology Charles Kannengiesser
The Problem of the Virginal Conception of Jesus Raymond E. Brown
Sacerdotium et Imperium: The Constantinian Renovatio According to the Greek Fathers Michael Azkoul
Thomas Aquinas and Christ's Resurrection Gerald O'Collins
Soul-Body Unity and God-Man Unity Robert North
Christologies: How Up-to-date Is Yours? Frederick E. Crowe
The Body of Christ in the Writings of Teilhard de Chardin Christopher F. Mooney
Further Notes on Theodore of Mopsuestia: A Reply to Fr. Mckenzie Francis A. Sullivan, SJ
Cullmann's New Testament Christology: An Appraisal David M. Stanley, S.J.
Annotations on the Christology of Theodore of Mopsuestia John L. McKenzie
The Devil and the Divinity of Christ Daniel J. Saunders
The Divinity of Christ in Apologetics Anthony C. Cotter

Articles in Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations
Following the Breadcrumbs: Jesus as Superfluous to Salvation? A Catholic Search Peter Admirand
Christ in the Works of Two Jewish Artists: When Art is Interreligious Dialogue Marina S. Hayman
The Resurrection of Jesus and Human Beings in Medieval Christian and Jewish Theology and Polemical Literature Fr. Steven J. McMichael
A Covenantal Christology Philip A. Cunningham
"With Sincere Reverence": A Christological Perspective for the Interreligious Dialogue Envisioned by Nostra Aetate Paolo Gamberini SJ
After 40 Years, Nostra Aetate's Christological Implications Hans Hermann Henrix
Christ in the Works of Two Jewish Artists: When Art is Interreligious Dialogue Marina S. Hayman
The Resurrection of Jesus and Human Beings in Medieval Christian and Jewish Theology and Polemical Literature Fr. Steven J. McMichael

Articles in HTS Theological Studies
The Portrait of a Prophet: Why Is Wright Not Right about Jesus? Estelle Dannhauser
"Anthropological Rabbits" and "Positivistic Ducks": An Experiential Reflection on Pieter Craffert's "Shamanic Jesus" Andries van Aarde
Psychological Method and the Historical Jesus: The Contribution of Psychobiography Bas van Os
What Kind of "Judean" Was Jesus? Markus Cromhout
The Resurrection of Jesus: What's Left to Say? P.J.W. (Flip) Schutte
Encountering Jesus in African Christianity: A Ghanaian Evangelical/Pentecostal Thought on Faith, Experience, and Hope in Christ J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
Jesus: Prophetic Emissary of God Estelle Dannhauser and Andries G. Van Aarde
Jesus in New Contexts Dieter H. Reinstorf
A Challenge to Change Developments in Feminist Theology and Feminist Christology Riet Bons-Storm
Beyond Schweitzer and the Psychiatrists: Jesus as Fictive Personality Donald Capps
Between Family and Temple: Jesus and Sacrifices Adriana Destro and Mauro Pesce
Methods and Models in the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Historical Criticism and/or Social Scientific Criticism Andries van Aarde

Articles from Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
Ethics and Christology: Rediscovering Jesus in Evolutionary History J W van Huyssteen
The Resurrection of Jesus: Do Extra-Canonical Sources Change the Landscape? F P Viljoen & A E Buglassm
Does Historical Jesus Research Have a Future? A G van Aarde

Articles in the Scientific Electronic Library Online, South Africa’s premier open-access searchable full-text journal database
Historical Jesus Research and Relevance in South Africa Pieter J.J. Botha
Jesus Christ as Ancestor: An African Christian Understanding Jaco Beyers and Dora N. Mphahlele

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
Some Representative Works on the Resurrection Gerald O'Collins SJ
The Many Ways of Telling the Story of Jesus Tony Doherty
Sacred Heart Kerrie Hide

Articles from the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research
The Male Christ Michael Azkoul
Christology Kwok Pui-lan
Systematic Christology: Jesus Christ, the Absolute Mediator of the Reign of God Jon Sobrino
Jesus of Nazareth, Christ the Liberator Carlos Bravo
Feminist Christology: The Problem Stated Jacquelyn Grant
Christology and Feminism: Can a Male Saviour Save Women? Rosemary Radford Ruether
The Priesthood of Christ Myles M. Bourke

Articles from The Saint Anselm Journal
A Christological Renaissance: The Chalcedonian Turn of St. Anselm of Canterbury Michael J. Deem
Understanding Christ's Satisfaction Today Paul J. LaChance

Articles in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
The Hellenistic "Divine Man" and the Figure of Jesus in the Gospels Walter L. Liefeld
Jesus Is Lord! Morris Inch, Ph.D.
Karl Rahner on the Death of Christ John W. Williams, Th.M.
The Christology of Irenaeus Irwin W. Reist, Th.M.

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
The Corporate Christ: Re-Assessing the Jewish Background A. Perriman
Jesus the Only Teacher Samuel Byrskog
The Foreign God and the Sudden Christ: Theology and Christology in Marcion's Gospel Redaction Peter Head
Was Jesus a Mesith? Public Response to Jesus and His Ministry D. Neal
The Impact of Greek Concepts of God on the Christology of Cyril of Alexandria Roy Kearsley
Tatian's Christology and Its Influence on the Composition of the Diatessaron Peter M. Head
Kingdom of God, Son of Man and Jesus' Self-Understanding (Part I) Chrys C. Caragounis
Kingdom of God, Son of Man and Jesus' Self Understanding II Chrys C. Caragounis
Image and Incarnation in Pauline Christology: A Search for Origins Douglas R. de Lacey
Old Testament Prophecy and the Future of Israel: A Study of the Teaching of Jesus R.T. France, MA., B.D., Ph.D.
The Development of Christology in the Early Church I. H. Marshal, M.A., B.D., Ph.D.
Modern Christological Trends A. M. Stibbs

Articles in Tertium Millennium
Jesus of Nazareth as Seen by Jewish Writers of the XX Century Joseph Sievers
Dossier on the Figure of Jesus in Other Religions Commission for Interreligious Dialogue
Jesus Christ, Humble and Poor, All-Powerful Jean Vanier
Jesus 'Proclaimer of the Gospel' Rino Fisichella
John Paul II's Christological Catechesis Angelo Amato, SDB
Jesus of Nazareth as Seen by Jewish Writers of the XX Century Joseph Sievers
Dossier on the Figure of Jesus in Other Religions Commission for Interreligious Dialogue
Jesus Christ, Humble and Poor, All-Powerful Jean Vanier
Jesus 'Proclaimer of the Gospel' Rino Fisichella

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
The Muslim Understanding of Jesus J. Dudley Woodberry
The Incarnation as a Theanthropic Principle George L. Murphy
Preaching Christ in an Age of Religious Pluralism Carl E. Braaten
The Crucified and Risen Buddha? A Question of Finality Paul Varo Martinson
The Finality of Jesus Crucified and the Global Mission of the Church Mark Thomsen
Jesus: God's Wisdom Pheme Perkins
Speaking of Jesus: Reclaiming Critical Aspects of New Testament Christology Arland J. Hultgren
Christology and the Pluralist Consciousness Charles A. Wilson
Labor Room or Morgue: The Power and Limits of Pluralism and Christology Patrick Keifert
Caught in the Act: Reflections on the Work of Christ Gerhard O. Forde
The Death of Jesus in Recent New Testament Study I. Howard Marshall
Incarnation and Apocalyptic: Christology in the Context of Religious Pluralism George Rupp
Pre-Existence Christology: Can We Dispense with It? Reginald H. Fuller
The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus Dennis C. Duling
The Resurrection of Jesus and the Doctrine of the Trinity Robert L. Wilken

Articles in The American Journal of Biblical Theology
The Pre-Existence of Christ: Christ's Presence Revealed through the Old Testament Delon Bradley
Dating Christ's Crucifixion Pallant Ramsundar
Was Adoptionism the Earliest Christology? A Response to Bart Ehrman Tony Costa, B.A., M.A., PhD candidate
Misunderstanding Jesus: Did the Disciples Misunderstand Jesus' Message and Mission? Jeff Scott Kennedy
On Jesus' Eschatological Ignorance Edwin K. P. Chong, Ph.D.
The Mythological Christology of Rudolf Bultmann Rev. John W. (Jack) Carter

Items from the Myriobiblos Library
Beyond Theologia Crucis: Jesus of Nazareth from Q to John via Paul Petros Vassiliadis
Christ as Word: Gospel and Culture John Meyendorff
The Jesus Prayer Fr. Lev Gillet

Articles in Biblica, the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
How Does Luke Portray Jesus as Servant of YHWH R.F. O'Toole
The Historical Jesus and the Historical Samaritans: What Can Be Said? John P. Meier
Jesus as Royal Priest: Reflections on the Interpretation of the Melchizedek Tradition in Heb 7 Terrance Callan
The Present State of the 'Third Quest' for the Historical Jesus: Loss and Gain John P. Meier
Jesus as Anointed and Healing Son of David in the Gospel of Matthew K. Paffenroth
Jesus' First Trial: Messiah and Son of God (Luke 22,66-71) J.J. Kilgallen

Articles by William Loader
Mark 7:1-23 and the Historical Jesus
The Historical Jesus Puzzle
Jesus the Jew

Articles from Dominican sources
The Mission and Ministry of Jesus Donald J. Goergen OP
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Donald J. Goergen OP
Images of Jesus and the Christian Vocation in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew Mary Rose D'Angelo
Spirituality and Social Justice: A Christological Perspective Roger Haight

Articles in SIDIC Periodical, a journal of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion
Some Aspects of the Prophetic Role of Jesus Mauro Pesce
The Law of Christ Jacques Golostain
"...What! You, a Jew..." (John 4:9) - Questions concerning the Jewishness of Jesus Michel De Goedt, O.C.D.
Who is Jesus Nicolas De Lange
That Jesus Should Have Been Born a Jew Kurt Hruby
The Historical Jesus in Israel Today Ghana Safrai

Articles from the 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia
Christology -- Holy Name of Jesus -- Origin of the Name of Jesus Christ -- Early Historical Documents on Jesus Christ -- Chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ -- The Character of Jesus Christ -- The Incarnation -- Resurrection of Jesus Christ -- Genealogy of Christ -- Knowledge of Jesus Christ -- Virgin Birth of Christ -- Temptation of Christ

Fathers of the Church
On the Flesh of Christ Tertullian
On the Incarnation St. Athanasius
On Our Lord St. Ephrem the Syrian
On the Nativity of Christ in the Flesh St. Ephrem the Syrian

Articles by N.T. Wright
"One God, One Lord, One People: Incarnational Christology for a Church in a Pagan Environment" N.T. Wright
Jesus and the Identity of God N. Thomas Wright

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Jesus Reveals God in Hiddenness Ben Wilson
The Clear Message of Christus Vivit Vincent J. Reilly
Not Two Things: Introducing the Incarnation in Eight Steps Lewis Ayres
The Two Births of Christ in Aquinas and De Koninck Susan Waldstein
Reappropriating the Mystery and Meaning of Salvation in Christ Fr. Robert Imbelli

Articles in Bible and Interpretation
Jesus from Outer Space? Richard Carrier, Ph.D.
Jesus the Jew and Christianity's Indebtedness to Judaism Barbara Meyer
Extrabiblical Evidence for Jesus' Historicity Raphael Lataster
The Logic of Jesus' Resurrection Bruce Chilton
When Critics Miss the Point About Questioning Jesus' Historicity Raphael Lataster
Questioning Jesus' Historicity Raphael Lataster
Jesus: His Life--Perspectives of Joseph and John the Baptist (Pt. 1) Paul N. Anderson
Jesus: His Life from the Perspectives of Mary and Caiaphas (Pt. 2) Paul N. Anderson
Jesus: His Life from the Perspectives of Judas and Pilate (Pt. 3) Paul N. Anderson
Jesus: His Life from the Perspectives of Mary Magdalene and the Apostle Peter (Pt.4) Paul N. Anderson
Jesus in a World of Colliding Empires Mark J. Keown
Jesus and the Essenes: An Esoteric History Simon J. Joseph
On Finding Jesus--A Review of the CNN Episodes (Season 1) Paul N. Anderson
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) Herod the Great, or Herod the Terrible? Paul N. Anderson
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) Raising Lazarus: Climax or Prequel? Paul N. Anderson
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) Can Any Good Thing Come From Nazareth? The Childhood Home of Jesus? Paul N. Anderson
On Finding Jesus (Season 2) A Few Bones to Pick: Peter and His Significance Paul N. Anderson
A Surprising Source for Seculars Tom Krattenmaker
The Neoliberal Lives of Jesus Robert J. Myles

Articles in Lumen at Vita
The Consciousness and Human Knowledge of Christ According to Lonergan and Balthasar Aaron Pidel S.J.
Cries from the Cross: Jesus and the Wrongfully Convicted Luke Trinka
Encountering Christ: Karl Barth and Mysticism Austin Holmes
Blood, Blood Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink: How Jesus’ Blood Fulfills the Law Catherine Moon
Judging Shepherd of Thy Sheep: Christ and the Role of Mercy in the Dies Irae John A. Monaco
Life and Death in the Body of Christ Eric Studt, S.J.
What makes Jesus salvific for the Queer Community? A Moltmann-Inspired Essay in Christology Craig A. Ford, Jr.
Full and Emptied: Interpreting Christ's Divinity for Theologies of Religion Kristi Haas
The Consciousness and Human Knowledge of Christ According to Lonergan and Balthasar Aaron Pidel S.J.
Three Impasses in Christology Terrence W. Tilley

Articles from other sources
Romans 1:3 and the Celestial Jesus: A Rebuttal to Revisionist Interpretations of Jesus's Descendance from David in Paul Christopher M. Hansen
Was Jesus Right to Eat with Sinners and Tax Collectors? John Joseph Kilgallen S.J.
Being for the other: The asymmetrical Christology of Rowan Williams Auke L. Compaan
Christology after Dominus Iesus: the Early Panikkar As a Creative Resource Erik Ranstrom
Becoming a Guest: Christology and Ecclesiological Identity Roland De Vries
Hans Kung's Major Contributions to Understanding Jesus Christ Roger Haight
Black Jesus matters: Images of a black Christ depict our shared humanity John Christman
The Incarnation. The Life of Christ St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica
Meditations and Devotions John Henry Cardinal Newman
Disputation On the Divinity and Humanity of Christ Martin Luther
Religious Plurality and the Christological Debate Jacques Dupuis, SJ.
We must follow Jesus Pope John Paul II
Historians and the Reality of Christ Avery Dulles, SJ
The Humanity of Christ Romano Guardini
Through Christ Our Lord Karl Adam
The Son of God Karl Adam
"Who Do Men Say That I Am?" Cullen Murphy
Gallery of the Passion
Jesus as Role Model in the Gospel of Matthew: Does the Matthean Jesus Practise What He Preaches? David C. Sim
Source Code - The Paradoxical Teachings of the Historical Jesus Dr. Cameron Freeman
The Son of God and the Angelomorphic Holy Spirit: A Rereading of the Shepherd's Christology Bogdan G. Bucur
Christology after Auschwitz: A Catholic Perspective Dr. Didier Pollefeyt
Christology, Messianism and Jewish-Christian Relations Tim Dean
What Do Muslims Believe about Jesus? Islam Guide
Jesus in the Gospel of Luke Christoph Cardinal Schonborn
Nestorius and Cyril: 5th Century Christological Division and Recent Progress in Reconciliation Ben Green
The Purpose and Preservation of the Jesus Tradition: Moderate Evidence for a Conserving Force in Its Transmission Michael F. Bird
Jesus and the High Priest Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis
Logos and Tao: Johannine Christology and a Taoist Perspective Joseph H. Wong
Image of Christ for Japanese: Reflections on Shusaku Endo's Novels Emi Mase-Hasegawa
The Incarnation, a Cosmic Mystery Kathleen Coyle, S.S.C.
The Status of Jesus in Contemporary Christian Accounts Mahmut Aydin, page 201
Jesus of Galilee Jeanie C. Crain
The Death of Jesus: Historically Contingent or Divinely Foreordained Jirair S. Tashjian
Jesus and Judaism Henry Sobel
Christ and Science Paul Cardinal Poupard
Jewish Voices about Jesus Gerhard Bodendorfer
A Quaker Understanding of Jesus Christ Arthur O. Roberts
Christianity: Time to Rethink Donald Reeves
The Trial and Death of Jesus Louis Waller
Images of Jesus in India M. Amaladoss, S.J.
Learning Christology through Dialogue with Jews Allan R. Brockway
Jesus Lord and Christ John Knox
Christ the Savior Reginald Garigou-Lagrange

Christology: A Bibliography William Harmless, S.J.
Deicide: the murder of God; About Jesus' execution Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Historical Jesus Theories
Anno Domini: Jesus Through the Centuries Great artwork
Jesus & Christology

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