Letter of James

Introduction to the Letter of James From the New American Bible

The Epistle of James Felix Just, S.J.

Paul & James on Faith & Works Felix Just, S.J.

Making Christian Culture in the Epistle of James Vernon K. Robbins

Letter of James, 1 - Letter of James, 2 - Letter of James, 3 - Letter of James, 4 Claudio Bottini, O.F.M.

The Spectrum of Wisdom and Eschatology in the Epistle of James and 4QInstruction Darian R. Lockett

Jesus and James: A Short Reconciliation of the Sermon on the Mount and the Epistle of James Justin Kissel

Father-God Language and Old Testament Allusions in James Esther Yue L. Ng

The Doctrine of Faith in Hebrews, James, and Clement of Rome Benjamin Wisner Bacon

Of Rags and Riches: The Benefits of Hearing Jeremiah 9:2324 Within James 1:9-11 H. H. Drake Williams

James i, 18 and the Offering of First-fruits F H. Palmer

Mirrors in James 1:22-25 and Plato, Alcibiades 132c-133c N. Denyer

A Word with the Rich (James 5:1-6) - Part II O E Alana

The Epistle of James for Jews and Christians John McDade

Towards a Law of Liberty: The Epistle of James Antonio Ammassari

Epistle of St. James Catholic Encyclopedia

General Epistle of James Jewish Encyclopedia

The Epistle of James Richard Heard

James William Barclay

James: Introduction, Outline, and Argument New Testament: Introductions and Outlines

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