Liturgy of the Hours

Apostolic Constitution promulgating the revised book of the Liturgy of the Hours November 1970
General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours February 1971
Introduction to the Theology of the Divine Office Melkite Catholic Archbishop Joseph Tawil
Introduction to the Book of Hours
Universalis: The Liturgy of the Hours
Liturgy of the Hours
Short Breviaries in 20th Century America

Podcasts by Eileen Burke Sullivan at Creighton University
The Liturgy of the Hours | | Morning Prayer | | Evening Prayer

Time after time: The Liturgy of Hours restructures your mind and heart Rhonda Miska
Preaching at the Liturgy of the Hours Francis L. Agnoli
Theology, Prayer and the Divine Office Gavin D'Costa
The Breviary Lucille Poulin
The Background and Origin of the Christian Hours of Prayer Dikran Y. Hadidian
Divine Office Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911
The Ordo De Tempore in the Breviary John Henry Cardinal Newman. Scroll to page 383
The Liturgy of the Hours
Opus Dei, or "Work of God" Monastery of Christ in the Desert

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