Church History
"During its pilgrimage on earth, this People, though still in its members liable to sin, is growing in Christ and is being gently guided by God, according to God's hidden designs, until it happily arrives at the fullness of eternal glory in the heavenly Jerusalem."

Vatican II: Decree on Ecumenism

Why Study History By John Tracy Ellis in Catholic Southwest

History of Vatican City -- Primary Documents The title is misleading. This site contains links to many sources of the primary documents of Church history

The Church in Crisis: A History of the General Councils, 325 - 1870 1960 book by Msgr. Philip Huges

The 21 Ecumenical Councils Brief summary of each council

Bibliographies for Theology Compiled by Fr. William Harmless, S.J. of Creighton University. New Testament. Early Christianity. Medieval Christianity. Reformation. Spirituality and Mysticism. Sacraments. 20th-Century Theology

American Catholic Historical Society Founded 1884. About the Society. The U.S. Catholic Historian. Documents of Church History. Catholic Archives. News About the Society. How to Join the Society. Governance of the Society

Catholic History FTP Site From the archives of Catholic Information Network

Internet Theology Resources: Church History and Historical Theology

Christian History Articles from the current and past issues

Sketches of Church History From AD 33 to the Reformation. 1904 book by the late Rev. J. C Robertson, M.A., Canon of Canterbury

Chronology of Christianity (1AD-Present) Courtesy of Et Cum Spiritu Tuo

The Road All Peoples Travel: An Introduction to Christopher Dawson's Interpretation of Cultural History
By John Thornhill SM in Australian EJournal of Theology, March 2008 – January 2010
An Introduction to Christopher Dawson's Interpretation of History
Chapter Two: An Age of the Gods
Chapter Three: World Religions bring a New Order of Civilizations
Chapter Four: The Emergence of a Christian Civilization in the West
Chapter Five: Interpreting our Secularised Western Civilization

A Catholic Approach to History By Christopher Shannon in Catholic Social Science Review, 2008

'A Catholic in the Room': Second Thoughts on Hilaire Belloc By Peter Steinfels in Commonweal, Oct 26, 2007

Historiographical Issues Related to the Writing of Contemporary History of Christianity By G A Duncan, University of Pretoria, in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2007

Historical Understanding and Rethinking the Foundations By Jurie le Roux in HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, 2007

Does Christianity Have a Role to Play? By Louis Dupre in Commonweal, March 26, 2004

Recovered Memories: A Comparison of Ancient and Modern Church Histories By Robert F. Gorman in Catholic Social Science Review, 2000

MacIntyre and the Catholic Historian By Christopher O. Blum in Catholic Social Science Review, 2000

Philosophy of History By Donald X. Burt, OSA. Chapter 2 of Friendship and Society: An Introduction to Augustine's Practical Philosophy, 1999

The Wisdom of History By Philip Sheldrake in The Way, 1999

A Critique of Certain Uncritical Assumptions in Modern Historiography By John Warwick Montgomery in The Global Journal of Classical Theology, 1999

Christopher Dawson: Is There a Christian Culture? By Gerald J. Russello in Commonweal, April 5, 1996

Memory in History By Oliver P. Rafferty in The Way, 1995

Some Catholics Who Were Vilified, Then Vindicated By Dawn Gibeau in National Catholic Reporter, Feb 3, 1995

The Rise and Fall of Nations: How Far Can Christians Interpret History? By Michael Schluter in Cambridge Papers, September 1994

Reflections on Providence: Can We 'Read' Events? By Mark E Dever in Cambridge Papers, June 1993

Reading the Signs of the Times: The Legacy of Apocalyptic in Church History By H. Wayne Pipkin in The Way, 1990

Tradition and Traditions: Historical Perspectives By John W. O'Malley in The Way, 1987

Wesley's Views on the Uses of History By Joseph W. Seaborn in Wesley Theological Journal, 1986

Church History Today: Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable By Christopher M. Bellitto

Images, Understandings, and Models of the Church in History: An Update By Brian Gleeson CP

Biographical Sketches of Memorable Christians of the Past Biographies of many historical figures, presented in chronological order

Company's History Articles Articles appearing in the Jesuit magazine Company

Bank of Church History Questions Over 1600 questions covering eleven topics with four types of inquiry: multiple choice, chronology multiple choice, matching and free response. A free service offered to all certified religion teachers. To proceed beyond the opening page you will need a password. Bona Fide theology teachers may request a password, at no charge, by sending an application letter to the bank's creator, Brother Malcolm Melcher, S.C.


1st-5th Century AD By John F. Baldovin in Theological Studies, Sept, 2003

1st-5th Century AD By Geoffrey D. Dunn in Theological Studies, June, 2006

An Overview of Israelite, Jewish, and Early Christian History By Prof. Felix Just, S.J. of Loyola Marymount University

The First Christian Martyrs of Rome Article in Compassion, 2000

Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity By Walter Bauer. English Translation of the 1934 German original, ed and supplemented by Robert A. Kraft and Gerhard Kroedel with a team from the Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins

The Multiform Jewish Heritage of Early Christianity By Robert Kraft

Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus Site by Mahlon Smith exploring the world in which Jesus lived by means of well-organised, newly translated primary texts and other material

The Jewish Roman World of Jesus Resource by James Tabor, with a variety of essays, pictures and pieces of information on Judaism in the first Century, the New Testament and Christian origins

Gallio's Ruling on the Legal Status of Early Christianity By B.W. Winter, Tyndale House, Cambridge, in Tyndale Bulletin, 1999

Early Christianity in Transjordan By Bastiaan Van Elderen, Formerly Professor of New Testament, Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, in Tyndale Bulletin, 1994

Judaism and the Rise of Christianity: A Roman Perspective By E.A. Judge, Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, Macquarie University, in Tyndale Bulletin, 1994

The Ecole Initiative Creating a hypertext excyclopedia of early church history on the world wide web

The Ecole Glossary One hundred glosses on many topics relating to early Church history, such as Arianism, Basil the Great, Desert Fathers, Donation of Constantine, Donatism, Louis IX, Marcion, Nero, Nicene Creed, Patrick of Ireland, Porphyry, Teresa of Avila, Theodosius, Thomas Aquinas

Guide to Early Church Documents Links to internet-accessible files containing canonical documents, creeds, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, and other historical texts relevant to church history An Internet Resource for Studying the Early Church. Webmaster: Robert I. Bradshaw, B.Sc., C.D.R.S.

The Concept of "Orthodoxy" in Early Christianity By Robert Kraft

Ancient Synagogues in the Holy Land--What Synagogues? By David Landau: "I maintain that the so-called synagogues were actually Roman temples built during the reign of Maximin (the end of the 3rd century and beginning of the 4th) as a desperate means to fight what the Romans considered the Christian menace."

Church History Eusebius of Caesarea

Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus

Narrative Movement in the Gospel of John Part of James Tabor 's "Jewish-Roman World of Jesus" web site

The Christians as the Romans Saw Them Quotes from Suetonius, Tacitus, Pliny, Trajan, Lucian, and Galen. Part of James Tabor 's "Jewish-Roman World of Jesus" web site

The Transformation of Rome from a Pagan into a Christian City From the book Pagan and Christian Rome by Rodolfo Lanciani

Charismata in the Christian Communities of the Second Century By Ted A. Campbell in Wesley Theological Journal, 1982

Chronology 1 to 199 CE

Chronology 200-640 CE

Copts Through the Ages A history of the Catechetical School in Alexandria by Jackie Ascott, Ph.D., of the Coptic Orthodox Church

First Council of Nicaea (325) By Henri Leclercq, Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911

First General Council of Constantinople 381) By Thomas Shahan, Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908

Council of Ephesus (431) By John Chapman, Catholic Encyclopedia, 1909

Council of Chalcedon (451) By Francis Schaefer, Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908

Second Council of Nicaea (787) By Henri Leclercq, Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911

The Pontificate of Pope Saint Leo the Great By Sister Catherine, M.I.C.M

Devotion and Dissent: The Practice of Christianity in Roman Africa About half a dozen excellent articles

Athanasius and his Influence at the Council of Nicaea By Matt Perry in Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, July 2003

Will The Real Athanasius Please Stand Up? By Robert A. Case, II in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 1976

John Philoponus, Sixth Century Alexandrian Grammarian, Christian Theologian and Scientific Philosopher By John McKenna in Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, January 2003

The Antinomian Controversy and the Puritan Vision: A Historical Perspective on Christian Leadership By Jeffrey Kahl in Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, July-September, 2004

Uncleanness: A Moral or an Ontological Category in the Early Centuries A.D.? By Jacob Neusner and Bruce D. Chilton in Bulletin for Biblical Research, 1991

God Triumphant: Reflections on the Church after Calvary By Donald X. Burt, OSA

The Emergence of God's New People: The Beginnings of Christianity Reconsidered By Wolfgang Stegemann in HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, 2006

Early Christian Movements: Jesus Movements and the Renewal of Israel By Richard A. Horsley in HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, 2006

Severus of Antioch as Pastoral Carer By Pauline Allen in Australian EJournal of Theology, February 2003

Time of Crisis: The Example of the Synods of Antioch in the Third and Fourth Centuries By Fr. Thomas Maier, WF, February 2003


The Voice of Theologians in General Councils from Pisa to Trent By Nelson H. Minnich in Theological Studies, Sept, 1998

Medieval History Anglo-Saxons to Angevins, Byzantium, Documents, Economic History, Feudalism, Heraldry and Genealogy, Military and Warfare, Social History, Time Lines, Vikings, Other

Medieval An Internet Resource for Studying the Church of the Middles Ages. Webmaster: Robert I. Bradshaw, B.Sc., C.D.R.S.

Avignon vs. Rome: Dante, Petrarch, Catherine of Siena By Thomas Renna in Expositions, 2010

Monastic Matrix Our goal is to document the participation of Christian women in the religion and society of medieval Europe. In particular, we aim to collect and make available all existing data about all professional Christian women in Europe between 500 and 1500 CE

Byzantium 330-1453 By Josef Mario Briffa SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, November 2008

Humanism Information with pictures from the Vatican Exhibit

The Galilean Library The Galilean Library (TGL) was set up at the close of 2004. It consists in a Library of essays, at both introductory and more advanced levels, alongside a Discussion Forum where members of our community meet to converse and debate

Galileo and the Inquisition By William E. Carroll in Journal of Religion and Society, 1999

Galileo and the Inquisition By Jose Wudka, physics professor at University of California, Riverside

The Inquisition By Joseph Blötzer, Catholic Encyclopedia, 1910

The Inquisition From the Jewish Virtual Library

Bede: Conversion of England

Reformation Luther, Phillip Melanchthon, Calvin, Zwingli, Heinrich Bullinger, English/Scottish Reformation, Mennonites, Schwenkfelder, Counter Reformation

Man of the Year: Pope John XXIII Time Magazine, January 4, 1963

A Brief Jesuit History

10 Great Catholics of the Second Millennium By Christopher M. Bellitto in St. Anthony Messenger

The Remnant Faithful: A Case Study of Contemporary Apocalyptic Catholicism By Amy Luebbers in Sociology of Religion, 2001

Association of Contemporary Church Historians This is the archive of Professor John Conway's monthly electronic newsletter, which covers all aspects of twentieth century church history, but has a special emphasis on German church history

Medieval Church History: Beyond Apologetics, After Development--The Awkward Memories By Timothy O'Loughlin in The Way, 1998

The Council of Vienne (1311-12) By Johann Peter Kirsch in The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1912

Franciscan views of Papal and Royal Soveriegnty: A case for a contextual approach By Bert Roest, Leeds Medieval Congress, 1997

Constantinople and Rome By Milton V. Anastos in Aspects of the Mind of Byzantium: Political Theory, Theology, and Ecclesiastical Relations with the See of Rome, Ashgate Publications, 2001

From the Middle of the Eleventh Century to the Latin Conquest of Constantinople By Walter Berschin in Greek Letters and the Latin Middle Ages: From Jerome to Nicholas of Cusa, 1988

Albert the Great By Sr. M. Albert Hughes, O.P., in Spirituality Today, supplement, Autumn 1987

You Must Not Read This! By Richard Cross, on the Index of Forbidden Books

Who Sent Cyril and Methodius into Central Europe, the Emperor or the Patriarch? By Panayiotis Christou

Modernism: The Philosophical Foundations By Anthony Carroll SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, July 2009

George Tyrrell and Catholic Modernism By Oliver Rafferty SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, July 2009

The Second Vatican Council A page in the Theology Library

Thinking about the Council By Ian Linden in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, January 2009

Gaudium et Spes -The Shape of the Church: Past, Present and to Come… By Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, February 2009

Gaudium et Spes - The Shape of the Church: Past, Present and to Come… By Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, March 2009



In the Beginning Was the Word: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures

Jubilee, Liturgy, and the Early History of Canada By J. Frank Henderson, 1999

Roman Catholicism in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Catholic Church in Newfoundland: The Pre-Emancipation Years By Mary Mulcahy, R.S.M.

Religion, Society & Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador Information on Anglicans, Congregationalism, Methodism, Moravians, Native Religions, Pentecostals, Reformation, Restoration Movement, Roman Catholicism, Salvation Army

Huron Indian Women: Converted, Not Exploited By Marian T. Horvat in Catholic Social Science Review, 1996

The Jesuits and the Iroquois By Fr. Cornelius Michael Buckley, S.J. Foreword to Jesuit Missionaries to North America: Spiritual Writings and Biographical Sketches by Francois Roustang, S.J.

Past and Future of Canadian Catholics: Historical Interpretation By Terence Fay S.J. in Perspective, November 2004


Divining America: The 17th and 18th Centuries Articles: "Puritanism, Conversion, and Predestination." "The First Great Awakening." "The Church of England in Early America." "Religion, Women, and the Family in Early America." "Religion and the American Revolution"

Divining America: The 19th Century Articles: "Roman Catholics and Immigration in Nineteenth-Century America." "Mormonism and the American Mainstream." "Evangelicalism, Revivalism, and the Second Great Awakening." "Evangelicalism as a Social Movement." "African-American Religion"

Divining America: The 20th Century Articles: "Religious Liberalism and the Modern Crisis of Faith." "The Rise of Fundamentalism." "Roman Catholics and the American 'Mainstream' in the Twentieth Century." "The Scopes Trial." "Religion in Post-World War II America." "The Christian Right"

Among Catholics, Its Crisis All Over - American Catholic Church in the 1990s By R. Scott Appleby in Commonweal, March 14, 1997

The Catholic Experience at Taming Pluralism By Joseph M. McShane, S.J

Lectures for Religion 166 Lectures on religious history in the United States by Professor Terry Matthews of Wake Forest University. The Catholic Church is touched on in many lectures, but see especially the next item

Catholicism in Nineteenth Century America By Professor Terry Matthews of Wake Forest University

For What Shall We Repent? Reflections on the American Bishops, Their Teaching, and Slavery in the United States, 1839-1861 By Joseph E. Capizzi in Theological Studies, December 2004

Intolerable Papists, Jesuits and Revolutionary Concord By D. Michael Ryan in the March 99 issue of Concord (Massachusetts) Magazine. Catholicism was not well tolerated in Concord during Revolutionary times

Religion in Eighteenth-Century America Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Reminiscences, memoirs, and lectures of Monsignor A. Ravoux, V. G. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Ravoux was a French priest working among Native Americans in the middle of the 19th century

Memoirs, historical and edifying, of a missionary apostolic of the order of Saint Dominic among various Indian tribes and among the Catholics and Protestants in the United States of America Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Text of a 1915 book covering Catholic missions in the 1830s and 1840s

Social Catholicism Engages the American State: The Contribution of Archbishop Edward J. Hanna By Richard Gribble in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 2000

The Catholic Worker Movement By Jim Forest

Dorothy Day Library on the Web

The Way of Love: Dorothy Day and the American Right By Bill Kauffman in Whole Earth, 2000

Venerable but Rocky History of U.S. Collegiality By Gerald P. Fogarty in National Catholic Reporter, Nov 11, 1994

Catholic Women More Open to Change than Catholic Men By Ruth A. Wallace in National Catholic Reporter, Oct 8, 1993

American Culture Key to Understanding Lay Shifts By David O'Brien in National Catholic Reporter, Oct 8, 1993

U.S. Catholics Loyal, Choose Moral Terms By Thomas C. Fox in National Catholic Reporter, Oct 8, 1993

Poll Raises Questions about Future Catholic Identity By Dean Hoge in National Catholic Reporter, Oct 8, 1993

American Ultramontanism By Patricia Byrne in Theological Studies, June 1995

Catholic Reaction to Fundamentalism By William M. Shea in Theological Studies, June 1996

(Arch)diocesan histories
Alexandria LA
Allentown PA
Atlanta GA
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The History of the Catholic Church in Indiana

Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert Brief historical information along with slides

Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture, Volume 1 Contains these articles: "Searching, Finding and the Catholic History of Texas" by Phillip Gleason; "The Enduring Hispanic Faith Communities: Spanish and Texas Church Historiography" by Gilberto M. Hinojosa; "Jean-Marie Odin, C.M., Missionary Bishop Extraordinaire of Texas" by Patrick Foley

Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture, Volume 3 Contains these articles: "The Legacy of Columbus: Spanish Mission Policy in Texas" by Félix D. Almaráz, Jr.; "Before They Crossed the Great River: Cultural Background of The Spanish Franciscans in Texas" by Kieran McCarty, O.F.M.; "Women Religious and the Catholic Evangelization of Texas: a Photographic Essay Compiled by Kinga Perzynska; "The Catholic Parish History Revisited" by Charles E. Nolan

Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture, Volume 4 Contains these articles: "Freedom and Conversion: The English Experience" by Marvin R. O'Connell; "Catholic Germans from Russia in Texas" by Dona B. Reeves-Marquardt and Lewis R. Marquardt; "Towards a Working Definition of Social Justice: Father Carmelo A. Tranchese, S.J. and Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, 1932-1953" by J. Gilberto Quesada; "Challenges of Catholic Evangelization in Texas: The Response of Women Religious" by Mary Christine Morkovsky, C.D.P.; "Church Courts, Marriage Breakdown, and Separation In Spanish Louisiana, West Florida, and Texas" by Light Townsend Cummins

A Little History Information on the Jesuits of Loyola University in New Orleans

Swift Growth and Change: The Demography of Southern Catholicism By Clifford Grammich, Glenmary Research Center

South Carolina Catholics before Roman Discipline, 1670-1820 By John D. Basil in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 2003

A Short Account... of the Consecrating of the Right Rev. Dr. John Carrol (1790): Two Intersecting Roman Catholic Stories By Thomas W. Jodziewcz in Catholic Social Science Review, 2007

Catholics of the South: Historical Perspectives By Patrick Foley in Catholic Social Science Review, 2008

Central Themes in the History of the Catholic Church in the United States By Joseph A. Varacalli in Catholic Social Science Review, 2007

Franciscan Missions Along the Coahuila-Texas Corrider: The Formative Years, 1700-1720 By Félix D. Almardz in Catholic Social Science Review, 1996

The Sons of St. Vincent, From the Mississippi River to the Rio Grande Patrick Foley in Catholic Social Science Review, 1996

The First Thanksgiving Was Catholic By Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Franciscan Missionaries in Texas before 1690 By Robert Plocheck in the Texas Almanac 2004–2005

Let None Dare Call it Liberty: The Catholic Church in Colonial America By Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Religion in Early Texas Texas Almanac 2010–2011

The Spanish Missions in Texas Texas Almanac 2010–2011

California Missions A brief history of each mission is presented

Spanish Colonial Tuscon: A Demographic History By Henry F. Dobyns, The University of Arizona Press, 1976

Vanguards of the Church By Gerald McKevitt, SJ. A historian recounts Italian Jesuits' Stateside contributions. Company Magazine Fall 2007

A Renaissance Curiosity By Nicholas Cushner. Early Jesuit evangelizers of Native America faced different challenges. Company Magazine, Spring 2008

Fundamentalism in Recent Southern Culture: Has it Done What the Civil Rights Movement Couldn't Do? By Sam Hill, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, in Journal of Southern Religion, 1998

Memoirs, Historical and Edifying, of a Missionary Apostolic of the Order of Saint Dominic among Various Indian Tribes and among the Catholics and Protestants in the United States of America By Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli. Book published in 1915

Shaping the Public Square: Protestants and Catholics in the History of the Pacific Northwest By Dale E. Soden in Word & World, Summer 2004


After 25 Years Medellin Spirit Lives, No Thanks to Vatican By Leslie Wirpsa in National Catholic Reporter, Oct 15, 1993

The Role and Mission of the Catholic Church in Mexico

Mexican Anticlerics, Bishops, Cristeros, and the Devout during the1920s: A Scholarly Debate By Donald J. Mabry, Journal of Church and State

The Role of the Catholic church and Other Religious Institutions in the Guatemalan Peace Process, 1980-1996 By Bruce J. Calder in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 2001

The Inquisition in the New World By Clara Steinberg-Spitz

Transnational Religions: The Roman Catholic Church in Brazil & the Orthodox Church in Russia By Ralph Della Cava in Sociology of Religion, 2001

The Brazilian Catholic Church and Church-State Relations: Nation-Building By Edward L. Cleary in Journal of Church and State, Spring 1997

The Young Friar and the Emperor By O. M. Alves in Seattle Catholic, November 2, 2005

Not Blaming the Pope: The Roots of the Crisis in Brazilian Base Communities By Madeleine Cousineau in Journal of Church and State, Spring 2003

Globalization, Civil Society and Religion from a Latin American Standpoint By Catalina Romero in Sociology of Religion, 2001

The Jesuit Missions (Reducciones) in South America By Marco Ramerini

How Shall We Read the History of Christianity in the Americas? By Ronald E. Osborn, School of Theology, Claremont, California, in Word & World, 1992

The Experience of the Hispanic Church in the Americas By Raymond S. Rosales, Lutheran Bible Institute in California, Anaheim, California, in Word & World, 1992

The Roman Catholic Missionary Experience in lbero-America By Stafford Poole in Word & World, 1992

Theological Resistance to the Conquest of Latin America By Michael Elphick in Australian EJournal of Theology, March 2009

Religious Orders, The Indian, And The Conquest: Fifty Years of Dispute and Contradiction By Maria Paz Haro



Overview of Christianity in Britain Article in Britannia Internet Magazine

English Catholics: A Singular History & an Uncertain Future By Bernard Bergonzi in Commonweal, June 18, 2004

Religion in Victorian England See the section on Roman Catholicism

N.D. Versus O.E.: Anonymity's Moral Ambiguity in Elizabethan Catholic Controversy By Marcy L. North in Criticism, 1998

Elizabethan Catholics and Romans 13: A Chapter in the History of Political Polemic By Glen Bowman in Journal of Church and State, Summer 2005

160 years of Farm Street By William Pearsall SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, July 2009

Mastering the Methods of Manipulation: Who Really Won the Marian Propaganda Wars? By Glen Bowman in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 2002

Swords of Honor: The Revival of Orthodox Christianity in Twentieth-Century Britain By Adam Schwartz in Logos, Winter 2001

The Observant Friar Martyrs of Greenwich By Michael Hennessy in Seattle Catholic, July 27, 2005

The Church in Scotland 1840-1940: An Overview By Iain Campbell in Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, December 1999

The Early Celtic Church As an Ecclesial Entity By Ed Sellner in The Aisling Magazine, 2002

History of the Diocese of Glasgow By John Ritchie/J. S. Phillimore, from The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VI, 1909

Ecclesiastical History of Edinburgh By D. O. Hunter-Blair, from The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume V, 1909

Catholic Association of Germany The KVD laid the foundation for Catholic charitable and social engagement throughout Central Europe, what German historians call "social Catholicism"

Bishop Kettler He made his national debut in 1848, and in the following decades became the leading Catholic social thinker in Germany

German Catholic Women On the role of Catholic women in the German revolutions of 1848-49

"To Avoid a New Kulturkampf": The Catholic Workers' Associations and National Socialism in Weimar-era Bavaria By Douglas J. Cremer in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 1999

Short history of Dutch Catholicism In the 19th and 20th century

Professionalization and Secularization in the Belgian Catholic Pillar By Karel Dobbelae in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, March-June 1979

Provocateur or Prophet? The French Church & Bishop Gaillot By Steven Englund in Commonweal, Oct 6, 1995

Church in France In the middle of the 19th century

The World of Thérèse France, Church and State in the Late 19th Century. By Leopold Glueckert, O.Carm

The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre By Scott M. Manetsch in Christian History

L'eglise de France: The Church in a Postreligious Age By Steven Englund in Commonweal, May 18, 2001

New Light under the Old Bushel: What's Happening in the French Church? By Steven Englund in Commonweal, April 23, 1993

The 1984 Covenant between the Republic of Italy and the Vatican: A Retrospective Analysis after Fifteen Years By Mauro Giovannelli in Journal of Church and State, Summer 2000

Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli Papal secretary of state for almost three decades (1848-1876), he played a key role in the counter-Risorgimento which opposed Italian unification, influencing Italian and European affairs in the process

Papal States Before 1849

Papal States: Exiles and Political Prisoners In the 1840s

Popes through the Ages By Joseph Brusher, S.J.

Pius IX The longest-reigning pope, who played an important part in 19th century Italian and European developments, shaping the character of the Catholic church and the papacy prior to Vatican II

The Church in Finland today

The History of the Catholic Church in Norway

The Church and the Holy Spirit in 20th Century Russia By Boris Bobrinskoy in Ecumenical Review, 2000

Nec Plus, Nec Minus, Nec Aliter: A Brief History of the Russian Byzantine Catholic Church and the Russian Catholics By Reader Methodios Stadnik

Roman Catholicism in Today's Russia: The Troubled Heritage By Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr. in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 1997


Evangelical Christianity in Africa By Mark A. Rockeymoore, July 2008

Piety and Politics in African Christianity: The Roles of the Church and the Democratization Process By Caleb Oladipo in Journal of Church and State, Spring 2003

A History of Christianity in Egypt

Correspondence as a New Source for African History: Some Evidence from Colonial Eritrea By Irma Taddia, University of Bologna, in Cahiers d'Etudes africaines, 2000

From Cairo to the Cape: The Significance of Coptic Orthodoxy for African Christianity By John W. de Gruchy, Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town, in Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, November 1997

A Synod 'of Africa,' 'for Africa,' or 'New Pentecost'? By Peter Hebblethwaite in National Catholic Reporter, April 22, 1994

Synod on Africa a World Away from Real-Life African Church By Peter Hebblethwaite in National Catholic Reporter, April 8, 1994

The Use of Oral Sources in African Church History Dr Philippe Denis, University of Natal, 1992

The Tanzania Catholic Church

History of the Diocese of Eshowe, South Africa

A Catholic Voice against British imperialism: F C Kolbe's Opposition to the Second Anglo-Boer War Article by Frederick Hale in Religion and Theology

"Tukutendereza Yesu" The Balokole Revival in Uganda By Kevin Ward

A History of Christianity in Uganda By Kevin Ward in the Dictionary of African Christian Biography

A Brief History of the Church in Rwanda By Kevin Ward in the Dictionary of African Christian Biography

Catholics & Colonialism: The Church's Failure in Rwanda By Todd Salzman in Commonweal, May 23, 1997

African Initiated Churches Originating in Kenya By Dr. Philomena N. Mwaura of Kenyatta University in the Dictionary of African Christian Biography

Christianity in Sudan By Andrew C. Wheeler in the Dictionary of African Christian Biography, 1991

The Politics of Catholic Education in Zambia: 1891-1964 By Brendan Carmody in Journal of Church and State, Autumn 2002

Christianity in Africa: A Historical Appraisal By Samson A Fatokun, University of Pretoria, in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2005

Freedom of Religion in South Africa: Then and Now, 1652 – 2008 By P Coertzen, University of Stellenbosch, in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2008

The Marks of the Church in South Africa Today - In Dialogue with Jürgen Moltmann on his 80th Birthday By P J Naude, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2006

An African Theology of Colonisation By Dibinga Wa Said in Harvard Theological Review, 1971

Thabo Mbeki's Bible: The Role of the Religion in the South African Public Realm after Liberation By Gerald West, Ujamaa Centre for Community Development and Research, School of Religion and Theology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 2008

The Church and the Struggle for South Africa By John W. de Gruchy in Theology Today, 19866

Jesus in the Morning, Voodoo in the Evening By Thilo Thielke in Spiegel Online, 2007

Some Thoughts on African Liberation: From Independence to True Liberation - Part 1 - Part 2 By Gwinyai Muzorewa in The Other Journal, December 2005

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Post-Independent Mainline Churches in Africa (1975-2000) By J.W. Hofmeyr in HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, 2004

Seemingly Harmless New Christian Religious Movements in South Africa Pose Serious Threats of Spiritual Abuse By Stephan P. Pretorius in HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies, 2007


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Holy Ghost in the Highlands: The Spiritans on Kilimanjaro, 1892-1953 By Matthew V. Bender, Ph.D. in Spiritan Horizons, Fall 2008. Go to page 69

Stones and Stories: Reconstructing the Christianization of the Golan

History of the Maronite Patriarchate

Aspects of Maronite History, by Chorbishop Seely Beggiani:
Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine

The History of Melkites

The Armenian Catholic Church

The Chaldean Church of the East

The Syriac Catholic Church

Beliefs of Catholics in Asia By Edmund Chia, FSC

Faith and Values: Case Studies of Chinese Intellectual Christians Gao Shining, April 2006

A Brief History of the Church in China By John G. Lemond, Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre, Hong Kong, in Word & World, Spring 1997

China's Catholics: Devout & Divided; Persecution Nurtures Defiance By Richard Madsen in Commonweal, April 25, 1997

Patterns of Conversion within the Chinese Catholic Christian Community By Fr. John Tong, in Word & World, Spring 1997

The Church in Taiwan, ROC: Brief History

The Attempt of Matteo Ricci to Link Chinese and Western Cultures Chapter 11 of the book Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese Culture by Tang Yi-Jie

Matteo Ricci: Shaped by the Chinese By Nicolas Standaert in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, May 2010

Matteo Ricci's Legacy: A Loving Patience By Yves Camus SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, May 2010

Of Rites and Wrongs By Liam Brockey. The Chinese rites controversy of the seventeenth century entangled Jesuits in Europe as well as in China. Company Magazine, Winter 2006-07

History of the Catholic Church in Korea

Overview of the History of the Catholic Church in Japan

Journey to the West By J. S. A. Elisonas in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 2007. About four Japanese teens who were paraded in Spain and returned to Japan. Three became Jesuits

Secrecy and the Transmission of Tradition: Issues in the Study of the “Underground” Christians By Peter Nosco in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 1993

The Brotherhoods (Confrarias) and Lay Support for the Early Christian Church in Japan By João Paulo Oliveira e Costa in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 2007

The Conversion of Hideyoshi's Daughter Gô By Tomoko Kitagawa in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 2007

The Experiences of Christians During the Underground Years and Thereafter By Peter Nosco in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 2007

Catholics as Remnant in Japan: after Turbulent Past, Church Still Culturally at Odds with Japanese By Gary L. Chamberlain in National Catholic Reporter, Sept 30, 1994

History of Sacred Heart in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


The Catholic Community in Australia

Partition and Amalgamation among Women's Religious Institutes in Australia, 1838-1917 By Rosa MacGinley PBVM

Articles by Francis X. Hezel, SJ
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    Russian Orthodox church: early history and art

    The Historical Development of Greek Orthodoxy By Demetrios Constantelos in Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church, Hellenic College Press, Boston 1990

    Reformation Ink Reformation classics, including documents by Luther, Calvin, and others

    History of Protestantism Dr. Wylie's Monumental History was first published in 1878. It covers a vast period from the beginnings of Christianity to the revolution in Great Britain in 1688

    How did the Mennonite Church begin?

    Anabaptist-Mennonite History

    The Anabaptist Story

    The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement

    The Church in the Village, the Village in the Church: Pentecostalism in Teso, Uganda By Ben Jones in Cahiers d'Études africaines, 2005

    A Brief History of the Presbyterian Church in America

    A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church By Nathan Bangs, D.D

    Church History Lectures From a Seventh-day Adventist perspective

    Unitarian Universalist Origins: Our Historic Faith

    Restoration History Features historical texts, pictures, resources for historical research and links to other relevant pages dealing with the Restoration Movement. This nineteenth-century unity and restitution effort by Barton W. Stone and Thomas and Alexander Campbell spawned several distinct religious groups: the Churches of Christ, the Christian Churches, and the Disciples of Christ

    History: Our Story The United Methodist Church

    A History of the Moravian Church 1909 edition, by Joseph Edmund Hutton

    Baptist History


    The Complete List of Popes

    Internet Medieval Sourcebook

    ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies


    Medieval Europe

    Church History and Historical Theology

    Resources for Catholic Educators: Church History

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