Gays and Lesbians

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"If you say someone is disordered, that means there is something wrong with that person at the root of their being. I can't believe God would make someone who is wrong from the very beginning."

Most Rev. Thomas Gumbleton,
auxiliary bishop of Detroit

Vatican Response on Possibility of Ordaining Homosexuals to Priesthood Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments

People in Homosexual Relationships New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference

Always Our Children National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Dignity, Love, Life New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference

Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith


Being Gay at a Jesuit University S. Wade Taylor and Kevin J. Mahoney

Christian Sect's Gay Snub Andrew McGowan

What Same-Sex-Marriage and Religious-Liberty Claims Have in Common Thomas C. Berg

Gay Marriage Would Undermine a Sacred Institution Andrew Goddard

Gays, Greed and Biblical Orthodoxy Jon Kuhrt

Pastoral care and gays against the background of same-sex relationships in the Umwelt of the New Testament Yolanda Dreyer

Homosexuality and the Counsel of the Cross: A Clarification Paul G. Crowley, SJ

What Male-Female Complementarity Makes Possible: Marriage As a Two-In-One-Flesh Union Patrick Lee and Robert P. George

Truly Human Sexual Acts: A Response to Patrick Lee and Robert George Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler

Same-Sex Relationships and Issues of Moral Obligation Margaret A Farley

Shaking the Foundations: LGBT Bishops and Blessings in the Fullness of Time Marilyn McCord Adams

Orientation and Choice Thomas Breidenthal

Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality and Leadership William Loader

Thomas Aquinas and (Our) Moral Debate Mark D Jordan

Natural Law, Equality, and Same-Sex Marriage Perry Dane

The Lost Sheep: Experiences of Religious Gay Men in Havana, Cuba Michael J. Maher

Separated Brethren: Homosexuality & the Anglican Communion Barry Jay Seltser

Good News for Gay Christians Oliver O'Donovan

Romans 1:18-32 Amidst the Gay-Debate: Interpretative Options Jeremy Punt

Rights, Homosexuals, and Communion: Reflections in Light of Nigeria Ephraim Radner

Homosexuality & The Church: Scripture & Experience Luke Timothy Johnson

An “Other” Christian Perspective on Lawrence v. Texas Victor C. Romero

Marriage, Same-Sex Relationships, and the Catholic Church Most. Rev. Thomas J. Paprocki

The Moral Reasoning of Family Law: The Case of Same-Sex Marriage Helen M. Alvare

The Immorality of Statutory Restrictions on Adoption by Lesbians and Gay Men Carlos A. Ball

Prejudice, Homophobia and the Christian Faith Community Y Dreyer

Using the Bible in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Its Influence and Impact Amidst the Gay Debate Jeremy Punt

Homophobia - Extended Version of the Fulcrum May Newsletter Andrew Goddard

Constructing a Coherent Christian Sexual Ethic: Towards Discovering the Gift of Homosexuality John P. Edwards

Toward a Holy Order: Homosexuality and the Priesthood Father Raymond J. de Souza

Reflections on the Instruction on the Admittance of Homosexuals into Seminaries Mons. Tony Anatrella

From Illusions Towards Truth: Thomas Merton's 'True Self' and Gay Spirituality Patrick W. Collins

The Magisterium's Arguments against "Same-Sex Marriage": An Ethical Analysis and Critique Stephen J. Pope

Homosexuality and the Counsel of the Cross Paul G. Crowley

Episcopalians, Homosexuality, and World Mission Willis Jenkins

Some Popular Myths about Gays and Lesbians Brian Lewis

Blessing Same-Sex Marriages Patricia Beattie Jung

The Open Debate: Moral Theology and the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Persons James F. Keenan

Rectifying the Tilt: Equality Lessons from Religion, Disability, Sexual Orientation, and Transgender Chai R. Feldblum

'Coming Out' as a Catholic School Teacher Gerald D. Coleman

Queering church, churching queers Robin Hawley Gorsline

Gays, Lesbians, and the Catholic Church: an unfolding story

Christianity is a Queer Thing: The Development of Queer Theology Elizabeth Stuart

Homosexual Orientation and Anthropology: Reflections on the Category "Objective Disorder" Jack A. Bonsor

An Open Letter to the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church Regarding the Pastoral Care of Gay and Lesbian Persons

Christian Anthropology and Homosexuality L'Osservatore Romano

Gay Catholics Praise "Warm" Pastoral Letter from Bishops Heather Elizabeth Peterson

Catholic Document Begins to Change the Lives of Homosexuals Heather Elizabeth Peterson

Catholic Bishops Condemn "Rhetoric of Violence" Heather Elizabeth Peterson

Pro-Gay and Ex-Gay: Is There Room for Dialogue? Heather Elizabeth Peterson

Burials in Greek Macedonia: Possible Evidence for Same-Sex Committed Relationships in Early Christianity Valerie Abrahamsen

Harvey's The Truth about Homosexuality: A Response to Dr. May Gerald D. Coleman and William E. May

A Second Look at Homosexuality Harold M. Schulweis

Sexual Orientation: The History and Significance of an Idea Roland D. Martinson

A New Word on Homosexuality? Isaiah 56:1-8 as Case Study Frederick J. Gaiser

Now Who's Coming to Dinner? Pastoral Care for Family and Friends of Gay and Lesbian People David K. Switzer

A Scientific Understanding of Sexual Orientation with Implications for Pastoral Ministry B. R. Simon Rosser

Can Wrongs Be Rights? Why a "Conservative" Might Support Legal Protections for Gay and Lesbian People Marie A. Failinger

Denominational Teachings about Homosexuality Patricia Beattie Jung

He's Not Disordered, He's My Brother: A Bishop Risks Some Straight Talk about Gays Tom Roberts

Gumbleton Hears Gay Stories, Some Angry Dawn Gibeau

Articles in National Catholic Reporter, September 2, 1994
  • Are God's Loving Words Meant for the Ears of Heterosexuals Only? Howard B. Warren, Jr.
  • I Wrestle with God in an Embrace that Calls Me to a New Identity Kevin J. Calegari
  • Prayer Life Provides a Focus as I Cope with Dropping T-cell Counts Scott Trepania
  • As a Reform Jew, I Use Text and Tradition as Guide, Not as Governor Marc S. Blumenthal
  • Attending to Choices about Personal Life and Community Living Mary E. Hunt
  • Different from Norm, We Reflect a God Who Delights in Surprises Marianne Duddy
  • Vatican Teaching Underpins Anti-Gay Efforts Robin Edwards
  • How Can I Be Centered on God While I Live in an Obsessed Society?

    Letter on Gays Draws Protest - Brooklyn Bishop Thomas V. Daily's Pastoral Letter Patricia Lefevere

    Will Idolaters, Sodomizers, or the Greedy Inherit the Kingdom of God? A Pastoral Exposition of 1 Cor 6:9-10 David L. Tiede

    Homosexuality and Christian Tradition Donald H. Juel

    Homosexuality and the Old Testament Frederick J. Gaiser

    Homosexuality: A Pastoral Perspective William E. Hulme

    Public and Private, Strong and Weak Timothy F. Lull

    Homosexuality and Chaste Celibacy Joseph A. Tetlow

    Homosexual and Holy Jim Cotter

    Homosexuality: The New Vatican Statement Bruce Williams

    The Vatican Statement on Homosexuality Gerald D. Coleman

    Homosexuality and Social Ethics Randolph A. Nelson

    Homosexuality as a Pastoral Problem John F. Harvey


    Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons

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    Catholic Items on Homosexuality


    Dignity/USA Statement of Position and Purpose

    Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns

    Gay Buddhist Fellowship - San Francisco

    Gay Christian Online


    GLBT Resource Page

    Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues: All Viewpoints Covered

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    Judeo-Christianity and Homosexuality

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender United Church of Christ

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    Soundbites Against Homophobia


    Suggestions for Action From People of Faith Against Bigotry

    Whosoever An online magazine for gay, lesbian and bisexual Christians

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