The Letter to the Galatians

Introduction to the Letter to the Galatians New American Bible
Galatians: Introduction from the NIV Study Bible
Paul's Letter to the Galatians Prof. Felix Just, S.J.
"Justification by Faith" in Galatians & Romans Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
Amatory Motifs in Paul's Epistle to the Galatians David E. Fredrickson
Galatians and the Development of Paul's Teaching on Justification Frank J. Matera
Paul and Judaism: The Apostle in the Context of Recent Interpretation James W. Aageson
Hagar and Sarah in Galatians: A Case Study in Freedom Elsa Tamez
Opportunity to Do Good: The Letter to the Galatians Craig Koester

Articles in Tyndale Bulletin, the journal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, a UK-based research institute
Review Article: Galatians, by Philip F. Esler M. Bonnington
Rhetoric, Scholarship and Galatians: Assessing an Approach to Paul's Epistle Philip H. Kern
The Epistle to the Galatians and Classical Rhetoric: Parts 1 & 2 Janet Fairweather
The Epistle to the Galatians and Classical Rhetoric: Part 3 Janet Fairweather

Articles from Biblical
'Works of Law' in Galatians Joseph B. Tyson
The Date of the Epistle to the Galatians: and Certain Passages in the First Epistle to the Corinthians B.B. Warfield

Articles from other sources
Paul to the Galatians: Our freedom in Christ Peter Edmonds SJ
The Lack of Evidence for a Jewish Christian Countermission in Galatia Adam Gregerman
The Ethic of the Free: A Walk according to the Spirit! A Perspective from Galatians G M H Loubser
Conflict as Context for Defining Identity: A Study of Apostleship in the Galatian and Corinthian Letters N.H. Taylor
The Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15 and Paul's Letter to the Galatians David Trobisch
Epistle to the Galatians The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1909
Other Gospels: Lectures on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians William Humphrey, SJ
Galatians: Introduction, Argument, and Outline Daniel B. Wallace

Galatians 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rhetorical Identification In Paul's Autobiographical Narrative Paul D. Koptak, Ph.D.
Paul's 'Former Conduct in the Judean Way of Life' (Gal 1:13) ... Or Not? Markus Cromhout
Plot and Character in Galatians 1-2 Timothy Wiarda
Pleasing God or Pleasing People? Defending the Gospel in Galatians 1-2 Debbie Hunn
Homily 1 on Galatians St. John Chrysostom
Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas | Gal 1:1-5 | Gal 1:6-10 | Gal 1:11-14 | Gal 1:15-17 | Gal 1:18-24

Galatians 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Relationship of Galatians 2:1-10 and Acts 15:1-35: Two Neglected Arguments Robert H. Stein
The Non-Pauline Origin of the Parallelism of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Galatians 2:7-8 Ernst Barnikol
The Ego and "I": Galatians 2:19 in New Perspective Scot McKnight
Homily 2 on Galatians St. John Chrysostom
Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas | Gal 2:1-5 | Gal 2:6-10 | Gal 2:11-14 | Gal 2:15-16 | Gal 2:17-18 | Gal 2:19-21

Galatians 3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Blessing of Israel and "the Curse of the Law": A Study of Galatians 3:10-14 Vincent M. Smiles
Context Matters: Paul's Use of Leviticus 18:5 in Galatians 3:12 Joel Willitts
Galatians 3:16: What Kind of Exegete Was Paul? C. John Collins
Galatians 3:19-25 as an Argument for God's Faithfulness: Reading Paul's Rhetoric in Light of His Strategy L. Ann Jervis
Some Reflections on Galatians 3:28, Sexual Roles, and Biblical Hermeneutics John Jefferson Davis
Homily 3 on Galatians St. John Chrysostom
Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas | Gal 3:1 | Gal 3:2-5 | Gal 3:6-9 | Gal 3:10-12 | Gal 3:13-14 | Gal 3:15-18 | Gal 3:19-20 | Gal 3:21-25 | Gal 3:26-29

Galatians 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Homily 4 on Galatians St. John Chrysostom
Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas | Gal 4:1-3 | Gal 4:4-5 | Gal 4:6-7 | Gal 4:8-11 | Gal 4:12-18 | Gal 4:19-20 | Gal 4:21-23 | Gal 4:24-27 | Gal 4:28-31

Galatians 5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Strivings of the Flesh (Galatians 5,17) John J. Kilgallen
Abraham and His Offspring: A Comparison of Galatians 5,1 with 3,13 Jan Lambrecht, S.J.
The Right Things You Want to Do: A Note on Galatians 5,17d Jan Lambrecht, S.J.
The Poetry of the Spirit: Willing and Doing in Galatians 5 and 6 James L. Boyce
Homily 5 on Galatians St. John Chrysostom
Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas | Gal 5:1-4 | Gal 5:5-12 | Gal 5:13-15 | Gal 5:16-17 | Gal 5:18-21 | Gal 5:22 | Gal 5:23-26

Galatians 6-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Peace and Mercy Upon the Israel of God: The Old Testament Background of Galatians 6,16b G.K. Beale
Homily 6 on Galatians St. John Chrysostom
Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas | Gal 6:1-5 | Gal 6:6-10 | Gal 6:11-13 | Gal 6:14-15 | Gal 6:16-18

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