Agriculture Pope John XXIII

Agriculture Pope John Paul II

Towards a Better Distribution of Land: The Challenge of Agrarian Reform Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Land, A Common Good for All of Humanity Cardinal Roger Etchegaray

Fruits of the Earth and Human Labour: A Socio-Economic Contract with the Rural World Social Affairs Committee, The Assembly of Québec Catholic Bishops

A Catholic Perspective on Rural Life in Illinois Catholic bishops of Illinois

Economic Hardships Affecting Rural Life Catholic bishops of Nebraska

Parched Land, Perilous Times: A Call for Prayer and Legislative Actions for Farming Families Catholic bishops of Ohio

Life on the Land: A Call to Reflection and Action on Agriculture in Ohio Catholic bishops of Ohio

Giving Thanks Through Action Catholic Bishops of North Dakota

The Family Farm as Christian Witness L. Shannon Jung

Rediscovering American Agriculture Frederick Kirschenmann

International Catholic Rural Association

National Catholic Rural Life Conference

Catholic Relief Services

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