"The family is, so to speak, the domestic Church. In it parents should, by their word and example, be the first preachers of the faith to their children."

Vatican II:
Constitution on the Church

Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Vatican II. See Part 2, Chapter 1: Fostering the Nobility of Marriage and the Family

Love in the Family Pope Francis

On the Family Pope John Paul II

The Family Papal documents

1994 Christmas Message Pope John Paul II

Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life

Charter of Rights of the Family, 1983

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family Pontifical Council for the Family

Follow the Way of Love U.S. Catholic Bishops

The Family, the Heart of the Civilization of Love Cardinal Lopez Trujillo

Feast of the Family Archbishop Joseph Mercieca of Malta

The Vocation of Marriage in God's Plan Archbishop J. Francis Stafford of Denver

Love is for Life Irish bishops, esp. part IV

The Troubled Family Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan

Violence Against Women and Children New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference

On Christian Marriage Pope Leo XIII

General Audiences by Pope Francis
1. Nazareth ----- 2. The mother ----- 3. The father (First part) ----- 3. The father (Second part)
4. The children ----- 5. Siblings ----- 6. The elderly ----- 7. The grandparents
8. The children (I) ----- 9. The children (II) ----- 10. Male and female (I) ----- 11. Male and female (II)
12. Marriage (I) ----- 13. Marriage (II) ----- 14. The three expressions ----- 15. Education
16. Engagement ----- 17. Family and poverty ----- 18. Family and illness ----- 19. Death
20. Wounds (I) ----- 21. Wounded families (II) ----- 22. Celebration ----- 23. Work
24. Prayer ----- 25. Evangelization ----- 26.Community ----- 27. Nations
28. The family spirit ----- 29. - Promises to children ----- 30. Fidelity to the promise of love
31. Forgive us our debts ----- 32. Conviviality ----- 33. The welcoming door

Family life in a post-conciliar pastoral agenda Teresa Pirola

Family Spirituality Wendy M. Wright

The Family: Teacher of Human and Christian Values -- An Australian Perspective Ron and Mavis Pirola

Responsibilities of Family Life Rev. Mark Connolly

“The Family: Searching for Fairest Love Conference” in the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame, 2008
  • On Retranslating Humanae Vitae John Finnis
  • Does Sarah + John = 3? The History and Future of Complementarity in Catholic Feminism Elizabeth Schiltz
  • The Pastoral Method of Pope John Paul II Michael Waldstein
  • Conscious Parenthood Janet Smith
  • Fundamentals of Human Infant Biology and Its Relationship to Parent Caregiving: Western Constraints on Creating a ‘Fairest Love’? James McKenna
  • The State of the Marital Union: International Human Rights Law, the Family, and the U.S. Supreme Court William Saunders
  • Lessons from the Locker Room on Courtly Love David Jeffrey
  • The Family: The Crisis and the Romantic Temptation Thomas Hibbs
  • Finding Fairest Love in the Church of the Home Fred and Lisa Everett
  • Beyond the Rights of Children: The Family Critically Re-Examined H. Tristram Engelhardt
  • The Bishop as sponsus ecclesiae particularis: Family Structures and Ecclesiological Developments in the First Millenium Msgr. Charles Brown
  • An Aristotelian Feminism? Sarah Borden
  • Families, Neighborhoods, and the Built Environment: A New Paradigm for Notre Dame Philip Bess
  • Philosophers, Fetuses, and the Family: Autonomous Appetites Bound by Choice Francis Beckwith
  • A Catholic Perspective on the American Family Law Governing Intimate Partnerships: Gift Exchange or Balance Sheet Accounting? Helen Alvaré

    Christian Ethical Perspectives on Marriage and Family Life in Modern Western Culture J.M. Vorster

    What Yoder Wrought: Religious Disparagement, Parental Alienation and the Best Interests of the Child Jeffrey Shulman

    Should Bearing the Child Mean Bearing All the Cost? A Catholic Perspective on the Sacrifice of Motherhood and the Common Good Elizabeth R. Schiltz

    Domestic Abuse in the Household of God Rosemaré Ann Visser and Yolanda Dreyer

    The Biblical Theme of Welcoming Children David Csinos

    Should Bearing the Child Mean Bearing All the Cost? A Catholic Perspective on the Sacrifice of Motherhood and the Common Good Elizabeth Rose Schiltz

    The New Testament Teaching on Family Matters Carolyn Osiek

    An Appraisal of the Eighth Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences Synod on Family Life Jojo Fung, S.J.

    Family as Domestic Church Joseph C. Atkinson

    Teaching Sociology of the Family from a Catholic Perspective Lisa S. Matthews

    Familial Rights and the Ethics of Parenting Rev. John J. Conley, SJ

    Do Family Values Lead to Family Violence?: A Consideration of the Idea of Family Matthew Herbst

    Motherhood as a Spiritual Path Sue Delaney

    Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of Vietnam on the Sanctification of the Family

    An Alternative Lifestyle: The Filipino Family's Response to the Call of the Times Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J.

    The Dual Vocation of Christian Parents Julie Hanlon Rubio

    Family, Family Values and Home Leon Dyczewski and Barbara Jedynak

    Integralism and Benevolent Love as Virtue: Directions for Family Studies Vincent Jeffries

    'Church Leadership Has to Be Bold': A Latina Activist Speaks Out Marianne Arbogast

    'Did you not know that I must be in my father's house?' Revitalizing Family through a Rereading of Classical and Biblical Father-Son Narratives John Feeney and Thomas Feeney

    Too Many Children? The Ethics of Population Control Thomas Cook

    The Concept of Child Development in Book I of Augustine's Confessions David Peddle

    Parenting Adolescents Marie Murray

    The Crisis In Parenting Bill Toner, SJ

    Turning Around The Negative Cycle In Families Paul Andrews, SJ

    The "Feminist Pope"? Women and Family in the Social Thought of John Paul II Patricia Donohue-White

    Family and Education Adina Vrasmas

    Ten Ways to Be a Better Grandparent Patricia L. Fry

    The Family: A Society of Friends Donald X. Burt, OSA

    The Family: Obstacles to Friendship Donald X. Burt, OSA

    Family Theater at 50: Father Patrick Peyton Remembered Jack Wintz, OFM

    Does Family Conflict with Community? Julie Hanlon Rubio

    "The Family": Obstacle or Embryo of Civil Society Paul Peachey

    Until a "lack of discretion" do us part Scott Appleby

    A Parent's-Eye View Joanne Adams

    Prayer and Worship Catherine M. Darby

    Pastoral Care of the Divorced and Remarried Kenneth R. Himes

    October 1995 Issue of Spirituality Today

    Symposium: Ethics, Public Policy, and the Future of the Family, Santa Clara University, April 1995
  • Morality, Public Policy and the Family:The Role of Marriage and the Public/Private Divide June Carbone
  • The Nature of Dependencies and Welfare "Reform" Martha Fineman
  • Public Morality and Public Policy: The Case of Children and Family Policy William A. Galston
  • Family Change and Welfare Reform Jane Mauldon
  • Family Values, Race, Feminism and Public Policy Twila L. Perry
  • The Deliberate Construction of Families Without Fathers: Is It an Option for Lesbian and Heterosexual Mothers? Nancy D. Polikoff
  • Many Mothers, Many Fathers: The Meaning of Parenting Around the World Nicole L. Sault
  • Family Virtues and the Common Good Michael J. Meyer
  • The Politics of Family Structure Arlene Skolnik
  • The State of the Family and the Family Policy Debate David Blankenhorn
  • Attachment 101 for Attorneys: Implications for Infant Placement Decisions Eleanor Willemsen and Kristen Marcel
  • A Review of Martha Fineman's The Neutered Mother, the Sexual Family, and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies: She Threw Out the Baby with the Old Feminism Eleanor Willemsen and Michael Willemsen

    The Family: Private or Public Leon Dyczewski

    Family, Society and State in the USA: Some Reflections Paul Peachey

    A Common Declaration on the Family International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee

    The Family and Abuse: A Personal View Janet Digby-Baker

    Lay Spirituality and the Family Susan Dowell

    Images of Family Life in the Scriptures Pamela A. Foulkes

    Myths and Models of Family Mary Scarfe

    Re-Imagining the Masculine Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

    Modernization and the Sociology of the Family in Central America Paul Peachey

    Conflict in the Family Mary Dunn

    Parenting for Peace and Justice Kathleen and James McGinnis

    Handling Life's Crises in the Christian Family Joseph P. Gillespie, O.P.

    The Mission of the Family Charles A. Gallagher

    Perspectives on the family in Christian and Jewish traditions Eugene J. Fisher

    The place of the family in Jewish tradition Lea Di Nola

    "Mixed Marriages" and religious liberty Alexis Blum

    Mixed Marriages: Another view Joseph A. Edelheit and Arthur Meth

    The Role of Housewives and Mothers in Human Development Irma Garcia de Mazelis

    Family, Sex, and Marriage in a Contraceptive Culture John L. Thomas

    The Future of the Christian Family Jack Dominian

    The Brink: The Parent-Child Bond in the Genetic Revolution John Fletcher

    The Principle of the Family Good M. John Farrelly

    Peace Ideas Peace Center, Theosophical Society in the Philippines

    Family Salt of the Earth

    Family Perspectives J. Bradley Wigger

    The Family in Islam


    National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers


    The Center for Peace in the Family

    The Family Based on the texts of different world scriptures

    Parents and Children Based on the texts of different world scriptures

    Husband and Wife Based on the texts of different world scriptures

    Christian Family Movement Online

    Apostolate for Family Consecration


    The Child: Citizen of Two Worlds US bishops

    Every Child Is Precious Brother Francis

    Vanishing Youth? Solidarity with Children and Young People in an Age of Turbulence Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

    Children Play with God: A Contemporary Thomistic Understanding of the Child Patrick McKinley Brennan

    Taking Pierce Seriously: The Family, Religious Education, and Harm to Children Richard W. Garnett

    Young People's Beginning Experience Jeanne Schaefer

    The Role of Family in the Faith and Value Formation of Children Roland D. Martinson

    Children and Bereavement Nigel Bavidge

    Childhood, Sexuality and Bodyliness Mary Dunn

    Children With Learning Difficulties and the Sacraments June Edwards

    Children in Multifaith Society Surinder Lall

    Who is Jesus. Who is God for Children? Elizabeth Macdougall

    How a Child's Faith Develops Mary McClure

    What is Sacred for Children? Sonja M. Stewart

    Children in Multifaith Society Margaret Ulloa

    More Nations Belatedly Heed Children's Rights Robert F. Drinan

    Children's Rights Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez

    The Drama of Childhood Sue Walrond-Skinner

    The Child and the War Frederic Sidenburg, S. J., page 14

    Standards Relating to Children in Need of Special Care General Statement, page 170

    Children Salt of the Earth

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