Introduction to Ezra New American Bible

Ezra: Introduction from the NIV Study Bible

Gentile Incorporation into Israel in Ezra - Nehemiah? Peter H.W. Lau

Letters of Kings about Votive Offerings, The God of Israel and the Aramaic Document in Ezra 4:86:18 Andrew E. Steinmann

Revisiting the Composition of Ezra-Nehemiah: In Conversation with Jacob Wright's Rebuilding Identity: The Nehemiah Memoir and its Earliest Readers

Ezra and Nehemiah in the Light of the Texts from Persepolis H. G. M. Williamson

Book of Ezra The Jewish Encyclopedia

Esdras The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1909

Ezra Text and commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi

Ezra and Nehemiah Shawn Zelig Aster

Ezra Resources from Early Jewish Writings

Ezra the Scribe The Jewish Encyclopedia

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