Esther: Introduction New American Bible

Esther: Introduction from the NIV Study Bible

Esther Text and commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi

Contesting Authority: the Greek Versions of Esther as Resistance Literature Brian Carmany

The Pendulum Is Never Static: Jesus Sira to Jesus Christ on Women in the Light of Judith, Susanna and LXX Esther Pierre Jordaan

Preaching Subversively: The Book of Esther as a Homiletical Model Lee Beach

Characterizing Esther from the Outset: The Contribution of the Story in Esther 2:1–20 Jonathan Jacobs

Esther and Realpolitik Prof. Haim Genizi

The Symbolic Function of Clothing in the Book of Esther Jopie Siebert-Hommes

From Jezebel to Esther: Fashioning Images of Queenship in the Hebrew Bible Helena Zlotnick

"In the fortress Shushan lived a Jew" Prof. Moshe Bar-Asher

The Book of Esther: Opus non gratum in the Christian Canon Frederic W. Bush

In Quest of the Historical Mordecai David J. A. Clines

Reading Esther from Left to Right Contemporary Strategies for Reading a Biblical Text David J. A. Clines

The Politics of Esther and Mordecai: Courage or Compromise? Ronald W. Pierce

Religion, Wisdom and History in the Book of Esther - A New Solution to an Ancient Crux Robert Gordis

Persian Names in Esther and the Reliability of the Hebrew Text Alan R. Millard

Studies in the Esther Narrative Robert Gordis

Esther The Jewish Encyclopedia

Esther The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1909

Mordecai The Jewish Encyclopedia

Apocryphal Book of Esther The Jewish Encyclopedia

The Book of Esther Adele Berlin

Esther Adele Berlin

Vashti & Esther: A Feminist Perspective Wendy Amsellem

Esther as Comedy Adele Berlin

Esther’s Tomb MyJewishLearning Staff

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