Environmental Justice
"The entire material universe speaks of God’s love, his boundless affection for us. Soil, water, mountains: everything is, as it were, a caress of God."

Pope Francis,
Laudato Si



Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, "On Care for Our Common Home" Pope Francis

If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation Pope Benedict XVI

Peace with God the Creator, Peace with all of Creation Pope John Paul II

Common Declaration on Environmental Ethics Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople

Global Climate Change: A Plea for Dialogue, Prudence, and the Common Good U.S. Catholic Bishops

Companions in Creation Catholic bishops of Florida

Celebrate Life: Care for Creation Alberta bishops

Columbia River Pastoral Letter Project Catholic bishops of the Northwest and Canada

And God Saw That It Was Good Bishops of the Boston Province

This Land is Home to Me Catholic Bishops of Appalachia

At Home in the Web of Life: A Pastoral Message on Sustainable Communities in Appalachia Catholic Bishops of Appalachia

Our Relationship with the Environment: The Need for Conversion Commission for Social Affairs, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

You Love All That Exists Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Building a New Culture: Central Themes in Recent Church Teaching on the Environment Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Cry of the Earth; Cry of the Poor Social Affairs Committee of the bishops of Quebec

A New Earth: An Environmental Challenge Australian Bishops Conference

What is Happening to Our Beautiful Land? Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines

The Call of Creation: God's Invitation and the Human Response Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales

An Orthodox Statement on the Environmental Crisis The Ecumenical Patriarchate

Christian Faith Statement on the Ecology Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the World Council of Churches, and the Vatican Franciscan Center of Environmental Studies

A Common Declaration on the Environment International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee

Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Environmental Racism United Methodist Church


Alliance of Religions and Conservation
  • What does Judaism teach about ecology?
  • What does Islam teach about ecology?
  • What does Baha'ism teach about ecology?
  • What does Zoroastrianism teach us about ecology?
  • What does Jainism teach us about ecology?
  • What does Buddhism teach about ecology?
  • What does Hinduism teach us about ecology?
  • What does Christianity teach us about ecology? What does Confucianism teach us about ecology?
  • What does Shintoism teach us about ecology? What does Sikhism teach us about ecology?

    World Religions and Ecology
  • Christianity and Ecology: Wholeness, Respect, Justice, Sustainability Dieter T. Hessel
  • Judaism and Ecology: A Theology of Creation Daniel B. Fink
  • Buddhism and Ecology: Challenge and Promise Donald K. Swearer
  • Islam and Ecology: A Bestowed Trust Inviting Balanced Stewardship Frederick M. Denny
  • Hinduism, Jainism, and Ecology Christopher Key Chapple
  • Confucianism and Ecology: Potential and Limits Mary Evelyn Tucker
  • Daoism and Ecology James Miller
  • Shinto and Ecology: Practice and Orientations to Nature Rosemarie Bernard
  • The Bahá'í Faith and Ecology Arthur Lyon Dahl, Ph.D.
  • Indigenous Traditions and Ecology John A. Grim

    Why Does Laudato Si' Matter? Impact of Encyclical Strengthens Hope Thomas Reese

    Connecting Religion and Climate Change: Reverence for Life Underlies Catholic Case for Environment Tom Roberts

    Catholic Social Teaching and Climate Justice from a Peace Studies Perspective: Current Practice, Tensions, and Promise Christopher Hrynkow and Dennis Patrick O’Hara

    Becoming Refugias: Climate Change and a Change of Heart Joan Brown

    Land Ethic Through a Retrospective Lens: Focusing and Refocusing Moral Community Joseph E. Bush

    Come with Me into the Fields: Inspiring Creation Ministry among Faith Communities Erin Lothes Biviano

    The Role of Christian Ethics, Religious Leaders, and People of Faith at a Time of Ecological and Climate Crisis James S. Mastaler

    How to Save a Climate? Just Die! Dawn M. Nothwehr, O.S.F

    Theology and Climate Change Christiana Z. Peppard

    Climate Change and the Catholic Church Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Creation as an Ecumenical Problem: Renewed Belief Through Green Experience Thomas Hughson

    Lectionary Selections and Ecological Concerns: A Contribution to Dialogue Regina A. Boisclair

    People of Place, Ethics of Earth: Indigenous Nations, Interfaith Dialogue, and Environmental sustainability Ann Marie B. Bahr

    Cosmology and Creation: From Hawking to Aquinas in Memory of Jozef Zycinski William E. Carroll

    Beholding the Logos: The Church, the Environment, and the Meaning of Man Christopher J. Thompson

    Choose Life: The Environmental Edition: It's Not Easy Being Green, But This Moral Theologian Says the Catholic Faith Calls Us to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle David Cloutier

    Go Big Green Katie Bahr

    The Earth's Ethos, Logos, and Pathos: An Ecological Reading of Revelation Curtis Johnson

    Climate Change: Economics or Ethics? John Sweeney

    Dominion and Stewardship: Imaging God in Creation Matthew P Cavedon

    Down to Earth Ethics: Exploring Relation and Environmental Responsibility Matthew Gowans

    Climate change and the churches David Atkinson

    Faith and the Call for a Human Ecology Michael Czerny, SJ

    Francis to Francis: The Continuity of Catholic Ecology Catholic Rural Life

    Ecology in Action Catholic Rural Life

    Aqua, sine qua non Tom Giessel

    The Dignity of It All: Respecting the Dignity of All God's Creations Dr. Marie George

    Ecological Disaster & Jacques Ellul's Theological Vision Paul Tyson and Matthew John Paul Tan

    Special Jesuit Report on Ecology John O'Keefe and Wendy M. Wright

    Green Discipleship Dr. Tobias Winright

    The Human Face of Climate Change Maria Tiimon

    Australian Religious Response to Climate Change Bishop George Browning

    Wrestling with Holiness: Sharing in the Travail of Creation Henry L. Novello

    Union Seminary Quarterly Review, June 2011
  • Ecological Management, Cultural Reform, and Religious Creativity Willis Jenkins
  • Should Ecological Science Be Ethical? Simon A. Queensborough and Liza S. Comita
  • The World House: Prophetic Protestantism and the Struggle for Environmental Justice Peter Goodwin Heltzel
  • Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Myopic: Religion and Ethics in Cross-Disciplinary Ecological Dialogue Daniel Maguire
  • Denaturing Nature Christiana Z. Peppard
  • Jainism, Dharma, and Environmental Ethics Pankaj Jain
  • Islamic Environmental Stewardship: Nature and Science in the Light of Islamic Philosophy Munjed M. Murad
  • Glimpses of Earth: Sustainability in the Crucible of Experience Matthew C. Ally
  • Is Sustainability A Fact? Ram Mukul Fishman
  • The Humble Heart Cynthia Reville Peabody
  • Response to “The Humble Heart” Aileen A. O'Donoghue

    Thinking Otherwise: Theology, Inculturation and Climate Change Glenn Morrison

    Necessities for an Ecological Civilization John B. Cobb

    "Love for the Paradise Mystery": Thomas Merton: Contemplative Ecologist Kathleen Deignan

    Confronting Global Climate Change: An Arctic Expedition and a Catholic Obligation John L. Carr

    Joseph, Pharaoh, and a Climate Crisis Sir John Houghton

    Earthcare: An Ethical Culture Designed to Save Our Planet & Ourselves Kibbutz Lotan, a community in Israel's Negev

    Global Warming, Climate Change, and Sustainability: A Challenge to Scientists, Policy-makers, and Christians Sir John Houghton

    Merging Worlds: Slime Moulds, the Environment and Human Dignity Mary Colwell

    How to 'Green' Your Church Steven Douglas

    Integrity of Creation: A Challenge for African Religious Today Frei Ilídio Jacinto Inácio, OFM

    Getting into Hot Water: Evangelicals and Global Warming Benjamin B. Phillips

    Sacraments and Ecological Crisis: Reappraising the Recipient as a Created Cocreator Izunna Okonkwo

    Intercultural Ecotheology: Integral Visions of Healing Elyse Rider

    Business and the Resurrection John C. Haughey, S.J.

    Co-Redeemers: A Theological Basis for Creation-Care Revd Dr John Weaver

    Creative Giver of Life: An Ecological Theology of the Holy Spirit Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J.

    Ecological Examen Joseph Carver SJ

    The Place of Humanity in Creation Martin Poulsom

    Judaic Models of Social Transformation Jonathan Gorsky

    Aspects of Environmental Ethics: An Islamic Perspective Mohammad Shomali

    Passenger Pigeons and Polar Bears: The Ethics of Global Warming Margaret Atkins OSA

    Climate Change as Ethical Challenge: Prospects for a Just and Sustainable Globalisation Johannes Müller SJ

    Environmental Ethics Daniel Cowdin

    Aspects of Environmental Ethics: An Islamic Perspective Mohammad Shomali

    Coping With Insecurity, Uncertainty and Risk Helen Freeman

    Passenger Pigeons and Polar Bears: The Ethics of Global Warming Margaret Atkins

    Gethsemani III, May 2008

    Peace With Creation: Catholic Perspectives on Environmental Law Archbishop Harry J. Flynn

    Natural Law and Ecological Responsibility: Drawing on the Thomistic Tradition William C. French

    The Moral Significance of Creation in the Franciscan Theological Tradition: Implications for Contemporary Catholics and Public Policy Keith Douglass Warner O.F.M.

    The Evangelical Debate Over Climate Change John Copeland Nagle

    The Preferential Option for the Poor: An Opportunity and a Challenge for Environmental Decision-Making Lucia A. Silecchia

    The Poor of the Planet and the Planet of the Poor: Ecological Ethics and Economic Liberation John Hart

    The Necessity of Economics: The Preferential Option for the Poor, Markets, and Environmental Law Andrew P. Morriss

    Challenges to Using the Principle of Subsidiarity for Environmental Policy Gregory R. Beabout

    Solidarity and Subsidiarity in a Changing Climate: Green Building as Legal and Moral Obligations Jamison E. Colburn

    Subsidiarity and Solidarity: Lenses for Assessing the Appropriate Locus for Environmental Regulation and Enforcement Jerome M. Organ

    Environmental Racism and Black Theology: James H. Cone Instructs Us on Witness Marguerite L. Spencer

    Environment, Energy, and Faith Daniel Lawse

    The Theology of George W. Bush and His Environmental/Conservation Policy Edward T. Wimberley

    Common Ground and Common Skies: Natural Law and Ecological Responsibility William French

    Environmental Christianity: Insights from Our Jewish Heritage Revd Margot Hodson

    Ecology and Globalisation Australian Council of Christians and Jews

    Thoughts Towards an Environmental Sabbath Australian Council of Christians and Jews

    Reenlivening The Dying Earth Tom Ravetz

    Does Common Good Involve Environment? Surveying Different Common Good Models with Regard to Environment Laura Baritz, O.P.

    P. Hefner's Concept 'Created Co-creator' as a Source of Inspiration for a Sustainable Corporate Environmental Responsibility Francis Kadaplackal

    A burning issue: Christian care for the environment Robert White

    Prayer and Ecology André Louf

    The Beauty of Creation Pontifical Council for Culture

    Global Climate Change and the Church in the Modern World: A Sign of the Times Russell A. Butkus, PhD, and Steven A. Kolmes, PhD

    Gaudium et Spes and the Ecological Awareness of Our Time Moris Polanco

    Ecocide, the Integrity of Creation and the Rights of the Next Generation J M Vorster

    Valuing Earth Intrinsically and Instrumentally: A Theological Framework for Environmental Ethics Jame Schaefer

    Christian Lifestyle David Thistlethwaite

    Ecological Solidarity between Catholicism and the Asian Religions Thomas Hong-Soon Han, p. 39

    Responding to the 'New Story': Catholic Social Teaching and the Ecological Crisis Chris Hrynkow

    Water and the Environment Pontifical Academy of Sciences

    Is Creation Eternal? Ilia Delio

    Jonathan Edwards on Beauty, Desire, and the Sensory World Belden C. Lane

    Christian Reflections on a Qur'anic Approach to Ecology Thomas Michel, S.J.

    An Augustinian Understanding of Love in an Ecological Context Francisco Benzoni

    Ecology and the Spiritual Exercises Trileigh Tucker

    Spiritual Exercises and Ecology Jim Profit S.J.

    Conscience and the Ecological Crisis Neil Brown

    Ecofeminism: a Latin American Perspective Ivone Gebara

    Reflections on Ecology, Theology and Ethics Derek Michaud

    Stewardship Without Prices and Private Property? Modern Evangelical Environmentalism's Struggle to Value Nature William L. Anderson, Timothy D. Terrell

    Johannesburg 2002: Few Gains for the Poor and the Environment Sean McDonagh, S.S.C.

    Hope and Despair in Johannesburg: The World Summit on Sustainable Development — A Story of Many Summits Antonio G.M. La Vińa, Gretchen Hoff and Anne Marie DeRose

    The Earth Charter and the Catholic Church in Australia Brendan Mackey

    Earth and spirit: A Spirituality for Our Times Neil Brown

    Planting Seeds for the Future: Building a Life-Sustaining Society Sandra Menteith

    Environmental Decision-Making in a Technological Age

    Biblical Basis of Caring for Creation Professor Sam Berry

    Ancient Desert Sojourns: Environmental Implications @ the National Level William Theodore Johnson

    The Bible and the Environment Professor Gordon Wenham

    How Green Is Judaism? Exploring Jewish Environmental Ethics David Vogel

    Why We Need a New Ethic for the Environment Richard Sivil

    Religion and Ecology: Can the Climate Change Dćdalus, Fall 2001

    True 'Creation Spirituality': Original Blessing and Original Sin—A Critique of Matthew Fox's Theology Dr Andrew Basden

    Valuing and the Environment Alan Cajes

    Mysticism and Ecology: Ignatian Contemplation and Participation Philip Shano

    Creatures and the Soil Community: The Peaceable Kingdom Edward P. Echlin

    Children and the Environment National Council of Synagogues and the Bishops' Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations, USA

    A Common Creation Story? Interreligious Dialogue and Ecology Paul F. Knitter

    How Green Is My Church? Fr. Michael Gormly

    The Green Face of God: Christianity in an Age of Ecocide Mark I. Wallace

    Whose Earth Is It Anyway? James H. Cone

    The Place of Ecological Culture in Civil Society Victoriya Levinskaya

    Population Growth and Ecological Degradation in Northern Ghana: the Complex Reality Jacob Songsore

    Message to OP Family International Gathering of Dominican Sisters

    Environmental Stewardship

    Creation's Destiny in Jesus Christ John McKeown

    Christians and Genetic Manipulation Professor Sam Berry

    The Bible on Environmental Conservation: A 21st Century Prescription William T Johnson

    Ecology's Appeal to Theology Anne Primavesi

    Ecological Confusion among the Clergy Allan Fitzsimmons

    Environmental Theology: A Judeo-Christian Defense Peter J. Hill

    Human Rights and the Rights of Nature Thomas Sieger Derr

    Liberty and the Place of Man in Nature William C. Dennis

    Eucharistic Ecology Tony Kelly, CSsR

    Dominion of Co-creators Jojo M. Fung, S.J.

    Women and Ecology in Shona Religion Isabel Mukonyora

    Looking Ahead: Ecology and Theology Moni McIntyre, Ph.D., page 42

    The Ecological Significance of God-Language Denis Edwards

    Environmental Thinking and Social Transformation Eva Smolková

    The Ephremic Tradition and the Theology of the Environment Robert Murray, S.J.

    Environmental Decision Making in the Slovak Republic Tatiana Kluvánková

    Environmental Ethics: Its Problems And Alternatives Zuzana Paloviová

    The Ecological Motivation of Ethics and the Moral Critique of Society Vlastimil Hála

    Human Values And Sustainable Ways Of Living Josef Vavrousek

    The Ecological Problem In Modern Society: Solidarity, Conflict and Human Dignity Oleg Suša

    Ecojustice at the Centre of the Church's Mission Rosemary Radford Ruether

    Green Lap, Brown Embrace, Blue Body: The Ecospirituality of Alice Walker - Afro-American author Pamela A. Smith

    Eucharistic Ecology and Ecological Spirituality Beatrice Bruteau

    Thomas Berry and the Suffering Earth Stephen Dunn, C.P.

    A Way in the Wilderness: Men and the Environment David Douglas

    Land, a common Good for All of Humanity Cardinal Roger Etchegaray

    A Theology of the Environment Paul McCartin, SSC

    The Early Buddhist Tradition and Ecological Ethics Lambert Schmithausen

    Environmental Problems and Ecological Ethics Wang Miaoyang

    Christian Challenge of Caring for the Earth Sir John Houghton

    Getting to Grips With Buddhist Environmentalism: A Provisional Typology Ian Harris

    Judaism and Nature: Theological and Moral Issues to Consider While Renegotiating a Jewish Relationship to the Natural World Eilon Schwartz

    Causation and Telos: The Problem of Buddhist Environmental Ethics Ian Harris

    Environmental Ethics Leonardo N. Mercado

    Symposium on Ecology Rome, Italy

    Christianity and The Survival of Creation Wendell Berry

    Artists Leave Studios for Ecological Activism Michael J. Farrell

    Judeo-Christian Values and the Ecological Crisis Dean R. Hoge

    Ethics and the Spotted Owl Controversy Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez

    Creation or Nature? A Manner of Speaking Robert Quam

    Ecology, Feminism, and Theology Mary Ann Hinsdale

    Environmental Concern and Economic Justice Péri Rasolondraibe

    Reconciliation with Nature Jürgen Moltmann

    Rural America in Crisis: An Unprecedented Call for a Christian Environmental Ethic C. Dean Freudenberger

    The Church's Role in Environmental Action Calvin B. Dewitt

    The Environmental Challenge in Rural America Anne Kanten

    The Weeping Mask: Ecological Crisis and the View of Nature Vítor Westhelle

    The Responsibility of Royalty: Genesis 1-11 and the Care of the Earth James Limburg

    Who Counts? Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez

    Holy Spirit: Renew the Whole Creation Ellen-Come Leonard

    The Greening of Asceticism Columba Stewart

    A Green Theology? Theology and Ecology Denis Carroll

    Community of Life: Ecological Theology in African Perspective Harvey Sindima

    Ecology, Justice, and Development Drew Christiansen

    Ecology and Eschatology: A Neglected Dimension Francis W. Bridger

    Christians in the Global Greenhouse Donald A. Hay

    Exploring Eco-Spirituality Charles Cummings, O.C.S.O.

    The Concept of an Eco-ethics and the Development of Moral Thought Tomonobu Imamichi

    Caring for the Creation: A Jewish perspective Hillel Avidan

    Humanity and Nature According to the Jewish Scriptures Lawrence Frizzell

    The Care of Creation: a Christian Perspective Dennis Richards

    Reverencing the Earth in the Australian Dreaming Frank Brennan

    Reverencing the Earth in the Australian Dreaming Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

    Ecology and World Poverty: A Christian Response Anthony J. Gittens, C.S.Sp.

    Biblical Perspectives on the Land Dennis T. Olson

    Choosing Our Roots An interview with Thomas Berry

    The Common Good: An Ethical Framework for Evaluating Environmental Issues Merle Longwood

    Nature and Its Transformations Patrick A. Heelan

    Moral Problems Arising from Man's Intervention in Nature Owen W. Garrigan

    The Lesson of Landscape James Kendal, S.J., page 338

    Stat House: Environment

    Environment Articles in Salt of the Earth

    Words of the Forest from the Maronite Tradition Monsignor Zaidan

    Peace Ideas

    The Sanctity of Nature

    Reverence for Life


    Creation Rejoices

    Environmental Justice for All Robert D. Bullard

    World Religions, the Earth Charter, and Sustainability Mary Evelyn Tucker

    Environment The environment and the Orthodox Christian Church

    Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center

    Environmental Justice Program United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

    National Ecology Commission The National Ecology Commission of the Secular Franciscan Order

    Earth Ministry

    Eco-Justice Programs National Council of Churches

    Environmental Justice for a Sustainable Future United Methodist community

    Evangelical Environmental Network

    National Religious Partnership for the Environment

    Web of Creation

    Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

    The Forum on Religion and Ecology

    Ethics Updates: Environmental Ethics

    Interreligous Eco-Justice Network

    Ethical Links: Environmental Ethics

    Internet Reources for Exploring Religion, Worldviews, Environment and Public Policy Compiled by Timothy C. Weiskel

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