Declaration on Christian Education Vatican II

The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium Congregation for Catholic Education

Educational Guidance in Human Love Congregation for Catholic Education

Congregation for Catholic Education

On Christian Education Pope Leo XIII

On Christian Education Pope Pius XI

More, more, more? John Moffatt SJ

Invitation to Discipleship: Educating for Virtue in Catholic Classrooms Patrick R Manning

Grounding Hope in Uncertain Times: Mission and Catholic Schools Therese D'Orsa and Jim D'Orsa

Tales About the Future of Catholic Schools: The Story of Bob and Cathy Richard Rymarz

Catholic Social Learning Dr. Roger Bergman

Living and Thinking Reality in Its Integrity: Originary Experience, God, and the Task of Education David L. Schindler

Religious and Moral Education and Its Impact on National Development Mary Joan Iwenofu

Between the Generations: Reasons, Crisis, Challenge Jean-Louis Bruguès

Relevance of Faith Formation in the Missionary Mandate of the Church Sr Rosamma Joseph, MSMI

Eastern Catholic Students in Catholic Schools: The Background Paper Brian Kelty and Fr Alex Kenez

Eastern Catholic Students in Catholic Schools: Challenges and Responses Richard Rymarz

Religions of the World: Why Catholic Schools Should Teach About Them Kath Engebretson

Religious-School Financing and Educational Pluralism in the American Tradition Thomas C. Berg

What Lies Ahead for the Catholic School? James Quillinan

Education and the Human Soul Patrick Danielson

Bringing Life to Faith and Faith to Life: For a Shared Christian Praxis Approach and Against a Detractor Thomas Groome

Harmonizing Plural Societies: The Case of Lasallians, Families, Schools - and the Poor Patrick McKinley Brennan

Catholic Schools and Religious Pluralism Edmund Chia

Loisy's "Mystical Faith": Loisy, Leo XIII, and Sabatier on Moral Education and the Church Harvey Hill

Christian Education Without the Problem of Indoctrination Charlene Tan

Catholic Education and Free Market Miguel Rumayor

Vouchers and Religious Schools: The New Constitutional Questions Thomas C. Berg

Supervised Pastoral Education: A Theologian's Assessment Allan Savage

The Right Questions About School Choice: Education, Religious Freedom, and the Common Good Richard W. Garnett

'Coming Out' as a Catholic School Teacher Gerald D. Coleman

Racial Segregation in American Churches and its Implications for School Vouchers Robert K. Vischer

Love As the Horizon of Moral Education and Character Development: A Latin American Contribution for the 21st Century

Educational Imperatives after the Shoah Arij A. Roest Crollius

Religious Education of the Non-Christians Paul Puthanangady, S.D.B.

The Faith Educator in the Asian Context Paul Puthanangady, S.D.B.

The Spirituality of the Teacher Elizabeth Liebert

The Spirituality of the Teacher Andrew Dreitcer

The Vocationalizing of Education Richard Pring

Blessed Are They Who Go to Catholic Schools Tim Unsworth

Broadening the Horizons: Faith Formation in a World of Religious Diversity Geoffrey King

Reports from Around the World: The Shoah in Education and Commemorating the Shoah in Public Prayer

The Shoah in the School Curriculum Mary Kelly

Education for Ministry since Vatican II T. Howland Sanks

Education-Mission-Witness-Dialogue: An Arithmetical Progression in Our Teaching Mary Travers

Franciscan and Hasidic Spiritualities and the Teacher: Notes for Educators at All Levels Mary Travers

Christian Teaching and Judaism Today: A Study of Religion Texts Eugene J. Fisher

School Chaplain Paul Edwards

The School Community and School Organization Peter Hackett

The Challenge to Catholic Education Maurice Keane

The Complete Curriculum and the Complete Person Frank Morgan

Education and Community Doreen Grant

Community Schools: A Note Ralph Woodhall

The Future of Catholic Schools George Earle

Men for Others: Education for Social Justice and Social Action Today Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

Education as Ministry Joan Bland

The Priest in Education: Apostolate or Anomaly? Matthew J. O'Connell

Moral Aspects of Segregation in Education Francis J. Gilligan

Moral and spiritual values in public education John J. Voight

The growth and development of the Catholic school system in the United States J. A. Burns, CSC

The Catholic Church and Education Bernard John Otten, SJ, page 163

History in Our Public Schools Francis P. Connelly, SJ., page 785

History of Schools – A Suppressed Chapter William Poland, SJ, page 248

A Fatal Error in Education and Its Remedy R. Schwickerath, SJ, page 756

Education by the State: The Evolution of a State Religion Lorenzo J. Markoe, page 782

Catholic Features in the Official Report on Education John J. O'Shea, page 125

Michael Servetus and Some Sixteenth Century Education Notes James J. Walsh, page 714

Rise of the Christian Schools—De La Salle C. M. Graham, page 456

Christian Education in the First Centuries, a.d. 33-476 Eugene Magevney, S.J., page 225

A course of religious instruction: apologetic, dogmatic, and moral: for the use of colleges and schools F.X. Schouppe, SJ

National Education Henry Edward Manning, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster

National Catholic Educational Association

The Alliance for Catholic Education

Teaching Theology in a New Cultural Environment Peter Horsfield

Catholic Education Resource Center

Character Development: In Schools and Beyond Kevin Ryan and Thomas Lickona, eds.

Why should Catholic schools teach about religions of the world? Associate Professor Kath Engebretson


Catholic Schools: Heritage and Legacy Bishops of Ohio

Statement on Religious Education in Catholic Schools Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales

Mentoring in a Catholic High School: The Movement to Receive Alfred KM Pang

Healing the Wounded Adolescent Mary Eastham

Lemon v. Kurtzman: The Parochial-School Crisis and the Establishment Clause Thomas C. Berg

Both universal and local: The catholic/Catholic identity of the Catholic school within the Church Kath Engebretson

Conflict in Independent Catholic Schools Dan Guernsey and James Barott

Feelings about Math and Science: Reciprocal Determinism and Catholic School Education Anna Cash Ghee and Jane C. Khoury

Toward a Pedagogy Grounded in Christian Spirituality Gini Shimabukuro

Making God Known, Loved, and Served: The Future of Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools in the United States Catholic Education, March 2008

Non-Catholic Students Impact upon Catholic Students in Four Catholic High Schools J. Kent Donlevy

How to save Catholic Schools: Let the Revitalization Begin Joseph O'Keefe

Teach the Children Well: A Guide to Passing on the Faith Melissa Musick Nussbaum

Needed: the Vision Thing; Rethinking the Mission of Catholic Primary Schools Maurice Timothy Reidy

The Catholic Option: Non-Catholic Parents' Choice of a Religious Education in Saskatoon Catholic Schools Archibald Glen McKay

The Gifts of the Spirit: An Apologia for Metaphysics in High Schools Raquel Frisardi

God & Man at Prep School: Can Religion & Elite Education Still Mix? Michael McGough

Catholic Grade Schools: Save Them Kathleen McGarvey Hidy

How to Pay for Catholic Schools Joseph Claude Harris

Public and Private in the Field of Education George F. McLean

Catholic School Owned by Lay People! Hales High School, Chicago, Illinois Jim Bowman

Toward a Catholic High School Curriculum for Teaching about Jews and Judaism Eugene J. Fisher

The Social Bearing of Elementary Instruction W. Poland, SJ, page 142

Catholic Secondary Schools James A. Burns, C.S.C. , page 485

Catholic Secondary Education in the United States John T. Murphy, C.S.Sp., page 449

Bank of Catholic Moral Theology Questions To proceed beyond the opening page you will need a password. Bona Fide theology teachers may request a password, at no charge, by sending an application letter to the bank's creator, Brother Malcolm Melcher, S.C.

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Apostolic Constitution on Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties Pope John Paul II

Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities Pope John Paul II

The Presence of the Church in the University and in University Culture Congregation for Catholic Education and the pontifical councils for the Laity and for Culture

Ex Corde Ecclesiae: The Application to the United States United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Guidelines Concerning the Academic Mandatum in Catholic Universities United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Colleges and Universities In the United States

Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

Newman Centers/Catholic Student Associations

A Jesuit University

The Idea of a University Cardinal Newman

The Jesuit Tradition of Christian Humanism John O'Malley, S.J.

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition, Social Justice, and the University David Hollenbach, SJ

Impasse and Solidarity in Theological Ethics James F. Keenan

Be Not Afraid: 'The Vagina Monologues' on Catholic Campuses Cathleen Kaveny

Spirituality and the University C Kourie

The Faiths of a Catholic University: Personal or Impersonal James Bernauer

Millennials and Ministry on College Campuses Dr. Michael Galligan-Stierle

Asian Religious Pluralism and Higher Education Felix Wilfred

The Jesuit College: A Center for Knowledge, Art, and Faith, 1548-1773 Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits, Spring 2008

Do we need a Christian university? Nigel Paterson

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks: Reconsidering Theological Education in a Postmodern Society Paul D. Jacobs, page 134

Implementing Jesuit Charisms and Core Values in Distance Education Charles Timothy Dickel and Sharon R. Ishii-Jordan

Australian Universities in Transition: Moral, Pragmatic or Religious Drivers? Paul Tyson

Teaching Theology Online Matthew C. Ogilvie

Business Education at Catholic Universities: Exploring the Role of Mission-Driven Business Schools Papers delivered at a 2008 conference at the University of Notre Dame, including these topics:
  • Does Ex corde ecclesiae have anything to say to Catholic business schools?” Terrence McGoldrick. Respondent: Dr. Don Briel
  • Enhancing Mission Education at Catholic Business Schools Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. Respondent: Don Briel
  • Catholic Identity And Mission In Professional Schools: Get Real Carolyn Y. Woo
  • A Leadership Perspective on Catholic Business Education Andre L. Delbecq. Respondent: Frank Lazarus
  • Teaching Business Ethics in a Catholic Jesuit University John W. Dienhart
  • The Integrative Justice Model and its Relevance to Business Education at Catholic Business Schools Nicholas Santos, S.J. and Gene Laczniak
  • A President's Challenge: Case Study on Stewarding the University's Catholic Mission in the Business School Frank Lazarus, James Klassen and Brian Murray
  • Catholic Social Thought as a Guide to Self-Assessment by Business Schools Ken Goodpaster and Dean Maines
  • What Next? Faith, Reason and Catholic Business Education Francis Hilton, S.J. and Peter Lorenzi
  • A Vehicle of Evangelization: The Professional School of Business on a Catholic University Campus Thomas Bausch
  • Mission-Driven Business Education at Catholic Universities in Asia Thomas Hong-Soon Han
  • Business Education at Catholic Universities: The Spanish Case Anna Bajo and Jose Luis Fernandez. Respondent: Catherine Giunta
  • Teaching Marketing in a Catholic University: Examining the Tensions Between Christian Teaching and Promotion of Consumption Andrew V. Abela, Ph.D.
  • The Catholic Mission in Finance Curricula: Towards Ethically-Grounded Finance Quentin Dupont, S.J.
  • Student Managed Portfolios in an Environment of Faith Adrian M. Cowan, Bill Greehey. Respondent: Helen Costigane, SHCJ
  • The Economy of Communion in Freedom Project: A Resource for Catholic Business Education Linda B. Specht
  • Two Barriers to Moral Agency in Management Education Andrew Yuengert
  • Integrating a Social Justice Perspective in Economics Education: Creating a Distinctly Catholic Education Dean Peterson and David Carrithers
  • Teaching Business Ethics in European Catholic Business Schools. How Christian Values May Interest Students if not Announced as Such Geert Demuijnck. Respondent: Andre Ata Ujan
  • Educating Christian Business Managers About Corporate Purpose: A Role for Law (and Lawyers) Lyman Johnson
  • Using Immersion Experiences and Community Service Learning to Promote the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching in an Economics Course Stephen J. Conroy
  • A Business Faculty Perspective on Catholic Mission, Identity and Social Principles Jeanne Buckeye
  • Developing Capacity for Integrating Business Education with the Catholic Social Tradition Br. Raymond L. Fitz, S.M., Ph.D.
  • A Tenured Faith and an Adjunct Faculty: Successes and Challenges in Instructor Formation at Catholic Colleges that Offer Business Programs in an Accelerated Format Doug Gambrall and Mark A. Newcomb
  • The Transformative Faith-based Education Mission and One School's Journey to Become a Franciscan Institution Todd Palmer and Charles Coate
  • The Search for Identity: Emergent Catholicity in the Modern Business School Brian Schmisek, Rob Walsh and Dale Fodness. Respondent: Helen McCullough
  • Notes on Incorporating the Catholic Social Tradition in Business Ethics Education Marilise Smurthwaite and Douglas Racionzer
  • The Who, What, Where, When and How of Teaching "Catholic" Business Education at a Catholic University Mark Bandsuch, S.J.
  • Ethics and Ethical Theories: A Road Map for Teaching Ethics in Business School Joan Fontrodona, Manuel Guillen and Alfredo Rodrigue-Sedano
  • The Reframing of a Business Discipline: Can Strategic Management be Made Catholic? John Gallagher
  • How Catholic Spirituality Can Strengthen Emotional Competence in Managerial Situations Declan Murphy and Molly Pyle. Respondent: Perry Devanesan
  • Business Environmental and Workplace Reporting and Activities and CST: A Practice-based Approach to Education about Catholic Social Thought Gerald Cavanagh, S.J., Jeanne David and Si Hendry, S.J.
  • Globalization: A Connecting Theme for Catholic Business Education Brian Toyne, Zaida Martinez and James Ball. Respondent: Jose Sols
  • Catholic Education in a Parallel Universe: Postcards from a Business School Molly Pepper, Michael Hazel and Linda Tredennick.  Respondent: David Krueger
  • Mission-driven Business School Education at a Catholic University: The Role of Ethics and Sustainability in Curriculum Development, Faculty Recruitment and Extracurricular Activities James Weber and Virginia Gerde
  • Restoring the Broken Image: The Centrality of the Subjective Dimension of Labor and Liberal Education in Catholic Business Education Ernest Pierucci
  • Exploring the Potential of a Wiki to Support Catholic and Jesuit Identity (Five Page Summary) John Workman
  • Catholic Social Teaching, Virtue Ethics and the Rule of St. Benedict: A Framework for Teaching Applied Ethics based on the Benedictine Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching at Benedictine College (Five Page Summary) John Bunch
  • Examination of Current Practices used in Business Schools at Franciscan-based Catholic Colleges to Integrate Franciscan Values in the Curriculum Michael Russell. Respondent: P.M. Mathew
  • The ALTIS experience: A new Business School, ALTIS (Postgraduate School Business & Society) of the Catholic University of Sacred Heart Mario Molteni
  • The Challenges Faced by Business Schools within Newly Founded Catholic Universities: The Case of Tanzania Sr. Hellen Bandiho. Respondent: Michal Michalski
  • The Challenge of Translating Catholic Social Values in Business Education Cristián del Campo, SJ and Osvaldo Ferreiro
  • The Benedictine Tradition, Catholic Social Teaching and the Misson of Business Education in the Catholic University John Kevin Doyle and Christine Fletcher
  • Catholic Education in Higher Education Business Courses Catherine Giunta
  • A Model for Integration of Catholic Social Teaching: Sharing Across Disciplines Mary Henderson and Megan Kalina
  • The Human Person-The Heart of Business John Little
  • Catholic Business Education-The Missing Link in the Transformation of Polish Economy Michal Michalski
  • Business Education at Catholic Universities Robert Till and Patricia Smith, OSF

    Dean's Message: Are We 'Too Catholic' or 'Not Catholic Enough'? Thomas M. Mengler

    Business Education at Catholic Universities: Current Status and Future Directions Steve Porth, John McCall and Joseph DiAngelo

    Do we need a Christian university? Nigel Paterson

    How Diverse Is Contemporary Theological Education? Identity Politics and Theological Education Jenny Plane Te Paa

    Theological Education in the Brazilian Context Carlos Eduardo Calvani

    The Saga of St. Joseph's: A Core Curriculum That Works Dennis O'Brien

    Lifting the Siege: The Promise of Catholic Higher Education in Church and Society R. Scott Appleby

    Marks of a Catholic University Most Rev. Donald Wuerl, STD, Archdiocese of Washington

    Catholic Enough? Religious Identity at Notre Dame John T. McGreevy

    Student Soldiers: Is There Room for ROTC on Catholic Campuses? Paul Lauritzen

    Sparks and Bridges: Catalysts of a Catholic Higher Education That Works Amelia J. Uelman

    Christopher Dawson and Catholic Education in America William J. Atto

    Catholicism on Campus: How the Faith is Presented at Secular Schools Maurice Timothy Reidy

    What Makes a Jesuit School Jesuit? Loyola Press, 2006

    A Theology and Philosophy of Christian Education Dabai Bamalyi

    Theological Education in Light of Cultural Variations of Reasoning: Some Educational Issues Marlene Enns, page 71

    Toward a Holistic View of Theological Education Einike Pilli, page 83

    Teaching and Learning in the Catholic University: Theological Perspectives Anthony J. Kelly, CSsR

    An Explicit Connection Between Faith and Justice in Catholic Legal Education: Why Rock the Boat? Amelia J. Uelman

    Catholic Schools Wanted and Needed for Today Brother Bob Smith

    Theological Education: HIV/AIDS and Other Challenges Prof. Musa W. Dube

    Theology, Contemplation and the University Andrew Louth

    The Catholicity of the Catholic University Denise Carmody

    Newman's Idea of a University and Its Relevance to Catholic Higher Education Cardinal Avery Dulles

    Ex Corde Ecclesiae and the University Mary Theresa Moser, RSCJ

    Teaching and Learning in the University: A Theological Perspective Anthony J. Kelly, CSsR

    The Advantages of a Catholic University Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

    Finding 'The Catholic Thing': In Aquinas, Marx & Billie Holiday Paul Crowley

    Keeping the Faith on Campus: Not Just How, But Who - Spiruality of Faculty at Catholic Universities and Colleges Is Key Melanie M. Morey and Dennis H. Holtschneider

    Misplaced Nostalgia: 'Ex Corde' & the Medieval University Jean Porter

    This Too Shall Pass: Why Ex Corde's Mandate Won't Last Peter C. Phan

    Faith and Justice in Higher Education Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, page 9

    Newman's Idea of a University and its Relevance to Catholic Higher Education Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

    The University that Does Justice William Spohn

    A Cautionary Tale - Academic Freedom, 'Ex Corde,' & The Curran Case - Charles Curran Paul Saunders

    How the First Jesuits Became Involved in Education John W. O'Malley

    Freedom and Commitment: Religious Colleges and Universities in a Multicultural Society Eric Bain-Selbo

    Teaching the Bible through the Internet Ronald A. Simkins

    Experiential Education and the Transformation of Liberation Theology Charles R. Strain

    The Impact of the Lilly-funded Research on Catholic Campuses Alice Gallin

    Reforging Catholic Identity - How Will Non-Catholic Faculty Fit In? - Catholic Identity Of Catholic Colleges And Universities John Langan

    Researching Catholicity at ACU Anthony Kelly, CssR

    Goddess in the Classroom: Is the Promotion of Religious Diversity a Dangerous Idea? Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

    Is Tolerance Enough? The Catholic University and the Common Good David Hollenbach, S.J.
    Responses to Hollenbach
    Barriers and Resources Charles J. Dougherty
    Risking Dialogue Elizabeth Murray Morelli
    The Common Good and the Marginalized Roberto S. Goizueta
    Dialogue, Diversity and the Common Good Ali Banuazizi
    Recent Publications on the Academy and the Common Good Ronald Slepitza

    Academic Freedom and the Catholic University Papers delivered at a 1997 seminar at St. Thomas University

    The Religious Roots of Academic Freedom William J. Hoye

    Academic Excellence Is Not Enough: The Moral Formation of Our Students Thomas E. Buckley, SJ

    The Role of Faculty in a Catholic University Papers delivered at a 1996 seminar at St. Thomas University

    Curriculum in a Catholic University Papers delivered at a 1995 seminar at St. Thomas University

    The Backwardness of American Catholicism Michael J. Lacey

    The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Catholic Intellectual Life in Today's Academic Setting Monika K. Hellwig

    Living Conversation: Higher Education in a Catholic Context Michael Himes

    Values inTheology and Religious Education Joseph L. Roche, S.J.

    Reflections on the Educational Principles of the Spiritual Exercises Robert R. Newton, S.J.

    The Idea of a Catholic University Papers delivered at a 1994 seminar at St. Thomas University

    Spirituality and the University Philip Endean

    Learning to Ignite': Teaching Spirituality to College Students Kathleen Deignan

    The Elusive Idea of a Catholic University Charles E. Curran

    Newman, God, and the Academy Daniel Cere

    Theology and the Mission of the Jesuit College and University John C. Haughey, S.J.

    Twenty-six Years of Undergraduate Theology Monika K. Hellwig

    Intelligence Shaped by Affection William M. Shea

    Theology as Hard-Won Wisdom J. William Harmless, S.J.

    Teaching Christian Ethics in a Jesuit University William C. Spohn, S.J.

    The Characteristics of Jesuit Education

    Helping College Students Make Moral Decisions: Introduction/Real Life Charles M. Shelton, S.J.

    Helping College Students Make Moral Decisions: Thesis One: Higher education appears to have rediscovered the moral thrust of education, but the reality is that this pursuit might have only minimal significance Charles M. Shelton, S.J.

    Helping College Students Make Moral Decisions: Thesis Two: The possibility for mature moral reflection in many young adults is compromised by their problematic life histories and impaired family backgrounds Charles M. Shelton, S.J.

    Helping College Students Make Moral Decisions: Thesis Three: When discussing young-adult moral development, we should redirect our focus to the theme of life-story narration, conscience formation, and values Charles M. Shelton, S.J.

    Some Suggestions for Aiding Students' Moral Growth Charles M. Shelton, S.J.

    The New Role of Christian Universities in Asia Raimund Pannikar

    Teaching Authority, Catholic Universities, Academic Freedom Ladislas Örsy, SJ

    A New Era in Catholic Tertiary Education Dorothy Bell

    Theology and higher education Thomas C. Donlan

    The Apostolic Constitution "Deus scientiarum dominus": Its Origin and Spirit A. Bea

    A Catholic College in the Seventeenth Century L. Willaert, S. J., page 745

    Some of the Advantages of a Catholic University Johh F. Mullany, page 479

    Theology Degrees Online


    Catechesi Tradendae Pope John Paul II

    In Support of Catechetical Ministry U.S. Catholic Bishops

    Catechesis : A Common Vision Bishops of Quebec

    The Change in Religious Education for the Young a New Challenge Bishops of Quebec

    Religious Education That Serves the Young Bishops of Quebec

    Religious Education in Catholic schools Bishops of England and Wales

    Jews and Judaism in European Catholic Catechisms and Textbooks Maria Brutti

    Is the Catechism Enough? A Theological Perspective on Using the Catechism in Education Matthew C Ogilvie

    Now that I Know to Teach, What Do I Teach? In Search of the Unity of Faith in Religious Education Peter C. Phan

    Catechesis as an Instrument of Evangelization: Reflections from the Perspective of Asia Peter C. Phan

    Religiosity and Religious Education Romita Tucu

    Inculturation of Catechesis and Spirituality in the Documents of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines Ladislav Nemet, S.V.D.

    Religious Educators as Teachers of Spirituality Gloria Durka

    Identity and Change in Religious Education Thomas Groome

    Religious Education: The Present and the Future Peter Vardy

    The Place of Judaism in Catechetics Renzo Fabris

    Catechetics Today: Need for Biblical and Jewish Inspirations Marie-Heleene Fournier

    Problems and Changing Emphases in Religious Education David Konstant

    Religion as a Classroom Subject Kevin Nichols

    The 'New' Catechetics Patrick Purnell

    Teaching the New Testament Ruth Duckworth

    Moral Education Gerard J. Hughes

    The Bible in Religious Education Leonard Johnston

    The Lenten Catechtical Syllabus in Fourth-Century Jerusalem Anthony A. Stephenson

    Faith and Duty: A Course of Lessons on the Apostles' Creed and the Ten Commandments for Children of Eight to Ten Years Judith F. Smith

    Religious Education in the Public Schools of Massachusetts Louis S. Walsh, page 93

    Practical Notes on Moral Training: Especially Addressed to Parents and Teachers Anonymous

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